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Poll: Have Your Say on Nintendo Direct Bonanzas and Single Game Demonstrations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tomodachi Life and Super Smash Bros. delivered buzz

Nintendo sure knows how to play with our expectations. After a month had passed from its February Direct broadcast we were left guessing on when the next would come along, and logical predictions passed without any results. We waited and wondered what was happening while Nintendo maintained its silence, coaxing us along with the occasional tasty morsel while holding off the main course.

Yet then, a couple of weeks ago, it surprised us all. The Super Smash Bros. Direct was a surprise due to its surprisingly long run in; we were given a whole weekend and more to prepare as opposed to the customary 24 hours. Just as that was digesting Nintendo then surprised us with another focused Direct uploaded to YouTube, in this case confirming the release date of Tomodachi Life and showing the game in action. Two Direct videos separated by less than 48 hours.

What was interesting was the decision to go with presentations focused exclusively on specific games, rather than the usual bombardment of details on multiple games. The Super Smash Bros. Direct was hosted exclusively by Masahiro Sakurai, and to his credit its 39 minute run time felt in no way excessive. There was much we didn't know about the 3DS and Wii U titles — though some mysteries remain — but we had release windows and an impressive amount of detail not just on new characters, but on modes, online features and more.

As for Tomodachi Life, it did employ a wider cast depending on your region, though much of the footage and script were the same. There were some filmed sequences with Bill Trinen (Nintendo of America) and Satoru Shibata (Nintendo of Europe) and, on the whole, the writing and production style absolutely made that Direct a winner. It was a little over ten minutes of absolute madness, and certainly seemed to prompt an excitable reaction in the Nintendo Life community, with plenty suddenly interested in what had been a quirky and distant game in Japan.

With the dust settled we're now back to looking ahead and wondering what Nintendo's next Direct moves will be. With E3 2014 getting surprisingly close, we suspect any new games will be held off until then, and we still don't definitively know whether Nintendo will return to the live stage in L.A. or serve up another Direct instead; we strongly suspect the former, but until it's dated and confirmed let's wait and see. There's much we still don't know, for example, about Mario Kart 8 ahead of its 30th May release.

The May and June line-up is looking relatively full for 3DS and Wii U — MK8 is it for Wii U, yes, but as it hits at the end of May it'll likely be it from Nintendo on the home console until July. We also know that E3 will supposedly have an NFC (near field communication) and GamePad focus, and we can assume some big news and hyped games — the new Wii U Zelda springs to mind — will be shown; rumours will be everywhere until it happens. We imagine there'll be at least one Nintendo Direct pre-E3, but will it be all about Mario Kart 8, or will it give much needed updates on the various Wii U projects that desperately need details and release windows? It all depends how much Nintendo has up its sleeves, so if we have a multi-game Direct in May that suggests there's a lot going on, whereas if we don't then E3 may give us firmer news on projects such as Monolith Soft's X, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and Yarn Yoshi, to name just a few.

We're curious, however, do you prefer Direct presentations that bombard us with info on over a dozen games, dashing from one to another, or those that we've had recently that focus in on specific titles? Would you rather have regular game-specific videos dropped right onto YouTube or live streams that we can all enjoy together? What do you want Nintendo to do at E3?

Let us know your preferences in the polls below, while the comments are a good place for us to chew over what we expect and hope to see from Nintendo Direct broadcasts in the coming weeks and months.

Do you prefer a Nintendo Direct focused on one game or a wide variety? (551 votes)

I much prefer the blow-outs covering loads of games


It depends, but I just about prefer multi-game presentations


Bah! I can't decide!


I much prefer those focused on single games


I like both, but in a tight spot would choose the detail of a single game broadcast


Neither, because I don't like Nintendo Direct


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Are you a bigger fan of live streams or pre-recorded YouTube presentations? (527 votes)

Live every time, because we can all enjoy the reveals together


I slightly prefer live streams


I like both equally


I prefer pre-recorded videos


I slightly prefer those uploaded straight to YouTube


Neither, again, because I don't like Nintendo Direct


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Do you want a new Direct every couple of weeks, or would you prefer a longer gap? (533 votes)

