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Super Mario World (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Mario and Luigi must once again save their favourite princess as Bowser and his minions try to take their revenge on the plumber brothers in Dinosaur Land. The Super Mario series took the Super Nintendo by storm with this instant classic.

This episode introduced new power ups and enemies, as well as the lovable little Yoshi and his tribe. The adventure has Mario and Luigi travel on a giant map and some levels include secret exits that will lead to hidden stages. In fact, the adventure is so rich that Super Mario World was the first Super Mario game for which Nintendo allowed players to save their progress.

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USA USA Version

Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Everybody wants to rule the World

Right from the six-note melody that opens the first stage, you can tell there's something special about Super Mario World. This is the Super Nintendo launch title that set the bar impossibly high for day-one releases, created the magic that games such as...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Simply superb

It was hailed as the greatest videogame of all time when it was released, and even after all these years it still has a pretty solid claim to that title. Super Mario World is without a shadow of a doubt one of our favourite Mario games, and when SNES was...

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User Comments (137)



Shrapnel09 said:

I dont know, i bought this game and i also played it a lot as a kid... But there was always something about this game that made me think it was a bit overrated even though its a mario game. I guess its because im always compairing it to the perfect gameplay of mario 3 that i end up putting this one in it's shadow.

Oh ya, if anyway knows where i can look at a scaned image of the original map this game came with that would be awsome!



Bass_X0 said:

I find it depressing that Nintendo don't acknowledge the Koopa Kids anymore. They even had Bowser Jr. appear seven or eight times as a mini-boss in one of the Mario Party games (or so I remember) when the Koopa Kids would have been better choices.



Al said:

I love this, i must say this is my favourite mario game ever apart from mario 64 which you have no choice but to like. i remember when my sister first showed me this on her snes, which i still have today

__Frequency Zero


Frequency Zero said:

Sorry to say this game is pretty bad with the gamecube controller,make sure u get the retro controller



mc_chick said:

This is without a doubt the best platform game ever. I even dare to say that the gameplay of Super Mario World is better then that of Mario 64. This is due to the fact that the action of a side scroller is faster then that of a 3d platformer. Part of the gameplay of a 3d platformer is looking around, this slows the gameplay down. The action of a sidescroller can be faster because it's what you see what you get. This fast gameplay with perfect controls is what makes Super Mario World a must have.



Mendez said:

I've already owned this game on the SNES *via Mario All Stars* and the GBA *Mario Advance 2* but I'm still considering downloading it on VC! Nintendo are so so good at making people rebuy games and be glad they did!



Gareth said:

Awesome game, but is anyone else having trouble saving once you've completed it?



Grooter48 said:

I found that the only way to save your game is by completing a Ghost House. The Castles don't work, nor do the Special stages.



TheReaFONZ said:

I never played this game before downloaded it on the vc and OH MY GOD! this game is amazing! I bought the classic controller just for this cause the game cube layout is messed UP!



ShinynewJB said:

A game that's every ounce as important now as it was when it was released. One of my all time favourite retro titles.



Kenjara said:

Hey guys im intending on buying this soon. What is this about the gamecube controller being so bad? Can you not use the remote at all as that is what I usually play the vc games with.



BJ1 said:

Bass X, I agree with you dearly. The Koopa Kids always made Mario games (and cartoons) entertaining. However, you can find them in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga as well. Still, I want to see them in full 3D.



Snak3 said:

Indeed you have to get the Classic controller for this game, the game it self is quite good and I remember back in the days when we used to sit and play it for hours

You can manage with the GC controller but the buttons layout is all messed up :S



Mart said:

The game cube controller uses the red B button to jump like the Snes did and the grey Y button to run also like the snes did. Unfortunately, the grey Y button is located at the top of the 4 buttons on a gamecube pad and the B button is to the lower left. You can imagine how frustrating it is trying to hold the run button with your right thumb and coming back towards the lower middle of the pad to jump, it just doesnt work. Donkey Kong Country suffers from the same problem, luckily for us, the Classic Controller is a carbon copy of the old Snes pad and is the only way to play Super Mario Land.

__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie said:

Worth EVERY point. This should be the sole VC title you get. It's great to play again-and the classic controller takes me right back to '91. My SNES stopped working a couple of years ago so I am very thankful for this title. Classic controller is not only reccomended but NEEDED.

