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PDP GameCube-Styled Wired Fight Pad For Wii U and Wii Listed With November Release Date

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Officially licensed, so don't sweat it

Before E3 this year, third-party accessory company PDP announced a GameCube-styled Wired Fight Pad that functions as a Wii Classic Controller (plugging into a Wii Remote), making it compatible with games on the last-gen system as well as some on the Wii U — it was clearly being produced with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in mind.

The company had promised that the controller was officially licensed, as was proven by Nintendo approving designs that actually match existing special Wii Remote designs, as was shown off at E3. Now, a retailer listing appears to show these will be arriving during the Holiday shopping season on 14th November, which should roughly tie-in with the Wii U version of the brawler; all three models can be found at this ShopTo listing.

Nintendo has since confirmed its GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, bringing existing and new — but still retro — controllers back into the market. That arguably shrinks the market and appeal for these Wii Classic Controller variations, though with modest pre-order prices these PDP controllers could be a cheaper option than the adapter.

You can see a few images of the Mario, Peach and Yoshi designs below. Are you tempted by these, or more likely to go with the official Wii U adapter for your existing or potential new GameCube pads? Let us know in the comments below.


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Hopper2004 said:

Why can't it just be a Pro Controller, shaped like a GC controller? That'd be nice IMO



MixMasterMudkip said:

Even though there is a lot I don't like about them. I couldn't resist the Peach one. At least I know when it'll arrive now.



VIIIAxel said:

These actually look really nice! Depending on the price, I might go with this over the adapter. Of course, the Smash themed GCN controller looks fantastic...



Mario-Fan said:

I think the controllers are really nice. But i wont buy one. Only because its not wireless. i hate wired controllers, people can trip over them, and your limited to a small distance from the system. If PDP ever makes a wireless type of this controller ill by all 3 mario, peach, and Yoshi controllers.



ZenTurtle said:

That peach one is disgusting. It looks like the vile interior design of a frozen yoghurt shop, or a home for orphaned kittens... Were they possessed?



komodo182 said:

How would someone trip? They are plugged into a wireless remote. Someone would have to be really skilled to trip on these by the sounds of it...haha



WaveBoy said:

I'd definitely go for hot-pink Princess peach controller. it looked like it popped out of a JellyBean factory.



Shambo said:

Well, I'll get the adapter, since it'll be bundled with Smash Bros in some edition probably, and I want the biggest Smash Bros box. I have 18 original Gamecube controllers (for MK:DD LAN play, and 2 WaveBirds). But a Peach controller...

No way I can say no to that.



millarrp said:

Tempting but I already have 4 wavebird controllers, 4 Wii Classic Pro controllers, and 4 Wii U pro controllers so for now I think I will just get the gamecube adapter for the Wii U and call it good enough. However I might reconsider as my Wii Classic pro controllers wear out...



JSaario said:

I will never understand what it is with gamers and being so incredibly picky with controllers.



JSaario said:

They look like they will feel and control very smoothly, Im looking forward too it.



Yellowkoopa said:

These look cool. I wish they looked like the original Gamecube controllers by Nintendo, but I will definitely keep these in mind when I buy new controllers.



wayward said:

No analog shoulder buttons, oversized plastic molding on the d-pad and right thumbstick, where are my index fingers supposed to go on this thing?



Mega719 said:

They look cool but can't you just buy regular GC controllers online instead of buying custom refurbished ones? I'm sticking with the gamepad but if it helps in Multiplayer I'll get it



JSaario said:

Although i do hope there is more verity in terms of Nintendo series styles for them.



Jayvir said:

The Yoshi one looks nice, but considering this isn't a real Gamecube controller, I don't trust them... even if it's "officially licensed". I've been burned on 3rd party controllers too many times. Plus, if Ninty is releasing new Gamecube controllers anyway, what's the point of these unless you wanted them to be themed?

The Pro Controller will do just fine for me in any case. I plan on getting 2 more Pro Controllers so I have 3 total for Smash. They are far better than the GCN anyway.



JSaario said:

@Mega719 Overly expensive, easily breakable, and bad feeling third-party yes. This is a much better controller now.



JSaario said:

@Jayvir There are good thirdparty controllers out there. Plus maybe some people want something different then Gamecube over and over again.



Jayvir said:

@JSaario Well, if you are looking for something other than a Gamecube controller, then this definitely is not what you'd want...



