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Nintendo Serves Up Over Four Minutes of Awesomely Detailed Hyrule Warriors Footage

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shows off the cast, enemies, Skulltulas, cuccos and more

Earlier today Hyrule Warriors appeared in a broadcast on Japanese online service Niconico, with recent details and characters shown off in new footage, including just-announced playable stages and characters from Ocarina of Time and much more.

Nintendo of America has now taken the best footage from that trailer and localised it in lovely HD. It works through the cast, both playable and villains, shows off a whole load of weapons, retro-style areas of menus, local multiplayer and Skulltula collecting. As you'd expect, it's all delightful fan-service in this trailer, with an ending worth seeing. Check it out below.

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Finally, we've shared this before, but as we've now seen the Cuccos in action in this title we should see the magical moment when they were confirmed to appear. It's the Eiji Aonuma Cucco dance.

Thanks the Benjamin Rehm for the heads up.

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Epicnessofme99 said:

This looks amazing, can't wait to play this when it comes out and can't wait to see more of it tomorrow during Nintendo's twitch stream.



ricklongo said:

I'm a huge Zelda fan, but have no idea how the Warrios gameplay is like. Gotta say I'm not entiiiiiiirely feeling this one. Will still get it, since I'm lacking for retail releases since Mario Kart 8, but I'm not terribly excited.



BakaKnight said:

Geez, Sheik isn't even trying anymore to hide its true identity XD

Awesome trailer, if they keep up releasing videos like this I will explode cause the hype before the release



andrea987 said:

They should show some new Zelda U footage to keep hype going. Never mind few minutes, few seconds will do!



Nicolai said:

Geez, I dunno how to feel about this... I keep switching between wanting to get this and not wanting to get it. I probably shouldn't, though. Usually the point where I stop wanting it is after I see gameplay footage.



Tsurii said:

That cute little song instantly made Lana my favourite character in the game



OneBagTravel said:

I think I'm the only one not excited about this game. The controls and gameplay look wonky. Theme a game with the Zelda universe and I guess it will sell.



Klinny said:

Cuccos! So many Cuccos! And the Great Fairy's laugh. I'm actually really excited about this game.



Spoony_Tech said:

It's funny how a horde of enemies doesn't frighten the playable characters yet a few chickens make them run for their lives!



SahashraLA said:

The non-combat segment (hook shot, old school, Skulltula hunting) put it over the top for me.
Combat looks fun and some cool playable characters (not to mention the first time that half naked witch has shown up in a video) but I play my games for the hidden secrets (Shovel Knight and Guacamelee both had tons of hidden areas).



Naoiko said:

The concept that this game exists still baffles me, but its shaping out to be awesome in a seriously weird way. Will probly pick it up once I get a Wii U. Thanks for the article =D Ya'll rock!



JSaario said:

I love Lana shes so cute, happy, and nice and she hummed the Zelda theme. Screw you if you disagree.



JSaario said:

@Dogpigfish all reviews for this game are going to be biased your better off deciding things for yourself then letting others tell you what you like.



Nicolai said:

Well, I understand that, but what I'm not excited about is the lack of adventure, that every level is just going to be slashing enemies and commanding armies, and it would get rather stale. This trailer may have proven that false, as we saw link using his hook shot, and a current kind of retro game mode. I'm not sure what these mean exactly, but there might be more for me to look forward too.



Hideto-GR said:

When I initially saw it at E3 I thought it would be more of a typical spin off (Tecmo Koei and all..).
I have to admit, the more they share with us, the more I like it! The way they seem to have blended key elements of the franchise, shows that this game will be a (more than) decent stand alone title!!

September 19th, right?



Dogpigfish said:

If I purchased games off of reviews I wouldn't own a Nintendo. At this point, I need some sort of second opinion to help justify the price. I hope this ends up being fun, but you got to admit even the combat looks goofy.



Windy said:

This game is looking awesome! I just hope I can come up with the duckets to pick up a Wii-U and Hyrule Warriors when it comes out. If I have the money I'm buying both!