A mix of small and big presentations every couple of weeks would be awesome


Once every month is fine, as they'll be less exciting if they're too regular


I think Nintendo Direct videos should be less regular, every 6-8 weeks


We should only have one or two broadcasts a year


Nintendo Direct should be scrapped


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Do you want Nintendo to return to the stage at E3 or release a special Nintendo Direct? (531 votes)

Both, just like in 2012


Just a stage show, reserving all the big reveals for that presentation


Stick with a Nintendo Direct again


I can't decide


I'm not bothered about E3, so I don't care


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User Comments (89)



Tops said:

I don't expect any Directs besides one for MK8, which seems likely imo. I also think they should be less often but still released consistently



PJR0cks said:

Nintendo needs regular updates, but I hope they keep some big surprises for E3, or else it will look like it's hiding behind it's directs. if they want to start selling consoles they got to work on Wii U marketing, I hate how I tell people I just bought a Wii U and they say "which one is that?"



Einherjar said:

Nintendo Directs are an awesome way to build up some hype.
Both, focused and wide spread directs are very welcome. If there is a major release coming up, talk about it, if you have nothing in particular, cover the whole lineup.
But in my opinion, they schould definitly spread them out a little, keeping each individual presentation a tad longer.
If they are released too regularly, they will get thinner and and the buzz around them will lessen.



Dark-Luigi said:

They shouldn't be taken a moth or a few weeks to do, I say make the farther away. And focused on games only one game.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I like the way Nintendo does their directs, but they should be a bit more spread out. And there should be somewhat higher focus on event shows, since that's where the news spreads to a bigger audience in less time.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Wasn't really a fan of the single game directs before, but with Smash & Tomodachi it's been absolutely fun! I find them really enjoyable and I retain a lot more info on these games making me want them more.



TwilightV said:

I voted both in the last one, but i'm not particularly fond of the stage show because of the incredibly dull reactions from the press most of the time. I know some of them are busy reporting what they see, but would it kill them to show a little more enthusiasm/excitement/applause? : /



bizcuthammer said:

I think we'll get a Direct focusing heavily on Mario Kart 8 in the next couple of weeks, but nothing more than details on the online modes and Mario Kart TV. Any sort of real surprise is going to be saved for E3 in June, and i hope there are a lot of them. If they get up on stage there and simply talk about Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta 2, i'll be beyond pissed.

I know they've hinted at Zelda WiiU. So they'd better show it off and let us know some cool details. Show off some new WiiU games that use the GamePad in a unique way outside of being a mini-game collection like Game & Wario or Nintendo Land. Let us in on what this Codename STEAM game is.

On 3DS, announce some new games too, as right now its release schedule looks bare beyond summer. Maybe finally give us Majora's Mask 3D, or a 2.5D Metroid game that is a sequel to Fusion. Or maybe even give us a new entry in a dormant franchise on 3DS like F-Zero, Wario Land or Star Fox. 3DS has a pretty good install base now, so Nintendo can feel free to take a risk or two with some of its more niche IPs on that system. Oh, and give us GBA/SNES on 3DS VC for crying out loud already.



unrandomsam said:

I would rather them just put up an mp4. Least then 60fps content has the ability to look right. (They could do 60fps streaming but it would require effort something they don't seem concerned with).



bizcuthammer said:

@TwilightV I think the press reaction to the 2011 and 2012 E3s were spot on, and representative of most of the gaming population's reactions to those presentations. E3 2011 was confusing and the most obtuse way to introduce a new console, from the terrible name (Wii U?! Really?! That's the best they've got?!) to the bland tech demos, to the confusion some people had as to whether the GamePad was the console itself or just an add on to the Wii. Not to mention they didnt even have any games to actually announce for it at that time. It was incredibly strange.

And then 2012 comes, and they finally have a chance to make amends and really blow the top off the press coverage, and all they do is give us a long and boring demonstration of Nintendo Land, followed by some awkward fireworks show. The best part of E3 2012 was finally getting to see footage of Pikmin 3. It was incredibly awkward and disappointing otherwise, and really is a good representation of what was to come as far as Nintendo's marketing efforts for, and ability to sell the Wii U.

So, yeah, recently at E3, Ninty hasn't given the audience much to cheer about. But a new Wii U Zelda trailer should fix that this year.



NintyMan said:

I like both the big and single Directs, though I like how the single game Directs have a lot more details in them about that one specific game.

I prefer live Nintendo Directs.

