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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball Has Some Interesting Localization Changes

Posted by Jowi Meli

The character himself underwent a full makeover

The folks over at Tiny Cartridge have discovered a couple of interesting design changes made to Rusty's Real Deal Baseball during the localization process. Nintendo's next foray into free-to-play garnered some attention for its unconventional take on the model, which involves in-game haggling to lower the real life cost of additional content.

That being said, it seems Nintendo felt some aesthetic alterations were needed to help Western gamers fully appreciate the title. Specifically, Rusty himself has undergone a full makeover — in a side-by-side comparison of the two versions, Rusty's original incarnation features traits easily identifiable with its Japanese origins, while the Western version adorns him with large eyes and a more general "cartoon dog" look. Also of note is the box art for the game behind Rusty, on which the batter's design is slightly different: blond hair and wide blue eyes replace the dark hair and closed eyes of the original.

What's your take on the redesign Rusty underwent on his way to Western shores? Are you a fan, or do you actually like the designs in Japan more?


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Dave24 said:

He actually looks creepy now.

And blond hair and blue eyes... yay, white man stereotype.



ueI said:

The hair color of the batter hardly needed changing.
And yeah, both dogs are creepy.



Tops said:

The only reason I might actually download this is to see how low I can get the prices, just out of pure curiosity rather than any intention of buying them lol



MagicBox said:

I prefer the original version. I always thought that guy looked beyond creepy. Does the original character really look that Japanese? I honestly have a hard time seeing why any American or European would have a problem with him.

Changing the kid's hair color and opening his eyes are textbook examples of "changing for the sake of change." That's not a localization team's job. Just translate the material and only change something if absolutely necessary. This is abusing your power a tad.

But I'm afraid I couldn't care less about this game, so it's really only the principle of the thing that gets me.



Whopper744 said:

Bit more of a fan of the US version. Why is everyone giving this game such a hard time? I'm personally somewhat curious about this game.



Inkling said:

Is it for Europe as well? I hope that if it comes to Europe, we get the old design!



Stuffgamer1 said:

The kid in the background seems superfluous, but I suspect they changed the dog in an effort to avoid misinformed claims of "racism" for the original design. It's sad, but I bet someone would make that argument otherwise, unaware and/or uncaring the game came from Japan in the first place.



FriedSquid said:

Yikes, he looks awful. I really wish they wouldn't do this, I bet the changes are only so it feels more familiar with westerners. That or they don't want someone accusing it of racism.



Xjarnold said:

OK any interest I had in this game just went out the window and got ran over by a car



sinalefa said:


Thanks for proving the stereotype that people want Nintendo to make new IPs and then bash said new IPs.

I will be first in line to Rusty' s shop next Thursday. I actually prefer his western look.



Mask0Gears said:

I'm actually interested in this title. I mean, a haggling game with REAL money? Sign me up!



Gold_Ranger said:

I'm getting this. I'm also gonna see how much I can get the games as close to free as possible...



Dpullam said:

I really don't think either versions of Rusty look that bad, and I'll certainly be giving this game a try once it hits the eShop. Steel Diver: Sub Wars surprised me how good of a game it was and still is. Perhaps this game can surprise me too.



S20TEW said:

Original looks like Japanese comedy piss take surprised they accepted it and west version looks like a stoner lol but none would bother me like a other coment more interested in how much I can haggle seen as it will b real money but I fear it will b over shadowed by wiiU virtual console for those who have the gampad awesome size big hd tv makes them look dated hd tv show up 2 much and not what built for IMO



2Sang said:

@hcfwesker Yes. A new franchise? Anything nintendo makes that isn't "new" or "returns" is welcome in my book. It probably won't be an Ocarina of Time, but should be a fun little title.



5ony said:

@Dpullam My thoughts exactly!

