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Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign Schedule Released

Posted by Andy Green

Seven classic games incoming over the next seven months

During today's Wii U Direct Satoru Iwata announced the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign, which has been devised to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Famicom. Eagle-eyed readers will note that the Virtual Console doesn't officially launch until after Spring, when the system update addressing the slow loading times is applied, however the promotion is live in the Wii U eShop right now.

Wii U owners will be able to download a new classic NES or SNES title every month up until July for a recession busting 30 cents/30 pence, with that price being available for 30 days before the normal price is applied.

The release schedule for North America and Europe has now emerged and can be seen below:

January – Balloon Fight (NES)

February – F-Zero (SNES)

March – Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES)

April – Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

May – Super Metroid (SNES)

June – Yoshi / Mario & Yoshi (NES)

July – Donkey Kong (NES)

Japanese Wii U owners will be getting more or less the same selection of games with a few differences. They will have the chance to download Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo and Mother 2 (EarthBound) instead of F-Zero and Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream. the full Japanese schedule is below.

January – Balloon Fight (NES)

February – Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo (Mystery of the Emblem) (SNES)

March – Mother 2 (EarthBound) (SNES)

April – Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

May – Super Metroid (SNES)

June – Yoshi’s Egg (Yoshi) (NES)

July- Donkey Kong (NES)

What are your thoughts on this promotion? Seven classic games for $2.10/£2.10 can't be bad, right?


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Mk_II said:

very nice gesture and a great way to get people into the Virtual Console



Auracle said:

Do want Super Metroid! Maybe Mother 2 being released for purchase on the Japanese Virtual Console is a good sign for a future worldwide release.



Marakuto said:

A wonderful offer, I'm starting to want a Wii U right now because of what was announced on Nintendo Direct and a few titles.



Ryno said:

I will get them all. They could have given me Clu Clu Land and/or Urban Champion and I would have been happy to download them for .30 cents.

Super Metroid is worth 100x the amount they are giving it away for!



FundipYoshi said:

I would rather have Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo and Mother 2 in the US rather than F-Zero and Punch-Out. I love me some Fire Emblem.



Jonny said:

So apparently it's cheaper for me to download Super Metroid on VC trial than transfer my actual game over? Odd



russellohh said:

DID I JUST READ JAPAN GETS THE ABILITY TO LEGALLY DOWNLOAD MOTHER 2 FOR $1?!?!?! That's it I'm flying over there, buying a Japanese Wii U, downloading it, flying back....



Whopper744 said:

Why does that screenshot of F-Zero look like completely different ships then the only 4 I could use when I downloaded that game to my Wii??
Anyway, looks like a good line up, and really glad they are doing this promotion.
I'm sure many will be frustrated that they still haven't given us any Earthbound love in the US, but they did give us great choices....that being said, I do wish I could give Earthbound a try.



Jonny said:

@Marakuto I know the game's not a trial but the event is called "VC Trial Campaign" Just think its odd it costs me 70p more to import my game over rather than buy it new, or in metroid's case 1.20 more



Mk_II said:

@3Dash : who cares? at 30 cents, i'll download anything. So i just bought Balloon Fight and will get the other titles as well

BTW: does anyone know if the 10% premium "discount" also applies to these purchases?



Acampbell128 said:

WHAT???? Japan gets Earthbound and US doesn't what a shame. Ive been waiting for a new mother game since this came out, mother 3 doesn't count because its in japanese!



sixteenbuttons said:

"lets see here....ok F-Zero might pick that up...hmm...Kirby's snap - Super Metroid - sweet....ok lets have a look at what japan is getti....wha.... wha.... EARTHBOUND?!?!?" Seriously?



Savino said:

Kinda meh I guess....
But a good deal for those who havent played those games!!!



Furealz said:

Never picked up F-Zero and recently got into the Metroid franchise never played Super Metroid, guess I'll wait until May...sigh



Boo_Buster said:

I'm playing Earthbound right now but... I want it on the VC, please I am very thankful for what they gave us, though. I'll get all of those games to show my appreciation.

@Savino What? It's a good deal for someone who played them a million times too. Timeless games are... timeless. Just like Beatles music, brah.

@Mk_II So we can get that 3 cents that will come through in the clutch... someday... lol

@FundipYoshi I could be way off here (I'm not) but they never legally translated that Fire Emblem game to English. There is no way they would translate a text heavy game like FE and sell it for 30 cents haha. I do want Earthbound though! That is already translated.



SonataAndante said:

Delightful release schedule. I'll be picking up all of those except Donkey Kong for certain. Might skip that as Nintendo has some strange obsession with only making the incomplete NES version available for easy purchase as opposed to the arcade version. I'd buy the arcade version happily. Though considering it's only 30 cents, I might get it anyways. Still an odd thing.