I prefer a Nintendo Direct once every month if Nintendo has the development information to provide it.

For this E3, I want Nintendo to do both a Direct and a press conference like in 2012, though I honestly expect another E3 Direct. While I like the press conference for its flashier presentation, the two formats still serve the same function and are both effective for getting people hyped for new games. However, I didn't like how last year's E3 Direct was undermined by the terrible lag, so that's why I want both formats this year so that way the news will be delivered as clearly as possible. And I think that, unlike in 2012, Nintendo has a lot more games waiting behind the curtain, so they wouldn't have to worry about trying to explain a new console. They just need to try to convince us with plenty of new, exciting games to get the console.



TwilightV said:

@bizcuthammer : The lack of reaction goes far beyond those two E3s. And I doubt a new Zelda is going to fix that. Even major reveals like Skyward Sword, KI: Uprising and Other M only resulted in a small round of applause that slowly and very awkwardly died off.



Nik-Davies said:

It would be awesome to see fortnightly videos leading up to a massive game where Iwata, Miyamoto, Reggie e.t.c are playing together local. Like Mario Kart 8, it would be hilarious seeing them all sitting on a couch together XD



sub12 said:

I think given the lack of big directs this year (nothing even close to being on par with January 2013) and the question marks surrounding new hardware and software developments, Nintendo will probably hit the stage at E3 2014, as they should.



TruenoGT said:

@GamerOZO I'm with you, the 2013 e3 direct was great. When they do the e3 stage show, they inevitably have to spend time pandering to 3rd party executives, and they spend more time trying to impress the media and shareholders with sales data and other business crap. Last year was all about Nintendo talking directly to their customers, focusing on games and cutting out a lot of the fluff.



K-Gamer said:

Nothing better than life reactions. Save some like Zelda U for the stage and stuff we already know about for a direct.



JaxonH said:

I say do all the big reveals at E3 each year, so gamers have a clue what to expect over the course of the next 365 days, then fill in the details with monthly or bi-monthly directs as the release dates draw closer.

I know everyone wants big blowout Directs, but surely people must realize there's not enough games in development to do that on a regular basis. And for every major reveal given in a Direct, that's one less reveal Nintendo has for ammo at E3. That's why I feel the method listed above is the best fit.



King47 said:

I hope they go to E3 this year, and I'm glad they upload their stuff to Youtube, because Ustream videos are so awful.

The February Direct was so choppy that I didn't know they revealed the Koopalings for MK untill I read it online afterwards. I don't want this to keep happening.



Offspring said:

I love Directs but they can't be the only form of advertising, Nintendo needs to use traditional marketing methods as well.



Doma said:

The Sakurai Direct has been the only one worth watching since their inception, to me.There's so much negligible/boring info given in the usual Directs, that it would be better given as standard press announcements (which should be regular, instead of keeping people in the dark constantly).

Nintendo Direct should be scrapped. I usually just wait for the round-ups anyway because i can't stand watching anything hosted by Iwata or Reggie.



GalacticMario28 said:

I think either multi-game Directs or single-game Directs are fine, depending on the game and the content of the Direct. Everyone wanted details on Smash Bros., and that's exactly what the Direct gave us. Tomodachi Life was something that needed to be seen in action to be fully understood by people like me who knew nothing about it. Meanwhile, multi-game directs can build hype for a lot of games that may not be released for a while.

I'm not too concerned with whether Directs should be live or not, but I do prefer to see them live; it just feels more exciting that way.

I'd like to see one Direct every month-or-so. I feel that Directs a month apart are neither too close together nor too far apart.

I'd love to see both a press conference and a Direct. Nintendo can focus on getting the biggest games out there to try and attract those who haven't yet have a reason to buy a Wii U or 3DS (especially a Wii U), while also having a Direct to show off details on big games, as well as smaller games that would appeal mostly to Nintendo fans. I feel like that would be the best of both worlds.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I'd rather get tons of information about a game I'm interested in then a little information on the game because they have to "make room" for other games I could give less cares about the smash bros and tomodachi life directs felt so perf rather than just "Hello my name is iwata Today we have a 1 minute footage of a game you're all excited for Please take a look.... Now for some Mario tennis"



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Also I'm against the whole "Let's reveal new games during directs" concept sure for small games but Hyrule Warriors would had been perfect to show off during e3 along with X and Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensai



sub12 said:

The real Nintendo 2014 E3: Vaguely reference future quality of life product for twenty minutes, notify us that Nintendo has overcome the technological challenges of playing Game Boy games on the Wii U gamepad, introduce New Super Mario Bros. 3 for the 3DS, and notify us that Smash has been delayed to 2015 for the Wii U, please understand.



