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Just some punk who likes Pokemon, pretty much. Decent at that, not at much else. :sweat: Previously RedPanda.

Fri 14th Sep 2012

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KiwiPanda commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

@HandheldGuru97 — I don't know what's wrong with it, it took forever to load the download code, then after I went past the ESRB screen and receipt, it said there was an error. I tried again and it quickly said the code was already used. However, now I have the ability to redownload it... except when I try that it seems to tell me there's an error.

I'll keep trying. Either way, thanks! <3

EDIT: THANKS! It worked. :3 <3333



KiwiPanda commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

when the developer actually comments and you find out that they read this stuff

oooh snap

...On topic, these games are perfectly fine. They aren't in your way. There is another group of people who are in the Wii U market aside from us — to buy this product, those people are fully aware it's a knock-off of Flappy Bird. Half of them must be younger kids just looking to get the fun game they played on their friends iPhone. The same applies to the IQ Test thing and whatever else people may be complaining about on this general topic... People know what they're buying, they're buying it for a reason which is simple enough to be fulfilled by the game, and they are satisfied.

I'm not going to complain for these people being satisfied, a developer making money for it, and no effect on my daily life.



KiwiPanda commented on Brinstar Confirmed as Classic Stage for Smash ...:

I just wonder why he chose to reveal this costume... >____>

He obviously isn't trying to steer towards the sexual nature of Zero Suit some fans are taking on, but I would probably just have waited to launch for players to find this one rather than highlighting it. Maybe he wanted to get it out that he wasn't in charge of her apparel, but still.



KiwiPanda commented on Multi-Generational Paper Mario Stage Confirmed...:

This is by far my favorite stage out of either the Wii U and 3DS versions collectively. I'm completely fine with, say, 2 PM:SS scenes, and 2 TY scenes.

I completely agree with the move to use the most recent game and the most popular.



KiwiPanda commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Had I known retail games would've been up for grabs, I probably would have gone through the effort of entering my codes... granted, they aren't full-retail price, but still.

That said, I understand the frustration the majority of the people here wanting some memorabilia as prize-wise the club is better known for items over simple download codes.



KiwiPanda commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (North America):

Not that I'm getting either as of yet, but I understand that it must be a hard decision for people with $15 in their eShop... on one hand, there's Shovel Knight. But on the other, there's all three new Anne's Doll Collection titles...



KiwiPanda commented on Mythical Pokémon Diancie Confirmed for X & Y:

I don't think Carbink has any relationship to Diancie in an evolutionary line... the former is just part of Diancie's kind of "history," I guess (As in, a story that any Pokemon with a movie would have). 50/225/225 defenses on Carbink would be absolutely crazy, especially considering I already find Carbink with usable and fun sets.

Since Diancie is obviously similar to Carbink, I'd say it's stats will be likewise as well along with a noticeable increases for either both or one attack stats. Cresselia... ish?



KiwiPanda commented on Genius Sonority Has Something "Challenging" In...:

I have the original Denpa Men but never finished it; the signal thing was just especially annoying to me for some reason. I'd absolutely love a new Orre game-- I've been dreaming of an announcement for years and considering a new era's going to be around for over two and half years (ish?), the time's coming that one should be released. People would prefer that much more than some Rumble Blast.

That said... I wouldn't consider the Orre series "challenging" at all, it's just Pokemon. I'd say this is going to be a new game for Wii U... and from someone who has only bought one thing in the Wii U eShop, a new Genius Sonority franchise would likely prompt a buy from me.



KiwiPanda commented on Weirdness: Pokémon Cards Tell A Story of Family:

I saw these on Serebii a few weeks ago, as well. It's a nice touch~ I found on Serebii just a minute ago that the artist's name is Konako Eo, whom helped with designs (characters, Pokemon, etc.) from the RSE era to HG/SS although she clearly still illustrates cards. Her TCG style is more cutesy and this is definitely her most outdone set of cards![0]=44&page=1
^^link to all of her cards if anyone cares.
(Don't know why I'm so interested in this...)



KiwiPanda commented on Pokémon X & Y Online Battles Vulnerable to "B...:

Yeah, as some have said-- what a waste of good time. Why would you even bother devoting to that? ...There isn't even any appeal. Even the trolls get tired after a few easy battles; one of the best aspects of Pokemon is the mind games in battles. This just takes the fun out of it for the cheater
Too bad no one will know who the cheaters are. It would be fun to rub into their reputation if someone won against them, external tools used.



KiwiPanda commented on UK Band Union J Is Changing Its Name To "Union...:

Ah, boy. Not quite sure what to say. @edhe (8) hit my opinion pretty well.
That guy on Pikachu's direct left looks really psyched. Probably wondering what the X/Y countdown clock is at, huh?
I hope they someday change their name back to Union J. I have a feeling One Direction wouldn't be as famous with too many teenage girls if it were named Pokemon Direction...



KiwiPanda commented on Pokémon: The Origin Anime Announced, Mystery ...:

To start with the game, it doesn't look like Colosseum or Gale of Darkness-- the battle is 1v1, which is rather rare in those games. Besides that, it just generally gives me more of a Stadium feel.

Watching the trailer for the anime makes me very excited. Even if it's Japan-exclusive, I'll really enjoy screenshots. Hype!



KiwiPanda commented on Video: The Pokémon Tretta Lab Add-On Makes th...:

The arcade machine is awfully popular in Japan, so while it's no huge surprise to me they made a sequel, I'm a bit surprised they'd put it on the 3DS. And it's not going to come out of Japan. It's in Japan due to its predecessor's popularity, which it certainly doesn't have elsewhere.