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Video: This "10 New Things" Super Mario 3D World Trailer Will Push Your Buttons

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Super is the word

Super Mario 3D World is, based on many written perceptions of Nintendo fans online, a game that becomes increasingly exciting the more it's seen. The initial E3 trailer arguably struggled to prompt much buzz, but recent videos have taken the action up a notch and, in the process, ramped up the hype levels for the plumber's next adventure.

It's also full of secrets, some of which are still mysteries, while the odd one or two have been mischievously leaked online — yes, we've seen these 'reveals', we're simply observing the embargo. Whether planned all along or a quick reaction to details spilling onto the web, Nintendo used today's Nintendo Direct broadcasts to release a "10 new things" trailer that shows off some of the extra treats to be found in the title. These reveals even came with a knowing smile from Nintendo of Europe head honcho Satoru Shibata, who warned that some spoilers are included.

In truth, you'll find it very hard to avoid these details now that Nintendo has released the footage, so you might as well enjoy the show. Check it out below.

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Jazzer94 said:

Great trailer all of these features look amazing 8 when played with four players looks like it will be a blast.



VoiceOfReason said:

There's so many extra modes that I have to say, I'm not really missing online multiplayer as much anymore.



PixelPerfect said:

I was actually hoping to see Yoshi as the 5th character, but I'm still pleased with what they have to offer.



WreckItRyan said:

Oh. My. 10 new things?? Maybe this is a signal from the hands of fate. Its future NL review score...a 10 out of 10!!!!



unrandomsam said:

Still looks like there is the invincible racoon Mario. (Don't even mind that it exists if there was a way to disable it globally).



jcram989 said:

Im gonna be soooo busy gaming next weekend, Super Mario 3D World and Dead Rising 3/Ryse. The holiday season is already killing my wallet not to mention Black friday deals... Gaming addiction went into overdrive!!



ScorpionMG said:

@jcram989 you stole my avatar D:
(i thought it was me that made the comment and was like wth?)
I'll sure be enjoying alot of mario and pikmin tgis christmas



Benjerocks said:

When this game was first announced, I was one of the downers. Now this game looks jaw-dropping! I seriously can NOT wait for the 22nd.



Shambo said:

I have to admit, at first I thought it looked disappointing. But as they showed more and more, it started growing on me. Now... I can't wait!
Still, I hope we'll one day be able to explore the galaxy further and brighter!



Le_Gazman said:

That looks ace. It's gone from looking dirivitive and barren to genuinely innovative and exciting. Not sure about the unlockable character, mind you.



BakaKnight said:

I hate this trailer...
Add it to all the recent news we saw and now I want this game more than ever!!! It was not even in my "to buy" list back in october DX



cookiex said:

November 29th or December 2nd or whatever day Amazon UK will come with my package, why can't you come faster?



Gerbwmu said:

This game appears to be stuffed with content. I may have to request this for Christmas now......honestly I don't know if I've ever been more excited for a Mario....not since 64 anyway



larry_koopa said:

I am so happy that they chose to include Rosalina. My girlfriend and I both think she is a great character and we can't wait to play through the game as a Mario/Rosalina co-op team!

This is also a good sign for those of us hoping to see her make her Smash Bros. debut.

Oh, and that Mario Kart level? Can not wait!



NintyMan said:

I didn't need to be even more hyped for this game, but that's exactly what's happened. This is going to be worth every dollar I pre-ordered and will pay off on release day.

Rosalina may very well be my main. This game is going to be massive and it may just be one of the greatest Mario games ever. I haven't been this excited for a Mario game in years!



Yosher said:

Really excited for this game! I really, really hoped Yoshi would be playable as well (or at least rideable), but I'm still going to love this game to bits.

Also, why they chose to include Rosalina and still didn't give Daisy a playable role in any Mario platformer yet is beyond me. You'd think it'd be about time for Daisy to turn up. I guess it's hard for Nintendo to think of a special ability for her or something, while Rosalina can simply use Mario Galaxy's Star Spin.

