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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Al commented on Balloon Fight:

omg i love this, i really am going to download this the second its out, duno why i love it so much but i do.



Al commented on Wii Classic Controller - Hands On:

yes it is good, it would be even better if it was wireless insted of connecting to the wii-mote, but it gives much needed help to the snes and n64 games



Al commented on Super Mario 64:

this is the best game ever, or best mario game, unfortuanatly i never completed this on the n64, but 3 years ago when i got my ds on the first day it was out in the entire world there were 4 games u could buy with it, the only good one being mario 64 ds. which i completed and enjoyed very much, i hope all of you who havent played this give it a try.



Al commented on Mario Kart 64:

i think this is the worst mario kart game by far but i still love it. i used to have it on the n64 and i lost it



Al commented on Super Mario World:

I love this, i must say this is my favourite mario game ever apart from mario 64 which you have no choice but to like. i remember when my sister first showed me this on her snes, which i still have today



Al commented on F-Zero:

this is a good one. i remember they used to have this on virgin aeroplanes and they also had mario world on it aswell. i remember i got really angry once cuz my tv didnt work, you can see why



Al commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

this ones a strange one, its very bloody hard beating the enemies but its yet got the sense of 'oh ill just do a little bit more' thing about it.i think it deserves more no less.



Al commented on Soccer:

I played this on animal crossing too. it was better on animal crossing than on the nes as it gives a more free effect on the gamecube as the gc controller has a 'stick' rarther than a d pad. but even then it still wasnt that good, rarther slow



Al commented on Donkey Kong:

well this is a strange game, its great but only has 3 levels, i think. but can get funny when playing two player



Al commented on Excitebike:

this is a good game, gets good when its two player, although 1 player is still fun



Al commented on The Legend of Zelda:

this is a pritty awesome game, im a bit stuck thought at the moment on
level six, or dungeon 6 if you want to call it. those invisable things are very harsh.