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PETA Clamours for Attention with Spoof Pokémon Flash Game

Posted by Martin Watts

Let's hope it PETAs out soon

With Pokémon X & Y only a day away from its global release, animal rights organisation PETA has seized the opportunity to piggyback the games' current media attention and highlight its own cause by creating a spoof Pokémon game.

Entitled Pokémon Red, White and Blue, the parody Flash game is essentially designed to convey PETA's message that humans should go vegan. As you play through the game, the narrative attacks both the raison d'être of Pokémon (and their supposed slavery), and uses it as an analogy to emphasise how humans mistreat animals in real life. Furthermore, one part of the short game suggests that by playing and enjoying Pokémon, you are somehow indirectly supporting the abuse of animals.

This isn't the first time that PETA has used Nintendo's intellectual properties to try and make its point. Last year, it created another spoof Pokémon game, in which Pikachu and Co. fought back against their trainers as a result of all their supposed abuse. The organisation also received a rather strong backlash in 2011 for implying that Mario's Tanooki suit power-up encouraged the wearing of furs.

Nintendo has not yet made an official statement regarding this latest development. Do you think it's fair game for PETA to use Pokémon to project its message about animal cruelty? Is Pokémon inherently wrong for allowing players to battle creatures against one another? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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MrL1193 said:

I think making no official statement was the right choice for Nintendo. Stunts this stupid don't even deserve to be acknowledged.



Bulbousaur said:

They did this last year, and no one cared. Why bother doing exactly the same thing again when it had no result last time?



Einherjar said:

Im with PETA here. I also dislike it when people mistreat their dragons, icecream cones, possessed swords, flying metal orbs and legendary earth / water / sky gods in real life.
They do know that most pokemon players do take care of their critters ?
But jokes aside, im all against animal cruelty but PETA should be banned for good. These folks are completely insane.
Do they encurage lions to go vegan as well ? I mean humans have these sharp teath and incredible jaw power for a reason, and that reason is not to be able to munch on a carrot. We are carnivores by nature. Its perfectly fine if someone wants to live a vegan life, but it is a decision, not a rule.
I bet even lions could live on an all veggie diet just fine, but it just isnt their nature to do so. Just let people eat what they want, as long as the things come from controllable sources. And thats what PETA should attack. The meat mafia, max profit farms etc, not the consumer.



SirMime said:

There was another group that wanted to end the apparent slavery of Pokemon... What were they called? Oh yeah! Team Plasma. Just look at the head of their organisation and think that PETA aren't just trying to keep all the Pokemon to themselves



AlexSora89 said:

Gee, for an animal-friendly group, PETA's kind of been beating a dead horse lately, haven't they?



TheLilK98 said:

I said this in 2011, and I'll say it again. Wouldn't this be grounds for a lawsuit? I mean, if not slander than at least copyright infringement.



mookysam said:

This just makes PETA look stupid and detracts from their very valid campaigns against animal cruelty.



bigbankwill said:

Whereas I don't agree with animal abuse, I don't think Pokemon promotes it. Why do you think there's a friendship function? Pokemon Contests (Gen III and IV)? Pokemon Musical (Gen V)? Hopefully, this leads to some kind of court case in which PETA loses.



1990irock said:

PETA is also against keeping pets, so in that way they will hate pokemon anyway, vegan or not



Volmun said:

@Einherjar to right. im all for animal right but thes guys are totaly daluded and need to lern the REAL facts about things insted of thes idiotic missconceptions and asumptions its lafabil real... a cuple of years back naw some stupid animal rights person "Freed" some "Captiv" bore's in to the wild where as thay are more or less demesticated thay were left to just diy of starvation witch in my book is FAR more crule. There was another case where some one triyed to "Free" a Polar bear from a Zoo (Witch are NOT evil thay hellp with the conservation and breading of indangered specias) and well i think you can asume what happend... Bear + idiot = pore thing beeing put to sleep... ( also technically we are omnivore's not just carnivore's )



SpookyMeths said:

"PETA clamours for attention" is pretty much that all that needs to be said on any news regarding this joke of an organization.



animalzer0 said:

Glad to see PETA uses all their resources and money to save the animals. With a flash game. What?



SMW said:

This just makes me wonder what a Pikachu burger would taste like... mmm



FarukoSH said:

Imm al against animal violence, but at this point i dont know if PETA its against animals too... this is a loving game, and it does bring a "friendship" function...
Watch the profanity please — TBD



Rensch said:

What disturbs me about groups like PETA is how they try to apply human characteristics to animals and appeal to emotions humans have towards them. It really is much more about dealing with humans than it is about dealing with cruelty against animals.

