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Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U

Posted by Rory Cocker

On point

'The latest instalment in the phenomenally successful Call of Duty franchise launched earlier this week, and it's probably already broken all sorts of crazy sales records' - is a sentence that you've probably read every year now, since around 2007. Nonetheless, Ghosts is out now for Wii U, and we reckon it's the best version money can buy.

Sure, the online community isn't exactly bustling with activity, but we've still managed to find a game in pretty much every mode so far, including the new alien-slaying Extinction mode.

As with Black Ops II, what gives the Wii U version the edge over its counterparts are the fantastic pointer controls, made possible by the wonderfully accurate IR pointer on the Wii Remote. So, let's take a look at 15 minutes of Wii Remote & Nunchuk gameplay from Call of Duty: Ghosts' single-player campaign.

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MF_MaxiMillion said:

I think I'd prefer servers over Wii Motion controls. Just saying. Truthfully speaking, this game isn't performing best on any console right now.



Swiket said:

The only games where I actually liked aim assist were the GTA games, and that's because the shooting in those games is just plain bad.



Luke8400 said:

And this is why I always thought the FPS genre should've been much bigger on Wii, though I've never been a fan of the COD games. The pointer controls in these games are so great once you play for a while and get used to them.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Jazzer94 Except for the Xbox360 version, which falls under XBL restrictions and as such has servers provided by Microsoft.
However, Activision maintains servers for both PS3 and WiiU, and apparently, the WiiU servers are less powerful, simply because they don't give a damn about the community there (it's small, but people still play).
But that's how profit-oriented developers work: only spend money to appeal to the most profitable customer base...



Jazzer94 said:

@MF_MaxiMillion @Kaze_Memaryu Thanks for replying, I don't really play COD (last one I played was MW2) and just remembered reading on some gaming site that all versions would get dedicated servers sucks that the Wii U version doesn't support them.



Kirk said:

The pointer control on the Wiimote was the real star of this gen's whole "motion control" revolution and it's not even using "motion control".

I think this part of the Wii was greatly under appreciated, unlike some other aspects that mostly deserved any criticism they got.



sinalefa said:

I prefer pointer controls, so I may pick this one up after all. I know Capcom lost a sale from me for being lazy enough not to add Wiimote support to their Revelations port on Wii U.



player310 said:

When these pointer controls were utilized for Metroid Prime Trilogy, it was a very great set-up done right that made it a blast to play.



ljb88 said:

personally I found the pointer controls pretty awful when I tried to black ops with them, reverted to a pro controller. Think this was backed up by my online experience, it's pretty easy to spot/ kill all those using the pointer controls.



Sceptic said:

Every time I use the Wii Remote on the WiiU I'm left thinking "they dumped this to go back to a traditional controller layout?" Playing shooters with analog sticks feels like I'm using a mouse with my elbow.

This I may actually pick up. Wii Remote control is something that makes it worth buying over a discounted PC version come easter.



justinluey said:

I'm glad to see this thread. I love the Wiimote pointer controls for first person shooters. I think the graphics and lack of online play are what held FPS games back on Wii. With Wii U, they aren't an issue. If Wii U players could play with PS3 owners, I think these games would sell a lot better.

I had zero interest in Ghosts, because I assumed it wouldn't support the Wiimote, now I'll probably get it.



WingedSnagret said:

The only real problem is most people probably won't get the Wii U version because
a) Almost all advertising for the game includes PS3/360 versions, but not Wii U (Assassin's Creed IV anyone?)
b) Nintendo consoles are seen as "kiddy" by the hardcore dudebro crowd (CoD's target audience), so they won't bother to notice anyway



Luke8400 said:

@WingedSnagret I've noticed the same thing. The Wii U versions are often a footnote in ads for multiplatform games. And yet we'll still hear the typical doom and gloom about Wii U game sales with the finger pointed at Nintendo.



WaveBoy said:


No They even make the in-game characters gun/arm/hand animation look realistic/1:1 vs the artificial, clunky and robotic movements that those stupid twin sticks provide. Heck, i hate call of duty, but Wii pointer controls actually make this somewhat appealing. Twin sticks should be banned from all first and 3rd person shooters.



