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5ony commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I'm leaning towards Game & Wario.

My family tends to keep the Wii U in the living room, so it'd be nice to have another Nintendo Land-esque game for everyone to participate in.
Not to mention, with the Deluxe Digital Promotion, this'll net me five bucks. Maybe I'll finally get Shantae...



5ony commented on Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Shows Off The Peculi...:

@sillygostly I noticed more differences between the US and UK versions, too (like Mii Reggie saying Iwata was cold blooded like a dinosaur in the US, but not the UK version). I can't tell if they're actual regional differences or perhaps just a consequence of dialogue being randomized.
@Kafei2006 Yeah, the British accents sound a lot better. The US voices are pretty much uncanny valley. Which isn't to say this game doesn't seem really great, because it does!



5ony commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I don't actually own brawl, so I don't know if aimed smash attacks were ever a thing, but Little Mac's side smash having variations is so dang cool.

Seriously, I flipped out over Little Mac's reveal, and have just been continually excited by his presence ever since.



5ony commented on Feature: When Cranky Kong Took On Twitter:

Yes, yes, I saw these being posted too! As a lot of people have mentioned, they were great! Nintendo's come a long way from their Super Mario 3D World caturday shenanigans.



5ony commented on Rumour: Steel Diver: Sub Wars Is Set In Same U...:

I second/third/whatever the call for a Blue Marine. Just, please, even if it's DLC. I suppose it sort of counts as a historical sub.

And yes, to anyone who hasn't played the game yet, try it out. The stuff's free, the only thing you got to lose is memory space, and you could just delete it if you don't like it.



5ony commented on Renegade Kid's New 3DS FPS Is Moon Chronicles:

@AyeHaley I actually really dug the original design for the gamepad, too. The way it looked was just so... nice, streamlined, and very rectangular and tablet like. And I do love circle pads.

But after a bit of thought, I realized that the added girth was for ergonomics, and that the sticks provide the click-in button essential for multiplatform games that a circle pad probably wouldn't have been able to pull of (at least as easily, I suppose).

And to stay on topic, I realize where the comparisons to Metroid Prime Hunters are coming from. But as Shambo said, Moon is in the style of an old-school FPS. Think more Doom and such, with only some light Metroid-y elements. And with that said, I'm kind of doubting a multiplayer mode.



5ony commented on Renegade Kid's New 3DS FPS Is Moon Chronicles:

I am really, really excited for this. I was expecting just a straight up sequel, so the announcement of a remake first was a bit of a damper. But then I saw the 3D screenshots... and remembered how much I enjoyed the original. And plus, this'll give me a reason to dust off my Circle Pad Pro.



5ony commented on Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai Update On ...:

I've been itching to get this game since I really enjoyed the first one, but the problems with it (namely the slowness; I mean, you gotta go fast) made me a bit wary. Seems like I'll be getting it soon though.



5ony commented on Video: The LEGO Movie Game Unleashes Its Débu...:

Wait, so looking at that boxart at the end, it looks like the game's called "LEGO The Lego Movie Videogame". Seems like an awkward mouthful, and not in the good Adventure Time sort of way. Still, I love Lego and I'm interested!



5ony commented on Review: Power Rangers Megaforce (3DS):

"Either way, we still hear their desperate cries for box-breaking in our nightmares. Such is the personal sacrifice we make for you, dear readers, here at Nintendo Life."

Oh man, that made me crack up. I feel terrible for laughing at someone's misery, but at least we all know never to touch this game. God bless Nintendo Life.



5ony commented on Video: This IronFall Tech Demo is Rather Impre...:

@C-Olimar "IronFall has no support for online multiplayer. We are a very small team and were working on the game since more than 2 years now, that will be too much work for us now. But if the game is a success we could start working on this features." That's what the developer said in an interview. They didn't confirm local multiplayer, but they denied online, though the excuse is only because they're a small team. So, hopefully there's at least local multiplayer.

But yes, a fun FPS for 3DS would be great. It doesn't even have to be graphically impressive (just look at Team Fortress 2, it's more stylistically impressive than graphically). As far as I know, the only FPS confirmed for 3DS is Renegade Kid's Cult County, but I'm sincerely doubting that it'll have any multiplayer since none of RK's previous FPS games ever did.



5ony commented on Nintendo Confirms Three New Wii U Hardware Bun...:

I remember reading someone's posts on the Wii U, criticizing the fact that Nintendo hadn't included Wii remotes for proper backwards compatibility straight out of the box (which I suppose is a bit strange in retrospect, since it'd be like criticizing the original Wii for not including a GameCube controller), and that person went on to claim that as the reason for them skipping the console. Seeing how the bundle with Wii Party U includes a Wii controller, I'm hoping this'll turn into a non-issue.



5ony commented on Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Isn'...:

"We have strong relationships with third parties and have a strong lineup of upcoming games from key partners such as Ubisoft, Disney, SEGA and Warner Bros., among others."
Reading that from the previous article and then immediately seeing this article made me a bit upset. Never played nor had any interest in Injustice, but third parties avoiding the Wii U isn't really a good thing.
Whatever! Optimism for the holiday season, ahoy!



5ony commented on Pokémon X & Y Torchic Distribution Announced:

I guess you could say this is... one HOT deal!

Eh? Ehhh?
Alright, that stunk, but this is still really cool. Though, I suppose it can also be seen as a big tease from Nintendo to all those fans that want Ruby and Sapphire remakes.



5ony commented on US Retailer Lists Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon F...:

So... I suppose it would be the opposite of what Nintendo did with Donkey Kong Country Returns?
I dunno, Resident Evil Revelations was said to look worse when it was upscaled to the HD consoles. If this turns out to be true, Nintendo would need a lot of polish to make a 3DS game look good on Wii U. Of course, it could all just be a slip up from Newegg.



5ony commented on Hyper Light Drifter Receives Official Wii U St...:

Ahhh, please let the stretch goal be reached!
I saw this game while looking around the indie games on Kickstarter (and then again when the Shantae Kickstarter offered some DLC based off of it) and I was so disappointed that it wasn't coming to a system I own (my PC is rubbish).
But yes, I am excited!



5ony commented on UK Boy Band Union J Sign Up To Promote Pokémo...:

So does that mean they're Two Direction?

...that was terrible, I'm sorry.
I actually didn't know One Direction was promoting Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, feels kinda weird to know that these popstars are in the age bracket to be nostalgic for Pokemon. Wonder how the Union J thing'll go down.



5ony commented on Mario Party: Island Tour Delayed to Early 2014...:

Has anyone here owned Mario Party DS? I know Advance was pretty sparse, but MP DS was a lot of fun, even if the concept of a portable Mario Party sounds silly at first.
I had quite a few friends with DS's, so it was always nice to have Mario Party around to waste time with. Good for plane rides, too.
Granted, I suppose the limited battery life across the 3DS family is the biggest concern here, since having one's system prematurely die out would ruin the experience, but (at least from my view) Mario Party on a handheld is pretty nice!