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Miyamoto States That Nintendo Is Sticking With "Revolutionary" Hardware For The Foreseeable Future

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Unique software can always be realized with unique hardware"

The Wii U's commercial struggles and the massive rise in popularity of smart devices has seen many within the industry predict that Nintendo will go multi-platform sooner rather than later, but Shigeru Miyamoto has poured a large bucket of cold water all over such prophecies in a recent interview with EDGE magazine.

Miyamoto is a massive advocate of hardware leading software and insists that truly amazing games can only be created on systems which have a dedicated focus on interactive entertainment:

We want to create, and they want to experience, something unprecedented all the time. For us to meet these goals, we need dedicated hardware that is designed to cater to the needs of these avid gamers. People might say that software is software. No. A unique software experience can always be realized with unique hardware that has a unique interface. That is why I believe Nintendo is, and will be, sticking to these dedicated gaming machines.

However, having totally unique hardware can sometimes backfire. In the same interview, Miyamoto addressed issues with the Wii U and its somewhat divisive GamePad controller. While there's clearly a lot of untapped potential in the dual-screen approach, some of the console's critics have pointed out that it's hard to concentrate on two displays at the same time, and this is partly to blame for the console's lack of success at retail.

While he's willing to admit it could be seen as a "weak point", Miyamoto is adamant that the concept will prove itself eventually:

Of course we had some concerns. After all, we're human beings: our eyes cannot see two objects at the same time. But we were sure that, even with that kind of, say, weak point, we would be able to make something unprecedented and revolutionary.

Are you happy that Nintendo is sticking with unique hardware, or are you of the opinion that by releasing their games on other systems, the company could become even more successful? Do you see the Wii U's GamePad as a "weak point"? Let us know by posting a comment.

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Captain_Toad said:

"or are you of the opinion that by releasing their games on other systems, the company could become even more successful?"

Lol wut?



Flugen said:

I would be very happy also if someone could tell me that Mass Effect, Fifa, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Witcher would be on that system.

That would make me happy.



schizor said:

If nintendo stops making hardware I won't buy another console ever again.



Yorumi said:

the problem isn't so much the hardware it's that they're not using it. When they make things like the gamepad they need to actually make proper use of it.



unrandomsam said:

I don't mind it being used but I don't want it used for the sake of it when there is no real point.

Same as wiimotes. I use one by choice for Sin & Punishment 2 but not allowing me to use B instead of the propeller Mario motion is not ok.



Sparx said:

The gamepad could actually be great for horror style games simply because you can't see both screens at the same time easily, I think zombie U used it like that



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

Nintendo being Nintendo is so Nintendo of them : ) People are so hesitant to change. It's unfortunate the masses don't understand or appreciate Nintendo's unconventional approach to gaming. 30 years of innovation. Thank you.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

@ejvirzi It stinks really. I'm always imagining ways that the pad can be used in gaming. I'm hoping, and believe, amiibo will help. But even that is just scratching the surface. ( pun intended )



Tamalesyatole said:

I hope this means a WiiU fire emblem with cutscene-quality fight scenes in the tv and the map on the pad



QBertFarnsworth said:

@schizor I might be in the same boat. Detractors like to rail on Nintendo for re-using the same IPs, but those IPs tend to have distinct games. There's a clear difference between Link to the Past and Wind Waker, or Mario 3 and Mario 64, but each iteration is pretty unique (outside of New Super Mario series). If they ceased making hardware, I could easily go back and play through their classic libraries and keep myself busy for years.



Legromancer said:

well, i think it is clear now that even Nintendo realized that this gen is lost. However you define lost is up to you, but a smash hit or success the Wii U ain't.
But it is a great opportunity to learn some hard lessons. And it looks like Nintendo is learning some.
But this faith in the ''next big gimmick will bring costumers back in masses' is troublesome. Costumers don't want gimmicks. Thats why the PS4 ist doing super great. People who want gimmicks, well, they waste their time on smartphones. This market has moved on ( and will move whatever is the next cool thing they can download on Facebook or their newest phones). And many who want, well games that use physical buttons and play games because they want to play games are on PS4 or maybe XBONE.

But hey, maybe next gen Nintendo will get more games, right?
Since the Wii i am waiting for this time, maybe i should really consider paying more money i can afford so i get a second console. And i really don't want that. I would love to spend my money primarely on Nintendo.

That are my two cents. Some great things, some bad things. Nintendo atm in a nutshell.