BTW: I have always wondered what vegans feed their dogs. Isn't there meat in dog food? Is there vegetarian dog food, too? Is it OK for dogs to eat meat because they are animals?



Drobotic said:

PETA:Speaks about protecting make-believe animals more than real animals and even KILLS real animals.Hypocrites.



Jimonfire said:

Really???? They aren't even real animals!! Not only are they Digital, but they don't exist in real life!!

Funny how you don't hear them making a fuss about Cabela's hunting games.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

Applying human characteristics to animals is extremely idiotic. They're biological computers whose only goal is to breed and continue on. They can't think for themselves. Also, I'm pretty sure an animal is treated better as a pet than in the wild where predators are waiting to ambush it.



Ralizah said:

I like how these guys essentially admit they're the real world equivalent of Team Plasma in the game.

That's pretty satisfying if you've played B/W through all the way and know that Team Plasma is actually a corrupt organization that harms the creatures it claims to protect. You know, kinda like PETA.



ueI said:

Are they going to make one of these for every new release?



Zombie_Barioth said:

Couldn't agree more. Well, except that lions are obligate carnivores so they can't survive on vegetation. We're sentiant beings so we can choose our diet, but we still have nutritional requirements to meet. Diets like Veganism are purely political, they're not based on health reasons.

To put it nicely I don't have any respect for PETA or anyone directly associated with it. That group behaves more like a cult than anything else, they don't act on anything but their own twisted vision of the world. The comparisons to Team Plasma are actually pretty fitting.



Zach said:

PETA admits that its tactics are outlandish, that this kind of attention is the whole point. They've said as much in the documentary Speciesism, which was presented with much more class and humor than most of PETA's tactics and indeed convinced me to become vegan. This should be seen as a metaphor and a publicity stunt, and I think a not very effective one at that. I agree with a lot of what PETA says, but not a lot of what PETA does (see: support of kill shelters, for another example). I'm sure PETA does not think that Pokemon players are somehow connected to the abuse of animals, but is merely trying to get attention for its cause. No press is bad press. I'm just sad about the whole thing because it will ultimately get more people to stubbornly refuse to consider veganism than it will convince people to take a good hard look at whether it's right for them. Such a deep life change requires that kind of level-headed introspection, and such a campaign as this discourges that kind of introspection and instead goes for the immediate gut emotion. OH WELL.



Giygas_95 said:

@Bulby Albert Einstein once said "Insanity: doing something the same way over again expecting different results."

And they even used the name Pokémon! Are they not going to get in trouble for that? I guess they might not if the flash game is free...



Platypus101 said:

@MrL1193 amen! Are these even real animals? Last I checked, PETA did not seem to give a carp about GloFish (genetically modified day-glow fish) and those are an actual animal that is also a GMO (Genitically Mutated Organism)! Seems PETA is running out of clout, they're chasing virtual animals at this point. I wonder what they're lawyers are saying...



UnseatingKDawg said:

Figured these morons would be rearing their ugly heads again. So, who's betting that they'll make a stink about Super Mario 3D World once that hits the store shelves?



Einherjar said:

@Zombie_Barioth The thing is, tehy can have their twisted vision of this world for all i care, many people have. But these people take action. Normally, i welcome people / groups taking action to change something but PETA goes to far.
And what they are trying wouldnt even change much. Even if the majority of people would live vegan, the meat mafia would still produce cheap meat just for the sake of it. This is simply how our world, our society functions. Look at the automobile industry. It produces more cares than any person could ever need just for the sake of it. Humans dont produce things by demand or need, we simply produce for profit. And to change that kind of behaviour it would take more than just a group of activists trying to convince people to live abstinent from meat.
PETA just fights on the wrong front with the wrong weapons. Look at the zoo example a few posts earlier. Instead of freeing the animals and letting them out into the wildernes that they are anything but suited for, why not support the zoo financially or with manpower to ensure, that the animals have the best possible habitat and care they can get. Instead of wasting money on absurd campaigns to shock people, why not support the expansion of a local zoo, to enlarge the habitats of several animals. Or support livestock farmers so that the animals there have the best possible life until they get sent to the butchery.



Platypus101 said:

@einherjar exactly! I think a majority of us are on the same page about PETA. You're right, there are far more constructive ways of sing their money to actually help animals, as opposed to self promotion (for the sake of "opening everyone's eyes"). PETA has become the group that wants people to change, but are only willing to go as far as comfort (or couch) allows. Reminds me of the whole KONY situation a year or so back "free enslaved children acting as militia for a dictator by clicking like on my Facebook page!" A lot of children died, and continue to do die. What ever happened to those Facebook pages?