Sub Wars was so addicting, and I plan on getting the premium version sometime soon. I'm not even much of a baseball (or sports) person, but hopefully Rusty will do the same thing and hook me.



hcfwesker said:

@sinalefa Maybe I watched a completely different nintendo direct than everyone else. Because what I saw was a game where you haggle prices with a dog for baseball themed micro games. The haggling will lose its charm very quickly, and the micro games themselves don't look to have any lasting appeal. I could be wrong, and hope those looking forward to it are happy with the end result. But just from what interests me and my own personal tastes ... this game in no shape or form holds any appeal to me.



Just_Ethan said:

These changes are big, but reasonable. I prefer western Rusty. Also, note that in the western version, Rust's holding a donut, while it's an egg in the Japanese version. American men stereotypes FTW!

@hcfwesker Over here!



Drawdler said:

They also changed the table

The Japanese version has a couple of extra nails on it there



catsrnice said:

The only important question regarding this: How will this affect the Puzzle Swap panel for this game (So far only released in Japan with the Japanese design.)



aaronsullivan said:

I do find the Japanese version of the dog a bit off-putting. The nose hairs are more prominent and you can look up his nostrils, the comb-over is uglier, imo. On the other hand, he is more expressive while the western one looks kinda dead in the eyes. I'm not familiar with any stereotypes involving old unkempt Japanese hagglers, but I'm betting that was a consideration.

The box art with the kid playing baseball. I don't understand why would even be considered for a change.



sinalefa said:


I respect your opinion and I see that you don't care about this game, but your first comment actually makes it sound as if NO ONE should be interested.

Personally I don't think the haggling will lose its charm, as anyone will love to pay less for the game's content. Nice to see Nintendo trying not only a new payment option, but actually using the game's content to engage the customers so they get a lower price per minigame.

I am not expecting a mind blowing experience, but again, I like Nintendo developing new IPs and I will support them.



unrandomsam said:

I don't think it is that unconventional. (It is the equivalent of the junk mobile apps that spam you with a 50% off IAP offer in the notification tray). i.e the worst types of pay to win. (Free to Play should be like the old shareware model where you just get a 3rd with no restrictions - even the Microsoft model is better because the free character in KI is as good as any other).



ekreig said:

Nintendo's plot to expose our children to the horrors of those blasted brown haired children has finally been foiled. Not in OUR country, Japan!

I have to agree that Mr. Rusty (Rusty-san?) looks a in both versions. The western one is perhaps a bit more...generic looking? Not really what I expect from Nintendo, but we'll see how the actual game is.



unrandomsam said:

Very strange how people will accept this kind of rubbish when Nintendo does it but they are totally against better cheaper versions of stuff on mobile that supports physical controls (And is great on a Tablet).



Henmii said:

While both versions look very lame (what has happened with the Nintendo character designers?! First the new "Doctor Mario" ghosts, and now this?!), I guess the Japanese one is slightly better!

I don't get it why there should be 2 versions of the character though!



RupeeClock said:

Isn't the point of the character that they are a local retired baseball player gone into another business?
In that context it makes sense to have made changes to localise what the player would be familiar with.



Monsti said:

If they wouldn't have changed everybody would say the dog looks racist. 100% garanteed!!!



Kyloctopus said:

Why do people think Rusty looks creepy or ugly? I think he looks great.
Then again, this is a dog-lover talking. Who happens to have a dog that looks somewhat similar to Rusty.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I love baseball & think the american version of Rusty's Real Deal Baseball look's much better in graphic's personally.

Day 1 download for me on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. I also love haggling been doing that for years at flea markets etc.

Instant download!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



brandonbwii said:

Western version still looks very Japanese IMO, just not offensively so.

As for the games quality, I like Nintendo's experimental spirit with this and Steel Diver 2.

The problem though is this doesn't look very enticing to me. I REALLY hope I'm wrong about this but based on ND this looks like it could very well be shovel.

Let's Catch on WiiWare looks like it might be a better choice. Again I hope not as I am cautiously awaiting the title.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I noticed this from the very beginning. Interesting design choices. I like it! Can't wait to get this game!



mamp said:

A game about feelings. Like the feeling of hitting a baseball.
Me: What? and why? You want the feeling of hitting a baseball go out and hit a real one.