Jazzer94 said:

I think a good strategy for Nintendo to implement is having five game ideas off the ground for experimental hardware before sticking with it.



joyousneck said:

I think a great idea like the gamepad will simply take a few years to come to fruition. People demand immediate greatness, and while they have already done great things with the gamepad, I think it may even take until the next Nintendo console to truly see how a touchscreen on a controller is really awesome. Though I already love just being able to play a game without the television.



NintyMan said:

Doesn't sound like a difficult concept to me. The games should take advantage of the hardware they're being played on. This is why I've been insisting for a couple of years that Nintendo use the GamePad more in ways that will make Wii U games interesting as well as fun. Let's be grateful that Miyamoto still believes in pushing hardware for pushing software.



ricklongo said:

Everything I've read about this interview so far around the web had me genuinely smiling. His comments on casual gamers were quite bold and, if taken to heart by the company, might indicate a very different focus in the future.

I don't think the source of Nintendo's problems are their games or their hardware. It's just that sometimes they let opportunities to be the talk of the moment (like the recent Pokkén Tournament announcement for arcades only, and only in Japan) slide. That should have been treated as a megaton global announcement for Wii U, as Sony or Microsoft undoubtedly would have done if it was their IP. It's more of a marketing and imaging problem, which turns off a portion of potential customers.

Having a less powerful hardware was never reason in and off itself to fail, as the NES, Game Boy, Playstation 2 and, more recently, the 3DS would attest. They have the first-party games. If those are marketed correctly, players will come, which in turn will get the attention of third parties, which in turn will bring more players, and so on.



ultraraichu said:

I'm always happy Nintendo is doing their own thing with unque hardware. It changes up the constant mentality of looks, power, and large numbers is supreme.

I always find it weird that gamers have a hard time with the gamepad. Especially the same ones with enought hand-eye coordination to pull off complex moves, combos, and finishers in fighting games and creativty to find new ways to beat a level, can't glance off the tv screen for one second.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think 2 screen gaming is good. It takes a little while to get used to for each game but it definitely added to the atmosphere in Zombi U (I personally think this would translate well into any genre not just slow paced horror) and would definitely be able to enhance most games of reasonable complexity.

My biggest fear is that Nintendo will abandon the gamepad at the end of the generation with only a couple of genuine proof of concept games like they did with the Wiimote+.



wayneyrob22 said:

it depends what the screen is used for, as for gaming it is very under used, but as for the likes of youtube you can`t beat it as you can have a video playing on tv screen while you can browse on the gamepad, third party developers won`t put time and money into it because as far as they are concerned it`s economically viable, the next year or so should see weather things will turn round as nintendo bring out their big games that presumably will show what developers should be doing with the dual screen format, but if sales don`t pick up then i`m affraid it won`t matter how good the dual screen is.



Sean_Aaron said:

I don't understand why the insistence by some people that the Gamepad needs to be used. It should be used where it has a role. If you like games where it has little primary purpose, then from your perspective it's under-utilised; I have loads of games that use it so I don't see a problem that needs fixing.

I'd also rather see Nintendo go private and reduce their output sharply but stay true to their craft rather than become a software-only house. Investors care about profit only and generally have no regard for the company they're investing in; people who want to play specific games by third parties are also not the audience that Nintendo should be catering to: the only people they really need to focus on are people who like or are open to the possibilities of Nintendo games and the proposition they're pitching to them.



Savino said:

I think, personaly, that Miyamoto talks too much some time!!

Yeah, I agree with the "unique software experience" thing, but I dont see nintendo doing NOTHING about that!!!

Since the Wii that thirdies makes the best use of nintendo hardware, while nintendo itself only uses its gimmicks a few times!

The wii got zack and wiki and Red Steel 2! Both having great wimote use.
The WiiU got Zombi U and Lego City.....

Nintendo put a horn on MK8... I mean... A horn....



joyousneck said:

I second the call for Nintendo to go private rather than follow the shareholder's whims. I never understood people who become so obsessed with sales numbers and what not. Everything is so serious. We are talking about video games after all.



unrandomsam said:

@shigulicious Nintendo is pretty similar to anybody else when it comes to only doing sequels almost all the time. (The only difference is they are sequels to better games).



ShadyKnights said:

@ Legromancer
The PS3 was considered DOA for roughly 3 years and followed the hit success of the PS2 for pretty much the same complaints for the Wii U, only their problems were kinda worse.

People complained about their controller. It had rumble feature removed and Sixaxis was felt to be gimmicky. The Gamepad actually has use, functionality, and legitimately changes the concept of many games when properly utilized, but can also be ignored without the player noticing or "feeling" much loss.