Traxx said:

Wii Mote is exactly the reason not to bother with Wii U CoD at least online: it's ultra prone to spraying and it divides the online community in haves and have nots.



unrandomsam said:

@Traxx That applies for pretty much everything other than handhelds. (One of those Hori Xbox 360 controller gives a huge advantage as well).



TromboneGamer said:

to say that dual analogs are bad/inferior is going a bit far, but I do agree that the only reason I like to play CoD on Wii and Wii U is pointer controls.



Shiryu said:

I am quite enjoying the game both online and offline, yet I must confess it's taking me a much longer time to master things this time around. It's a shame the Wii U only manages to get 12 players maximum online, because some multilayer maps are obviously designed for more people. In the end of the day, there are no two ways to say this: "Black Ops II" plays better, looks better and is overall a much "clean" experience. I do believe I prefer Treyarch developed COD (who also handled this Wii U conversion) to Infinity Ward's versions, which is somewhat ironic, since IW was responsible for the original and superb "Modern Warfare". Regardless of my personal taste, "Ghosts" is definitely a ride worth taking, and if like me you only have the Wii U as your source of home entertainment, don't worry about getting an underwhelming conversion, this thing stacks up very well to PS3, 360 and even the almighty master race PC version.



SCAR said:

The Wii U version is the best, IMO. Xbox One and PS4 only have the advantage of a higher resolution. The graphics are basically the same on any version.

The GamePad and Wii remote make it the best version, IMO, higher resolution aside. Not to mention the Wii U could have had a higher resolution, but that's Activision's deal with not being able to utilize the Wii U to it's fullest and deciding to directly port the Xbox 360/PS3 version.

Never the less, having the game on Wii U is welcome.




I can only play COD with the wii-mote, I could never go back to thumb sticks. The only COD I ever got on my ps3 was black ops, I tried it, took it back and got the wii version.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

the gamepad with the map zoom in and out is super awesome ! and the gamepad over all feels amazing ..



WaveBoy said:

So i'm guessing you played through Metroid Prime 3? Set those controls to 'advance' and play it on a 0ms/lag free SDTV CRT using component cables and you're in motion conrol pointer heaven. Still haven't touched the Wii version of Golden Eye 007 yet, wonder how the pointer controls fair in that one.

But yeah, twin sticks are a total bore....It's one of the biggest reasons why i had a hard time playing the first Bioshock. the game itself was breath of fresh air to the FPS genre, but it being restricted to dual analog completely ruined the experience for me, especially after experiencing those revolutionary/groundbreaking pointer controls with Metroid Prime 3....I just can't settle for anything less, and that includes key board and mouse.

I mean...It's natural to point and aim, i don't understand how anybody could favor rotating their little mutant gamer thumbs on a couple of sticks while controlling their characters gun/arm like some broken military tank. fun times.



Subie98 said:

Im enjoying my copy. Im not as good as I was on blops2. Taking a bit to get used too. Using the pro controller.



Subie98 said:

Places like stonehaven are a bit too big. Imho. also the respawning is sometimes bs.



n057828 said:

Guys I have COD2 but id like to say yes the Wii Remote is back to what the first one was Kick donkey! get the game Mote sterssssz!



n057828 said:

The games sharp in graphics you only have to see the water stream!
The Wii remote is 9/10
The game play is way different to COD2 but love them both!



Feight said:

Hehe, shootie bits. I can't afford the Wii-U right now and I can't say that I like COD but from this video it put it on my radar when I do get it. Thank ya!



Marshi said:

Hmmm, all critics and cod hardcore hate this game,ive hated what cods become since the brilliant modern warfare 1. Yet I love this game and think its my fave since mw1 and has even (shock horror) made me like cod!



Draken18 said:

I love the pointer controls, my only problem is my friends I play with online have the game on PS3 so that's the console I asked for it for Christmas on. May pick up Black Ops 2 though on Wii U since I haven't done much of the campaign on the PS3 (lost my save file)



MadAdam81 said:

@CasuallyDressed It's inconceivable that motion controls would be a bigger selling point than the gamepad, particularly when it eliminates split screen from two player local multiplayer.



MadAdam81 said:

@SCAR392 what resolution is the Wii U version? 720 or 1080? Xbox One and PS4 have the advantage of better frame rate, textures, lighting, AA, etc, but will it be enough to notice?