DinoFett said:

I think Nintendo should have their own seperate E3 style show traveling each
individual countries all through out the year like a concert or a convention.



sinalefa said:

I am surprised that you used 'surprise' and derivative words 4 times in the same paragraph

I love Directs but i dont want them too often. I hope they keep them for a long time



Klunk23 said:

Before the Smash and Tomadachi directs I would of totally chosen multi-game presentations every time. But both of those were just so amazing that I really had a hard time choosing so I just said I couldn't decide.



rjejr said:

Article sums up everything nicely, don't have much to add.

Big games like SSB or MK8 or Zelda can handle their own ND, most other games need to be grouped together w/ new info and dates.

MK8 should get it's own ND sometime early May, hopefully w/ an eShop demo released immediately after.

E3 or not E3 depends on what Nintendo has to show. Zelda and dates for B2 and X won't make for much of a show, new hardware like a 3DS upgrade or a Gamepadless Wii U (not that I want one but it would make Mahe's day) means getting on stage.

I'm ok w/ NDs going away, that's what they have a Youtube channel for, but they need at least 3 days notice, not 24 hours, if they continue to do them.

Can't imagine anybody claiming "click bait" on this one, so that's nice change.



WesCash said:

Nintendo really needs an E3 presence if they want to stay somewhat competitive.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I was thinking about E3 last night. I appreciate what Nintendo was trying to do last year, but I think it ultimately hurt WiiU coverage by the main stream media. Also, the choppiness of the Direct last year left a bad taste in my mouth. No, the Big N needs a stage presentation with ZELDA U, METROID U, and some STAR FOX U or F-ZERO HD reveals. Personally, I hope RETRO shows that they've been working on ETERNAL DARKNESS 2.



cusman said:

If the Nintendo Direct continue to be pre-recorded, whats the point of live-streaming it? For pre-recorded stuff, they should just release stuff to their YouTube channel and other gaming sites and let it flow out as it does and then the user can choose if/when and how they consume that info.

If they do something "live", then I will let them choose the time and venue.

If Nintendo can't be bothered to do a "live" presentation at E3, than they will just further lose their "connection" with their fans/players. They are wrong to think their pre-recorded "directs" are a good "connection". The problem is they are not live.



Geonjaha said:

Well seeing as all of the single game presentations so far have been on stuff I don't care about whatsoever, my answer to the first is pretty obvious.



Emblem said:

I cant believe people actually dislike directs and would prefer they be scrapped.



BakaKnight said:

I personally get ultra hyped when a direct is announced, not sure if in general Nintendo's strategy is the right one for face the market, but it definitly works on me

The timing and kind of directs all worked well till now, I really can't complain, just... am I the only one hoping everytime to hear at least for a game or demo that "it will be avaiable right after this presentation"? It was such a wonderful surprise everytime it happened ^o^



AshFoxX said:

Why would people want to scrap Nintendo Direct? If you don't like them, don't watch them. Right now it's the only real way Nintendo tends to confirm or deny anything anymore. Losing Nintendo Power really made the directs a must-have, and daily news from NL is, sadly, a poor substitute. Not that I don't love NL, but darnit Nintendo Power was the best.



unrandomsam said:

@AshFoxX They could just have a semi public roadmap with ETA's and small downloadable suitable clips if necessary. Or nothing at all (Less hype less not living up to it).

If it is in the open then less people will be able to say they have no idea what they are doing and have nowhere enough titles in the works to support two systems. (If that is the honest truth then wait until it isn't but sort it out quickly).



cmk8 said:

The only one I went against the grain on was no. 2 - I prefer pre-recorded as live presentations are painful due to buffering etc. I usually have to wait and watch via YouTube or this site.
Couldn't Ninty upload them to WiiUs with a lock on to prevent skipping or early viewing?



