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Tue 21st Feb 2012

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WOLFER commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Staff Favourites - NES:

No Contra..!?? I would switch SMB2 in place... but other than that the list looks fine... Haha... But for real, Contra, a game port that was better than the arcade port itself is not on the list... COME ON....



WOLFER commented on MercurySteam Still Interested In Developing A ...:

Mirror Of Fate is not that bad... 3d graphics on a 2d plane is so awesome... played the demo and loved it... just glad it wasnt a God of War clone... Im all in for them making a contra... heck why not??



WOLFER commented on Feature: Retro Console Launches - NES:

Oh man this system was my childhood back in the day... being a 90's kiddo, super nintendo had already came out but they were just too expensive for my older brother but man the NES was just too awesome when i first played it. I was very fortunate to have at least a handful of popular games to play such as Mega Man 3, Contra, and Double Dragon just to name a few. Good Times.



WOLFER commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

Well, one problem i have heard that Skyword Sword had was "backtracking". I mean flying is cool and all but man there was so much backtracking.... what happened to warp zones.... it was in twilight princess and it was awesome.... yea u could ride your horse but warping saved so much time and kept the flow of the game at a steady pace.... if SS would of had this feature, i believe it could of made a difference in the game... but no Nintendo wanted you to keep flying and flying... what a gimmick....



WOLFER commented on Nintendo Posts First Annual Loss in 30 Years:

Well of course, there is only so much that the wii could do... and theres people like me that get fed up and get around to finally buying a hd console... i want to support nintendo but the simple matter of the fact is that wii is not up to par with hd in terms of great games and online play...



WOLFER commented on Keiji Inafune Gives Rallying Call to Japanese ...:

Well for the "Japan is Dead" im gonna have to respectably disagree with that.... the games that japan makes, everything from fighting games to rpg's, there are the best at what video games have to offer.... and if Keiji believes that they need to improve and revitalise the japan industry by all means go for it.... I just hope they dont focus so so much on western audiences by making everything a shoot em up type of game but who am I kidding.... thats what games are all about these days....



WOLFER commented on Wii U Controller Originally Had Proper Analogu...:

You know, I dont see why Nintendo even bothered making this controller... all they had to do was annouce that they are going Hd and thats it... but no they felt that they needed to be innovative like they always are.... Its just a gimmick in my opinion..... oh well i guess....



WOLFER commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii):

Well, I have yet to try this game out, but my only gripe that i heard of in this game is backtracking.... you have backtrack all the time.... i felt that they went a step back..... in twilight princess at least you can warp through different areas on the map, so you wouldnt be wasting your time trying to get there on foot...