Alpha2797 said:

@TheWindWaker I believe that the old school Zelda moment might be some sort of mission mode a la NES Remix except without the Remix and only featuring old school Zelda games. That's my best guess.



NoirUsernameHere said:

Faith in HW: Restored. It's about time too.

Also Lana looks like the one I'll be using most, though Darunia looks like a good character. I'll be using him too.



JSaario said:

@Dogpigfish Ok first of all anyone who chooses to believe reviewers blindly and lets them decide for them is an idiot, reviews are for a rough representation of the reviewers opinion not the over all deciding fact for what the game is. Second This is a spinoff of the series it wont be like tradition Zelda games, hack n slash over the top awesome fun gameplay and combat, don't call it goofy thats plain stupid and insulting. People really need to learn to think outside the box, why do you think Japan is making this game and not America? And Also team ninja is only slightly helping Koei Tecmo are the main developers get your facts strait before insulting things.



Link506 said:

@TheWindWaker Look to more as its a map of done sort like for getting around faster. I don't even know if it Its likely. I've never played a warriors game.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@ThomasBW84 You say "delightful fan-service" I'm assuming in reference to the long, detailed action and introduction of retro characters. But is it now a bit 'old-fashioned' to use the phrase "fan-service" as anything but the addition of dodgy content? I'm just wondering about the current state of the various meanings for the word.



Remisio said:

@Dogpigfish and what exactly ruined metroid other M? The gameplay? Or the story? Because the gameplay was fun IMO and the story was written by the creator of Metroid who made Super Metroid (the best one IMO) amongst others.

People who think he should stay away from a franchise he created for one mistake are in the wrong.

And people who blame the developers for the story are also wrong, if you complain about the gameplay that's fine, tell me exactly what you found frustrating. If it's the story that's also fine, but don't blame Koei and team Ninja for a story they didn't write.



Remisio said:

@SamirMalik Well most like able characters usually end up dying... Or leave...

Also her character profile: "Even though she appears to be happy she is willing to do anything for Hyrule, even if it costs her her life," or something along those lines. Can't quote perfectly.

That's a death flag if I've ever seen one though... But maybe I'm just to used to it happening in the few games it happens in I play... So actually not that likely... WUT.



SamirMalik said:

@Remisio "Even if it costs her life" is not a sign of death but a sign of will and dedication of the character. Even a few Fire Emblem characters have that line in their bios but their death is up to you.



Remisio said:

@SamirMalik Yeah, but I see death everywhere so don't mind me. Also that's fire emblem. And they technically do die if they're not handled well. Zelda is different. And usually in Zelda Games there's a companion or ally character whom people end up liking (or hating) and who eventually leaves and is presumably never seen again even if they live. I just see it like that because she stands out to me (since she is an exclusive character created solely for this game.) as the companion character who bonds with link/player or whatever and then has a heartfelt goodbye. Character development, etc. I don't know. I'm just weird like that. And why is she the only one so determined that they specify that she would be willing to die? Shouldn't other characters be described as such then? Also Nintendo devs (or Japanese devs in general) happen to like trolling the fans so, could happen.



SamirMalik said:

@Remisio Well, characters are never seen again because each entry in the Zelda series is like a Final Fantasy sequel but with a twist of a curse on Link and Zelda as explained in Skyward Sword.

Also, willing to die is a step further. Example, Link reincarnations are all willing to risk their lives but would never take their own life or do something that may guarantee to kill them in order to obtain their goals. Lana would. Dispite her silly nature thats how serious she is about her goals. But that doesn't that she will die. It just means that she is willing to take life threatening risks more often than try to find a safer way around like Link would.



rbmoura85 said:

I would like to say that for all people who tend to complain about games being simple, repetitive and easy, should at lest try to play this games on the hardest difficulty possible before play a game on hard is a very diferent experience. It baffles me that some people complain about the lack of difficulty in games and yet, prefer to play them on normal.



Einherjar said:

@Dogpigfish Nope, wrong Team Ninja (the ones who did otherM) only contributed the character design. The main developer is Omega Force, a sub division of Koei, responsible for each "Warriors" title.

