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Sat 15th Sep 2012

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theconejo commented on Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign Schedule ...:

Aren't there a bunch of copyright issues with music in earthbound, probably why they didn't add it to the US VC? I'm not too far into it but the quirky story that I'm only partially into is alright. I like that it's an rpg with real world items. Never played it back in the 90's.



theconejo commented on Nintendo Unveils The Legend of Zelda: Wind Wak...:

I didn't have a game cube and recently I've been playing this on dolphin in HD but after reading this I will stop and wait to start over in the fall. Nothing brings me more joy than Zelda right before sleep.

Edit: this coupled with the new monolith game and the SMT x FE game are making me happy I got this system, not that I was unhappy at all.



theconejo commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo On Its Way to Nort...:

I'm pretty sure this game has a mode where your guys don't really die. I was playing the ds game for a bit and had a 30 min battle and then lost.... I took a break from the game, ha.

The ds fire emblem was my first trpg. Initially I didn't think I would like it but it was awesome.



theconejo commented on Operation Friidom Petitions Nintendo For Great...:

@WaxxyOne A system built with an administrative account, which is the consoles base account, then sub profiles. This admin serves the purpose of changing settings, setting up profiles, and purchases are tied to. Nothing crazy there....The profiles are allowed access to certain features and to accumulate stats or achievements or whatever else. This is a short example that doesn't go into it too deep, but it would be doable, since it's much like computer profiles.
As for taking your games to other consoles doesn't the ps3 system only allow downloaded games to be played by the purchasing account, an account that can only be signed in on one console at a time?

I think that Nintendo is dropping the ball because they couldn't have started this nintendo network just now. They must have been working on it for quite some time and they decided to do it their own way which is fine but not at the inconvenience of the customers. I don't like buying digital products when there aren't steps in place to access said content if my product fails, is damaged, or is stolen. I haven't purchased much of anything digitally on my 3ds because if I lose it, I'm out of luck.

And lastly To those that won't sign because the console/network has only been out for x days and that they are relying on Nintendo to fix it in their schedule, I hope you don't apply the same mentality to other life choices.

Again typed on phone, sorry for not proofing to well.



theconejo commented on Operation Friidom Petitions Nintendo For Great...:

Signed. If I lose my 3ds, which is a bigger concern than my wiiU getting stolen or broken, this will help me get my purchases back on that also. The apathy towards this company is a little rediculous. Even though I love Nintendo and have had numerous consoles, this account accessibility has become the norm, the standard, and not implementing it is a big error on their end. Stating that it will be available sometime in the future is not really acceptable.

Sorry for being blunt, replied from phone.



theconejo commented on Sick Of The Wii U GamePad's Weak Battery Life?...:

I personally bought some Duracell rechargeable batteries for my wiimotes. I could be bothered buying essentially the same thing that only worked with the controllers. This way I can swap them into other remotes in the house or easily buy new ones cheap from any store that sells batteries.

Too bad I can't do the same with the gamepad. Hopefully something that looks better, fits into the gamepads batter space, will come out closer to Christmas.

Sucks that I bought a wiiU and made a deal with my wife to not open it until Christmas.....



theconejo commented on The Famicom's Biggest Rival Is 25 Years Old:

Holy turbo grafx! My cousin had one along with a snes, while I had a gotten a sega genesis. It was a cool system. Notably I remember playing splaterhouse and the hardest game of my childhood.... Kieth courage. I picked up a tg16 at a garage sale in late 90s and found kieth courage soon after. Still hard. There were no save points if I remember correctly. Fun though.

I think I have a bonk game and definitely a arcade stick for it too.