WarioPower said:

I would have liked to see Earthbound over here in the States, but this is still great news!



Intrepid said:

I just realized. Will we get Club Nintendo surveys for them? At .30 cents each, it would be a great way to rack up points.



WOLFER said:

No EARTHBOUND!!!??? dang it... really looking forward to downloading that game...



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'll be getting all of them, but I'm still jealous of Japan getting Earthbound. I wish they would hurry up and release it on the VC over here, discounted or not. The price of the cartridge seems like it just keeps going up.



Hyperstar96 said:

Does Reggie have any idea what his fans want? Any idea at all?

Reggie. We have been waiting seven years for Earthbound. All this does is prove that you can sell us Earthbound and allow us to give you our money, but would rather just p*** us off. That's not exactly a good way to make people like you... or make money, for that matter.

I see absolutely NO advantage of NoA not bringing it here. If anyone can think of any way not bringing Earthbound here but still doing the work to give it to Japan has any sort of advantage over bringing it to both countries, then please tell me.



dizzy_boy said:

Time to spam miiverse for the games we want. nintendo can't ignore us if we go direct.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I understood it as "If you already own the promoted game on the Wii VC you can download the Wii U version for 30 cents even after the promotion ended." I'm probably wrong though and with "reduced price" he refers to the extra 1€ and 1,50€.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Kirby's Adventure? Really? Ok I played Nightmare in Dreamland as a kid that was pretty much a decade ago. Than ya release the 3D Remake for Classics which is once again understandble seeing as it been's long since you last released it. Im pretty sure you released it on the Wii VC before that which is also expected but ya also released it with the Kirby Anniversary addition which contains Adventure and pactically all the VC titles. Than ya release it again as a filler when you could have done something completely better like say Star Fox which would have ultimately reeled in a lot of players. Also, whats up with Nintendo doing these limited time deals? Like shouldnt ALL Virtual Console games be released for 30 cents? Especially considering we can obtain them for "free" by other means.



SMW said:

Oh snap. I missed the part about SNES games too. Wait a minute. SUPER METROID and F-ZERO?! Just take my 30 cents every month.



DarkEdi said:

I hope they update all VC games. I´m very sure if we have Irem games or DKC or G-Mode games we won´t be able to download them in the Wii U because is another service.



Shiryu said:

Hey thats not "F-Zero" picture up there, it's "BS F-Zero"! Well, ill think aboutit when the time comes, I do won both the cartridges for F-Zero and Super Metroid as well as the Wii VC titles already... so maybe...



NintendoCat14 said:

Oh, SCREW PUNCH-OUT. I want EarthBound! I mean, I would pay like $20 to get it on VC. Please don't be cruel, Nintendo. Bring it to America for full price, no double price. I will buy four copies of every first party game... for everyone I know.



Emaan said:



In other news, I need to rethink my selection of VC games I was planning on getting. Since I was expecting to get quite a few SNES games, with F-Zero and Super Metroid included, I need to think of another two games. 30 cents is an unbelievable deal for Super Nintendo games.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I already have most of these games, but the price is right. Very envious of the Japanese right now.



swordx said:

I'll update Super Metroid (have it on my Wii...) and I'll get F-Zero. I have all of the others.



PinkSpider said:

and if you wish you can play it 2 player on the game pad screen with out even using the game pad lol



PinkSpider said:

Seriously they better bring Star Wing/Fox to this VC or im gonna punch someone at Nintendo



HouseofBees said:

I want Earthbound

It won't happen, but you know. These games fall into one of two categories: people will have them already, most likely, or painfully average. Earthbound plz



Cloud-San-VII said:

And Fire Emblem!

I would be okay if they released EarthBound to the rest of the world later, but knowing Reggie, I can't say for certain.
I should know, at the Wii U launch I (some what) got to meet him. He just breezed past all of us in line (I was in the 1st part of the 2nd line, in other words, pretty close to the store) and he said: "If I shake everyone's hand, I'll never make it home. " He had the audacity to say that after he took a while for Triforce (who I also met) and arrived late? No, that's not right. Other than that, it was awesome!



Handy_Man said:

Man, these are all just steals! Already got Balloon Fight, as it's my second favorite NES game. (First is SMB3. )


Yeah, I'm playing EarthBound, too! It's my first time, though. Great game so far!

I felt lucky that I managed to get the cartage for $69.99, but $0.30? That's an insane steal! I'm going to join the bandwagon here and say that we need moar EarthBound! XD

Also, just so everyone knows, Itoi confirmed that EarthBound getting on the Wii U was his plan on "republishing" the Mother series all along.



