Waggle waggle waggle

Remember the IR camera on the Switch Joy-Con? It was just one of the many tricks the controller was capable of, but so far it has only really been used in 1-2-Switch, despite offering plenty of potential.

Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten about it - Capcom is using the camera in Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 to control reloading of weapons:

The game also includes gyro controls for aiming your weapon in the game and slashing with your knife. But that's not all! The same Tokyo Game Show attendee also spotted an amiibo option in the game's menu:

How do you feel about Capcom using the unique features of the Joy-Con and the understated return of motion controls? What do you think amiibo will do in the game? Share your innermost feelings below.

[source gonintendo.com]