Detective Pikachu amiibo

Detective Pikachu launches on the 23rd of March and looks like its going to be an absolute blast. As exciting as the game is, Pokémon fans will no doubt be even more excited to get their hands on the MASSIVE Detective Pikachu amiibo which is 13.6cm tall... this positively dwarves the original Smash Bros. Pikachu amiibo which is a puny 7.1cm tall.

If you are keen to pick up the amiibo, you can now pre-order at the Nintendo UK Store using the link below. If you are after the game, then the 'Detective Pikachu Fan Pack' looks like a good way to go also.

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If you're not really a Pikachu fan, then you haven't wasted your time clicking into this article. The slightly hard to get hold of 8-Bit Link amiibo is available again (be quick!) and you can also pick up a SNES Mini today, too.

Let us know if you have secured one of these oversized amiibo with a comment below.