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I travel across many different worlds rescuing princesses. I aspire to be the very best like no one ever was. On my free time I bounty hunt pirates from outer space and every millennium I whip the crap out of Dracula. That about sums me up.

Tue 11th Nov 2008

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PixelPerfect commented on Rock 'N Racing Off Road Aims to Bring Mayhem t...:

I hope I'm very wrong about everything I'm about to say, but if this game is trying to revive the racing style of Super Off-Road they are missing crucial elements such as earning Cash based on your placement in a race and using it to purchase vehicle upgrades like Engine, Tires, Acceleration, and Nitro. Speaking of Nitro---where's the Nitro?! Something as simple as adding Nitro could make this game take off, but I can't see any visuals in the trailer that indicates it's present. It's so disappointing to see somebody get so close to producing something that was done right in 1989, but can't quite get it right in 2015.



PixelPerfect commented on Review: Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS):

At first I was really kicking myself for not adding this to my Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds purchase. Not so much now.

In the future, Nintendo needs to not release 3 products the very same time. That's poor planning.



PixelPerfect commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

@Pixel-Perfect Go Team Venture I feel like we should be friends, but I don't know how to promote without being creepy.

To stay on topic: I wonder how much the game will cater to the players' skill level. In Super Mario Land 3DS, when the player dies often they are gifted a power-up boost to help mitigate the challenge of the level, which I felt was awfully thoughtful for the younger or less experienced players.



PixelPerfect commented on Review: Wario's Woods (3DS eShop / NES):

I LOVE this game. I was introduced to Wario's Woods in the first Animal Crossings. I downloaded this specific version (the NES) on the Wii years back and introduced it to my friends and we all have a blast playing it. It can be very competitive and very challenging. I know this is not the SNES version with more competitive modes and better graphics, but I like the simplicity of the NES controls more.

As a Toad cosplayer, I am very happy to see this title hit the 3DS (totally unexpected) as it is the only game to star Toad as the main character not to mention it's endless amounts of fun. I'm buying this for sure!

**Scratch that. NA did not get the release. =(



PixelPerfect commented on Review: Wii Party U (Wii U):

I'm so glad this wasn't a bust. Occasionally, I would have some non-gamer friends over and games like the New Super Mario Bros Wii U requires too much skill for them to handle. Something like this is a lot more accessible for everyone to enjoy.



PixelPerfect commented on Nintendo Working on Fix for Pokémon X & Y Gam...:

I've saved in Lumiose City a few times already before hearing of this bug and all is well. I'm not saying I'll put myself at risk anymore, but I don't think people should let this issue stop them from buying the game. It is very easy to NOT save in one specific location of the entire game.



PixelPerfect commented on GameStop Advert Offers A Link Between Worlds 3...:

Nintendo... Sometimes I hate you for making me buy the things that I do. I already have a Zelda 3DS and I know I wouldn't sell it for anything. I also know that already having a Zelda 3DS won't stop me from buying the Zelda 3DS XL because I'm a sucker for Triforces.



PixelPerfect commented on Review: ColorZ (WiiWare):

Hi Sean. I think the overall review was informative and very well written. My only concern is: how responsive is the IR motion sensitivity in the game and how did that affect your score?