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TheLuigiDude commented on Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium:

I'm getting the GBA PS collection and then I'll wait for this to come out the VC if I like what I played in the previous games. Sadly I would get this on the Genesis collection, but I don't have a PS2 or money to get one.



TheLuigiDude commented on Super Dodge Ball:

Mr. Cheez, the later versions of the game are much better! I mean if you're a big fan of the original then by all means get Brawlers, its so much fun. While Advance is much faster, I like how Brawlers is the most Kunio style out of the bunch. That said I still enjoy the original, but screw that we need the uber rare Neo Geo one instead!



TheLuigiDude commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

@ Rexy- Really...I couldn't agree more, though I'd love to see the characters from SMRPG return to the franchise in some way one day.

ANYWAY I FINALLY got my hands on SMRPG and while its a very interesting title and I can already see why people love it so...I have to say its a little slow in battles. Then again I'm used to playing battles out at Dragon Warrior speed. So now to decide on Ys book vs. Samurai Shodown...hmmm...never played Ys book though so I should get that game...but what about Strong Bad's cool game for attractive people? So many choices, so little money.



TheLuigiDude commented on USA VC Update: Sonic (Master System) and Splat...:

I'm angry enough and I write rants for my local teen newspaper whenever there isn't a good game coming out. But I'm no AVGN...he's funny, but he gets old after a while.

@ Adamant:
Yeah I know that the SMS system version is different, the Genesis version is totally better. SML is a totally different game when you REALLY look into it, different styling becauses its not Miyamoto. But honestly, you know I'm right; only the Sonic hardcore will truly buy this game.

@ Mickeymac
Totally thanks for feeling my pain here, that would have been the awesomest B-day ever. Yeah but I had fun we played some other oldschool games like Blastworks (okay that's not oldschool, but every Wii owner should get it! GOLD!!), Ikaruga (the ultimate GC version), Street Fighter Alpha II Gold (Off of the Saturn's Street Fighter Collections...awesome), and some Brawl and the likes. I had fun. Though I totally agree with you on the SMS version of Sonic.

BTW I have no idea about Terranigami or whatever! WHAT IS THAT GAME? Is it that awesome?



TheLuigiDude commented on USA VC Update: Sonic (Master System) and Splat...:

Aiiih...sooooooo sleepy, sorry I partied a little too much I guess (no alcohol or other drugs were involved)

August 4th was my B-day and I was EXTREMELY excited that on my B-day I was going to get to purchase Samurai Shodown II (as I've never owned a Neo Geo so I could only play it in arcades), Ys I & II since I always hear TGCD owners rave about it, and ultimately a new CLASSIC Mega Man game (sorry I drooled at the thought of a new good Mega Man, no offense to either games)! That was going to be awesome and my friends and I were going to have a Mega Man 9 gaming fest, but then when I woke up my smile was crushed by the fact of seeing Wild West Guns appear instead of Mega Man 9. WTF?! SERIOUSLY? Now if it was Twist n' Paint (anybody remember that game?) that'd make me even happier (I'm sure someone's cursing my name right now), but instead I get WiiShovelWare. Nice.

But at least I could have a Samurai Shodown gaming fest to counter that, that'd be fun! Right? Nope! Instead there was...Sonic the Hedgehog 8-bit. Okay I'll be honest sure its a good port, because it took the original in an different direction. But let's not fool ourselves, the only people who will buy this game are diehard Sonic fans. Everyone else will buy the Genesis version (sorry, Genesis>Mega Drive; much cooler name...if totally ripped off) which is much better I assure you.

BUT at least I'll be able to play an interesting Action RPG that every TGCD owner MUST own so I don't have to get one of those things yet, but NO NoA mocks me by shoving SplatterHouse 2 in my face. Now that one isn't as...(what's the word I'm looking for)...dedicated maybe to super fans of the series, but SplatterHouse 2 is sadly a watered down sequel to a fun game. A shame really because as Mr. Duyn wrote, it isn't really the game's fault, more like the system. I just hope we get SplatterHouse 3, because while I haven't personally played it, I did hear it was a stellar title!

Seriously Nintendo this is bull, you completely ruined probably the BEST VC day in the history of the console...or at least for this year, which would've been my B-day making it even cooler...but you pushed these games on us? Really?

I kind of hate it when all the comments on this website are people whining over the releases (while sometimes they may be true, it got old fast...especially those wanting a certain game...), but today I can't help but join them especially due to the hype this day had.