The price point was too damned high. Unlike the Wii U, which is significantly stronger than it's predecessor, more expensive than it (as they all tend to be for each console gen) and yet not at at a side splitting price point, the PS3 was considerably more expensive than the PS2 at all three price points and mostly due to a feature that was all but completely unnecessary for actually playing games, the BluRay player.

And for a time it was getting the worst ports, delayed games (FF Versus XIII being the most infamous of them), and was loosing exclusives left right and center.

With all that, once devs actually put forth effort into the PS3, made good games for it and utilized the hardware better, it bounced back like a champ. And that was at least in it's third year when it started really picking up steam. I don't see why the Wii U would be considered dead when there is essentially nothing wrong with the Wii U and it has bc that PS3 lacked for the most part and every other console this gen lacks until the consumers pay for it.

So long as effort is put into making great games, no console is ever dead. See first XBox, see PS3, see everyone trying to back pedal now that Wii U's line up is still the talk of the town rather than their tech specs lately.



arnoldlayne83 said:

Ifear that the lack of third parties will relegate Nintendo in to a niche compartment, so small that at the end producing its own hardware won t be profitable anymore, forcing the comoany to be just a glorious software house...



arnoldlayne83 said:

@ShadyKnights ok, but ps3 didn t have the same performance gap that wiiU has compare to xbox1 or ps4.... not to talk about the infrastructure and social capabilities online




The only game I feel is really good for playing on the GamePad is Madden 13, yet EA decided not to release another Madden game on the Wii U. Talk about an epic fail. The GamePad lets you draw custom routes which is really awesome.



Legromancer said:

i still don't think Wii U can be a hit. 3rd parties has jumped the ship, that never happenend to the PS3 in this scale. They still had their Naughty Dog, Square ( while not exclusive PS3 still got the games) and whoever makes God of War and so on.
We are in the third year (are we?), and if you look at the release schedule, not many things come out this year. And in this case quantity is necessary, in every retailer i go Wii U shelfspace is ridicously small. Noby who didn't already purchased the sytem would notice it. It is dwarfed ny Playstation and Xbox.
The system doesn't exist for consumers. And without any marketing this won't change. Or do you believe Hyrule Warriors will change this? Only Smash has the potential to make some splash like MK8 this year.



ShadyKnights said:

It's far more likely that with this new gen of gamers being so focused and obsessed with how great games look with maximum performance and how cheep technology is getting, that Sony and Microsoft will have tougher troubles coming up with compelling consoles next generation that compete with PCs that will easily be able to out do both than Nintendo will.

And the performance gap is unimportant when compared to actual quality of games. People tend to forget that gaming is a niche hobby because certain types of games have become mainstream. But just like the metal heads who love metal and prefer listening to metal music, or bookworms that adore anything romantic, Nintendo style games are a breed of their own that their audience devours and that is very accessible for others to try and enjoy.

Just like the GameBoy was weak compared to other handhelds, it rocked the house because it could provide what others could not even with it's weaker screen. And gamers ate it up. And I don't think many, if any, games on those consoles were multiplats at all.

As far as the social and infrastructure stuff, updates. Plus Nintendo is working on doing things their own way which is a better means of survival rather than copying others. After all, good artists copy, great artists steal.



rjejr said:

I finished the storyline in WW HD Tues and I can attest the Gamepad was VERY useful.

And when they remake Sunshine and Luigis Mansion in HD it will be great as a FPS camera perspective as well. (Still dont understand why the sequel was on 3DS.) Splatoon should be awesome with the Gamepad if they can get the game to live up to its promise.

So as others have said, hardware is there, but the games are lacking. Well not all games, Nintendo Land and Game and Wario minigame compilations use it well, but it really needs a big game like Metroid or Starfox to show it off. Zelda will make use of it just like WW HD, and it will be very helpful, but being helpful isnt the same thing as showing it off.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@ShadyKnights on a philosophycal way i can agree with what u wrote, but don t forget that actually wiiU is not profitable for Nintendo.... and, despite the big cash they still have, a model where Nintendo produceniche hw and sw won t survive in this market, already dried out by smartphones and, something as to change in the next gen, either becoming only a software house or betting everything on the core gaming, with a powerful hw and less gimmicks in orddr to expand its userbase



ShadyKnights said:

The Wii U launched November 17, 2012. We are nearing the completion of the second year and nearing the start of the third. And as I said in a post right after yours, gaming is a niche hobby and mass appeal games don't matter as much as they've been hyped to assume. Yes it's a great way to make money if the money they get for said games is greater than the money spent on making the games, but if Nintendo makes more from their small, but dedicated, crowd than say Ubi does from their WatchDog sales from all their consoles combined (Not saying they will, this is an example and Ubi popped in my mind while typing), then Nintendo does well.