ChessboardMan said:

@Ralizah : I've barely started the Game and it's blindingly obvious after you find them kicking a Pokemon to get some Dream Gas or other from it…

PETA is to animal rights, what WBC is to Christainity…



ikki5 said:

oh man, that game is great. I played and and after playing I decided to send them this e-mail.

" I would like to thank you on helping me on my decision to buy or not to buy Pokemon Y&X. After playing your game and seeing the amazing humour i know I just had to get this game. I cannot wait until tomorrow. Thanks a lot."



Franklin said:

I played Pokemon when I was very young, and not once did I try to force my dog into a tiny ball and make him fight pigeons.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I absolutely agree. Thats exactly what I meant by twisted vision. Rather than advocating spay/neuter programs, supporting zoos and shelters, or aiding in hunting regulations they're blindly releasing animals from pens and actually killing more animals than they save. The scary thing is most of what they've said and done would make your stomach churn, and they actually in believe it.

That bit about "food from tortured animals" in the image @GoombaJMR posted shows how blind and naive they are. There actually are local movements to create more humane methods of raising animals for food. Rather than support something like that they'd rather spread misinformation.



Deadstanley said:

@bigbankwill My thoughts exactly. Pokemon's message, either in game or on the cartoon was more about a mutual respect and positive relationship between Pokemon and Master.



Neram said:

They must get so excited when a new Pokemon comes out. "Yes, another opportunity to whip up some controversy! Attacking Pokemon games is the best! Besides, it's the only reason anyone knows about us, really..."

Good old PETA. While you're having fun making horrendous spoofs of Pokemon, don't forget there are real issues out there, so try not to waste too much time or resources. I'll give you guys a pointer in the right direction; television shows about hunting gators. Better get on that.



Auracle said:

What the heck is that purple thing in the picture supposed to be!? It looks more like a deranged McDonalds mascot than a Pokemon. If you're going to attack Pokemon, at least get it right. -.-



Haxonberik said:

Oh please I've been playing these games since I have memory and I love my freaking animals, but it's just part of reality we must eat and the easiest way to get proteins is through meat. As long as the animals are given a decent death, I don't care (and I'd rather never know if not)



LeVideoGamer said:

C'mon Nintendo, sue these idiots for misuse and put them out of business. Get real jobs, and stop complaining about a game where magnets KO ice cream cones.



TulipWaltz said:

@JusticeColde It has nothing to do with killing. Abuse and killing are two different things. People always seem to miss that point. Also, killing and putting something out of its misery/euthanasia are also not the same. They don't flat out slaughter them to death. Please...

And no, I don't believe this is the right way for getting their point across. They never have been good at targeting an audience. Don't agree with the title of the article however.



thesilverbrick said:

I'm a vegetarian (not a vegan; that's just unreasonable) and I'm constantly offended by just about everything PETA does. Instead of addressing real animal rights issues they waste their time bashing entirely fictional universes and lose so much credibility in the process. They've become such a laughingstock to everyone.



ToastyYogurt said:

Ugh, PETA. I have nothing against vegans or vegetarians, I understand the preference of healthier food choices or the belief that eating animals is cruel. Me, I will never stop enjoying meat. But PETA is stupid, because rather than be an organization that comes up with sane, thoughtful tactics to get people to go vegan, they make this stupid flash stuff that misinterprets anything they are parodying. And when the reaction is negative (and it usually is), they respond with "It's just a joke, jeeze." How are we supposed to take you seriously?
And looking at this specific parody, they do realize Pokemon is a game, right? Just because somebody plays Call of Duty 3 hours a day doesn't mean they go out and kill people in real life. A great thing about games is that there are no real life consequences to what one does in-game. Any gamer that isn't psychotic knows that. But apparently PETA doesn't. Just because I play Pokemon doesn't mean I train my cats to sic other cats.



-Crystalline- said:

Ah, yes. PETA. The folks who refuse to accept the natural order of things along with the food chain.

So what about all the other animals, PETA? Should they go vegan as well? Animals hunt down and kill their prey in all sorts of gruesome ways. Surely they're monsters too! I mean, it's not like their organisms were designed to consume meat or anything. It's not like it's a natural thing, either, right? We're all evil people for eating meat. (sarcasm)



Senario said:

I support the organization known as the People for Eating Tasty Animals. Also known as PETA. Who can deny good tauros meat?