__Mr 64


Mr 64 said:

What a game to launch the SNES, anyone who bought that console back in 1992 must have known straight away they were onto a winner. When Miyamoto took his most famous franchise to the SNES, not only did he turn Mario's World into a technicolour feast, he also expanded the Mushroom Kingdom into an entire world. This game had 96 levels spread across several distinct worlds filled with a collosal range of enemies, power ups and secrets. Absolutely huge for the time!

This was also the point at which we welcomed Yoshi to the series, probably the greatest side-kick in gaming history - well apart from the "Catelite" in Wizball, but only C64-ers will remember him!

In terms of gameplay, the levels were again arranged into worlds and the map idea was expanded from SMB3, not only looking prettier, but allowing you to replay stages from different worlds as many times as you liked - useful for finding secrets (such as the alternative exits in the 'red' stages). The series also introduced the notion of 'Ghost Houses', where the only way out was to work out some twisted logic and utilise the objects dotted around to assist your escape, rather than the traditional 'keep running right' of other Mario stages. The sheer number of secrets in Mario World mean that it's replay value is incredible. To find all 96 stages and complete them is all part of it's charm.

Any computer games students out there should be forced to play this game from start to finish as a case study in flawless game design. It's absolutely stunning. If you haven't downloaded it already, do so. It's also worth investing in the classic controller too.



mario/zelda_fan said:

k well just like super mario 64 im not downloading this because i hav it on game boy. but i agree with everyone here this is a must have (but even though on wii its a bigger screen im gonna stick with my gameboy.

I'll think about downloading it



patrick said:

Yoshi's island is my favorite 2-D platformer of all time. Never played this one though, I'm scared its just gonna be another typical mario platformer. Anything that makes this game different from the NES games besides the graphics?



Dazza said:

Patrick, the gameplay is quite a bit different to mario 1,2 and 3. You have a cape you can glide with, yoshi, loads of secrets to discover. It's an essential purchase. If you liked Yoshi's Island you'll love this!!



mario/zelda_fan said:

Even though this game has more levels ( even levels u don't have to beat ) I think yoshis island is the best. Yoshis island would actually have harder levels because it's very hard to get 100%. But super Mario world has harder castles and more of a story. So I don't no witch one is better.



Ryan said:

idk if this was ever a contender for the best game ever title. when it was first released people turned it down in favor of sonic the hedgehog which was released two months earlier. I love it but it's def not the best there is



SKTTR said:

Mario World.. I loved it for SNES! And I love to have it now on my Wii!

What should I say? This is like Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64. Genius.
Stars: 5!



link64 said:

Dazza why does mean machines refer to this title as super mario bros 4.



Wolfman said:

A true classic. My friends and I used to try to figure out speed runs on all of the single player games. We never did get the 'best ending' of Super Metroid... But I once beat this game in about ten minutes. Man, was I proud of myself.

__waluigi used to be cool


waluigi used to be cool said:

Yea I beat this on vc and snes.

I played it hardcore with the cube controller.
It's ok, you just have to use a claw grip on the buttons to hold down Y and jump with B.

I was going to stick it out to save 20 bucks.

Best Mario platformer ever.



Coopertrooper said:

I agree it's an awesome game that I loved on the SNES, and have now powered through again. Although, how do you save the game when you have defeated Bowser?



Grooter48 said:

This game is simply awesome. I always find myself coming back to it time and time again, romping through Dinosaur Land. An enjoyable experience for those who've played once or a hundred times.



Callum said:

This, plus Super Mario Kart and Super Mario All Stars are the games that I grew up with. Never owned it, but the cousins that I see on holiday every year did. Even though I own it on GBA, I had to download it for sentimental reasons. It is the BEST game that I ever played!

__Pit 42


Pit 42 said:

This is probably the second greatest Mario platformer ever, next to the original Super Mario Bros., of course. I won't download it, though, because I've recently been played it again on my old GBA.



MorikaWeb said:

Is it just me or does that Japaneses box art of Super Mario 4 look allot like a level in Super Mario Galaxy?



mamac said:

i do like this game alot, it was the first mario game i played, on the snes and it is awesome best mario game ever!