IceClimbers said:

I personally think Nintendo should do both a Nintendo Direct and a live press conference at E3 this year. The Wii U needs more games announced and the games that we do know about need some more information revealed, such as the release date of Bayonetta 2 and the official title for Monolith Soft's X. The 3DS on the other hand has a seriously bare lineup beyond summer, so new games need to be announced.

As for new game announcements, what do you guys expect to see at E3 for each system?

I'm hoping that they finally reveal Monolith Soft's mysterious 3DS game.



Dizzard said:

Hmm, I voted for all the most popular options.

I enjoy them once a month, the anticipation is great. Even though I loved the smash direct, there's something to be said for general directs because you don't know what to expect. Anything could be revealed.



Funny_Moblin said:

@cusman Yeah, but people like to see it alongside their friends at the same time. Another example is this website. It's much more exciting when you post and read comments and reactions from people who are sharing their thoughts and experience as you at the same time.



Fingeldor said:

I love that someone think Nintendo Direct should be scrapped altogether. facepalm Really? Scrapped entirely? Nintendo Direct is the one intelligent marketing choice Nintendo is making.



Plasma_3 said:

I have enjoyed all of the Nintendo Directs I have seen, and really enjoyed the most recent two.
The only thing I didn't like, other than perhaps my taste in games, would have been the 'Please Understand' Line.
Who dislikes the Nintendo Directs?



64supermario said:

@TwilightV I do love the stage show, but I completely agree. I don't know why reporters have to be so jaded about reveals. Even a little applause would be nice, I could only imagine if they would allow more fans to come in instead of mostly press. Every reveal would be like the Twilight Princess reveal haha.



Chubblings said:

I like the Nintendo Directs for reasons that other have also said, but I feel for E3, they need both Direct and Presentation. While the presentation is a formality, Nintendo has to consider that most people who watch Directs are Nintendo fans (people who already own Wii U/3DS and will buy Nintendo games anyway). However, with an E3 presentation, Nintendo can show all their exciting projects to not only Nintendo fans, but all gaming fans, to convince them to buy Wii U/3DS (more so Wii U).



MJKOP said:

I don't think I would like them strictly monthly, like clockwork, I like the surprise of a random Direct, it's a bit more exciting if a month or so comes & goes & we here nothing then outta nowhere, when we're all wondering & speculating what's happening, we get one. I do enjoy them & I definitely want Nintendo to continue with them



IceClimbers said:

@Doma Ok, that just made my day. His impersonation of Iwata's voice was spot-on xD. That was better than Kamiya's parody of Nintendo Direct in the W101 Direct.



Cyberbotv2 said:

They need to play the game, so E3 must be huge. It seems to be the main focus for casuals, nerds, and weirdos. They must and they will this year.



Ichiban said:

The directs arent bad. But i find they tend to drag on a bit, and lets face it they arent exactly helping Wii U console/software sales. Nintendo must have an e3 conference this year, they MUST excite people again. And no, grown men with cat ears and pink shirts dont count! Lol



LunarHalo24 said:

Honestly, one big direct every 2 months or so is fine by me. Smaller directs like the Tomodachi Life direct could be more often. As for E3, I would rather them be up on stage again, but maybe a pre-E3 direct like they did a few years ago.



NintyMan said:

At E3 2010, I remember Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kid Icarus: Uprising being warmly received with cheers.



Grumblevolcano said:

I really hope there's both a press conference and pre-E3 Direct. I've really liked how the Directs have worked out so far but to me, an E3 Direct only almost guarantees there's not a large amount of new games especially for Wii U which I really hope isn't the case (Mario Kart 8 will still take up most of my time nevertheless).



Nintendo_Ninja said:

I love Nintendo Directs where they have major coverage on one game, but add a little bit of extra info on other games. I wish they were more often and I love livestream ones. Although they REALLY need to get back into E3. They are overlooked and frowned upon when they aren't there.



JakeShapiro said:

All these people voting for live presentations are forgetting all the streaming issues Nintendo has had the past few years. If it's prerecorded, it's edited perfectly and everything works like it's supposed to. I'll take that.



Megumi said:

The Tomadachi Direct scared me....those Miis were creepy. xD
The Smash one was awesome, can't wait for Smash Run. But yeah I say they should return to the stage, the Direct from last E3 would've been even better as an E3 presentation. (especially the finale with Smash and Mega Man's joining)



FineLerv said:

I've only ever watched the last two Directs (Smash and Creepy Stalker Sim). I just read summaries of the others. So, I guess the focused Directs work better for me.