Volmun said:

@Einherjar Exactly glad you got the point i was making (sory for spelling and grammar) it drives me insan haw grope's like PETA have this BS view of the world "anamals are turterd befor there killed to be eaten!!" Oh? read that on the internet did we? didint go in to a actual slaghter house and see haw quick and painless there death is? no? yeah thght as mutch same for haw thay act about Zoo's as i sorta sed befor thay think just because there behind bars there imprisoned (and seriously... haw meniy Zoo's have the animals locked up in "tine" cadges naw a days eniyway? not meniy...) Zoo's do fantastic work for hellping indangerd animals (as sed before) and protect them from the likes of potchers (sory triyed sevral times to get it right just cant ppl who kill animals for Fur/ivory ect) some Zoo's actually do a re population program (DAME IT forgotten the correct word!!) witch i think is absolutely fantastic just ashame its too laght for some animals like DhoDho's.



TulipWaltz said:

@John-San3 Yet another person who seems to have been misinformed. Is that really all you think PETA is? An organization that goes around promoting vegetarianism just because they think eating meat is "wrong"? Read my post above.



ledreppe said:

Such a sad organisation. I don't like to see animals suffer, but this is just plain wrong.



Raylax said:

No lie, this is my favourite thing on the internet ever. Or at least today.




Megatonwhale said:

This is so typical of PETA. They do more harm to the animal rights argument than good. I'm sure some good points could be raised on the Pokemon/Animal abuse argument. Points that could be discussed and argued both ways but this is not how you go about doing it. This is just PETA begging for attention.



3DSAllDay said:

For every PETA ad that has to do with a popular and successful game, a kitten will be drowned. They made me do this...



AJ_Lethal said:

If anything, the only thing that PETA is prompting is storm one of their compounds, kidnap them, then engage in cannibalism.

Although I bet they would taste like crap.



Windy said:

Gotta love Peta. Going after make believe Characters and games..... Makes me laugh



Ren said:

Yeah, PETA is ridiculous and an embarrasement for anyone who actually cares about actual conservation issues or even being veg/vegan.
That said don't start bringing up whether being veg is 'proper' or 'healthy' or not, people. It's a sound and healthy lifestyle choice if you know what you're talking about. We are not Lions chasing down our food, we're lazy modern humans, if you think you need hunks of meat everyday to survive you've been deluded by marketing. Protein is not a rare magical substance found in toenails, and most people don't even do a fraction of the physical activity they did in hunter-gatherer times we are not 'carnivores by nature'... but sometimes steak is good.



ParSnake said:

I'm sure this is a joke. A big corporation wouldn't make a video game to seriously try to stop animal abuse. Right?



Groosenator said:

Did anyone actually, y'know, play the game before commenting? While I'm still against this (mostly because it's inappropriate for the target audience), I have to give them props... it was well made and the writing was excellent.

They even made a "top percentage" joke... you can tell that they actually like Pokemon, but just want to point out the potential downsides of it.



ModernMARVEL said:

Well, while they go worry about a game promoting friendship with living objects and mosters based on animals that aren't real, I go wear some cat skin and climb flagpole. Afterwards, I go face a Cuckoo army and maybe pick on some Kremlings.



Captain_Balko said:

Random Thought: Instead of wasting money on absurd flash games such as this, how about PETA spends some money figuring out ways NOT to murder so many of their animals every year.

Anyways, PETA, this game makes me hungry. I'm going to go cook up a whole bunch of steaks and buy a bucket of KFC.



Retrowire said:

As a vegetarian, let me speak for my people. PETA is nuts. They really do detract from their message by pulling stupid stuff like this off. Pokemon can be compared to dogfighting in a way, sure. But these are fictional creatures, and if real life is any indication, I've only seen Pokemon fans learn to appreciate and love animals a lot more. These games don't encourage people to get into animal fighting competitions, believe me.

And also, as an active vegetarian, I've gotta address some peoples comments on here regarding veganism and vegetarianism.

@Einherjar: You said that humans by nature are carnivores and that we have sharp teeth and INCREDIBLE jaw strength for this very purpose. Tell me, have you ever looked at a living animal and gotten hungry? Did your mouth water because of a cow? Or because of a well prepared burger? The human jaw is impressive in strength with 120 pounds of biting pressure, but our jaws and teeth CANNOT tear through animal hide. The meat is one thing, but the skin is another. Other evidence is that we cannot eat most meat raw, our digestive tracts aren't like a carnivores.

I'll agree that humans are omnivores, but I can't stand anyone truly thinking humans are purely carnivores, through and through.



Big_Boy_Chubs said:

I like PETA. Even though they go too far sometimes, they save a lot of animals. I think both sides are over reacting. Eventually, this will all die down. It's not like it harmed pokemon's image or anything.



