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Feel the crack of the bat in a collection of baseball-themed mini games!

Then, take a breather and haggle with hilarious ol’ Rusty to lower the real-life Nintendo eShop* price of additional batting, pitching, and fielding minigames, plus a whole lot more!

Knock it out of the park in a series of baseball-themed minigames that will have you swinging at disappearing fastballs, bringing down UFOs with the help of some rubber tires, or even becoming an umpire and ringing up batters. But before you play ball, you’ll have to haggle with that miserable mutt, ex-pro baseball player Rusty Slugger, to lower the actual Nintendo eShop* purchase price of each minigame! Don’t worry, you can use weird in-game items like donuts and nose hair trimmers (that’s not a typo) to help you get the lowest price possible.

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Posted by Jake Shapiro

A dog's life

To start with a key point, the actual games in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball are window dressing for Nintendo's rather quirky interpretation of the free-to-play microtransaction craze. A collection of ten baseball-themed minigames start out at $4.00 each,...

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Depeche said:

Nintendo, please piece this together to make a solid baseball game, ridiculous in the game they mention baseball is a great game, but yet they can't release a normal baseball game for this system - instead giving us this? I don't get it, The mechanics and mini games are fine, just release a normal baseball game please.



ashlyquin said:

What would be GREAT is if Nintendo AND MLB work together somehow. 3DS Major League Baseball with ALL the teams .... such as .... New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays.... and so on...... Updated team rosters as trades, injuries, and suspensions happen....Ability to form a season with a "group of friends" and go through their season by competing against a combination of AI and each others teams ....... I'm sure this can be done the "right" way but is there enough of ACTUAL demand for this?

Anyways, I got the demo and bought the 1st game by haggling...... NOT BAD AT ALL!!!



2Sang said:

this is seriously a really good game. A game like this is proof that nintendo is the most creative video game company out there.

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