Get them while they're hot

The ferocious demand for amiibo shows no signs of flagging as pre-orders for the next few waves of figures are rapidly selling out.

Eurogamer is reporting King Dedede, Meta Knight and Shulk — all coming in Wave 4 in the UK — are no longer available for pre-order on the Official Nintendo UK Online store, which would suggest that the initial shipment is entirely taken.

In the US, GameStop isn't taking any pre-orders for second wave figures, although it's still possible to pre-order figures coming in 2015.

Online retail giant Amazon is, at the time of writing, still accepting pre-orders on Zelda and Luigi on its US site, but it would appear that allocations for the other second wave figures — Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, Little Mac and Pit — are all spoken for.

Sales of amiibo figures have been incredibly brisk, with many retailers reporting that stock is hard to come by. Confusion over whether or not certain Wave 1 figures are going to be discontinued has caused prices to spike on online auction sites.