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    Review Hey! Pikmin

    Throwing the game

    Pikmin, as a franchise, is arguably a mid-tier IP for Nintendo - perhaps not in terms of quality, but it is nevertheless refused the same priority and release frequency as other highly successful and profitable Nintendo brands. The Wii / DS generation passed with nothing but re-releases, before Pikmin 3 gave us a timely...

  • Preview Whistling for Attention in Hey! Pikmin

    A small world

    It's been pleasing for 3DS owners to see that, while a shiny alternative is on the market, the successful family of portables continues to have an important role in Nintendo's plans. With titles like Metroid: Samus Returns and of course Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on the way, the era of dual screens and some stereoscopic 3D isn't...

  • Video Get a Good Look at Hey! Pikmin in this Overview Trailer

    Check out plenty of gameplay and amiibo features

    Hey! Pikmin, so far, doesn't seem to be generated a huge amount of buzz ahead of its July release. Developed by Arzest, this portable spin-off - tellingly not called Pikmin 4 - adopts a 2D approach to the exploration, puzzle solving and combat for which the series is known. We remained sort of on the...

  • Hands On Hey! Read These Hey! Pikmin Impressions

    Hey! Listen!

    This week - in New York City - Nintendo invited us to play Hey! Pikmin, the first title in the series developed outside of Nintendo's internal teams. Hey! Pikmin is being developed by Arzest, the studio behind Yoshi's New Island, which failed to make a big splash with 3DS owners. Hey! Pikmin takes a totally new approach with the...

  • News Arzest Emerges as Developer of Hey! Pikmin


    Hey! Pikmin, the 2D platforming portable take on the much-respected series, is heading to the 3DS in July. Of course some have wondered about its status within the series, though the name and style has always implied it's a portable spin-off as opposed to 'Pikmin 4'. That impression has only been solidified by the news of the game's...

  • News Hey! Pikmin will Launch with New amiibo on 28th July

    Olimar will finally crash land onto your Nintendo 3DS!

    Once again, Captain Olimar finds himself crash landing onto a planet inhabited by Pikmin. It's up to you to team up once again with the Pikmin to overcome the many puzzles and enemies present; you'll need all the Pikmin help you can get to gather treasure and refuel his ship to return home!...