Hero-of-WiiU said:

I'll just get whatever comes with the SSB Bundle. Seriously, I like all of Nintendo controler options but why not make the GameCube controller THE Pro controller.



Link506 said:

I already have a wired one, so the wireless smash controller is for me. But the odd thing is, I likely won't use it for smash. I'll use it on the GameCube games on the Wii U VC.



Link506 said:

@Hero-of-WiiU Wait, does the controller ONLY come with the smash bundle? Since I was going to get the digital smash bros, but this might change my thinking.



JSaario said:

@Jayvir Im just really sick and tired of people complain about any other controller that isn't the Gamecube Controller. It was nice when it lasted but its time we move on to better things already.



FJOJR said:

This is great. Matches the Mario Remote. Perfect for VC games for me as I prefer it than the classic, pro or Gamepad.



Hy8ogen said:

@millarrp Dude how many hands do you have?

Why are these controllers not wireless?! Really? Dang it I was prepared to buy one of these when they come out. Nintendo doesn't want my money I guess.



Hy8ogen said:

@JSaario Fingers crossed I guess. Believe it or not I never held a GC controller before, I was really looking forward to this. But being wired is 20 years ago.



Jayvir said:

@JSaario I TOTALLY agree. The Gamecube controller was nice back in the day, but it's very outdated now. It's just sad that it seems to be the gamers who had a Gamecube as one of their first consoles and as such have fond memories of it. I liked it, but I find the Pro Controller to be better in every way. Plus it is wireless and has 80 hours of battery life and DOESN'T require me to sit within 5 feet of my TV.



millarrp said:

@Hy8ogen only 2, but it's one of the few things that I like having the full set of, although if they make the gamecube adapter compatable with the Wii menu I may get rid of a few of the Wii pro controllers



Iggly said:

@Hy8ogen It's technically wireless since you plug this controller in the Wii Remote and not the Gamecube adapter. Though if you didn't like the Classic Controller since it's kinda wired, you're probably better off buying a Pro Controller. [Also FYI, Nintendo is not making this GC Controller, they're only licensing it]

I hope they sell this controller at Gamestop/EB Games since I can't order stuff online and I'd love to get my hands on this controller. The improved right analog is a must.



TenEighty said:

The Gamecube controller is the best Nintendo controller ever! No need to reinvent the wheel here.



BSFsontails1012 said:

That's why I just want the adapter for ssb4 wii u so I can just use the controllers I already have, money problem solved for me on controllers.



StarDust4Ever said:

Can anybody tell me if the Game Cube Adapter will be compatible with Wii/VC software? I have an awesome Game Cube to SNES converter I used to use on Wii-VC, but now that all my games are transfered to Wii-U, I cannot use it except for playing Game Boy games on the 'Cube. I don't really want the wannabe Game Cube controller if the USB Game Cube dongle works in Wii mode. If the USB Game Cube dongle doesn't work with Wii/Wii-VC software and only good for Wii-U/SSB, then it's useless to me and I may have to settle for the Game Cube wannabe controller for playing old VC games.



MagicEmperor said:

As a straight man who has a firm and unfaltering grasp on his masculinity with zero insecurity... the Peach one is my favorite.



audiobrainiac said:

Call me crazy but, I never could get used to the gamecube controller as a fight pad. I'll stick with my gamepad. Though these look really cool, i have no use for it.



Senario said:

I like the sticks, they are the ones used on the Wii nunchucks and if you use one of those sticks to replace the one on your regular gamecube controller it feels amazing and definitely more accurate since the stick is longer. I hope the triggers are up to stuff, some of the newer (white) GC controllers are slightly more sticky than their older counterparts. Some players often opt to just replace them all together because of this as it affects how they play mostly smash Melee. If one of your buttons you use a ton sticks it is a problem in such a fast paced game.

That said I am not too much of a fan of character specific ones. Tbh Yoshi's looks the best so far (and I'd definitely love to See Amsa use it for kicks). If it was for every character in smash though(not gonna happen) I'd just get one for Robin lol. Fire Emblem is possibly my favorite series from Nintendo right up there with Zelda.

Smash harder to support with brawl, not sure how the new game is competitively or what they might have taken away from the feedback they got. I want to support the game but me and my friends take fun in competing with each other based on skill. But I've probably gone on long enough, as a competitive smash player I care about GC controllers and the game's future.
Edit: I need a Star fox themed one with a reflector(shine) logo on the controller like right now lol, and I don't even play fox or falco.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Nice alternatives, but not for me. I already have 2 GC controllers, so the USB adapter will be the best choice for me.

