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Sat 14th Dec 2013

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ianolivia commented on A Different Mother 2 Cartridge Has Recently Su...:

@NintendoFan64 Much to my confusion, it was not a copy of Mother 2 at all. It was a game with a little girl who runs up to me and speaks a lot of stuff in Japanese. And also there is a bird that I'm pretty sure really wants me to stop playing the game. But then all of a sudden it was Mother 2, but it was dark and very scary things were happening. See? And then, when I thought it couldn't get even more the scarier, all of a sudden...



ianolivia commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

Why do people even give a crap about this?

I mean I can see why this is news, but really if you want to see that crap there is always the internet. Someone actually made toaster porn, I am sure the nasty crap you are looking for is on there and more.



ianolivia commented on 3DS System Update to Version 10.2.0-28 is Now ...:

I assume you guys are happy about hacks getting patched in blatant disregard for people who like to play obscure old games on their 3DSes. Big surprise coming from the morons who pin useless "news" (read: the boring history of insert game here) so nobody can find actual news.



ianolivia commented on IRONFALL Invasion Returns to the 3DS eShop Fol...:

So you think ironhax is an issue? Big surprise coming from the jackasses who make useless "articles" about the boring history of insert game here and pin them to the front page no nobody can find anything that actually belongs on a news site. Not to mention how all the news is incredibly late.