SCAR said:

It's sub-HD at 880 × 720p on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. Then it's full 720p on Xbox One and 1080p on PS4. All of them are 60 frames per second, but I've heard the PS4 was having issues holding the frame rate during the campaign.

Then there's the GamePad and Wii remote options on Wii U, which some would rather have.

It was easier to port the 7th gen version to Wii U, which took the resolution with it. That's not to say the Wii U couldn't have gotten a higher resolution(720p AT LEAST). Activision probably saw it as an easier job to do what they did than optimizing it.



SCAR said:

Yup. Whenever people say Wii remote, that usually includes a nunchuck. They just don't say it.



Giggity55 said:

I.... actually may pick this one up. I've been getting ridiculously bored of playing shooters on my Xbox, Playstation and PC (laptop). However, this reminds me of the hundreds of hours and countless AA batteries I used playing Black Ops 1 on the Wii 3 years ago. I remember being the only one using the Wii remote controls, sad to say.



URAmk2 said:

sub hd graphics, no dlc & pitiful online community automatically makes it the worst version.



Nico07 said:

@URAmk2 I've seen the comparison videos and the PS4 version doesn't offer anything better. Sure maybe PS4 has 1080p,, but no better texture maps. Battlefield has better visuals, if thats what you are looking for.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

What about me? I'm Left handed. What about the Leftys ! why not have an option for left handers. eeeeek i couldn't play Skyward Sword or (Black ops 2 with the wii mote anyway)



SCAR said:

I rarely play FPS, so perhaps I haven't been worn out with the genre. I bought COD Black Ops II on Wii U launch day, then COD Ghosts when that came out as well.

Those are the only FPS games I've had since Halo Reach. Not sure if that's saying alot... The COD games on Wii U are the only ones I've ever owned.



Kiokothepirate said:

I love having the pointer controls. I do so much better with the wiimote than with the a controller. I played BO2 on both the wii U and the 360 and I did far better on the Wii U. Prestiged in half the time it took on the 360 and had a k/d ratio double that of my 360 k/d.



Zodiak13 said:

I use to play fps back when Counter Strike was in beta and up to the first couple of years of source. I actually enjoyed the games and playing online, but the fact is I can't stand all these "dudebros" who play and think they are gamers and that I am not one because I like games that require pixel perfect control and actual skill. So I will be skipping this, unless I come across it super cheap. These controls look interesting enough to at least try them in that case.



Kolzig said:

Is this one 720 or 1080p on Wii U? I was just wondering since the Youtube video goes all the way up to 1080p?

The Wiimote controls in the first Modern Warfare were awesome, it felt just like playing on PC. I have never understood and will never understand people who enjoy playing fps games on normal console controller pads. It just feels horrible as I've tested a few with the 360.

The only pad that may be usable with fps games is the Steam controller, but since it's not yet released it remains to be seen if it's good or not.



element187 said:

@TromboneGamer it's not going to far... Have you ever seen someone play twin sticks vs someone on a mouse keyboard? Twin sticks just doesn't have the speed and accuracy as mouse/kb and Wiimote provide. Not even close.

I wish Activision would open up cross platform play between all consoles and PC. You would see nothing but PC players at the top of the leaderboards, Wii mote guys in second and all the twin stick shooters coming in last......the twin stick guys only know the twin stick, they don't realize vastly superior control methods exist for shooters



element187 said:

@MadAdam81 the frame rate is identical for all platforms. 60fps. Well the ps3 version has hiccups, but other than that all COD games run at 60fps..... Any shooter that doesn't run at 60fps is worthless (cough cough KZ shadow fall)



electrolite77 said:

Just a question out of curiosity really, but can you play with the Wii Remote using Off TV Play? If so,could you on Black Ops 2? Thanks in advance



JimLad said:

The fact that you can play the latest Call of Duty game in the palm of your hands is something Nintendo should be taking it upon themselves to advertise like crazy. It would boost Wii U sales ten-fold.



nasachi said:

but you can't Play vs Players in Xbox or Playstation...?