Plasma_3 said:

@IceClimbers Do you mean at the same time, or after the conference, or would they have different info? I am sort of confused by your comment.



FineLerv said:

Also, they should do an E3 presentation and then simulcast a Direct during Sony's E3 presentation.



Remisio said:

July 27th... Mother's 25th anniversary... Mother/Earthbound direct... World ends because of too much hype. Ness for Smash, with Ninten and Lucas alt costumes, Giygas as a stage and Porky as a boss. Too much hype happens. Sakurai states that he wants to make a new game in series, Itoi agrees that Sakurai should carry on the torch... Fan base explodes... Giygas invades our nightmares... It takes 25 years for the next Mother game to come out. It is localized because the music has become open property by then. I don't know... I die of happiness or something...?



DreamOn said:

Quarterly directs. Their game development is too slow for more than that.



TwilightOniAngel said:

For me i would love more directs that show different games not the ones that has been announced like what they did with hyrule warriors. That wont happen there saving it for the E3 i hope.



Bolt_Strike said:

I think we'll probably get a Mario Kart 8 themed Direct in a few weeks, and then nothing until E3. It seems like they want to keep us in the dark until then so whatever they reveal ends up a surprise. And speaking of E3, I think it would be a good idea to have both a press conference and a Direct, the press conference can show off the highlights of what Nintendo is doing over the next year, while the Direct can get into more detail for those games as well as games that they don't have time to cover.

As for the Nintendo Directs, I'd prefer multi-game Directs spread out every 2 or 3 months. Having monthly Directs always ends in disappointment, there's not enough going on in Nintendo to justify such a high frequency and they usually end up being minor updates to the same games we've been hearing about for months.



DarkSplatoonLink said:

This year they should just have one big live presentation at E3, with big exciting reveals. They have no need to do both like 2012, since the Direct was just to give new hardware info so the main presentation could be about games. Doing that this year would just give less excitement for games at the main presentation.



element187 said:

I hope Nintendo skips the big presentation at E3 again.... Watching the games "journalist" rage with anger because they aren't the ones giving us the news on new games is side-splittingly funny.

The games media believes they have to be the proxy between game company and game buyers, and when Nintendo does an end run around these arrogant people to go directly to their customers, they start writing petty attacks on Nintendo.... Ever since Nintendo started doing directs, the games media just gets more and more negative towards Nintendo......

I say good. These self-entitled "journalist" can go pound sand. They remind of MSNBC/CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC, etc. When they can't be in control how information is deseminated they go ballistic with an attack on whoever is trying to escape their bias/spin filters. So let the games "journalist" twist on the Vine by just doing another direct instead of a stage performance,



Daruncic said:

E3 is important to raise awareness and build hype with non-nintendo gamers. An E3 accompanying direct to provided further details to those of us who follow nintendo a bit more closely.



ericwithcheese2 said:

Nintendo Directs are great, but they are mainly catering to people who already love Nintendo. They don't do a lot as far as reaching other gamers, unless its a particularly buzzworthy game like Smash Bros that ends up trending on Twitter for days after.

They need to do a big E3 presentation this year. I could understand last year's E3 Direct because they didn't have a lot to announce, and they would have had to compete with two new systems. But the Direct stream was very very laggy and buggy for most people and was not a hit among people who became frustrated with it.

They have games to announce and show off this year. And they have games that will resonate among E3 attendees, like X, Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros, among others. By not having one last year, despite valid reasons, it came off to a lot of people that Nintendo was just throwing in the towel. I don't mind if there is a Direct to go along with it - possibly afterwards to expand more on what was announced at a E3 Press Conference - but I feel we need to have a big presentation this year. Nintendo is very capable of getting huge responses from the crowd (E3 04 anyone?) and I think they could do it again this year.



SkywardLink98 said:

The live presentations have gotten better, but I still remember all of the times I lost feed when Nintendo first started doing these, so I prefer youtube.



RawkHawk013 said:

Nintendo Directs are very fun and exciting, but the thing is by watching them it takes away a lot of the surprise.
However, if its a game like Tomodachi Life where we don't know much about it they can be very helpful in showing what the game is all about.