THOUGH then again, who's fault is it? Nintendo's or the three publishers who hyped us so badly? Either way NoA should really get some nuts and stop rumors before the fans become pissed. Reggie already doesn't have a big fanbase with us hardcore Nintendo gamers, but if this keeps up he may be hated more than Arnold S. (I can never spell it), the governer of Califronia (trust me...I live there).

Oy, I need some sleep so, like Virus once said, "If this isn't proof I need sleep then I dunno what is!" Seriously gold dude.



TheLuigiDude commented on Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom:

Y'know which game nailed the generation system? Dragon Quest V, that was awesomely deep. I can't wait till the DS remake so I can play the offical game (not a traslated ROM).

Though honestly I haven't played this game I think I might buy the GBA Phantasy Star Collection (with I-III), but that means I'll have to wait on the VC to get PHIV.

(sorry this was an off topic post)



TheLuigiDude commented on Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual...:

Exactly, sure square's a good game company, but I think they've let it go to there heads way worse than Nintendo ever has (well maybe not in the N64 days, lol) and they feel that the VC isn't worthy of holding their such honorable titles and as far as they care they'll just sucker everybody by making a remake and slapping on a $40 pricetag ($5 higher than any other DS game, even Nintendo's, because of the quality mark). Maybe if we're lucky we'll get some Chrono Trigger remake (and that'll be good I guess) and Square will just release their lessen known games like Knight's Knight on the VC.

Harsh words, yeah, but while I love a lot of Square's games I've come to dislike the company.



TheLuigiDude commented on King of the Monsters:

I've never played this SNK fighter and I haven't heard too much about it in the SNK chatter I've been it good?



TheLuigiDude commented on EarthBound:

Hell yeah! Exactly my thoughts, there's no reason to hold it off since its already translated! What's there to lose Nintendo?



TheLuigiDude commented on Family Ping Pong:

So I was right? Aksys is bringing it to America under Family Ping Pong! Cool...but I wish I could see some vids...



TheLuigiDude commented on RPG Titles Dominate Nintendo Power’s Most Wa...:

Only top 5? Lame I was hoping for a larger number to see more odd titles (I bet river city ransom was high, but it didn't count because it was finally released). Good list though from the fans, but why would NP want FFVI as the GBA remake is much better?



TheLuigiDude commented on River City Ransom:

Downloaded it asap (first day) and I am so glad that you could use the quick save with the Wii, I HATED using the codes for saving your stats since this is a long game (I still can't believe they managed to pull off fun level grinding in a Beat 'em up). This version is definetly better than the original because of this.

Though I really hope Million (dev from Technos) makes a new River City Ransom with multi-player (the only weak spot of the EX verison), that'd be awesome.



TheLuigiDude commented on Earthworm Jim 2:

I really liked this game and while I do admit it is probably worse than the first since it tends to be more of a puzzler than a platformer...(I just beat it on hard the other day and I'm thinking at least 50% of the game is non-platforming) it still is some fun. Very hard though, but...I might have to review this as this is a odd game to talk about.

I got the Saturn version and its not as great as the first special edition though the music is great (and sounds much better)!



TheLuigiDude commented on Earthworm Jim:

I haven't played this one as much as I did the sequel, but I'm kind of dissapointed that they aren't releasing the special edition on the Sega CD! I haven't played it, but its supposed to have better music (duh), but more importantly a new level! Man...

(Oh and the cartoon was awesome...why can't I find a DVD release?)



TheLuigiDude commented on ClayFighter:

I'm dissapointed that this is going to be the Genesis version (or Mega Drive) especially due to the fact that there is a tournament edition that is improved on the SNES alone. I wonder if Interplay will pull a Capcom (releasing the best verision last for the extra buck) approach and not release it till later. Honestly I'll be waiting for the better version.



TheLuigiDude commented on River City Ransom:

@Karma: Sure Super Metroid (IMO) is the best SNES game of all time and SMB3 (I like SMW a tad bit better) is awesome to and others like LttP, but RCR is a classic that has held up extremely well over time and is one of the most intuitive and fun beat 'em ups of all time. It really needs a true seqeul.

For any oldschool gamer this will be a $5 very well spent! (Co-op is an extra fun factor as well)



TheLuigiDude commented on River City Ransom:

CAN'T WAIT!!! Haven't played this in over a decade and the GBA remake was good, but no co-op was really bad. Plus who doesn't want to have the original?