Here's hoping for either Yoshi or Daisy DLC. Maybe Wario too while they're at it, just to see him go crazy on those coin trains. ( Yes I know DLC is unlikely, especially in terms of characters, but hey, let a guy dream~ )



Uberchu said:

INFINITY AND BEYOND/10 would buy if I had the funds.

I'm getting zelda first sadly. GS has a download code pre-order bonus that I can give to my brother since I own both GBC Zelda games on my 3DS already.



jsty3105 said:

OMG - the shooter stage is a top down shmup free vertical scrolling free running Galaga-inspired-on-steroids Mario. I must have this game now...



NintyMan said:

@Yosher: They ruled out DLC for this game, unfortunately, which I wouldn't mind as long as this game has tons of levels.

Luigi Bros. is the perfect tribute to the Year of Luigi.



Nico07 said:

I planned on picking it up after seeing the E3 trailer, but wasn't really excited for it. With the recent trailers and then the "10 New Things" today, I am looking more forward to this than any other game I will get this year (including for my PS4 preorder). Nintendo has really stepped it up with this game, November 22nd can't come soon enough!



Pichubby said:

@MixMasterMudkip I Know!
I'm "getting it for my bro" which = me and my dad splitting it, so, i pay less,
but i have to wiat till the 25, and im getting it the 22!!!
<screams, chucks chair at screen>



thesilverbrick said:

With this, A Link Between Worlds and the Zelda 3DS XL coming out all on the same day, November 22nd is going to be a disaster on my wallet..,



FJOJR said:

Is anybody else disappointed that the secret unlockable character wasn't Captain Falcon? Then again any game he doesn't appear in loses a little value.



Morph said:

I was hoping for unlockable wario but no biggie, game looks brilliant!



sinalefa said:


They picked Rosalina since it is the same team that made the Galaxy games. Same reason why Captain Toad is there. They are their original characters.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - Nice summation on Rosalina's and Captain Toad's inclusion.

Thanks NL for putting this up, wanted to show my kids but the 35 minute ND was a bit slow at times, they are too young to care about NNID and Miiverse on their 3DS. This. Now this is something they can get excited about. If they didn't I'ld be worried abut them.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I KNEW it! I KNEW Rosalina would be involved somehow! The appearance of the Comet Observatory was no coincidence...but will the Observatory itself appear at some point?

Other than that, all of this looks Friday honestly could not come any faster!



Falchion said:

This video finally got me to preorder this game. I sold back my scratched copy of pikmin 3. Mario really looks good!



zoroarkrules25 said:

Can't wait to see more! I am definitely getting this, i am psyched to see rosalina playable, can't wait.



Znerd said:

So Who else thinks this game is gonna Suck?
If you do you got serious problems. Nintendo is just wow i really hope this game is better than Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 which are my favorite platformers ever. But first Good job Nintendo this game should be a canadate for Game of the Year
One last thing good job reggie for telling us spoliers before showing the video



Pichubby said:

@FJOJR He is luigi..'s clone? Maybe like the second luigi from the second quest in SMG 1? ... oh, and it is unlikely that capt. falcon will EVER be in a mario game... <sighs>



URAmk2 said:

this game looks good. time to use the swifter pad & dust off the wii u



jcram989 said:

@ScorpionMG Lol my bad! i didn't think any one else had it, i changed it though to clear up the confusion and yeah me too, 3D world is looking better and better everyday. I also think its really cool that they added Rosalina.



Pit-Stain said:

I'm really loving that Mario kart based level with the classic Mario circuit music.



Kasplat said:

@FJOJR I wasn't thinking that Captain Falcon would be the 5th character but now you make me wish it was



MagicEmperor said:

I watched this at 8 AM, tired as hell, then snapped wide awake and almost shouted "YEAH!" with Rosalina. Thanks for getting me through the day, Nintendo.



