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Watch: First US Wii U Advert Appears

Posted by Anthony Dickens

How U Will Play Next

In just 17 days' time, on 18th November, Nintendo will release Wii U across the Americas. Up until now its marketing machine hasn't really kicked into gear, but that's all about to change.

Nintendo today unveiled what it described as "our brand new US Wii U advertising campaign" via its Wii U page on Facebook.

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Lots of bright lights, lots of music, lots of happy people - what do you think?

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User Comments (134)



Auracle said:

Gah! I can't see the video!
I do love the slogan though. "How U Will Play Next"



19Robb92 said:

That commercial felt very disposable. Showed nothing memorable or anything that'd make me interested in the system to be honest. But then again, I'm already getting one anyway.

I like the slogan though.



citizenerased said:

Not a big fan of this. It's very vague, they just show the new controller (this is aimed at the casual market, they'll just think it's a new controller), not the console. It doesn't really explain much and it also fails to give Wii U an identity of its own.

Wii's first adverts were charming, if weird ("we would like to play with you" business men).



antdickens said:

I guess it could be compared to Apple's iPod adverts, doesn't exactly explain the product, just tells you its cool, popular and that you should probably buy one.



Knux said:

That commercial was utter cr*p. NOA could have done a much better commercial than that garbage.



SCAR said:

They should have shown someone looking at the GamePad, look at the TV, look at the Wii U, look confused or something. Then start playing. I can only imagine how funny this would have been if I made it... oh well. They're just trying to appeal to everyone, it's called mass media.



SCAR said:

@ antdickens - ya that's completely true, the Siri commercials were a pain to watch, especially playing with the iPhone 4S when it came out(my 12 year old cousin got one the day it came out. Spoiled, huh?), and Siri was/is horrible. I ask Siri all kinds of questions and she always tries to go to Safari internet app. I could have done that myself Siri... but thank you.



eirikr said:

Am I supposed to be attracted to Wii U with this? Very awful advertising this time ... as someone said it is not clear what does it offer exactly , I don't feel very attracted to this commercial , could be better . Even if I buy a Wii U on day 1 I am really sad Nintendo isn't doing things right for let the people know this is the new generation . I can sing and play NSMB with friends with my Wii , I need more explanation .



doomgc said:

I love the slogan. nice way to say that the console let me plya the way I want. but stil....looks like the same audience than the wii. another things : where's Fox, link, yoshi (a game about it)Samus, pikmin or ANY new original IP (which is not a mini games' game). the new thing is the game pad. a touch screen.

in the end, I'm sitting on my chair in front of this video wondering : what is new, really.



Wonder_Ideal said:

The slogan is good. I thought it could have benefited from some explanation of its features and a list of launch titles at the end. They could also cover all the bases and explain that the Wii U is a separate console than the Wii for any uninformed person who doesn't know.



madgear said:

I'm not sure why so many people living in single room three walled apartments have put the Wii U as such a priority.



rjejr said:

Target in Queens, NY had a WiiU display but it wasn't functional. 'course we have other things to worry about.




@The_Other_M it says How U Will Play Next, not How Will U Play Next.

I think the advert it REALLY good, and alot better than our UK one anyway! I'm really pumped for the Wii U! Really don't know how I'll cope waiting until the 30th for the EU release!



Shiromikio said:

Of course to people following Wii U news on game sites it doesn't give any new info about the system. It's a teaser aimed at those who don't follow gaming news. The focus of the ad is definitely on the GamePad and how it can be used in different ways/games (individual screen for multiplayer, secondary screen showing things from song lyrics to character inventory to movie covers, etc.)

The slogan is a bit cheesy, but the ad should work fairly well if they release a series of them spotlighting different features of the Wii U. The first one says to the parents to look for the game system with a screen on the controller.



eirikr said:

@Radixxs I was about to comment about the music , it is really great ... I need to know what song it is and get it , perfect for a workout .



citizenerased said:

To the people saying they should put more "hardcore" games/gamers in the ad instead of families: this ad is clearly targeted to bring the casuals in again. Since when do hardcore gamers buy consoles based on ads? And I'm sure there'll be later ads that focus on this.