Clayfrd said:

I was born just after the SNES came out, so by the time I was of age for video games, it had passed me by. I played Super Mario 64 first and I guess it made me unable to apreciate the masterpiece that is Super Mario World. I own every nintendo home console and I STILL managed to not get this title until it reached the Virtual Console. I love it, but Mario 64 will always be the best mario to me... I wonder if Galaxy will top them both? (unlike Sunshine)

__Smile Guy


Smile Guy said:

I could give 10 stars, I would. This game has to be my most played Virtual Console download and is probably one of the very few must-downloads that exist on the Wii Shopping Channel. The sheer size of the game is breath-taking with so many secrets but also so many levels. Playing it for the first time and seeing huge new sections open up is a pretty awesome feeling and the subtle exits in each level that branch off into entirely different worlds (Star World, notably) just made me shiver with anticipation.

The difficulty level is also rock-hard. Those out of practice from platforming games will certainly find it pleasingly challenging (and therefore oh-so satisfying when you finally get to the end of that castle). First-timers to the game will also be delighted to find an array of puzzles and conundrums that must be solved (most notably the ghost houses but elsewhere as well). I'm serious here: Some of the excellent puzzles are worthy of a Zelda game!

The final factor is the sheer innovation. Even to this day, this game dares do things that I have never really come across anywhere else. Every single level seems packed full of so much cleverness and platforming genius that one can only ponder how genius Shigeru Miyamoto actually is... perhaps he should work out a solution to world peace... except he should carry on making games for us!

This is, without a doubt, not just one of the best SNES games ever made but one of the best ever games ever made. It's in every single person who's ever played it (without a biased against Mario of course) top three or five lists... and that I am serious about. Buy it. Whether you've played it before or not. It's just superb to have it on your Wii.



merc2k said:

RETRO FLASHBACK RETRO FLASHBACK. Just downloaded this and BOY it was fun!! It is as good as I remember WHOO HOO!!



pocki said:

finally hit the 96-exits mark this morning! this is by the far the best vc download i've played and you get *way* more than your 800 points worth!

**highly recommended to platformer-lovers**

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

This is the greatest Mario SNES game I ever played.(All-stars and SMK was very close, though!) without a doubt, this is a nominee for the greatest game ever!
Challenge rating:6.0
Fun rating:9.0
SFX/Music rating:8.5
Graphics rating:9.0
Gameplay rating:10
Overall rating:5 stars



VCFAN said:

This is one of my top three favorite Mario games of all time, it is a must for anyone downloading games from the virtual console. It was my favorite game when I was younger and I'll never grow tired of it.



alvieao said:

While I didn't own the Super NES original, I've often played Super Mario Advance 2 on the GBA. Super Mario World is a great 2D Mario platformer with lots of secrets to uncover and loads of Yoshi coins to nab in in the many levels. While I did not get everything, I still managed to reach and conquer the Special World. The VC emulation is the same as the SNES original, and Mario shrinks after taking a hit regardless of having the feather and/or fire flower. Like Super Mario Bros. before it, SMW is a MUST download (even after playing the GBA version).



gaga64 said:

First full home console I ever bought, and it's still my favourite of all time.

Downloaded it the day it came out, but now I'm frustrated - my save game screen says I've got all 96 exits, but it's not got the star to show it's all finished. Anyone else experienced this problem?



WHAT? said:

I love this game, but cant say it was better than Mario 64. Mario 64 was a game that revolutionized gaming. Super Mario World is still an awesome game. Probably one of the best for SNES. 96 levels of pure fun. This game is definately a must-have for the VC. Even said that, I dont think this game was better than Mario 64, which was the first complete 3-D game for consoles, a revolutionary one at that.



BJ1 said:

It's hard to tell which one is better. If you're a 2D fan then Mario World is the right choice, but if you enjoyed the Super Mario Bros. game then Super Mario 64 is up your alley as it transforms the gameplay from 2D to 3D well. Super Mario Sunshine was a step in the wrong direction (it's like World gone wrong). Those who do not have that game, don't bother buying it. It just worth a rent.



MastermindEX said:

What should I say about this game?

It's simply AWESOME! It's the best 2D Mario until now, anybody, from beginner to pro can play this. I've played this game with my mother together when it firstly came out. I was like four or five back then and enjoyed it much.

MUST HAVE for Jump'n'Run Fans and for those who want to be.

__Tim Smith


Tim Smith said:

man i spent so much time on smb advance 2it was an awsome game and still is on emulators just needs a good graphics hack



Mad_Bomber said:

I didn't think much of this game back when I was speeding through Forest Hill Zones with Sonic. I was not a huge Mario fan back in my NES days as I was more of a Mega Man kind of guy. I did a complete 180 when I played Mario 64 and have loved the plumber ever since.

