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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ShinynewJB commented on Europe VC Releases - 4th May:

Sweet! I heard we didn't get Wonderboy. Good to hear we did, I've wanted to play this for a while. I bought Skyblazer for the SNES the other day, so when I've played through that this will be getting downloaded.



ShinynewJB commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

I'd really like to know what kind of PAL conversion this game has, not that that will affect my buying decision . I've only got 700 Wii Points though, so I'll be purchasing it tomorrow.



ShinynewJB commented on Europe VC Releases - 23rd March - Zelda Link t...:

Yes! Finally! Nintendo of Europe decide we're ready for Link to the Past! I never had this game, but I used to play it at a mate's house all the time, really looking forward to playing it properly, it's one of the only Zelda games I haven't got! The SNES carts fetch quite a lot on eBay, this seems a more economical solution.

We'll get Lylat Wars next week now I'd imagine.



ShinynewJB commented on Super Mario World:

A game that's every ounce as important now as it was when it was released. One of my all time favourite retro titles.