TheLuigiDude commented on 3 NES Beat 'em ups coming to US Virtual Consol...:

Thank you Askys, man I'm loving those guys; quickly becoming my new favorite least Atlus style dev! But I think this is to hype up the release of Super Dodgeball Brawlers, which is looking great.

But honestly I'll only be getting River City Ransom as Double Dragon without Co-op makes my heart bleed and Renegade...well the port sucked and I've never played the original.



TheLuigiDude commented on Military Madness:

Unedited review, but did I ever touch on the multi-player? If I didn't in the review, honestly its not so good because the maps are hard to balance! Anyways:
Military Madness (developed and published by Hudson Soft), called Netaris in Japan, was one of the earliest titles released for the TurboGrafx-16. This game is a tradition war turn-based strategy game, a lot like Advance Wars…12 years earlier (and without the cartoon feel). In fact, it was really revolutionary back in the day; praised by critics and it sold modestly well in the states despite the TG-16’s commercial disappointments. In turn though, the series never gained a foothold in America, as Hudson would’ve planned, due to the TG-16’s failure in the console wars. But anyway, the game has now been revived on the VC and I had to download it to see if Military Madness had lost its luster, like many other games over the years.
Graphically, the game is very basic especially when compared to other TG-16 titles. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t look horrible or anything, but they’re fundamentally high-end NES graphics. To make matters even worse, the game is set on the moon…so don’t expect any scenery. The good thing is that these sort of games don’t really need good graphics, so it passes in that units, terrain, and so on can be told apart on the map screen. The best graphics that this game has to offer are the battle scenes; while not technically amazing, they tend to be cool and somewhat dramatic. The same goes for music in MM sadly. The soundtrack itself isn’t the problem, it’s fairly done, but the sound quality kills it. The sound effects also are okay if tending to be fairly weak.
Now after all that baggage, I have to say that, Military Madness has some truly great gameplay. Surprisingly, this game has not been made obsolete versus Advance Wars due to some of its own innovations (it wasn’t revolutionary for nothing!). The biggest difference this game has is its support system. Basically, it’s a system that gives units extra attack/defense depending on other surrounding units in the battle. For example, visualize attacking a vastly superior tank with two squads of light, weaker tanks. If you surround the superior tank, its attack and defense will be cut in half trying to fend off both attackers. The system is excellent, because it brings a whole bunch of tactics to the table. Besides that there is also a system called the Zone of Control (ZoC), this system reflects which side has the overall control over the particular zone you are in. The more control you have, the easier it is to move your units about, the less control you, your units will struggle to gain land. Finally there is also an experience system, somewhat like RPGs as units gain war experience through tougher battles. This can be crucial; a veteran artillery unit should be feared and destroyed at all costs upon seeing one, while a rookie anti-air gun won’t cleanly clear your skies for you in one try. All the systems work well, making the game feel fun, challenging, unpredictable, and realistic, especially when considering MM’s age. And not to be boring, there is also a wealth of units in the game, some of which you haven’t seen in other games (like the Rabbit). This rounds the game out nicely since you’ll find yourself weighing if your defensive tank will be able to fight against a squad of berserker like buggies.
Another great thing about the game is how long it is. With 16 long battles to fight and an extra advanced mode (with 16 levels of its own) that have even bigger and riskier battles to contend in; there’s a lot to do. Not to mention that even though the game will start out pretty easy (depending on your tactical mind), a good while into the normal mode it’ll start getting tough and when you get into the advanced mode, those battles are going to be long and nail biting. This game will really give you a run for your money with 40+ hours of war! On the other hand, the value of the game is weird, Hudson has ported this game many times, but only one of those ports ever made it to America. Nectaris: Military Madness was released on the Playstation, but it honestly wasn’t too good of a port and is a hard find itself. This game is pretty rare too; it can go for a pretty penny on eBay. Besides that, if you’re a European gamer, the game and the system never even came to be sold there, besides a weird spin-off released in Germany on the computer, making its first European release (and no extra price tag)!
For 600 points, that’s a seriously good deal and even if by the chance you do have a TurboGrafx-16, buy it here anyway, it’ll be much cheaper. The game itself has some fantastic gameplay, truly one of the best war turn-based strategy games I’ve ever played. I found it also to keep me interested much longer than competing VC games, well worth its small price tag. The only let down that I found with this game is its bland graphics, unattractive sound quality, and its slapped on multi-player mode. Thankfully, all of these things were fixed in the game’s only true sequel, Neo Nectaris on the Turbo-CD. Arguably better than this game, it was set to release in America dubbed Military Madness 2, but it was cancelled due to the death of the TurboGrafx-16. Now that’s an import title I’d love to see on the virtual console.



