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Male, United States

I'm Indonesian living in the US.

Tue 22nd Jan 2013

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asusanto commented on Review: Castlevania (3DS eShop / NES):

A while back, I didn't buy this one due to unsure about its gameplay. Once I read this review, it's a go. I have only 1 Castlevania game in my library: Symphony of the Night (PS1).



asusanto commented on FIFA Brand Passes £1 Billion in UK Sales:

I gotta admit FIFA 12 or FIFA 13 is considered one of the best football game out there. They listen to customers to improve the gameplay. I remember during in the early 2000, FIFA games were totally crap, but they gained its strength when FIFA 09/10 were released.



asusanto commented on Nintendo Comes Out On Top In Consumer Experien...:

Good job Nintendo. I do spending some of my paychek $$ for them too in their exclusive first party Nintendo VC games. one other thing: my old 2008 Wii 300 points that I didn't use for 3 yrs are still intact when I get online again. Unlike Sony, they send me an email to keep the extra $$ from my PSN account spending for them.