I finally got a chance to play this sublime platformer the day I hooked my Wii up to the "inter-web". The hype was justified. This game is platforming gold and possibly holds up even better than Mario 64 due to the simpler 2-D gameplay that doesn't suffer from crap-tastic camera issues.

Not much more to say that hasn't already been said.

I will probably still love Mario 64 just a bit more but I finally understand what all you SNES nerds where wetting yourselves over.

Oh, and I hate Yoshi.



The_shoemaker said:

Recommended completely, but I have it on the GBA and I've played it too many times for me to re download it.



TheFireRed said:

This is the Best platform game ever. I played it when I was a child. Virtual Console must-have.



Nigel said:

Super Mario World is the highest peak that silly plumber's ever reached. It's the greatest Mario game ever, on the greatest console ever.

One hundred stars!!



Virus said:

I found the 3-D Marios better than this one (Forget VC for a while, get Super Mario Galaxy!), but this is still a fun platformer. The music really bummed me on it, but everything else is just fine. I haven't played Super Mario World 2 (but I'm looking forward to it), but I would say wait for that one or get Super Mario Bros. 3; it's cheaper and you get the same experience for the most part.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

This remains the best Mario game to this day. Perfectly balanced platforming. Great levels designs. And HUGE! Five stars from me.



GameGod3008 said:

Love this game, downloaded it soon after i got a Wii even though i already has the GBA version. Best SNES game on there



calc_nerd said:

Agree---just wish I could get the cute catchy jingle at the main screen out of my head!



nickg2894 said:

are they gonna make the second one???
Edit: what i meant to say (type) was if there gonna make a second one on the VC the one with baby mario and yoshi



waldojeffershead said:

Truly the best and longest running game of all time, a true masterpiece for the Super Nintendo, a masterpiece itself. I played this game for the better part of my childhood...




Stu said:

Only Ocarina stops me from proclaiming this my favourite game ever.

I even prefer it to Galaxy, though not by much.



MasterMario said:

After playing the trial version, I have to agree with you guys on the bad layout for the gamecube controller. A is the spin jump, B is to jump, and Y is to run. i think that the Nintendo did this was so gamers would have to buy a classic controller.



TheLuigiDude said:

Again an old unedited review I did a while back, but now I agree with Damo (one of the three, lol) who thinks SMW was better than SMB3. Anyways:

Man…Super Mario World…I have so many memories with this game. Being packaged with the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) at its launch, it was insanely popular with critics and fans alike, eventually selling 20 million copies worldwide. Also, arguably, being the best Mario game (versus Super Mario Bros. 3) ever and even the best game of all time. I need not to say more for the introduction of this game. But now, about 16 years later, it’s available through the Wii’s Virtual Console for $8. Would it be worth it today?
Super Mario World (SMW), stays true to what Mario always was in the 2-D realm, but it’s not without its changes to the great Mario formula. Now tagging along is your sidekick Yoshi, acting as a somewhat power-up, he makes you stronger, faster, jump higher, take more damage, etc, a great overall addition. It furthermore had the best Mario control in his 2-D days, you have complete control over Mario and all the buttons work perfectly! A sad fact though, is that this game can only be played through a Classic Controller or a GameCube controller, and the Gamecube’s controls are just terrible. So, most likely, you’ll get the most enjoyment out of playing with the Classic Controller. Compared to the early Mario games, this one had greatly improved graphics as well. Thanks to the SNES’ superior graphical capabilities over the NES, Mario and Co. had a serious overhaul along with much more detailed and colorful environments. Koji Kondo also made a great soundtrack to accompany the game, having some of my favorite Mario songs, the music added to the sense of joy the game had to it. Finally, it’s probably the longest 2-D Mario game to date with a whopping 72 levels (96 counting the secret ones), and unlike a lot of the titles currently on the VC (Virtual Console), this game will take a good while to complete.
For only $8, that’s a steal considering how much fun this game still is today. I honestly don’t know how Miyamoto could’ve made going from point A to point B so insanely fun. My only complaint about the game would be that due to its success, Nintendo re-released the game 2 times beforehand. Once onto the only Mario collection game ever released, Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World edition, a bargain, to say the least, if you can still find it nowadays (only released on the SNES in America). And the GBA port, Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, this version coming with a couple of extra additions. Sadly, this brings down the value of the game, especially if you already have it or any of its ports. But if you don’t, then I fully recommend this game to you, it will be an eight bucks well spent.