TheLuigiDude commented on Super Mario World:

Again an old unedited review I did a while back, but now I agree with Damo (one of the three, lol) who thinks SMW was better than SMB3. Anyways:

Man…Super Mario World…I have so many memories with this game. Being packaged with the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) at its launch, it was insanely popular with critics and fans alike, eventually selling 20 million copies worldwide. Also, arguably, being the best Mario game (versus Super Mario Bros. 3) ever and even the best game of all time. I need not to say more for the introduction of this game. But now, about 16 years later, it’s available through the Wii’s Virtual Console for $8. Would it be worth it today?
Super Mario World (SMW), stays true to what Mario always was in the 2-D realm, but it’s not without its changes to the great Mario formula. Now tagging along is your sidekick Yoshi, acting as a somewhat power-up, he makes you stronger, faster, jump higher, take more damage, etc, a great overall addition. It furthermore had the best Mario control in his 2-D days, you have complete control over Mario and all the buttons work perfectly! A sad fact though, is that this game can only be played through a Classic Controller or a GameCube controller, and the Gamecube’s controls are just terrible. So, most likely, you’ll get the most enjoyment out of playing with the Classic Controller. Compared to the early Mario games, this one had greatly improved graphics as well. Thanks to the SNES’ superior graphical capabilities over the NES, Mario and Co. had a serious overhaul along with much more detailed and colorful environments. Koji Kondo also made a great soundtrack to accompany the game, having some of my favorite Mario songs, the music added to the sense of joy the game had to it. Finally, it’s probably the longest 2-D Mario game to date with a whopping 72 levels (96 counting the secret ones), and unlike a lot of the titles currently on the VC (Virtual Console), this game will take a good while to complete.
For only $8, that’s a steal considering how much fun this game still is today. I honestly don’t know how Miyamoto could’ve made going from point A to point B so insanely fun. My only complaint about the game would be that due to its success, Nintendo re-released the game 2 times beforehand. Once onto the only Mario collection game ever released, Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World edition, a bargain, to say the least, if you can still find it nowadays (only released on the SNES in America). And the GBA port, Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, this version coming with a couple of extra additions. Sadly, this brings down the value of the game, especially if you already have it or any of its ports. But if you don’t, then I fully recommend this game to you, it will be an eight bucks well spent.

(If you’re a real penny-pincher and you want to know if this game is better than Super Mario Bros. 3, that’s something personal and they both deserve to be owned by any Mario fan alike.)



TheLuigiDude commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

Here's a review I did a while back on Bio-Hazard Battle. It's really old and I admit to liking the music a bit too much but a good review (long and unedited, you were warned):