Zach said:

I like the Japanese version because it reminds me of Ebisumaru.



BulbasaurusRex said:

You'd think the Japanese have the idea that most Westerners have blond hair and blue eyes despite the fact that it's not all that common. I'm one of 5 children, completely of Western European descent, yet my entire family has brown hair and brown eyes except for my mom having green eyes.



Morpheel said:

Both look creepy. The big difference is that the international one won't trigger any racial stereotype complaints among the parent comunity.



Morpheel said:

Also, let's all keep in king what this game is suppsed to about. You're meant to relate to baseball and feel baseball. Like you're a kid in a cheesy old movie about baseball.

Excuse me, but I really doubt any of you will find a link between baseball and an obviously-japanese businessdog who likes whole eggs. The changes had to be made to adapt the message and make it clear.

The western version does remind me of the stereotypical "retired baseball player who lives in his past but its too old and fat to play himself". With cartoon dog features.



HappyHappyist said:

both of them are kind of hideous, really. can't tell which i prefer. all i know is that i don't like sport, or sports mini-games, so no interest for me. i'm not sure if the game is micro-transactions or not, like if you use real money to haggle. probably and hopefully not, maybe something stupid like play coins.



Morpheel said:

@HappyHappyist the game itself its like a hub for sport minigames.

All of the minigames themselves cost a base price of four dollars. But if you're good at them and haggle with the owner of the shop (mister dog) you can get a discount.



darthllama said:

I agree with everyone that both dogs look creepy. Not interested in the game though. Not a big fan of shelling out cash for what appears to be just little gimmicky mini games. I'd rather pay for a full pledged baseball game.



Remisio said:

@mamp and this is what I say about all sports titles. Like the sport so much? Play it in real life. Even so EA still makes enough money from those games to keep the franchises going.



NintyMan said:

Both models don't look very good to me. I appreciate Nintendo experimenting with new IPs, even as strange as they can be, but I'm not interested in this one.



Pod said:

This game supposedly has some pretty clever commentary on contemporary mobile monetization models.

Which I of course acknowledge to not be a subject of everybody's interest.



Dpullam said:

@5ony Trust me. You won't regret putting down the cash for the premium version of Steel Diver: Sub Wars. The online multiplayer is even more immensely satisfying when you are using new submarines that not everyone has. It is probably one of the best purchases I've made in recent memory and as an added bonus, the new campaign missions are great training for the online!



Raylax said:

Pretty certain he's supposed to look like a creepy, dodgy back-street dealer in both versions. I like this experiment with DLC



unrandomsam said:

@Dpullam What is satisfying about winning when you have an advantage just by having spent money or played it for longer. (If anything the opposite would be better - more interesting game).



Dpullam said:

@unrandomsam Perhaps that is true for you, but just as I said in my previous post I find the game to be more fun when you can use a greater variety of submarines. Just being able to use two different ones would make the game boring and would at the same time make leveling up almost useless besides unlocking new skins. Continually leveling up and receiving new upgrades is definitely where the fun is had for me.



Hamguar said:

Well the one thing I learned is that apparently Japanese dogs age far more horribly and old western dogs are toasted 24/7. Both are terrifying in their own way. Still, kinda interested in the game and seeing how well I can haggle Creeps McGruff.



Windy said:

I would like to see more gameplay footage on this title. its like a big secret. why is that? If its a great game why haven't we seen any gameplay video? usually titles that don't show the game off before release end up being pretty lame.



ashlyquin said:

@Windy I think its just them trying to get the HYPE machine running, hence the lack of footage. IDK

It does look interesting....



Action51 said:

Hasn't anyone noticed the biggest change of all!!!

The Japanese version of the batting game is 100X more expensive OMG!!!
It's four bucks vs four hundred bucks! Wow, they must really be rich in Japan, or they're getting massively ripped off!

(okay, April fools a day late...I know the yen and dollar are different lol)

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