No, I'm not some chump who thinks whatever game will save the Wii U, because I, in all my "delusion", don't buy into gaming hype or believe the Wii U needs saving. It need appreciation and it needs gaming journalists to actually do their job by actually informing the less informed masses about the pros and cons of the Wii U in a way that's actually as positive as the PS4 and XBOne are spun with theirs.

Gaming isn't about power, it's about imagination. And to the laymen, the Wii U can look close enough to the PS4 to not bug them as long as they're not thinking "Man I could be getting so much better graphics!" and just playing the game. Not saying the Wii U can output PS4 graphics by the way. I'm certain it cannot due to technical limitations, but I know PS3 and PS4 hardly look different right now. So, right now, the masses could enjoy all three with not much difference in fidelity to distract.



Emaan said:

I think the idea of the Wii U itself isn't as much the problem as the need for more games and a better marketing technique.



Freeon-Leon said:

I love this man and I think we're lucky to have him, without him maybe gaming would just stop moving forward.

Also, to the people saying motion and touch controls are "gimmicks"... Seriously? Everything that's different is a freaking gimmick?



Bolt_Strike said:

It's hard to imagine what they could do next aside from virtual reality. We're gradually reaching a point where new control schemes can't really lead to unique software. Again, this is a strategy I don't think Nintendo can rely on.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I hope Nintendo never goes 3rd party. While games can be innovative without innovative hardware (the Gamecube made that very obvious), innovative hardware lets developers take innovation further, especially when those same developers are the ones designing the hardware.

Looking to the future of gaming, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo was the only company to continue making consoles (home or handheld), and that's because they understand the difference unique hardware can make. While Sony and Microsoft may well move into streaming/all digital formats, Nintendo will continue to offer unique experiences through unique content and unique ways to play.



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm glad that Nintendo wants to continue focusing on unique hardware; however, I do hope that future consoles are a bit more planned out than the Wii U has been.



firstlast said:

@Yorumi Agreed. Same issue was with Wii motion controls. They pulled it off in Skyward Sword and a few more, and that was it. I guess the same is to be expected this gen as well, yet only a few titles, or maybe even one single title that lives up to the potential



ShadyKnights said:

I understand what you're saying from a marketing standpoint, but I believe that reaction would be too strongly kneejerky due to the change in gaming climate. Smartphoens and tablets may be a new gateway gaming drug, or a new way to game, but we still have consoles because we want experiences we can get only from a console. Be it any of the big three and whoever joins them. Consoles will always be worth it so long as there are experiences that can only be experienced on a console that is a compelling reason to get games on that console. To jump ship due to a new wave rather than seeing how this wave rocks the system would be premature I'd think.

As far as games released this fall... Okay? 4/5 games starting September for Wii U. That's one game a month for 3 months and two for 1 month. I don't know about you guys, but ShadyKnights aint got that much cash or time and it's nice to not have to pick and chose a game to get. I kinda already know what I'm going to get.

If the point you were making is that there are more new sexy games to choose from and therefore Wii U is overshadowed, well, I guess you're right yeah. I mean the media outlets will be deepthroating the shooty games and the driver games like no body's business. Oh and likely that Evil Within game that looks legit creepy and scary. Still, for those who don't want that, Nintendo stomps both of them with diversity. HW, Bay1+2, Sonic Boom, SSB4, Captain Toad, and Skylanders (checked the Nintendo website for upcoming releases since you two requested I do so.) all for the Wii U. Not counting the 3DS' line up so the company is fine really. And this is all if you're talking about what people who own a Wii U are gonna get. For those that don't have one, sweet Jesus do they have a backlog to entertain them with! You cannot say that for anyone picking up a PS4 or XBOne yet. They don't even have backwards compatibility and this fall through winter is kinda their money shot for the consoles as they've barely been out a full year and had sparse content in that year...kinda... like the... Wii U... Hm.... Weird how Activision said it's totally cool for Sony and Microsoft to have that problem but said nothing to defend Nintendo about that.. Ah oh well.