Would be quite unfair and too easy if your Opponents use xbox-pad or dual shock
(Exzept if they'd have extremely powerful autoaim... dont know, Havent played Code for years)



Tra_Venous said:

@URAmk2 Still looks better than the 360 version (which is the version Treyarch was given to work with for the Wii U) if more people bought the game, the DLC would be there (makes no sense if not enough people bought the DLC, because they wouldn't be able to play The Fall very often anyway - that'd be a waste of money) that being said, getting into online matches isn't a pain (like say Assassin's Creed III; now THAT was pitiful!) I've yet to have any issues during online play, either - steady 60 FPS (Which only the Wii U and 360 versions can lay claim to, the PS3, PS4 and PC versions are suffering framerate drops)



Quickman said:

Also if you're using Wii remote in COD, it's a good idea to change "pick up weapon" from the A button to "inventory" (left on the d-pad).

Otherwise if you're aiming down the sights and lock the camera while standing near any weapons... it can be very problematic if you're in the middle of a gun fight.



IxnayontheCK said:

My issue with wii u is that unlike the other consoles the game types i'm wanting to play never had enough people. Like EVER. There were modes in BLOPS2 I never got to play because of the small number of players.



gatorboi352 said:

@MadAdam81 You're right, it is inconceivable. Perhaps the Gamepad wasn't the correct choice. I personally would have been just fine with a Wii HD with Motion Plus Wiimotes and a redesigned next-gen Nunchuck with a clickable analog and better motion.

Gamepad continues to be painfully optional or downright unnecessary.



Mooj738 said:

The game has no support its true, but the reason for this is no1 buys it!

How do you fix this? Buy the game? Not support the game? sounds like chicken and egg!

One thing I would say is that Nintendo fans do not look at the positive of Ghosts at all:-

-Off Screen Play
-Motion Controls
-Split Screen with Gamepad
-Good Framerate

Is that not a good deal? I think motion control is very unique as well as the features above (split screen with Gamepad is amazing!). However no DLC is a sad point and it annoys me each time, however it stops me from spending loads of money on COD and still enjoying the game!

Some things I hate about Ghosts Wii U:-

-No marketing
-No stock anywhere
-The other versions are a lot cheaper!

Of course its going to sell better on the other consoles they have a much higher fan base, but if you have both consoles what do you choose? The COD fan base basically grows each year eventually the Nintendo COD fan base can get large enough to warrant those features plus all the exclusive ones. I for one will support it on the Wii U as its a little fresher with the gamepad stuff and generally its new players.

Make your own decision people!



Cuddles said:

@Subie98 ARs are going to dominate this game. For the bigger maps, change up your classes around to best suit the map.



URAmk2 said:

did you really just say the ps4 version looks no different? lol! best joke of the day. ill let you try again... ill wait.
yeah im currently playing ghosts on wiiu (gamefly rental) it also suffers frame drops in single player. all versions suffer from this it seems. no version has reported frame issues in multiplayer. please link your source of framerate problems in multiplayer for the ps4 & pc versions.



InternetFurret said:

@Kiokothepirate i love your avatar.

btw, the aim assist that the game offers to the wiimote users is so op compared to a gamepad or pro controller user... i use wiimote, but i have that option disabled.



gameboy1975 said:

well to be fair dude, he/she may not have been specific, but I wouldn't say that they were uninformed; because it's been cited multiple times that the single player is indeed 30 fps where the multi is what's 60. So unless we can point to wherr they pointed out that particular fact, we shouldn't be so quick to jump the gun to label them uninformed my friend.



SanderEvers said:

The Wii U version is the same price here as the other console version (PC version is 10 euro's cheaper) they did have plenty of stock when I purchased the game today. But they didn't market it in any real way. It wasn't on the special "Call of Duty" shelve which only had the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions, they however did put it between the other Wii U games.

Also the box clearly states that there will be add-on content. I hope that's true.

And you can throw any kind of Wii or Wii U controls on it: WiiMote+Nunchuck, WiiMotePlus+Nunchuck, WIiMote + ClassicController(Pro) (which isn't stated on the box, but it works just as good), Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller.



Rafie said:

@gameboy1975 Not to sound like a douche or anything, but if you read his post, it comes off as he/she believed that it didn't support 60fps. It didn't state mitigating factors (like campaign...which is now confirmed for 60 fps) or other things. So yes my post was took the avenue as "uninformed" because it looks like he/she was...well uninformed! My approach might have been strong, but I wasn't wrong. He/she looked uninformed, so I informed them.



Kiokothepirate said:

@InternetFurret Thank you, it's part of a larger picture that I made.

I didn't think the aim assist even worked with the wiimote. I turned it on once and couldn't tell if it was doing anything or not.



