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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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MorikaWeb commented on Review: Nintendo DSi Browser (DSiWare):

"Facebook however doesn’t work at all"

I think the problem most people have is they are tying to use this as a desktop browser, were as it is in fact a MOBILE browser. Comparing the DSi browser to your pc browser is completely unfair. You should be comparing it to other mobile browsers such as the ones built into smart phones/PDA's.

If you want to use face book on a mobile web browser, go to the mobile site ( this works perfectly on the DSi. Most major sites have a mobile version that works perfectly for the DSi, all you have to do is chose the mobile version.



MorikaWeb commented on RPG Titles Dominate Nintendo Power’s Most Wa...:

So I'm not the only one feeling impatient by the lack of RPG's on the VC. Surprised by the lack of FF's in the top 5 though, I would have expected FF VI* to be there. I'm also wanting Illusions of Gia,

*Please VI re-translated and not III



MorikaWeb commented on US VC Releases - 28th January - 1080 Snowboarding:

"Better to spend your Wii points on one decent title than three rubbish ones, eh?"

I'd agree if I gave a dam about sports games. If I wanted to snowboard I'd go outside. The fact that I'm inside means I want a good game to play, which is clearly not going to happen any time soon on the VC.



MorikaWeb commented on EU VC Releases - 25th January - Super Street F...:

"The VC is obviously going to slow down eventually, some people are just can't accept that.."

Why would it obviously slow down when less than 1% of available games have been released? Why should I "just” accept that no decent RPG has been released, or that Nintendo is seemingly focusing on a single genre (fighting) to the exclusion of all others?

Please explain why I must accept this of a system I paid cold hard cash on, based on the unfulfilled promise of good classics to be released on the VC?



MorikaWeb commented on Master System Games Coming to The VC!:

Great first they lower the number of games we get, then they increase the number of systems thus decreasing our chances of ever seeing a good game. Whats more they basically say they only care about releasing fighting/platform games in the release.

So from these points I can assume the chances of ever seeing a decent RPG is slim to none (and slim has left town)?



MorikaWeb commented on EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon:

Harvest Moon? I have to say its about time Nintendo started releasing the big guns.

But only releasing one game is just going to make people hate the game no matter how good it is. It seriously looks to me like Nintendo is purposely trying to sabotage the VC.



MorikaWeb commented on EU VC Releases - 21st December - Blades of Steel:

"I wonder why we keep getting the games based on American sports"

How is hockey an amarican sport? Granted they own most of the teams simply becuse they have mor money... But the players are mostly canadian. Not to mention the fact the the game was invented in canada. Heck even the Zamboni was invented in canada.



MorikaWeb commented on US VC Releases - 22nd October - Ninja JaJaMaru...:

"Why would Square-Enix bother releasing any games for the VC when they can charge full price for their constant remakes."

Because the VC version would not be a remake, and would need little to no work. They would sell a ton, and make lots of money from almost no effort.

What’s more everyone knows most FF fans would buy it on the VC even if they own it on another platform for the classic feel. And vice a versa, fans would buy it on other platforms even if they own it on the VC for the extra features…

In the end its really win win for Square to release their classic library on every platform that can handle them.



MorikaWeb commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

Greatest Zelda ever, and one of the greatest games for the SNES. I have so many fond memorys of this game from when I was a kid.

My only disappointment with it is that they never made a proper sequel. If they made a LTTP/II it would be a platinum seller.



MorikaWeb commented on US VC Releases - 8th October - Neo Geo Week:

What a surprise more fighting games. I suppose the introduction of Neo Geo games means its even more unlikely we will ever see any of the good RPG's for the SNES? As that is the primary reason I bought the Wii I'm seriously thinking of selling it.



MorikaWeb commented on Neutopia II:

Thanks Zantagor. I cant stand passwords so I was debating weather to try it, but I will now that I know it has a save feature.



MorikaWeb commented on Hardware Focus - Super Nintendo:

One point you did not really get across is this: This console is the holy grail of console RPG gaming. Almost all modern console RPG's can trace their origins to this system.



MorikaWeb commented on Super Mario World:

Is it just me or does that Japaneses box art of Super Mario 4 look allot like a level in Super Mario Galaxy?