Discostew said:

This commercial still doesn't address a major problem that has been plaguing the Wii U since it was first unveiled. Many people still think the Wii U is only the tablet-like controller, and is just an add-on to the Wii. Sure, they showed the console at the end behind the Gamepad, but how many people that don't already know the Wii U is a new console will take a good look at it to understand that it is?



Neonridr said:

@Shiromikio I agree, I thought it wasn't a terrible commercial (we all remember the first PS3 commercial with the crying freaky baby doll). They could have included a list of features to let the people who don't know what it is just how it differs from their Wii. Aside from missing ZombiU from the commercial (which seems to be the most popular game at launch), it wasn't half bad.



Shiromikio said:

@MrWalkieTalkie: Personally fine with it (that segment of untapped audience again), but yeah, I also noticed how most of the scenarios are 6-12 year olds with or without the parents, only 1(?) scene with two people in the 20-30 age group playing together.



edhe said:

Argh, Dubstep!

It's good in it's own way though. Just like the UK advert.



SCAR said:

@tealovertoma Ya, I've never boughten any game because of an ad. I already knew about it, and went and got it before ads even came out usually. Good point.

@Discostew Let people that don't know about whether it's a Wii U or not make their unobservant mistake. People must not be very observant if they haven't figured out they're different consoles by now. I can recall being consious when I was 6, so I don't know how the hell people aren't able to know that this is a NEW system. Maybe next gen, Nintendo will go back to the Revolution name since that's what all the hardcore gamers wanted back in 2005.

Would the name have changed anyone's overall critique of the console anyway, BTW?



Rapadash6 said:

Nintendo needs to simplify it's commercials. Show the system, controller and a montage of game footage. Take that artsy fartsy stuff and throw it out the dang winda! I remember the "Play it Loud" campaign from the mid 90s and it was really effective because it was a simple concept of letting the games sell themselves. Well, I could've done without the whole grundge theme, but they did an excellent job showing off the goods.



DreamOn said:

It'll grab parents who don't need to know that much anyway but will see it's got a touch screen and that's always good nowadays on anything. I personally liked it well enough as a spot from Nintendo.



nintendoMAN said:

it is ok. it doesn't really get the idea across about the NEW CONSOLE deal. it showed great games but i there was no brand new console like the uk commercial. but i guess it sparked interest so i guess it worked.



FJOJR said:

They should have thrown a hardcore game in there like Batman and a sports game like Madden.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm sorry but that was a really terrible ad. It totally misses the mark by not informing consumers that this is a brand new console. I imagine that a lot of people are going to see this commercial and think that the Wii U is just a add-on tablet controller for the existing Wii system.



Neonridr said:

Remember, we don't know if this is all there is. For all we know we'll see several versions of this commercial with different games shown in each of them. We might see another commercial that shows AC3, Batman, Madden, ZombiU with the same theme as this commercial (colored rooms).



ei8htbit said:

This ad needed more of that British comic saying "pew pew pew pew pew" like it's the 1980s and videogames only exist in arcade cabinets....

Overall messaging in the UK ad was more direct, but the equivalent to reading the back of the box. But, this US ad definitely makes the system look more exciting and shiny and new and you should buy one right now even if you don't know why, just buy it already and the music will stop. BUY IT NOW!



Starwolf_UK said:

My opinion of the UK advert has gone up after that. Btw, Nintendo UK decided to change marketing companies to give things a fresh start. Maybe NOA should do the sam...oh wait they already did that a few years back when they decided to move marketing from the HQ in Redmond over to I think, New York...(a lot of the marketing team was not prepared to move across the country)

In short. Nintendo UK get outside companies to market for them, NOA have an internal company.

Then again I'm not the audience for either advert.



selective_blue said:

Lol. That's the first thing I noticed is how bad that music is. I can't remember who said it but..."nobody listens to techno." I think there should be another ad that dosn't have any of that family get-together vibe to it. Oh, man. Off topic, but "what is that nobody listens to techno" line from?



selective_blue said:

Ahh, Eminem. Yes, thank you. It was driving me nuts 'cause i love the line but couldn't remembe where i'd heard it. & now it's stuck in my head for the day.



ei8htbit said:

All things considered, this ad is better than the UK spot - but they're both super lowest-common-denominator (which makes sense since they're launch ads trying to introduce 10 different messages in less than 60 seconds).