(If you’re a real penny-pincher and you want to know if this game is better than Super Mario Bros. 3, that’s something personal and they both deserve to be owned by any Mario fan alike.)



Kirk said:

This is still the best all-round Mario game ever created in my opinion.

It trounces SMB3 in both graphics and sound and is just a little nicer to control in general. There are some things that stand out in SMB3 but I think this game has the edge in most areas of the design.

Yohsi's Island beats SMW in many ways because the graphics are really cool, the bosses are just brilliant and some of the levels are really inventive and fun, but it doesn't reward you in a satisfying way when you complete it 100%, unlike SMW where you get a much longer ending and the whole game changes it's colour palette, and that makes it just a little less satisfying than SMW in my opinion.

So for me it goes:
1. SMW
2. SMW2: YI
3. SMB3

I also 100% agree with a comment earlier than Nintendo really needs to bring back the Koopa kids.

One last thing...

If anyone seriously believes Mario 64 is better than SMW then wait a few years more and go play both and you will see, even more so than today, that this holds up far better in every single way than Mario 64. Mario 64 already looks outdated, it has an outdated camera system, has annoying invisible walls in places and a few other things that make it a flawed masterpiece when compared to SMW. Super Mario World is near perfection and is still as amazing today as it ever was. Even the graphics still look good regardless of them being in 2D. Mario 64 was revolutionary for it's time but that doesn't actually make it a better game.



Jon2 said:

A fantastic platformer and one of the best games for the SNES.



Clayfrd said:

I repent. SMW is far better than SM64. It's purely timeless. I still think I might like SMB3 the best of the bunch, but that'd be a tough choice. That said! @Kirk- I like SMW better, but cut SM64 a break! It was Nintendo's first stab at full 3D. It was bound to have some glitches. SMB had plenty of glitches cough koopa on the stairs cough minus world cough. Excuse me. I definitely love SMW, though.

Oh. It turns out I actually played SMW in a hotel some time ago when I was younger. When I downloaded this, I knew something about it seemed fiendishly familiar, particularly the music, which apparently drove my uncle to near insanity. Ha, he hates the music, and I think that it is some of the best Mario music to date. I think that Galaxy easily has the best soundtrack, though. I like the orchestrated classics.



Jona said:

this game is the best game on the best console ever!!! it shud b 2000 points!!!



MVP said:

What to say about this game... one of the best plattaform Marios, a lot of stages, brilliant gameplay, great graphics and wonderful sound, recomended to play with the classic pad, not with GC pad. If you have never played this, what are you waiting for???



Wiigamer14 said:

This is the best Mario game EVER!!!! If you haven't played this game you are missing out. It is better than Mario 3. It has cooler music, better graphics, a lot more levels, lots of secrets. It is the best in the 2D side-scrolling platforming mario series ever! It is well worth 800 Wii points( $8).



Luigi said:

This is my favorite video game of all time! Even after playing Mario 3, I just never could find that game as one I'll always treasure. I don't know what it is, but this game easily beats Mario 3 in music, graphics, variety, uniqueness, controls, and replay value. I'd say anyone who can't decide should just go ahead and pick this one up, because it is the best game you could possibly choose! 5 stars for life!



Kreegs07 said:

Just bought and played this for the first time. (I skipped the SNES and got a Genesis). Very Fun game! I love mario games and this one is just as good as, if not better than, SMB 3. I still like certain aspects of SMB 3 better, but SMW has its own gems. I am really enjoying the alternate exits. Yoshi is ok. I don't feel strongly either way. Worth the buy without a doubt!



Luigi said:

I'm just going to go play my favorite levels in the game again sometime soon. It's just too classic and I really want to play it again!



Beau_Skunk said:

I still prefer Super Mario Bros. 3 personally, but this was a great game to introduce the Super NES, and it's capabilities to the world. Also riding Yoshi was fun. My favorite moment in the game is fighting Bowser in his Koopa Clown copter.



Dalek_Gerbil said:

I was gonna get Wild West Guns from wiiware but then I saw this review, I have SMB 3 so im still no sure but what the heck ill get it.



Ricardo91 said:

The third VC game I ever downloaded. Besides the original, this is the Mario game I find myself playing the most. While part of my wants to say SMB3 is the best mario game, since it has the suits, the goomba shoe, giant land, the airships, ect., I like this one better. It's more challenging, the dungeons have much trickier traps, the music is better (sorry SMB3.), the boss fights are more epic, and I love riding around as yoshi eating stuff. I played the GBA port (which I lost somehow) to death, and I still play this more than any other VC game I have. 5/5 for sure.