Anyway, yeah, this is actually the year to jump aboard the Nintendo train as the games are starting to finally flow. At least that how it looks from my perspective. I see PS4 and XBOne getting stronger content around late spring, maybe mid summer honestly.



uhhhhhhhh said:

The gamepad is totally under-utilized! Hardly any third party even uses the touch screen as a menu selection interface! Could you imagine a game like anytime or ni nu kuni where you could select potions, etc using the touchscreen?? To me the menu interface is a very simple but revolutionary concept that makes certain things 10000% more intuitive and nobody is taking the time to do it. Look a Lego city, a good example, almost over uses it, the features seem like they should be in metroid prime



audiobrainiac said:

I'm quite happy Nintendo is sticking to their guns. I agree with Miyamoto. Hopefully we'll see some ground breaking new IPs next year. They have a few good ones that they're slowwwwwly rolling out, but they need something fresh and more serious. That doesn't mean they have to make hyper realistic dark stories but, maybe just some games that capture more emotion than their current games do.



Mega719 said:

Yes continue doing what you are doing, Wii U is a fantastic console it's unfair it's doing so poorly mostly due to the fact that 3rd parties and people on on the Internet spread negative comments. Probably the most underrated machine in today's market and probably in Nintendo's history



unrandomsam said:

@rjejr Thing about Splatoon is FPS is good like that with 8 systems in the same room but it is never going to happen for most people. (And it needs the Gamepad for the ink spraying).



unrandomsam said:

@uhhhhhhhh Also smudges the screen or requires holding the stylus at the same time neither are very good. I use it for the eshop and as little as possible apart from that. Don't like cleaning the screen all the time.



Yurikun said:

For interesting games I have my Bayo 1&2 and HW games. The two games that Miyamoto-san are working on look interesting and I await new info on them.
Also next year we have Zelda, Star fox announcement, Metroid for WiiU and 3DS.
I dont really see the problem with releasing 1 game a month. I can only afford 3/4 Games a year. Gaming for me is to have fun and kill time. I have a life and other things to do with my life. I dont spend every single dime on video games.



unrandomsam said:

@ShadyKnights It is always better to have choice then you don't have to play anything other than what you really want to. Two or three games a week released (From which I get 2-6 a month would be about right for me). I don't like the button mashing genre but I will probably end up getting some of them soon just as there is not much else. (If they designed them to have the combat of a fighting game and penalise button mashing the same games I could potentially like). Anything from Platinum is a button masher as is Hyrule Warriors.



SleepyCrossing said:

The problem isn't the Wii U itself, its how Nintendo marketed it. When I mention to people that I have a Wii U and they tell me they have one too, only to later find out that they actually have a Wii, it is disappointing. I never saw a single advertisement for the Wii U.

The Wii U is a fantastic system and the gamepad is an asset, people just do not know about it.



joyousneck said:


Games are more of a niche market than say cinema, which is also having money problems and ballooning budgets even though a lot more people have an interest in seeing movies. Less adults play video games than you might believe. I know very few adults who actually play video games.



rjejr said:

@unrandomsam -

That's why I wrote the last part - "if they can get the game to live up to its promise."

I think it could be a great co-op game w/ the dual Gamepad support they said was coming way back when, but I'm not sure how fun it will be solo. Though if they finally put that Gamepad camera and microphone to use it could be very fun online.

Besides all the talk of the Gamepad's 2nd screen not being used to its full potential there's also NFC, a camera and mic that have hardly been touched. So we shall see.



joyousneck said:


I meant in terms of audience. Ballooning video game budgets will be more difficult to sustain unless the audience greatly expands.

it doesn't help a lot of people give up video games when they enter adulthood.



Legromancer said:


still, it makes money. An tons of people play this smatphone thingies and Facebook clickeys. Gaming has reached the masses. Even ''core'' gaming.
But somehow Nintendo is loosing audience. Because in this state they are in now they only appeal to...well us. And that ain't many i believe.
Again, marketing, good agressive marketing can change that. It baffles me that a big, old company like Nintendo so easy could fall in popularity.
Even if gaming is a niche market what does this tell us about the state Nintendo is in atm? Still not good.

Edit: those damn reply rules..i have to leave space between the username and my response...



JimLad said:

What Yorumi said.
Ideas like the Wii U pad are fine if they make use of them.
Otherwise it's just an oversized controller that needs recharging every 4 hours.
Made worse by the fact certain games force you to use it for the sake of a few touch commands and nothing else. BAD DESIGN.



ColdingLight said:

I'm sorry, but what's so revolutionary about the Wii U? I fail to see it. It's a controller with a screen on it and it more or less mimics cross play gaming. How is this feature revolutionary?



