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Mon 8th Sep 2008

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Super_Flip commented on USA VC Update: Castlevania III:

This looks like a Great Year already, Maybe this whole 1 game week thing isn't so bad.

I mean, Seriously guys, Now How often did we see a New and Old Game every week, BEFORE the VC came out. For me, Not really.

I cant wait to get some more wii points for this.



Super_Flip commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2009:

I didn't really like Majoras mask, To this day, I havent been able to find out where to go.

But Ocarina Of Time, That was Awesome. I havent played it in years. Last Time playing it was on the Gamecube via collectors edition disc



Super_Flip commented on USA VC Update: StarTropics II:

Normally, I like Casual games, But Usually the ones I like are from nintendo, Now All the Greedy Casual Game Creators are Hogging up the Wiiware attention and not only delaying Blockbuster Titles on WiiWare, Thier also turning Companies interest AWAY from the VC.

This trend must come to a halt. VC Must be Revived!



Super_Flip commented on Super Smash Bros.:

Even with Brawl and Melee by my side, It would be great to own this again. Then I will be in possesion of the compete trilogy again.



Super_Flip commented on Star Parodier:

Out of the SHMUPS that I've played before, This just hits number 1 on my list. And for people who Don't Know much japanese at all, Like me, There is nothing to worry about, There isn't that much Japanese Text at all. I know anyone will like it.



Super_Flip commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

I'm not hating on Nintendo, I'm just being paitent, Its just the video game market at work, Basicly, They release the less wanted stuff for a little while untill, WHAMO! They release a completely unexpected gem for us to enjoy. Almost every console has done this atleast once.



Super_Flip commented on Art of Fighting:

Am I the only one who likes this game?
I mean, We all know SF2 outdoes this game in all means possible, But AOF is still at the least, Enjoyable to me. And its much easier on SNK arcade classics because those are the Arcade MVS versions and have Free Play, Instead of the Home Port's AES wich only allow 4 Credits. My advice: Give it a Try.



Super_Flip commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

Well, Look on the bright side, This Months Strong Bad Episode is out, And Its more then likely that nintendo will suprise us on christmas week. Or give us another 1 game.



Super_Flip commented on USA VC Update: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master Sy...:

Dang, Another 1 game week, With my least favorite Sonic MS/GG game. I couldnt get past the first hanglider level, And where is Tails? Tails was one of the best parts of Sonic 2 on the Genesis/Mega Drive, But in this version hes kidnapped right from the get-go!

Honestly, I loved the MS/GG version of Sonic 1, But the MS could do much better for Sonic 2.



Super_Flip commented on Samurai Shodown II:

I love this game, I just bought it today.

Its kinda hard to get used to the Classic Controller, Im used to using PS2-esque controllers for fighting games but, it works.

I also appreciate the save feature. =3