In my opinion, Nintendo's secret has always been marketing itself like cereal. Think about the box art for Super Mario Bros. 3 or Mario Galaxy 2...if those games were boxes of cereal I wouldn't hesitate to grab that thing and throw it in my shopping cart because I'll be damned if that doesn't look like the most fun tasty and exciting breakfast cereal around - hooray for Saturday morning cartoons wooo! And that is exactly what this US ad is, a shiny fun cereal ad that will definitely work to sell this thing.



SCAR said:

Ya. They should have had subliminal messages, and weird concepts/context clues/read between the lines type of info in these commercials. It wouls have made everuone want to buy it for sure. haha.



ei8htbit said:

Also I think it's funny that people are already messing up the intention of the slogan that I'm sure the marketing guys spent a ton of time and resources on.
Everyone's first recollection of it seems to be "How Will U Play Next?" (even going so far as to add the question mark) because this seems like a more natural phrase (generally, most people don't begin a sentence with the word "How" unless it is in the form of a question). They don't want people to answer a question like that because there are so many options available (and some of them aren't from Nintendo).
WHICH IS WHY the true intention of the slogan is more definitive and is actually a statement shouting "How U Will Play Next" fullstop.



Redxzero said:

I like to eat Pineapples and let the juices run all down my face oh yes the JUICES!!!



DarkLloyd said:

they need to show some games and maybe at the end show the box art wit the wiiu logo to really make it stand out



SCAR said:

@ei8htbit Ya true, but it also demos what the idea, and main funtions of it are, so it greatly implies the Wii U will play most certainly.



Sir_Deadly said:

Good music, good slogan and logo, disappointing game presentation! All they showed were Nintendoland, Sing,a and Lego City. They should have put in some ZombiU, Pikmin 3, AC 3 or some titles like that!



Haywired said:

Would've liked to have seen a bit more actual game footage, but I didn't think it was too bad. I liked the bright colours and pumping music which made a nice change from the ultra-bland, insipid Wii style of presentation, where they may as well have been selling low-fat yogurt or something...



Phle said:

I wouldn't buy a Wii U because I saw this. Actually if this was the first I saw or heard about the Wii U, I would probably think: "Not my kind of thing and it seems exactly like the Wii, the games even looks the same. I'll pass thank you". They should show off some sweet games and really make people realize that this is not the same console as the Wii.



Neonridr said:

Again, this is an advertising campaign, so one would expect that to mean multiple commercials. If you look at the commercial right before the end, the screen pulls back showing hundreds of rooms that all make up the letter U. So obviously there are other rooms showcasing other games. The Question is, will they show another commercial that showcases other games going on in different rooms too?



ei8htbit said:

For the love of Reggie, can somebody please mash-up the best informative parts of the UK ad, take out the awful "pew pew pew pew" bits, keep the sexy colourful images from the US ad, and change the music to something that's still top-40 friendly and energetic like Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette "Hello" so they can properly introduce this glorious piece of magic to the world.
and change the slogan to "U Can Haz Cheezeburgrr!"



Smitherenez said:

Yet again, Ninty fails to show people that WiiU is a new console. I would get the impression it's all about a new controller if I wasn't into games.



Void said:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

This as is so bad, it HAS to work

I'm gonna go with that, with the mind set many "casual" people have, this will probably sell it to them, but it's sure not going to convice anyone on the fence, I think the UK ad was better than this one*, it at least got the point across that it was a new console.
*Even with the 'pew pew pew!'.



TysonOfTime said:

This works. Not personally appealing, but it's a good ad.

That Logo at the end... I could buy into it just for that.



arrmixer said:

I agree with the members who understand this is for the casual market... I thought it was a perfect commercial to target that demographic.

Hardcore players/fans like us have nintendolife for our info/enjoyment....



Hokori said:

I wanna see Japan's because that will no doubt be 100X better then either Europes or NAs



AcesHigh said:

Yes, I agree, the ad was not very good. Music was horrible. Good slogan though. they should have focused a bit more on the games as well. a lot of focus on the GamePad and the people laying the games but not enough on the games. As others have said, really nothing memorable about it. they also should have taken the opportunity to show a couple of core games too. they could have wrapped up the total experience in one shot - which is kind of the point of the WiiU - creating games for U - the causal and core gamers.

