Splatoon 2 amiibo

If you've been enjoying Splatoon 2 lately and are looking forward to the upcoming Octo Expansion, you will likely be interested in Pearl and Marina amiibo which are now available on the Nintendo UK Store for pre-ordering.

Pearl is the cute and sassy MC, while Marina is the dazzling DJ genius. They are known as the pop idol-duo 'Off the Hook'. Together, they host the Inkopolis News and Splatfest events; in which Inklings pick one of two sides and battle the opposing team in Turf War. Fans love them for their unique, futuristic sound.

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A few of the older Splatoon 2 amiibo are currently available on the Nintendo UK Store too, so if you missed them the first time around. Here is another chance to rectify this situation.

Will you be picking up this lovely pair of amiibo? Let us know in the comments below...