Y’know, I think we should be careful developing all these biochemical weaponry, energies, engineering, etc.! All these Shmups (shoot ‘em ups) and old D horror movies keep telling me that humans are going to destroy the Earth making all these crazy bug monsters to live in our place, but I digress. Bio-Hazard Battle, Crying in Japan, is one of the many Shmups to come on the VC. BHB is a fairly unknown game since it commercially failed due to poor marketing on Sega’s behalf, quickly becoming a rare release on the Sega Genesis. But Sega now decided to revive the game through the Wii’s VC for the standard (for Genesis games) 800 Wii Points, but was it worth it?
To be honest, the game doesn’t really set itself apart from the glut of Shumps before and after it. It’s a basic 2D (horizontal) shooter, having you stay alive against an innumerable horde of enemies, shooting and dodging your way out of an one-man (or two-man in this game) war. But this game does differ in is its disgusting, organic atmosphere. As hinted above, you’re cleansing a mutated post-biochemical war world from nastily mutated creatures. While it doesn’t seem as the prettiest graphics design, it is different and interesting. All the enemies, bosses, and even ships are alive and unusual creatures. That being said, the sprites are all great, the backgrounds aren’t superb but appropriate, there’s no slow-down, and the effects are very cool. But I did notice that some effects have the occasional flashing problem when there’s too much on the screen. Even still, the art style is great. And to contribute to the game’s creepy world, there is also a very odd soundtrack accompanying the game. Hard to describe really, the music is deep, ambient, and even threatening sometimes. Honestly, it’s a soundtrack that I find too unacknowledged throughout video game music enthusiast, a crime since it fits BHB so well!
Considering the gameplay, besides the same tried and true formula, BHB does have some interesting features. The first thing that you’ll notice is that there are four ships, each with it’s own controlling style, firing methods, and power-up system. I thought that was a cool addition that you don’t see too often in games of the period. Speaking of the power-up system, I guess it would be technically called a wing-mate system. Instead of the usual power-up formula, this time you always keep your average gun (which isn’t all too useful since it only shoots straight ahead), in its place a wing-mate that satellites you changes its guns according to which power-ups you choose to receive. There are four basic types of weapons; each with three levels of power and all play differently in each ship. So unlike in other games you’ll really have to choose the power-ups you want to receive and discard, a nice game concept. Also, unlike in many other Shmups currently on the VC, this one has co-op. If you’ve got friends or family, this can really be a blessing to the game, having two players really enhances the fun factor bringing more interesting possible techniques to the table. Finally, there are plenty of difficulties for the game, making BHB a good starter for newbies in the genre, but not without ditching the more hardcore. Though on the contrary, the game tends to be a little cheap in the fact that you’ll mostly find yourself not getting killed in firefights, but more in being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Enemies will pop out of literally nowhere and if you’re coincidentally there (you usually are), bam, you’re dead…a very bothersome aspect. And the game isn’t totally pick up and play due to an odd learning curve thanks to the weird controls with your wing-mate.
Long-term appeal probably the BHB’s weakest asset. It is average as far as Shmups go and Co-op does help again, but the high score system isn’t as flushed out as it could’ve been making another play through not very rewarding (especially on higher difficulties). When it comes to value, this game isn’t an easy find due to poor sales and the game has never had any sequels, prequels, remakes, or even ports (even more surprisingly, BHB is not even in the Sega Genesis Collection game! Does Sega hate this game or something?). So unless you want to pick up a copy of BHB for the Genesis the VC is your only option.
For 800 Wii Points, it’s a fair price. Not the best Shmup out there, but it is an unappreciated Sega classic. The art style and music is a great addition to the game, but Co-op mode is a real blessing for the game’s competition against other current VC Shumps. Recommendable to those who like Co-op games, Shmup fans wanting a differently styled shooter compared to the abused futuristic style, and good for beginners in the genre. Though, don’t expect terribly different gameplay from other Shmups and the game can be cheap when it wants to be. Hopefully, in the future we’ll see a sequel to this game; it had some interesting features.

Now I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could



TheLuigiDude commented on The King of Fighters '94:

Dang that was awesome, though he did have Rugal in a chain the first time around. Still that's nuts! Tukuma was being a do-err jerk.



TheLuigiDude commented on Toki Tori:

I'm hoping it's not solely a enhanced port with better graphics since a game store close to me has the original for about $9. If so, I think I'll just get the GBC version.



TheLuigiDude commented on The King of Fighters '94:

Yeah that works I've tried it...though I took me a while to get it right. I love this game, but I feel a bit jipped now that there's a collection coming to the Wii with 94-98! Well I guess this would just be a taster to get potential buyers and I could agree with that logic. If you've never really tried KOF games up until now then I'd get this one (fighter fans only please), even if it is a tough cookie.

Oh and I've beaten Rugal (on easy, getting close to medium) with the USA Sports team (too bad they were let out, I really enjoy playing as Heavy D!), but you really got to trick him. Plus his legs are his weak point and sometimes if your characters got enough reach when you jump (he'll 90% time do Genocide Cutter) just wait for it and then attack. But unlike most CPU characters, don't rush him, play it cool.



TheLuigiDude commented on OFLC Update: Three New Neo Geo Games Rated:

Yeah I'm not holding my breath either over a vc release of Waku Waku 7 since there hasn't been any Sunsoft games released yet...though I don't think we're going to get SNK's most famous series (KOF, Samurai Showdown, etc.) due to the fact that SNK releases collections all the time and the Wii's getting all the newest ones. Honestly I'm getting those, but I'm more interested in the smaller Neo Geo releases like Waku Waku 7 or Ironclad (though that was a Neo Geo CD exclusive). Hopefully my prayers will be answered.