@All As a die hard fan of Koei and a Dynasty Warriors fan from pretty much day 1 (yes, the fighting game on PS1) i can say:

  • In doubt, expecting a Zelda game (exploration etc): Dont get it, it will most definitly not have the things youre looking for.
  • In doubt, not expecting Zelda, no fan of "arcady gameplay": Also, dont get it. If youre quick to call a game repetetive if you need more than 2 attack buttons, skip it, it will probably bore you.

And for everyone else: Look up games like Dynasty Warriors 7/8, Kens Rage 2 or Pirate Warriors 2. These probably come closest to what Hyrule Warriors will be. If you like them, you like this game. If not, i bet not even the Zelda theme will convince you.

Koeis "Warriors" series is and always was a niche series. Those who like it mostly skip the liking and immediatly start loving it, those who dont pretty much hate everything about it

"repetetive, mind numbing button masher" Those are the taglines Warriors fans had to endure for ages and pretty much everyone who played the series past easy difficulty will tell you otherwise



Remisio said:

@SamirMalik Yes but some Zelda games still have sequels. And their parting is meant to be meaningful, most of them don't die but some of their goodbyes are almost like death:
Fi will go into a sleep from which she probably won't awaken and even if she does it's not the same Link that meets her, that Link is gone forever. Ravio is in a completely alternate world from which Link and Zelda have separated from. It is meant to represent bonds and friendships that transcend lifetimes and even dimensions. Even Linebeck serves as an example and Byrne actually does Die so it's not beyond the realms of possibility for it to happen in a Zelda game, it's even more possible for a spin off. Most companions have scenes like these and some allies even do die or are implied to die so yeah.

I'm not really saying that it will happen. It just might. Originally it had been a comment made half jokingly. But my sense of humor is sometimes dark and not everyone usually gets it. So I should get a new one. A sense of humour that is.



SamirMalik said:

@Remisio Maybe you should just mod your current sense of humor. Make it as insane as Platinum Games or Suda51.

Example: I have a unicorn that barfs bullets, spits lazers, farts atomic bombs that blow up plannets, has candycanes for legs and his name is Bob. Its dark, but stupid and insane all at the same time. Get a little crazy if you don't wanna get rid of that dark side of your humor or can't.



wober2 said:

Looks amazing! Fi's with her fluid style dance/fight is my favorite so far.



Remisio said:

@SamirMalik I can be crazy sometimes too. I just see the dark stuff in things too and like to point them out. I also take a liking in some subtle and not so subtle implementations of foreshadowing.

Sometimes people laugh, sometimes they just stare blank faced. At least I haven't offended anyone as far as I know. But yeah that's just what I think might happen to Lana. Who knows. I like dumb puns too. And dumb puns + dark humour= win for me. Like that one really well known chemistry joke!

A man walks into a bar;
"I'd like some H2O please!"
His friend sits next to him:
"I'll have some H2O two!"
He dies.



Iggly said:

This trailer is really making me want Lana to exist in the canon Zelda games.



SKTTR said:

Hmm... let's see... good cast of characters... but who is this Lana girl?

Maybe too much like the Warriors games and not so much Zelda....

02:40 Zelda is my favourite character so far.

02:54 It looks like this game has some Zelda-like action adventure elements and puzzles. Now I'm interested.

03:00 Off-Screen Mode and 2P Co-op with Gamepad & TV. Neat.

03:04 NES ZELDA RETRO THING?? Well, ok then, sold.



DBPirate said:

That was an awesome trailer! Looks better and better each time! Hopefully, they'll add some more males...



Yoshi said:

This game looks like so much fun! ...Because...that's the most important part of the game, right?



Ryu_Niiyama said:


Agreed and thank you for posting that. I've recently been bitten by the Musou bug. I had Warriors Orochi 3 since launch and I hadn't really played it until the trailers for HW started coming out. I am pretty impressed by the game. The harder difficulties keep you on your toes and once I realized that there are a decent number of combos the game took on a depth I didn't expect. So much so that I went and bought a pro controller because I feared for the life of my gamepad (its not a button masher...its a quick input game. Fighting games are my favorite genre, there is a difference between button mashing and quick input).