@StarDust4Ever That's not clear right now. Nintendo could patch full GC support into the games via system update, but I suspect them to leave thst to the developers.



bistricky said:

I like that these controllers connect to the WIi Remote ..... making them work wireless (instead of having to plug them into an adapter on the Wii U).. I don't have an original Gamecube controller, so I might just get all three of them.



Smooty said:

Am i the only one who thinks the Gamecube controller is the best controller of all consoles? not only nintendo ones, i think its better than sony's and microsoft controllers



StarDust4Ever said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Believe me, I've got a box full of spare Game Cube controllers. The Madcatz controllers (from way back when clone companies actually made quality products that rivaled the originals) are actually my favorite. I'm not really planning on getting the SSB game at launch but the Game Cube controllers were my preferred controller for N64 VC games, and the RetroUSB SNES adapter for SNES VC games. Obviously the Game Cube controllers or VC adapters are of little use since I transferred my download Wii games to Wii-U. Of course I keep them around for Game Cube games but finters crossed the USB dongle is backwards compatible to Wii software as this would be incredibly useful to me.



FragRed said:

@WaveBoy I can't see Nintendo delaying it until 2015 somehow. Firstly they have just done a huge amount of hyping for this game through tournaments, allowing people to demo it at shops, trailers for new characters etc. They would be stupid to now delay it until early 2015, it would ruin the whole hype they built up.

And if Sakurai wants to add new characters, this would be perfect for free DLC content. That always goes down well and helps keep the game selling.



SahashraLA said:

The Wii U has 4 USB ports. Take off 1 for the HDD (or 2, if it's an actual HDD), 1 for the (almost mandatory) Ethernet adapter, and you're down to one or two. Having the GC controller adapter NOT come with a power adapter? It's ridiculous to expect 2 USB connections, even more so to go out, spending the 10$ or so to have the extension cable and power adapter.
Really, it's a terrible set-up, so the appeal of these GC style controllers is alot bigger than some might think.
Besides, when you can control 3 versions of Smash with these (N64 emulation, on the Wii, through the Wii U's Wii mode) who cares to use Nintendo's adapter anyways?
They'll probably just shoehorn those ones like they did with the Wii U Pro Controller: limited Wii U games support and zero Wii mode functionality.
With Nintendo not making Classic Pro anymore, I'll give them at least one sale.



SahashraLA said:

Double posting.
Hate it.
And Smooty, you're not the only one.
Aside from the analog stick's pad coming off rather easily and a rather small 'C' nub, I loved (love) that controller.



GamerZack87 said:

What happened to the Luigi one? The product descriptions on the EB Games Australia website mention a Luigi-themed Controller as well, but it's not listed.



Dreamz said:

Looks like the Year of Luigi is definitely over...

Here's to hoping we'll see a Rosalina model!



Einherjar said:

Im still not too fond of these designs, but at least they went the extra mile and licensed them Kudos for doing the right thing and not just releasing unlicensed shovelware.



Wonky_Kong said:

@FullbringIchigo they are officially licensed so i'm sure the quality will be on par with nintendo. At least, if you look at the N64 official controller compared with the Hori Mini N64 controller the Hori is a lot more functional and they last a lot longer.

I, like many other people, wish that this were just a reshaped pro controller rather than a classic controller. Gonna wait for reviews on this pad before i decide to buy some of these, or the adapter and some 2nd hand GameCube controllers



jordanmarsden said:

I can't get over how cheap and nasty these controllers look. I'll be sticking with the official GameCube controllers.



Alucard83 said:

Still don't get why people want wireless all the time. I think wired is the best experience to play a game. No stupid battery problem. The WII U controller is already unplayble without charging. If your dock system is broken you can get a new one. But a wired one will last much much longer. Wired FTW! And still of fan of them



TreesenHauser said:

I'll buy one of these, only because I know for sure they'll work with the Wii VC games. I miss playing N64 games with GameCube-style controls!



xerneas said:

Mario one is nice but I don't like the Peach and Yoshi ones.. could have come up with better matching colors. I think I'm buying the adapter tho, or just playing with the gamepad since I play off-tv mostly..
I think wireless is okay if it's a rechargeable battery. Wiimote is annoying as hell bc batteries are expensive and that's why I don't play wii anymore. Wired is okay too but wires get messed up and generally are too short, at least gc's



TreesenHauser said:

@SahashraLA I agree with all of this. My HDD uses the back two USB ports and I imagine I'll use one of the front ports for an ethernet adapter. The other one is for charging Pro controllers.