A Missed opportunity. The ad does not do the system justice.



steamhare said:

Seems fine, as a commercial for the system. I'd rather see the commercials for the games, when those come out.



triforcepower73 said:

@AcesHigh Yeah, but then if they focused on the games then most "casuals" would think of the gamepad as an attachment for the wii that they can play the games on.



King_Boo said:

I understand why, but still, why only casual? Oh well, at least it comes across more as a new system now.



Emaan said:

The concept is interesting, but it could have been better. I like the slogan "How U will play next" though. People can complain, but this, while a bit overdone with the music, is miles better than the Europe one we've seen already.



Mandoble said:

The same as for the Wii, the same target, the same public, nonthing has changed. Wii story again.



kyuubikid213 said:

@Mandoble That's great! I can't wait for 95 million Wii Us to be sold worldwide!

I thought the ad was pretty good. It's not the best and it doesn't show off much, but no one is willing to sit there for 5 minutes when they may be watching a really awesome show for something they may or may not buy to be explained to them. It was great for what it was supposed to do. Get the word out to people who have heard about it, but haven't done their research. I do wish they would have taken a note from the UK ad and put the words "New Console" on the screen in BIG BOLD font.



ei8htbit said:

This is it guys, it's almost here!! Can U feel it? Are U Ready? So Exciting!!! I'm going to sit down in a dark room and stare at the wall for 16 days as time draws out like a blade and I succumb to a slow-drowning pool of madness! SPACE MADNESS!!! Who's with me?



doctor_doak said:

Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. It's unabashedly pitched at families, young kids and casuals. If Wii U is supposed to be a system for 'everyone'... where were the people playing games like Darksiders 2, Pikmin, Zombi... they could've shown a short snippet of Bayonetta 2 perhaps etc..

It's things like this that make me wonder what Nintendo's long term strategy with this console is, and whether or not gamers are actually a part of that strategy..



ei8htbit said:

Rest assured, even if Nintendo doesn't care about us personally, they care about making money and they finally have a console that does HD and online that hardcore games require and hardcore games make money so developers will want to make some of that money and in the end both will help support the hardcore contingent by taking all of our money. So don't worry, just save your money and get ready to spend it all on hardcore WiiU games.



Magnet_Man018 said:

@MrWalkieTalkie Yeah, but something's missing... Where's the brilliant exclusive ZombiU? Or Assassins Creed? Or Darksiders II? Or Batman?... (you get the point) They will probably make another commercial aimed to hardcore gamers, I'm sure they won't waste all those "hardcore" titles to promote the Wii U. And anyways, personally, I can't see what's wrong with them to appeal to casual gamers too.



NintyMan said:

I like the slogan. Nintendo probably wants to reach out to the same audience that made the Wii a smash in the first place, so I can't say I'm surprised with the "casual" focus.



aaronsullivan said:

This is pretty great for the wider market. Not too goofy. Key moments are there: swipe a shuriken and it hits someone on the TV, reading off the gamepad and singing in a party, FIVE people with 4 against one who has their own screen on the Gamepad, you can use it for selecting movies, the Gamepad works along with all the Wii remotes, A BIG HONKIN' U at the end.

For those saying there was nothing memorable, I disagree. We are all exposed to the features of the Wii U, so those key moments I just listed don't really stick with us. For those that haven't seen it, each one of those moments could be the key thing they hang on to. Some people will look at the lyrics on the Sing game and flip out. Seriously.

@Magnet_Man018 I kept hoping they'd show some college gamers playing more serious stuff, but, like you say, hopefully that's for a second commercial. All you need is Zombi U and Black Ops 2, but Assassin's Creed, Batman, Ninja Gaiden, Dark Siders II and Aliens could go in there. Zombi U and Black Ops 2 can REALLY show off the advantages of the GamePad quickly. Hope Nintendo does it.



aaronsullivan said:

BTW, got to play the Wii U and I'm SO stoked now. I was playing Rayman Legends with a crazy grin on my face. I'm no longer just getting it for the Nintendo Exclusives. This console is going to rock.



doctor_doak said:


yeah i guess... I assume they'll have an ad or two soon that's actually targeted at gamers. It's just a worry after what happened last time that this is how they choose to kick off their advertising campaign in the US. The ad isn't going to sway any Xbox-ers or PS owners who may be on the fence.