Kurtz said:

after growing up with amstrad, commodore. x86 XT, amiga and sega systems i switched to nintendo when i saw mario kart on snes at a shop. i had previously found nintendos approach to gfx and gameplay odd and unappealing. after the snes though i became a nintendo fanatic, even buying a ds having never been interested in portables before. i got sick of gaming at about the end of the gamecube era. i saw the homogenisation of both hardware platform and software design as boring and ignoring what makes video games compelling, namely interactivity. nintendos focus on that basic foundation has kept me gaming solely on their platforms apart from strategy and tactical fps on pc. their questioning/reappraisal of what makes gaming gaming and boldly embracing new ideas is to me what gaming is about.



Bolt_Strike said:

@ColdingLight Thank you! The Wii U isn't really that revolutionary, it's just a combination of features from past consoles. There's very little you can do with the Wii U that you couldn't do on another console.

If Nintendo wants "revolutionary", they're going to need to do better than this. And IDK if that's even possible at this point.



Legromancer said:

yeah, even Nintendo tries to forget the Gamepad. And that's okay. I Like Off-TV play, but this is no selling point.
For me it looks like consumers want a good architecture and possibilities from their hardware, like Twitch integration and online possiblilities WITHOUT beeing forced to use them....hello Microsoft ( yeah, yeah, they turned 180 but seems like many didn't get the memo...)
And Nintendo tried to get consumers with...the gamepad. This should have been the cherry on top but not the main attraction in their marketing. Games shuold have been. But to be fair, their weren't many at start. Another problem from the start.



Chubblings said:

This would make Nintendo dominate next-gen (since PS4/X1/U is current gen):
-Do whatever revolutionary thing you want (Like Wii-Mote, Gamepad, e.t).
-Make the hardware on-par/better than PS5/Xbox Two and use dev-friendly architecture that makes it easy to port games from PC.
-Put in effort to make good relationships with 3rd parties, so that the console has full 3rd party support.
-Keep those awesome 1st party games.
-Market the console properly (like it was in Wii-era).



joyousneck said:


Comparing smartphone and facebook games to full nintendo games is like comparing commercials to film.

Anyway, if video game makers realize that the market is smaller than what they believe they can structure their business as such instead of spending too much money on a budget which creates a situation where risks and interesting things can no longer happen.



Kurtz said:

i think the major third parties looked at the industry and said games are too expensive to make 3 discrete versions of our games, so i either you guys ninty, ms and sony, share a common architecture or we'll just leave you out of our plans. if i wanted the very best looking version of a game as my basic requirement i'd just upgrade my p.c more often.
also i hate the idea of fb and twitch integration on my console.



kyuubikid213 said:

@Legromancer I think it's funny how you consider the Wii U a failure when it's outselling (and even outshipping) the Xbox One. On top of that, the Xbox One isn't the same Xbox One that came out at launch anymore. The Wii U has only made improvements since it's reveal while Microsoft's been backpedaling constantly to appease the media and their fans and ultimately failing on both accounts.

Sure the Xbox One will get support the Wii U will likely never see, but the Xbox One is now only a slightly underpowered PS4 that's going to get Halo and nothing more. There's no more Kinect to make it unique. It's going to get all of the same games as the PS4 except a few exclusives (which haven't set the internet on fire like Infamous Second Son did and Uncharted 4 is), and it's been weaker than the system since it came out.

The Wii U, while losing on many other fronts, is still the Wii U we purchased in November 2012. It's gotten more features, more games, and is becoming a must-have console for gamers that can afford having more than one console and WANT more than one console.



Bolt_Strike said:

@ejvirzi By far the best idea I've heard, yes, game developers need to start scaling down. If they keep trying to pump out only AAA games from now until the end of time, it's going to end in disaster.



Kurtz said:


i think thats largely casual gaming on phones/tablets(profitability)
edit. i'm not sure ms has ever made a profit on xbox. its bundled in a division with its other hardware products including nokia and perhaps its android patents



Rin-go said:

I have seen comments about how the "same" game for SNES and I think Genesis were distinctly different from one another. Like @RougeLeader has said, games are too expensive to make different versions for each system, so it's either do as we please or no support from third parties. How great would it be if the Wii U, PS4 and XOne were so distinctly diffferent from one another that playing a multiplat on each system would result in completely different experiences?!
I prefer to stay true to a vision instead of selling out. Basically what @kyuubikid213 wrote about.



hYdeks said:

well, then I hope you like poopydoodoocacapoopledoople sales numbers, cause that's what your gonna keep seeing if you keep with the "Wii" formula. What Nintendo should do next time around is make a system on the level with the competitors, but also have something innovative like the wii u gamepad. If they did that, I have no doubt they would be number one, but if your gonna have really under powered systems like Wii and Wii U, then you better bring out all your A games right in the beginning or your gonna have the same problems you did with the Wii U.