Tra_Venous said:

@URAmk2 I think you mixed up when directing your comments (The PS4 definitely looks a bit better, but it's not a mega leap) I have Ghosts on Wii U, played through the entire campaign and spent the last week online, I've seen no framerate drops/tearing.

A simple google search will reveal several different sources when it comes to framerate issues on PS4, PS3 and PC (PC being the worst)


PC Magazine,2817,2426827,00.asp

Gaming Blend (they go on to udate their articles saying the Xbone version also suffers)




gameboy1975 said:


Not douchey at all, but still doesn't change the fact that you took away from their comment what you wanted. While he/she could've elaborated more, you could have assumed less since no distinction was made.

Hell, I have no real interest in the game & yet I was informed enough to know that the lead designer at Guerilla Games just not too long ago said that the sp part would be 30 fps & multi 60. So 1 could more safely assume if they so chose that that's what they were referring to. Just like if they had specifically said that the ENTIRE game was 30 seconds we could politely tell them how wrong they are as well.

And again, I done know how much has changed in that little bit of time since we read the interview from the lead designer, but for quite a while it repeatedly stated 30 for sp 60 for multi. Eh, at the end of the day, that's a discussion for another forum for another day. Could not care less either way, but happy blasting to those that will or do.



Rafie said:

@gameboy1975 How could I have took what I wanted from the post regarding Killzone when there's was nothing but what he wrote referencing 30 fps. What I should have or could have done is irrelevant if I'm still in the right here. Can't correct someone's approach if their still correct regardless of how you feel that could be a better one. As long as no name calling or anything of that nature is done...I'm still good. Now I'm really trying not to be argumentative here, but my responses may take another tone that isn't meant to.

So I'll leave it at this. Thanks for your response.



URAmk2 said:

all of you sources said what i already confirmed. the ps4 & pc versions have framerate issues in single player. polygon is the only place that said either version has issues in multiplayer, how credible is that though considering they are literally the only site that made that claim. yeah the graphics comment was for nico i swapped your responses. but like a said i notice frame drops while playing on wii u. is it a huge issue? no, but with everything against it the wii u version is still the worst.



InternetFurret said:

@Kiokothepirate oh you made it? thats awesome! let me guess... do u have a tumblr or a da account?

about the aim assist... it moves the reticle to the enemy, all u need to do is to ads and fire.



Shambo said:

I finished the campaign and for some reason didn't try remote and nunchuck, even though I love playing shooters that way. Well, it may be because I mostly played laying down sick, off-tv...



ColdingLight said:

@CasuallyDressed Yes, the control scheme is a gimmick. You point the Wiimote at the TV and you reload your gun by shaking the Nunchuck. I, and I think the majority of people would consider that a "gimmick"

If I apparently don't know the meaning of a word, why don't you explain it to me instead of telling me I don't know what it means?

Or perhaps you ironically don't know the meaning of the word "Gimmick"

Next time, think before you write.



Kiokothepirate said:

@InternetFurret I have a DA account. My avatar is part of the second mlp-related pic I've drawn.

I see. I might have to go back and look closer because, as I said, I couldn't tell a difference.



Slayer said:

Oh, please. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will totally be better. More powerful systems mean a more powerful game.
And when I play MW3 on my Wii I hate the nunchuk and remote control scheme. I just live with it because MW3 is a great game.



raith said:

I'm thoroughly enjoying Ghosts on my Wii-U. Extinction is so fun. This game might have sold more if it had exclusive content and been better promoted.



AJPerko said:

I got my PS4 a week early, and have been playing ghosts. Though you can only access single player at this point.
Wii U controls are superior. The Nunchuk/pointer is much more natural than dual analogs. It is a shame, because people the effort just won't go to Wii U. I wish PS4 would have spent more effort on their wand.



Jimonfire said:

I can't play a FPS with an analog controller anymore, the Wii U mote and nunchuck are just superior when it comes to aiming and speed. It's just so natural to play with.



Shade_Koopa said:

@0Games yeah, too bad the consoles arent using all the power to run the game. It looks the same on xbox/ps3. Powerful is not always better.



TwilightOniAngel said:

well if you tell the wiiu version of ghosts is the best people will go on rage and have a huge arguement i dont care i played it its great on the wiiu.

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