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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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gaga64 commented on amiibo Sales Continue to Gain Momentum as Over...:

Interesting that Smash Series Mario is more popular than Mario Series Mario in the west, but not in Japan - unless he wasn't a pack-in with Smash Bros in that region. I wonder how many of them were pack-in vs standalone (ditto for the other pack-in figures)



gaga64 commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

Which would I rather do - spend £7 on a VC re-release, or £170 for a second console (which is allegedly prone to breaking down regularly) PLUS the cost of the XBLA re-release?

This does make me reconsider buying a 360, but I really don't have the money or the space under the TV for 2 consoles.

I'm not even that bothered by the Banjo games - I sold the original after 6 months of completing it twice. It was fun, but not as good as Mario 64, and I hated having to replay the entire thing just to get to my favourite bits. Annoyingly, Rare continued this trend with DK64 and Conker, but I kept them as more distinctive.

Also, as for the Conker remake on the 360, didn't they censor a load of the swearing that made it through the N64 version (which is funny remembering the times Nintendo insisted on reducing gore in Mortal Kombat and the like)? I don't care about online extras and shinier graphics, it'd still feel like a lesser game.



gaga64 commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:


1) The press release was retracted, so could possibly be wrong
2) Exclusivity is usually time-restricted, so it might run out in a few years time
3) The game is being retooled to work with XBLA, achievements and all, and interact with BK: Nuts & Bolts - therefore it's a new version of an old game, and if Nintendo wanted to release the unaltered original version it could be classified as a different game, and thus not contradicting the claims of exclusivity

Having said that, Microsoft are obviously looking to spin this as a way to end the speculation about the Banjo games heading to the VC, so I'm not letting my hopes get up any more, but I'm not going to let them be shattered yet either. God bless those loopholes...



gaga64 commented on Super Mario World:

First full home console I ever bought, and it's still my favourite of all time.

Downloaded it the day it came out, but now I'm frustrated - my save game screen says I've got all 96 exits, but it's not got the star to show it's all finished. Anyone else experienced this problem?