DashDG said:

This should be for real: Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo and Mother 2 in the US!!!!



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'm supporting deals like this (and I get a deal for the VC games I already transferred from the Wii on top of it), I can't turn down quality 30 cent games.



Tertis said:

I'm not surprised that, like, 40% of the commentors are really mad that Earthbound isn't coming to the Wii U.
Just sayin', but to bring it to America, Nintendo would have to go tripping over their heels getting the localization issues out of the way.



SteveW said:

Baloon Fight is probably one of my least favorite Nintendo games ever made but I am really looking forward to the others.



theconejo said:

Aren't there a bunch of copyright issues with music in earthbound, probably why they didn't add it to the US VC? I'm not too far into it but the quirky story that I'm only partially into is alright. I like that it's an rpg with real world items. Never played it back in the 90's.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm buying them all! Such a sweet deal! $0.30 for a NES or SNES game, spaced out to give time to each game... I'm very impressed & suprised Nintendo did this!

Edit: I'm quite excited for F-Zero next month, I never really gave the game a proper go. Although I would've liked a Fire Emblem game too. Oh well.



Handy_Man said:

Be aware that MOTHER 2 has a lot more copyright problems than EarthBound does, as you can see here:

The main reason on why MOTHER 2 is lucky enough to get re-released is because copyright laws are no where near as strict over there as they are here in the U.S. and Europe.



ogo79 said:

itoi, is this where i should tell them our secret? should i keep dangling the carrot? im starting to like the torture...i think i will wait longer



Big_A2 said:

I'm figuring it's because Nintendo of America wants people to pay more than 30 cents for what is probably the most wanted VC game of all time. This isn't the nail in the coffin people are making it out to be.



TheRavingTimes said:

I would prefer downloading Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem and Earthbound over Punch Out and the original F-Zero.



KingMike said:

Nobody noticed Donkey Kong was probably specifically chosen because it goes on VC Trial in Japan on the exact 30th anniversary release date of the Famicom, and DK was one of the three launch games (along with DK Jr. and Popeye).



Reef7009 said:

Its good. i downloaded balloon fight. much better interface with the NES in background. I wonder how many folks will buy on wii vc now this news is out?



gojiguy said:

Isn't that a screen from F-Zero BS2?

Also, I want an HD online-ready remake of GX on Wii U.



ajcismo said:

I'll take 30 cent oldies once a month. The thoughts of Wind Waker HD have me so distracted Big N could put out Pong and Space Invaders and I wouldn't care.



Rockman said:

I think nintendo is testing a price-lowering tactic to push the VC titles.. Buy all the titles that are cheap and dont't buy the expensive releases.. and wait for them to become cheap.



XCWarrior said:

Half the NA ones are the ambassador games. I guess I'll get F-Zero and Punch Out. But pass on the rest. It's a nice gesture, so not complaining, especially at 30 cents. But man, Japan gets Mother 2 and Fire Emblem? Not fair, lol



GamerFromJump said:

Oh, come ON! We get 7 games that already came to the Wii, they get Fire Emblem AND the single most requested VC title of all in Earthbound? Seriously, Nintendo?



Raymen said:

Why can't we have Earthbound or a Mother game? Are we not good enough!? Oh well. Happy for F-Zero and the rest.



TingLz said:

Whoever said Reggie and NoA made that decision? Also, is Reggie so powerful that he denied Europe as well?



Azikira said:

I was so happy until I read Japan is getting Earthbound. I spend the rest of my night depressed.... Bleh....



seronja said:

oh well i guess i will buy them all =D since it's very cheap! can't wait for F-zero and super metroid! =) but i'm very angry to why earthbound is in japan only for 30 cents! people on e-bay, amazon and such charge around 350-420€ for that game!



Plutonian said:

Would be nice if they released Earthbound here. I would love to play it, but I refuse to pay some ridiculous three figure price for the honor. I also have horrible luck with emulators so I'll just continue to wait patiently for a VC release.



Sean_Aaron said:

I enjoy Balloon Fight and I'm curious to see what the hype is about F-Zero, but otherwise pass, even at that price. I'm just not as big a fan of Nintendo's old IP as others.

If Donkey Kong was the arcade version, definitely, but I'm not buying a console port that's missing a stage from the arcade...



Drawdler said:

Ooh, I'll buy all of them. For $0.30 each, they're all steals.
I wish we could have had Earthbound instead of Punch-Out!!, though...
Can't wait for F-Zero and Super Metroid!

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