@Viral, yeah you got the joke. I'm a big Luigi fan, and Mr. L was the best.



TheLuigiDude commented on OFLC Update: Three New Neo Geo Games Rated:

@Bass XO
Totally want Waku Waku 7, since I haven't been able to get my hands on the Saturn version! Love that game, but they are releasing a KOF 94-98 collection on the Wii on a disc (at least in the US) so that's a better deal. Though what about that Super Dogdeball game on the Neo Geo? I heard that was a good game...



TheLuigiDude commented on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People:

Man this game looks awesome and the vid is so funny. When I first heard this I wasn't so hot on it, but once I heard Telltale Games was taking the lead I was all over it. The vid looks as if it really catches the theme of the show, awesome.

Though I do agree with you Jaxathon, I'm not too hot on paying for the next one per month, but I admit that I'll buy it anyway. I'm a big fan.



TheLuigiDude commented on Critter Round-Up:

I can't believe they are actually bringing it to America? That's suprising, but I'm not interested at all frankly.



TheLuigiDude commented on Gravitronix:

Multi-player battle style Elebits? Maybe though I am really interested in this game as well! Maybe I'll use the left over 500 from twist and paint on this title?



TheLuigiDude commented on Pop:

Yeah a game that I'd get only if it were cheap honestly.



TheLuigiDude commented on World of Goo:

500 points is a little cheap though it'll really depend on how many levels there are, but I'd pay from 800-1000 points out of what I've seen



TheLuigiDude commented on Major League Eating:

It's kind of the other way around with Cooking Mama, instead of cooking try to scarf it down as fast as you can! Honestly doesn't sound too fun...but then again neither did cooking and that was fun in the end.

I can't wait to see a review on this because frankly I don't want to myself!



TheLuigiDude commented on Okiraku Ping Pong Wii:

@ Starwold_UK

Plus let's not forget that (at least in America) Aksys always gets Arc System games over in the states (which I'm really becoming a fan of). Nice crew, though I'm not sure if I'm all too excited for this game.



TheLuigiDude commented on Plättchen Twist 'n' Paint:

Definetly the first Wiiware game I'll (as long as it comes out first) I've been excited for this game for a long time, and it sounds like so much fun! Even though 1500 points is steep, admittedly I don't care.

12 players on one system, now that's nuts and plus I need something to play with my DK Bongos! Go Bplus!



TheLuigiDude commented on Pop:

It looks...okay...? I can't really say anything until I play it, but it'll probably be alike to Wii Sports in that it is fun in short jaunts. Though the music is a weird way!



TheLuigiDude commented on SPOGS Racing:

I have NP and the graphics look okay when it comes to the models (though the screens are very small), but the textures look terrible. BUT, as a reviewer I cannot base a game on graphics only (and heck, it's a Wiiware game), but gameplay wise it sounds like it could be very good or be a complete failure.

I guess it'll come down to balancing and controls?



TheLuigiDude commented on Star Soldier R:

Uggh, after reading IGN's summary on this I'm sorely disappointed! A shmup which only lets you play for a limited amount of time? Now I'm not against high scoring or anything, but that's just not cool and a real stinker. I guess Hudson Soft felt as if they didn't have the time to make a Real Star Soldier.

(If I'm wrong, which I'm hoping, then that's a good thing and boo IGN!)



TheLuigiDude commented on World of Goo:

Anyone get the shirt from Target (in the US)? Awesome, I cannot wait for this one to come out since it feels really unique. Though I'm hoping that its better than the demo I recieved, because either I suck (probably this) or it is way hard to build something with those realistic, but hard physics!



TheLuigiDude commented on Toki Tori:

I'm excited not only for all these new underground titles coming through Wiiware, but also remakes (or even better, sequels) of great games that sadly didn't sell to well for various reasons (Beyond Good & Evil anybody?)! I remember really regretting never picking up this title since I felt it was too kiddy (same happened with Shantae), but I've grown out of this now.

Hmmm, though I'm puzzled as if this is a remake in 3-D or a sequel, reviewing partner says that the levels shown in the video are both the exact same levels from the first game...? I'm tempted to get do an interview for myself (I write a local teen paper as the video game dude)!

On a side note, extremely funny video though I laughed when the camera hit the vaccum!



TheLuigiDude commented on Military Madness:

Really? I've only had trouble up to the advanced mode near the ending, but I love strats to death