The only thing I'm disappointed about is how this game doesn't let you play as Luigi or keep track of your dragon coins like the GBA port did. Oh, well. Still, those $8 will go a long way



FJOJR said:

I consider this the best of the 2d Mario games. I have done everything imaginable in the game, got a high score of 999990 or so and 999 lives. Get it because it's addictive.



ZBomber said:

This might be my favorite Mario game. Not too easy, not too hard, its just right, and a ton of fun. 5/5



Super_Sonic said:

Smile Guy
"The diffculty is rock-hard"
WHAT? THIS IS THE EASIEST MAIN MARIO GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! I BEATEN IT IN JUST 1 WEEK! AND YOU CALL THIS ROCK-HARD? I SAID IT AND IT'S TRUE! I apoligize for screaming but as you can see YOU ARE INCORRECT! Maybe you are a beginner at Mario games or not trying. I'm a professional at video games so I know what challenge is. AND THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! I beaten this game top to bottom in just one week! ONE WEEK! I didn't even cheat! If you are a expert at video games (like me), don't have nolsigation of this game (unlike me), and are not a Mario fan of any kind this is not recommended. I also know that this game according to Wikipeadia was "unfinished". Did they know that delaying it isn't always a bad thing? Had Nintendo put some more time into this maybe it would be HARD! Neverless it is a great game to play. I gave it a 4 star because it is TOO EASY TO BEAT BY EXPERTS! Check out my reviews on Video Game Info Forums, go to the Classic system and read my review on it.
Mr. Cheez you can play as Luigi in the VC version on 2 player.
"One of the best Mario games ever created! no doubt about it!
I believe Super Mario 64 was better despite being 1 player. I gave this a 4 star because it is too easy for experts to beat 100%.



Adroitone said:

You can beat SMW in 1 day, if it took you a week then it must have been challenging for you .

Special Stages, however, definitely were not easy.



AlexSays said:

I describe challenging as a game that took you a month or more to beat.
That's a terrible idea.
I never played Super Mario Galaxy on a consistent basis, so it took me around two months to beat.
So is that a challenging game?

You can beat SMW in 1 day
A day is 24 hours. 99% of games in existence take less than 24 hours to beat.
So I really don't understand what your point is.



AlexSays said:

I read the post, buddy. And he's wrong too.
So maybe you two can be wrong together?

Oh, and unless you say you're joking about something, it's really hard to pick up through text.
It's like me wanting a Happy Meal, keeping my mouth shut, and hoping the woman at the drive-thru guesses correctly.



Marvel_Maniac said:

Super Mario 3 is still better IMO, but its the sort of "better" that would also qualify the difference between Mario and Luigi themselves. Neither is intrinsically better- its all just preferrence.



Wiiloveit said:

IMO this is the best 2D platform game ever made. Star Road and many other secrets and dragon coins led to this keeping me busy for weeks and weeks - 'though if you find it cheap enough, I'd get the GBA version because of the minor tweaks and easier controls.



Super_Flip said:

I like this, but its hard. I mean HARD.

Im still stuck in the forest of illusion, HALP



Ricardo91 said:

@Alexsays. I love how you're always correcting people that don't need to be corrected.

@Super Sonic. "Mr. Cheez you can play as Luigi in the VC version on 2 player."

The game might SAY it's Luigi, but it's actually nothing more than a palette swap of Mario. In the GBA port, Luigi actually had some different characteristics from Mario: he could jump higher, his fireballs would bounce higher, and he could make yoshi spit out enemies.

And you're also wrong about this being the easiest Mario game. It's actually one of the HARDER games in the series, along with SMB3. SMB2 is way, way easier, and so is (if it counts) Super Mario Land 2. That's my opinion at least.
And lastly, nolsigation is not a word.
Now calm down already.



blankshore said:

My favorite game of all time. I still have this on my SNES but I bought it again for wii. It's that good.



Divock said:

It's awesome. It's greatness. It is a god amongst games. It is Super Mario World. This game is fun, don't overlook it. If you love 2D platformers, get Super Mario World. I can't say anymore. Just...BUY IT!



Divock said:

by the way, if you plan on buying this but use a gamecube controller, I'm letting you know the control scheme for the gamecube controller is a bit wonky. The classic controller is probably better, I don't know though.