Retrowire said:

@Rensch Regarding your question about vegans and feeding meat to their dogs, it's up to the Vegan. Not all Vegans are the same.

And seriously, anyone that believes the majority of their meat is handled with quick, painless, "humane" killing is not completely informed. Do you know how many psychopaths work in the meat industry? Do some research about what happens to the people that work these jobs, seriously, you'll be surprised. They lose empathy for life in general, they gain horrendous amounts of depression from the things they have to do to animals everyday, and many of them begin to twist into a monster because it makes the job easier. They become sadists and begin to enjoy the work. I've seen horrible things. To those of you who would retort with, "OH YOU SAW IT ON THE INTERNETZ THAT PROVES NOTHING." is another ignorant defense. Are you saying that you've actually attended a workday at a factory farm? Because otherwise, I'm not taking your word for anything.

I'm sure there are a few farms that handle things in the best way as possible. But the majority of your meat is mass produced, PLEASE look up what a factory farm is, and learn about it. It's no big secret, it's common knowledge that anyone can learn about. It's not some heartbreaking documentary film, it's fact. Look up a factory farm.

Also, pigs being housed in a pen no bigger than an airline seat for their entire lives, to me is considered inhumane, and torturous. I'd probably be banned for mentioning everything else that unnecessarily happens in the meat industry.

btw, if you drink energy drinks.... Taurine? That's cow stomach bile. BILE. That's all I have to say about that.



FriedSquid said:

PETA is the worst "organization" I've ever known. I really wish they would go away instead of making people hate vegans/vegetarians/animal rights activists even more, because they never do anything else but paint a bad picture of those people. A real organization that doesn't act like a bunch of attention-seeking lunatics needs to replace PETA and make progress in a civil manner, instead of doing things like this. They are childish and ultimately a joke.



Retrowire said:

@mantez The majority of the Taurine is synthetic? Says who? The energy drink companies that want you to buy the product right?

Companies can and do get away with that. And even so, if some are synthetic, that means only some are synthetic. That means, there's still people drinking bile. Also, notice that those ingredient labels never dare to specify between synthetic Taurine or real Taurine. No they wouldn't dare be specific.

Companies can call some things "Organic" and it would be far from it, so just because a company says something, never makes it true.

I'm safer just drinking beverages that don't have synthetic/real animal product at all.



unrandomsam said:

I love meat and fish. But the stuff that tastes the best is usually the stuff where the animal is treated the best. (i.e Corn Fed - Free Range Chicken is the best / Line Caught Salmon etc etc). I would rather just eat less of the good stuff.



HasteXx said:

Seriously? Man, I've been a vegetarian for 4 years and they were basically the main source of info for veggies but this is ridiculous. darn YOU PETA!!



IceClimbers said:

Am I the only one who thinks the whole Cat Mario theme in Super Mario 3D World is Nintendo giving PETA the big middle finger for the attack on 3D Land? They even brought back the Tanooki Suit in 3D World as a nice touch.



Artwark said:

First of all, Pokemon is about developing the bond between you and your monster. Secondly pokemon aren't animals, they are monsters hence the term "Pocket Monsters" so what can PETA say to those like Gengar?

Also when you use the tanooki suit in mario games, wouldn't it somehow make people like tanooki's psychologically?

At first I thought PETA is noble but when they put stuff like this that no one can really make sense of, they are rather annoying. Its like banning games that don't even cause that psychological effect.



LoveSugoi said:

No comment because the title of this article summed up perfectly all that needed to be said about this.



darthllama said:

lol. Animal abuse is a serious matter...but Peta makes it hard for many to take the issues seriously when they whine about every conceivable thing. At one time they had a little more dignity, but now they are a big joke.



cfgk24 said:

I cannot possibly imagine meeting anyone form PETA and having a sensible intelligent conversation with them and I love animals and hate cruelty. . . .



readypembroke said:

HEY Nintendo!!!!! Sue PETA!!!!!!!! Tell them to take their PokeCrap games and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!!!!



NightmareXIV said:

Just ask PETA this: If Pokemon is supporting animal abuse how come the Pokemon half the time volunteer themslves to battle?

Not to mention have they ever heard of Pokemon Centers you know the place you go 20 times a day to heal your Pokemon so the "evil" Pokemon trainer can train with his Pokemon some more. Honestly I knew PETA was obsessed with stopping animal abuse, but never saw them going this far before. I try to see from their perspective, but I can't get my head that far up my butt.



pokekitty said:

Pokemon does not promote animal cruelty want proof i personally studied for three years on animal care courses because Pokemon taught how to be kind to animals.

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