Stratostar said:

November? Darn, I was hoping they'd come out sooner so I could use them for Project M on my Wii U.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Still not interested in it if I have to plug it into a Wii remote. That's just a dumb way to make this thing. I'll wait for the much nicer looking SSB4 controller with the adapter.



Cinaclov said:

The changes to the C-stick and D-pad look like they'd be good, but the rest I'm quite happy to pass on. It looks like a moderate third party effort, and I've had mixed experiences with those in the past. I'll stick to getting a brand new GC controller for Smash (with the added bonus of being able to use it for GC multiplayer)



Dogpigfish said:

What's the point? I don't get it. Will these really sell? What do you do with it when ur done playing smash?



Stu13 said:

I'll be getting the adaptor for Smash, but this is tempting as a replacement for the classic controller to play N64 VC games. Hmmmmmm...



Krambo42 said:

As long as they work/feel good, I'm definitely gonna get a couple of these. Some of my Gamecube controllers have mushy A buttons, and these are sure to work for N64 VC games.



NiBar said:

They look great but I don't want a wired. If they also make them as a wireless Wii U controller, I will buy a Yoshi one right away.



Ralizah said:

I LOVE the Peach design, but I already own a Classic Controller Pro. I need a Wii U Pro Controller for games that don't support the Classic Controller. Give me a Peach-themed Wii U Pro Controller and I'll buy it in an instant (assuming it is reasonably priced...)

But no, the weird analog sticks on the CC are no match for the buttery smooth motion found in a proper Gamecube pad, so this isn't a good alternative to the adapter.



J-Manix98 said:

These definitely look awesome, but the Smash Bros GCN controller looks way cooler to me.



AVahne said:

Are the triggers analog with an additional click at the end like on the Gamecube controller and the original Classic controller? If they are, THEN I'll finally understand why they made this as a Classic Controller variant.
If it's based on the classic controller Pro, then I ain't touching dis.



AVahne said:

It's basically a Classic Controller, so you can use it to play any game that uses the classic controller like Mario Kart 8, Wonderful 101, or.... Xenoblade.



dinosauryoshi said:

So many controller options! This is getting ridiculous. I'm not much of a fan of the plugging them into a Wii remote situation so I'll probably give these a miss. I do like the look of these though.



Luna-Harmony said:

Amazon have them up for pre-order in the uk now.
They look great to match the remote plus pads but pdp pad's in the past have been made cheaply so i hope they live upto the hype I also hope they come in nice box's like original gamecube pads.



DarkKirby said:

While wired controls for (in person) tournaments are a must I can't give up the utility of the wireless controller for home use.

So unless a Wireless Gamecube Controller for the Wii U is released I'll probably struggle with the Wii U Pro Controller or maybe the GamePad if I'm cheap.



Bender said:

If they got a Green one for Link I'd happily buy one, or one for Sheik (since that'd be Gamecube purple)...



WaveBoy said:

haha. yup, sometimes it's hard to express what we say without the use of emoticons. But if i did use an emoticon(insert tongue waggly it would of given it away.



ToastyYogurt said:

Looks like putting "Wired" in the name was a mistake, seeing how everybody is complaining about the wire when this is essentially a Classic Controller.

Actually, this looks like a great alternative if you want to play Smash U with a Gamecube controller but don't want wires running across the room and lack Wavebird controllers. Normally I'd avoid third party controllers because their analogue sticks can be rather poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople, but seeing as this one's officially licensed by Nintendo I'll bet it works fine.

I don't see why everybody's so persistent on Gamecube controllers, though. Classic Controller Pro seemed to work fine for me in Brawl, and so did the Pro Controller during Smashfest (I was worried the circular analogue hole would be awkward, but I completely forgot about that worry while playing). Just sounds like a bunch of people unwilling to move on to me.



WaveBoy said:

One thing is for sure, i'm not interested in using the Gamecube controller yet AGAIN for a new smash bros....I want it to feel new, and that's why i'm sticking with the Wii U Pro controller.



Kisame83 said:

Wait, GC controller as a fight pad? With the sole exception of a Smash, that was not the best controller for fighters. It was serviceable enough, but to call it a "fight pad..."



bahooney said:

Might get the mario one, sand off the mario logo, and apply a MOTHER logo onto the empty space. Classy. As. Crud.

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