Obito_Sigma said:

I'm not sure what they did last year, but I always thought that they did both last year, or that the Nintendo Direct was the presentation. I forgot due to that being the first Nintendo Direct that I have watch. However, I do believe that they should do whatever they always do. A live stream with the kind of Nintendo Direct that they did last E3 so that nobody has to spoil the big reveals before I even get a chance to watch it!



Action51 said:

I'm not a fan of the stage shows, I think they have the potential to do more harm then good. Corporate PR people on a stage in front of cynical game media nervously trying not to screw up.

Maybe they can satisfy those who want a live show by coming on stage, saying hello to the bored unresponsive crowd, and then showing all the sizzle in a pre-recorded direct.



IronMan28 said:

Tomodachi Life seems a lot more interesting after that Direct, I might get Smash on Wii U later this year, but I'm not huge on the series anyway. I usually flip-flop on Smash, though, tbh.



maceng said:

Nintendo direct breakup:
1. Content: focus on one or two games, but include third party games as well as indies. For example, a Smash Bro ND covering both versions (8-10 min), with current and upcoming releases from Nintendo and third parties (3-5 games) covered in depth for 10-12 minutes.
2. Repeat every 4-6 weeks.
3. Include games that appeal to kids and grownups.

For example, a ND around the 15th of April with Mario Kart 8 at the center, plus information regarding upcoming releases for both the Wii U and 3DS (like Shovel Knight, Moon Chronicles, Kirby Triple Deluxe, NES Remix 2 and Mario Golf), games that should arrive from April 15th to May 31st. Finally, a small 30sec video of upcoming releases in the months to follow.
Next ND (towards the end of May), focuses on MK8 for a mere minute, and then continues with Tomodachi Life as the center of it, and then focuses on upcoming games like Siesta Fiesta, Shantae's Pirate Curse, Scram Kitty and a couple of Wii U retail games. Then a 30 sec video incluidng games like Smash Bros for the 3DS and say, Bayonetta. And so on...

Nintendo can include a small segment highlighting special chapters or scenes in already releases games, incluidng Nintendo Land and Super mario 3D, to cater not only you and me, but everyone else.



GougeMan said:

The new SSBB will be one of the key games that will save the Wii U. Remember it was game of the year in 2009 against all other systems. This and Zelda for the Wii U will get people buying consoles just for those games. Nintendo is about to unleash its power soon.



GougeMan said:

The main thing that would sell Wii U's is if Nintendo made all of their 8-bit NES downloads free with the purchase of the Wii U. This would cost them absolutely nothing because they are just sitting on all those rom files. In return, they would sell a TON of Wii U machines. In my opinion it would really save them right now.



AJWolfTill said:

What I'm worried about is Nintendo's E3 presentation being full of things we already know about with the Zelda reveal alongside casual Wii party type software.
As cool as Bayo and X are we've known about them so long that they are becoming old news. Ideally we will get a Direct before e3 which gives us updates leaving more space for new reveals. Really though Nintendo needs to show they have A LOT in the pipeline because neither console has anything coming soon.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

@ScorpionMG I realize that, but they need the hype. Show off some YOSHI'S YARN, HYRULE WARRIORS, BAYONETTA, and X. Have a STAR FOX or F-ZERO (3ds or WiiU) reveal in the middle (or even a new franchise). Then at the end say 'By the way....' And then show a clip or trailer for a METROID, ETERNAL DARKNESS, or ZELDA. I'm not expecting all of these in one year, but I am expecting more than a lackluster fireworks show via NINTENDOLAND or a streaming Direct that has too keep buffering in the middle of all the trailers; effectively ruining any sense of wonder or surprise. If they do a DIRECT only, then it needs to be pre-recorded in Japan.



Mahe said:

The Tomodachi Life presentation was great, although they really should have translated the name.

Yet, it seems Nintendo is relying too much on the Directs. They should be a supplement, not the main venue.



Henmii said:

I am personally not a great fan of Directs, I rarely watch them live (or as a whole). However, the Super smash Direct I did watch as a whole since it was very informatic! It didn't have a proper trailer sadly, but it showed enough footage to wet my appetite!

As for E3: On one hand I would prefer a proper showing, since everybody does it and it means more media-coverage (wich Nintendo needs)! But on the other hand the E3 direct of last year was really good. No sales nonsense, only games, games, games. As it should be!

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