Will-75 said:

Just became my most anticipated game can't wait looks to be another Mario Masterpiece !



CapeSmash said:

I had a feeling that Rosalina would be an unlockable playable character. Anyways, still hyped as ever for this game!



MadAdam81 said:

@Blastoise-san Game Of The Generation, much as Galaxy was of the last gen - the funny thing is I played Galaxy briefly at a friends and couldn't get into it and I haven't tried it again.



The-Chosen-one said:

Nintendo has done it again lol, at first it was more of a downer, i was like.. meh.. but now i am in love with this mario game lol.
it looks awesome.



Buob said:

Guys, Kitty Rosalina.


Just think how many people are going to have heart attacks due to the cuteness! (I know I will).



Pichubby said:

It looks like rosalina is reaaaaly slow. or, maybe they just didn't run in the trailer? oh, and with the cat suit, rosalina looks awesome.



Sunnymj said:

Looks soo much better than 3D Land, so many colours and amazing looking courses! My sister and I need to get a WiiU soon, well maybe next year:P



element187 said:

It's sad a few people under the embargo decided to leak this stuff forcing Nintendo to release this spoiler video :-/ (I'm not directing this at NL, they have only posted what Nintendo has released)

Sigh, is there going to be anything left in this game left to be uncovered naturally by the time next Thursday night rolls around? At this rate there will be an entire 'Let's play SM3DW" by the time the game goes up on the eshop.



element187 said:

@DestinyMan dlc wasn't ruled out. The exact quote was somewhere along the lines of "we aren't planning dlc at this time" and the games media, including Nintendolife ran with it as "SM3DW won't have dlc, ever!"

Nintendo never plans dlc before a game is released. Dlc for Pikmin wasn't announced until after the game was released and people were complaining about its really short campaign. NSLU was announced 4 months after NSMBU was released....... Just seems like the games media took a quote and ran with it after adding their own spin.

If Miiverse explodes with people wanting dlc, there is no way Nintendo won't oblige it. Why resist free money? Certainly would expand the profitability of the title. With so few Wii U systems in existence, the game isn't going to make all that much money - so dlc would certainly bridge that gap for a few years letting the games legs stretch.



element187 said:

@Buob I certainly like Rosalina more than Peach..... Peach seems to have an uncanny knack for getting kidnapped every couple of years.



NintyMan said:

@elemant187: Well, in that case, I would gladly accept DLC if it does come at some point. For now, though, I will be enjoying what will be a huge and creative game. 100 people helping Nintendo with this? Yes, please!



Poketendo said:

I have to admit, I really like Rosalina, and I would love to see her in more games, but I just think she isn't really that good a fit for this type of game. Just look at her in Super Mario Galaxy. Does she go along with Mario to help him retrieve the power stars? No, no she doesn't. I think she fits in just fine in Mario Kart, but Super Mario 3D World? No, I just don't see her as the jumping-around-killing-enemies-collecting-power-ups-girl. I personally think Daisy would've fit better, and they should have saved Rosalina for another game where she fits better (but please, do add her to more games)



GamerFromJump said:

Shell form confirmed on the money train! It will be interesting to see how that controls in a non-2D installment.



KingGanny said:

At first, when it was revealed, I was neutral. I knew it was just some very simply things that we couldn't tell what it would turn into yet. I was iffy, but reserved my judgement. Nintendo did not disappoint. They have been building the hype for this. All they need now is for more Wii U's sold. I will be picking mine up Black Friday along with this game. Very pleased and the game will make it one of the first to play. WWHD, that I already own, will be close behind it.



TheGreatLord said:

They broke my hype limit lol. Why not DLC for this though now I have to wait to get it at winter... Either way Yoshi would have been a better unlockable character, but Rosalina is good.



SG9000 said:

True Reactions:

1-8: Greatest Mario game. EVER!!!!
9: Meh, guess people might like that

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