Mus1cLov3r said:

The "unique-ness" of Nintendo's systems is what I love about them. But sadly, most people only care about power....



Rafie said:

I just want everyone to start taking Nintendo seriously again. With hardware on par or better than the competition with compelling software (which is never a problem with Nintendo) with lastly Nintendo talking to 3RD PARTY DEVELOPERS TO DEVELOP FOR NINTENDO...then Nintendo will see even more success.



FragRed said:

I think Nintendo should certainly continue to introduce innovative ideas with their consoles, but not at the expense of researching into more powerful systems that compete with both Xbox and PlayStation.

Nintendo use to say they don't compete with either Microsoft or Sony, but I think now they have to compete. Especially if its core gamers they are after.

And if Nintendo are planning, which I assume they are, to release another handheld, they need to really look at what the market is now that so many own tablets and phones.



Ruthven said:

Nintendo fanboy for life, the day they go third party is the day I turn into a full time retro Nintendo gamer!! I do enjoy PC/Steam for the good third party games, but noting beats a Nintendo game on Nintendo Hardware



MeloMan said:

With regards to developing on two displays, devs said some of the same things about the DS when it first came out. In the beginning, it was VERY rough trying to come up with good ideas/uses, but fast forward to 3DS, and there's not much else I have to say on that point. Some devs are lazy and don't want to learn the Wii U. Other devs are interested, but because the installed base for Wii U is not as strong as rival platforms, the ends don't justify the means for them and it's viewed as a wasted effort (I can't "totally" disagree with them). Devs are like artists: some do it for the money, and others do it for the love of being an artist. Nintendo is an "artist" that makes money, sure, but they want to create gaming art by any means necessary (perhaps to a fault)... most devs today stunt themselves into only developing games "safely" to meet profit. It's a sad situation really, and it's us gamers that lose out on new experiences that devs "could" be generating for us on ALL platforms, not just 2/3 of them. My message still remains the same as I've always said: You are either a follower dev waiting for a system to sell well so you can dip your toe in the pool of money, or you are a frontrunner dev looking to play your part to drive the install base for a gaming system. If only more devs thought like Nintendo... what a glorious system the Wii U could be...



Light said:

I have been with nintendo since the original NES. Here are my thoughts: Have enjoyed all of the consoles right up to the Wii U. However, with the Wii, the motion controls are gimmicky, I got tired of them fast and I am VERY glad that i barely have to them with the Wii U. As for the gamepad that came with the Wii U, I believe that it was a very great idea, but unfortunately not enough games utilize it to make it of much value. As for the future of nintendo, i believe the time has come for them to stop making hardware. Most of their games would run well/better on other consoles. Very few of the first party games make great use of the gamepad to make it that valuable. Nintendo will NEVER get the customers that they once had, so my advice to them is to stop fooling themselves and stop making home consoles, perhaps stick with the portable console market and that's it.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Comments like this really get to me. Games like SM3DW used the gampad to a reasonable limit, it didn't turn into a gimmick, games like DKC:TF would have felt gimmicky using gamepad feautures. But there are games that use the gamepad well, and not to unreasonable.



DarkKirby said:

I don't care if Nintendo wants all their consoles to be or have "Revolutionary Hardware" if that's what they want to call it, but please, don't under power your consoles on purpose and make it as low end as you think you can get away with. I'd rather pay more money for a system that can keep up with the competition in terms of specs rather than less money for an system that is under powered and has "Revolutionary Hardware".

Don't make it one or the other. Just have both.



Kurtz said:

oh yeah, i love the gamepad. best controller ever. particularly as an older gamer i love web browsing, youtube, gaming with my tv freed up for others or sport. developers got to grips with the DS and made great and profitable games, i dont see why that cant happen with the WiiU. maybe it hasnt yet because tv games are so much bigger projects than handhelds?
also the size and weight of the gamepad are perfect. i hear a lot of whingeing about the short battery life, sure that could be improved but really its not a problem for me as when ever i take a break i just chuck it into the charge cradle, even just 10-15 minutes every so often is good enough to extend the 5 hours nominal life. people make a meal out of the underpowered specs, but i cant think of too many games whose nature would make the wiiu version impossible, it generally comes down to graphical fidelity, and i prefer good controls and 60fps to detail



Windy said:

I think Nintendo's Patience has been amazing and seems to be paying off. I think a wave of people moved over too smart phones then started to realize that Smart phones and the IPads got off to a great start but the gaming is not all that great. It has a generic feel to it. I think people are just ready to come back and play the real deal whether it be Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. Personally I think Nintendo is the most dedicated and always has been. Don't ever count them out.



