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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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JD1 commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

I have always wanted to play sonic CD. I am one of those sad characters who actualy owns a few mega CD games even though they have never owned the console, just can't help buying games at the right price!



JD1 commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

If Nintendo do release a usb hard drive and not allow any old hard drive to work, it will have to have some pretty nifty features to justify it.



JD1 commented on WiiWare Focus - Steel Penny Interview:

I think he means Mahjong as he mentions it with chess and both Majong and chess are strategy games against another player(s) where as Mahjong solitaire is not.



JD1 commented on Star Soldier R:

Loved this game back in the day, I don't have an original or emulated version of it at the moment, I am looking forward to this.



JD1 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

I already have three versions of this game but it won't stop me from downloading it!