OoT_For_Life said:

This game is freakin' awesome, but I can never decide whether this or Yoshi's Island is better....If only they would just release yoshi's island I could just get both...



OoT_For_Life said:

BTW does anyone know why they aren't releasing yoshi's island? I know it's been released on the GBA, but so was SMW...so that can't be the reason.



Cally said:

I actually did find all the exits, both times I owned this game (SNES and the GBA port). I was kind of annoyed at all the koopas getting giant mario-esque heads with baseball caps (and stranger yet, you'd throw the heads around in the place of shells). Misfire.

But where do you even start? Super Mario World is a completely timeless classic. Similar to SMB 3 with its overworld stage select, which was more dynamic and exciting this time. In contrast, the difficulty was somewhat lower, and it hands out 1-ups like candy on Halloween--people regularly get a stock of over a hundred by the time they've beaten the game. It's one of the most frustration-free games I've ever played that doesn't feel "too easy."

SMW was a fantastic evolution from SMB3, keeping great ideas and adding all kinds of new ones. It's not as intense, for sure, with pacing feeling more scaled-out (that is, less focused than the quick action of SMB3) and with so many stages and multiple paths, it just gives and gives with memorable stage design every time (out of 96!). Required material!!! 9/10

. . . you know, one thing about this and most other pure platformers. The boss battles were largely kinda lame. But still fun.



Shinnok said:

I think Super Mario Bros. 3 is the best of the series, though this is definitely in the top three.



RiverCityRandomness said:

Mr 64, that was the most beautiful description I've ever read about the game. This game, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario 64, and 007 Goldeneye describe my childhood. Wonderful.



CodyRBurns said:

This game is a Mario classic worthy of stardom. The interactive map and all of the little secrets make it into an endlessly fun adventure that can be played again and again and again...



Tyler_100 said:

One of the first Mario games I ever got into. My favorite first game for my first system.



Noire said:

I've played this game as long as I can remember, and this game may very well be the reason I got into video games. Pure, undiluted platforming joy is the only way to describe it. You will love it from beginning to end. A must-have for any fan of video games.



Willybomb said:

The 4th Mario game that i played and was one of the best out of the bunch. Great powerups which added a different vibe to the game overall making it more mario like. This isn't my fav Mario game as SMB3 for the NES is but this does come very close. Really simple yet clear graphics packed full of colour and the addition of yoshi was the best addition to any game. I would recommend playing this on the snes as the snes controller is where the real fun starts.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I have this on Virtual Console. Perfect Mario game because of the perfect difficulty and all 96 exits to find.

I recommend buying it on VC for just 800 Wii points. You won't be disappointed.



WiiFreedom said:

This game tops over other mario games, Its a very awesome game. I've beat it in all 96 exits..........THERE SHOULD BE MORE LEVELS! =O



Rally said:

If you can't beat it in a week, don't play at all. JK LOL XD I have this game for the SNES, and I beat it in 40 min. My friend couldn't beat it on the GBA, I woo'd him by beating it before we left for a track meet (45 min. wait, I really have no life). This game is one of the timeless classics, and if you don't have it on an emulator, SNES, or GBA, get it on the VC. It's that simple.



X-145 said:

Top five Mario games:
1)Super mario galaxy 2
2)Super mario galaxy 1
3)New super mario bros wii
4)Super mario world
5)New super mario bros (DS)


This game is one of my favorites! I have it for the Wii VC.
Best retro Mario game ever!



TheMagicEmperor said:

You know those Super Mario World hacks you see on Youtube? Who else thinks Nintendo should make a version of Super Mario World that let's you create and design your own levels and worlds ala Little Big Planet and share them with people online!?
That would be killer!



SkywardLink98 said:

This game looks so good, but the controls seemed awkward on the gamecube controller when I played the demo.



CzartD said:

@TheMagicEmperor: Why the heck? It would be as simple as Brawl's level editor. :/ No custom sprites, blocks, music, map16, ASM...
Just get the ROM and Lunar Magic and make the level of your dreams.



TheDreamingHawk said:

I'm probably the very few that hates this game. Why? Because running and spin jumping is near impossible, the jump is B instead of A or Y, and no way to change it. And I use a classic controller pro too. SMA2 is WAAAYYYY better



Williaint said:

#SouperChase3000 Then you didn't beat it completely...

ALSO: It is a two player game, 2 player ALTERNATIVE!

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