Kirk said:

I think a little bit of both would work.

If I were running Nintendo I think I would make a decision to mainly release its own games on its own hardware (as it always has done), certainly in the case of its newer games, but maybe also release some of its older games on other hardware that they might be ideally suited to, as a way to generate extra income and also bring in other gamers, maybe those currently predominantly playing on mobile devices for example, to the Nintendo camp too.

I mean I don't see any real short or long terms harm in Nintendo maybe releasing a few of its older DS touchscreen-centric only games on iOS/Android for example. Games like Brain Training, Nintendogs, Kirby's Canvas Curse, Phantom Hourglass, Wario Ware Touched, Rhythm Heaven...

It would make Nintendo a crap load of money, not dilute the quality of the Nintendo gaming experience in the slightest because those games are basically perfectly suited to those platforms, and would get a lot of currently non-Nintendo gamers at least far more interested in Nintendo gaming in general. Many of them might even decide to pick up a dedicated Nintendo console when they get a taste of just how good many of these Nintendo branded games are and especially when they learn/understand that to get access to all the great new Nintendo games they do still in fact have to own a dedicated Nintendo system.

Surely that can only be a good thing if it's handled correctly and as long as it doesn't have any direct negative impact on those gamers who do actually own dedicated Nintendo systems i.e. as long as limited resources aren't diverted from making games for those dedicated Nintendo systems just to port some old games to iOS for example (which is possible but Nintendo could maybe just hire a separate 'mobile' team for this purpose or whatever, and it could maybe even cheat a bit by just emulating those games on the mobile hardware, much like some already on PC with DS games for example, so once it had created the official emulator code the rest of the process would/should be pretty simple).

Whatever the exact ins and outs I'd certainly be looking into it at the very least.



Ralizah said:

Good. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but Nintendo has been pushing the industry forward since the beginning with its innovation.



JaxonH said:

Dang right I'm happy Nintendo makes unique hardware. That's like the only exciting thing to look forward to each generation, to see where Nintendo's going to take us next.

The Wii days are over. It's not like they don't give you regular control options anyways if you want them. The best part about their innovations, is that each generation they keep what worked and discard what didn't. Motion control is absolutely amazing when the game suits it. The games may be far and few between, i'm glad it's there for those few that do. Pikmin 3, I couldn't imagine playing that game with a normal controller. Nor could I imagine playing it without a second screen map on my lap while I used motion controls! Perfect example of Nintendo taking what worked from the seventh gen and applying it where it fits this generation. The best feature of Wii U isn't the gamepad itself, but multiple controller options which allow you to play how you want to play, or rather, in the best way which suits the game in question.



andrea987 said:

Wow, reading comments on here of how people fail to see the benefits of WiiU really makes me lose faith in humanity. Well, the little I have left... No wonder WiiU isn't doing as good as it should. I mean, really?
A console with traditional, touch and motion controlling options; off-tv play; integrated gaming social media; free online play (yes, it's the only one of the three current gen consoles to have it); backward compatibility with Wii, huge catalogue; Virtual Console with some of the best games of the last 30 years, fast internet browser, etc etc.



MrGuinea said:

3rd party developers are complaining that Wii U software isn't selling. WELL...maybe the developers should put more work into the game than just do an old port and offer "off tv play" with the gamepad. ZombiU is by far one of the best uses of the gamepad. 3rd parties just don't really know what to do or how to make an old franchise "new" with this new hardware.



Will-75 said:

The Wii U is my favorite console of current consoles by far , it's a shame not more people have given it a chance but I see that slowly changing as more awesome titles become available .



PGS_71 said:

There have been some games using the gamepad well, Deux Ex, Batman Arkham City. But for me off screen play is invaluable and I get far more gaming because of it. I know for a fact I wouldn't use any other console as much.

Nintendo should market the Wii U by highlighting its strengths - backwards compatibility, off screen play, exclusive games, unique gamepad functionality, free online gaming (yes free, really).

Wii U is a great console. Yes I'd love more 3rd party support but I have never regretted buying my Wii U and have enough games already for years to come.



Phle said:

I personally love the gamepad. I think third parties should use it more, it's sad some people see it as a weakness.



Nick_The_Greek said:

WiiU is amazing. The real issue is that Nintendo does not pay 3rd parties to make games for them!

EA is dead for WiiU! Love, they support Wii with Fifa15!!!
Please watch the profanity — TBD

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