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United States

Sat 14th Jun 2008

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Wiigamer14 commented on Super Mario World:

This is the best Mario game EVER!!!! If you haven't played this game you are missing out. It is better than Mario 3. It has cooler music, better graphics, a lot more levels, lots of secrets. It is the best in the 2D side-scrolling platforming mario series ever! It is well worth 800 Wii points( $8).



Wiigamer14 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Gyrostarr:

This game looks good and i might have to buy it just to support high voltage software because of what they are doing with The Conduit. But 50 levels plus bonus levels is pretty good for 700 Wii points($7). I will wait for a review from IGN and here until I look into buying it though.



Wiigamer14 commented on EarthBound:

I suspect they will release this game hopefully by the end of summer, but I am sure they will release Super Mario RPG before. I have never played earthbound but it sounds good, I would expect a price of 1000 wii points since if it comes out it Japan, which it probably will first Nintendo Will find some way to charge an extra 100 Wii points to its price tag. But what do i know.... oh well back to Super Mario Bros 3 !!



Wiigamer14 commented on EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail:

Well I just hope they release Super Mario RPG in the US by my birthday: July 9th because I have never played that game before. Oh wait I still have to buy super Mario World......... I should be ashamed!