That being said I'm pretty sad that WiiU wont be getting Samurai Warriors 4 (though this is KT so they could port it later) but I'll take HW any day and pick up SW4 for my PS3 later.



Anguspuss said:

@Diddy_kong totally agree I cant wait for this to come out. Great trailer
Hopefully they will do an eshop promotion for the two other koie games when it comes out as well



KDChronos said:

Some of the characters(Heroes) I thing are missing:
TLOZ: The old man fron the biggining..
AoL: Error and Bagu(bug)...
ALttP: Sahasrahla, Link's Uncle, Link Bunny...
LA: Marin, Tarin
OoT: Saria, Mido, Rauru, Nabooru, Malon, Talon, Big Fairy, Dampe..
MM: Kafei, Tingle, Deku Butler, Darmani, Mikao, ...
OoA/OoS: Din, Nayru, Farore, Ralph, Maple
WW: Tetra, Medli, Makar, Gonzo, Komali, Beedle
MC: Ezlo, Link's Gramps
TP: Ralis, Darbus, Yeto
PH: Linebeck
ST: Byrne
SS: Groose, Scrapper
ALBW: Hilda, Ravio, Irene,



Henmii said:

Lol, Aonuma flew over the Cucco's nest!

Oh, and nice footage. Lana afraid of Cucco's or what?



Einherjar said:

@Ryu_Niiyama Samurai Warriors has always been a somewhat on-off series when it comes to localisation. SW2 for example, was the first one over here in germany to not get a german translation.
Then SW3s expansions didnt make it out of japan.
To be honest, i dont really why, but the series always stood in the shadow of Dynasty Warriors, although it incorporates many features that enhanced the games quite well, that took ages to arrive in a DW game properly (character skills, shops, ingame currency, equipment etc)
Maybe it was the more whacky characters that turned western audiences off, i dont know.

And this "surprising depth" is exactly what i mean. When im explaining it to others, i often compare the series to shoot em ups. You could play those just by mashing or holding the shoot button and try to shoot down everything in sight, or you could learn the mechanics of the scoring system and play in a more effective way.
Warriors games are quite similar. You could just hammer the attack button over and over and probably finish the game. Perfectly legit and doable. Some people even prefer it. Or you could learn the so called "charge attacks" and aim for an endless stream of combo hits, an effective way to beat as much enemys without wasting too much time etc.
Then you will learn, that you can beat stages in many different ways. Beating or not beating officers, beating one before the other, intercepting ambushes etc often lead to a different outcome of the battle.
Like a good Shmup, its pattern learning. Know what happens in each stage, try to optimize your time spend in each section, know when to follow orders or when to "cheat the system" and do your own thing.
Unlocking certain items in later games (Orochi 3 for instance) requires quite a lot of planning beforehand to reach the needed KO counter without failing the stage alltogether because you wasted to much time beating peons.

In short, the series has as much depth as you want it to have. If you just glance over it and play it like a button masher, it will be nothing more than that. If, on the other hand, you give its deeper mechanics a chance and play around with them, you can set your own score hunting goals



xerneas said:

I've been having quite mixed thoughts about if I will like this game or not, but as long as it's got character interaction (preferably lots of that!), some story, nice physics and a lot of content (achievements anyone?) in general I am quite sure I will. I was doubtful at first because it's mainly long-ish battles over and over again but then again I realized so is one of my fav game series Fire Emblem, so I think it won't get boring if this game is well made, which you really should expect from a Zelda series game.



arnoldlayne83 said:

think i am gonna wait some reviews (hopefully a demo will come)... the engine looks very old.... no shadows and the background looks very poor... i don't know... for me is still a meh....



Kogorn733 said:

I was skeptical when I first heard the announcement, but the more I've heard, the more I've looked forward to this game's release. This video settles it, I'm gonna pre-order.

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