Gamesake said:

If Wii U is supposed to be a system for 'everyone'... where were the people playing games like Darksiders 2

I guess neck beards don't make for attractive commercials.



timp29 said:

I remember hearing people saying that the WiiU was some tablet that goes with the Wii.
Nintendo needs to address that.
Nintendo should have had a Halloween ZombiU add - the need to pitch it with some games.
I feel the ad missed the point and like others have said, its probably not going to influence Xbox and PS3 owners to buy it.



Moshugan said:

I guess it was a good use of the very limited time. It only lasts a minute, but I felt like a lot managed to happen in such a short time.
About the style, it wasn't for me, to be sure. But yet again, it was OK in it's way. The music was just comic. But I guess some people will think it cool.
I can imagine it being a bit non-informative for someone who doesn't know about Wii U already. But at least it will bring it to people's attention.



SCAR said:

@Gamesake I hear that. haha.

I read the tag, and please don't send me to FB ever again. I don't have a FB, and I've tried to go to pages that were only on FB and got a log in screen. If I ever get denied from a FB page because I don't have one and I need to sign in, I'm gonna be pissed nl. haha.



GamecubeMan said:

whatup with the techno music? Its just not Nintendo's Style. Other than that, its pretty good



luisterr said:

It's not bad. I am counting the days until November 18! BUT this ad makes it seem like it is aimed toward more for kids. Not cool.



luisterr said:

I think they should put more Nintendo ports on their ads. Pikmin, Nintendoland, Game & Wario...even ZombiU



HandheldGuru97 said:

It was pretty good but they need to hit the hard core audience really really hard if they want this to be a bit more successful.



Henmii said:

Not bad! The different rooms did remind me of the very strange Gamecube commercials. The music could have been better though!

One last thing: Does Nintendo hold hands-on events at all! Because I really think people should try it first somewhere, otherwise they probably won't buy it!

Nintendo is just TOO confident about Wii u! They think: Wii was popular, New super Mario bros is popular, tablets are popular, combine all and you have a mass succes! 30 November could be a terrible wake-up call for Nintendo! Because I fear many people will say: "It's just a tablet, I go for the newest i-pad!!"



idork99 said:

Please feel free to contradict me here but I feel that nowadays if you're a hardcore gamer, odds are that you are usually broke, picky, or both! (I fall in the both category ) Which is probably the reason Nintendo doesn't attempt to advertise to us any longer. They know that we're going to buy what we want regardless of what they attempt to advertise on the screen. Hence, only cheesy commercials with no hardcore appeal. What happened to the cool commercial with Paul Rudd playing an SNES in front of a abandoned drive in?! Now that's advertising with power, super power!



ianmage1 said:

I thought the graphics at the end (all the blocks making a "U" formation) were pretty great, but they need to stop making it look so "casual." They need to show games like ZombiU, COD, etc. if they want it to appeal to everyone. When I saw that singing game... :I

Generally speaking, adverts need to stop showing people smiling so gayly; it looks so fake and stupid. But maybe that's just me...



goldgin said:

wow, the controller seems way bigger than I thought. they look funny holding it. not cool..



Moshugan said:

Stating the obvious: There's going to be other commercials targeted at different audiences and featuring different games, e.g. the aforementioned ZombiU and CoD.



ThomasBW84 said:

I didn't like this, to be honest, but it's stylish and shows how different the UK and US markets are. In the UK the target was clearly aspirational young adults, when it's almost exclusively chasing families in this US ad, apart from 3 seconds showing TVii.

I think a better approach would have been to focus on one family, start with them all playing Nintendo Land, Mario Bros. U, night time arrives and the parents grab some time on TVii/ZombiU/Assassin's Creed III or whatever.

Still, maybe different ad campaigns are on the way to target an older demographic, who knows?



Grodus said:

that music... anyway, On scale of "What did I just watch?" to "Fantastic!," I give it a "Could be better."



JayMiller1988 said:

That video made me bored to death. And the music was just annoying. It seems like they're trying to market to fans of the Wii, though I see some people think 3rd party games somehow makes this a strawman. The deal is, this is the message I got "Liked the motion controls of Wii? Get Wii U!" At least, that's what I got from it. An i hated the Wiimote, but I'm a loyal Nintendo fan and want some of the exclusives.



DarkNinja9 said:

to me its ok-ish not thing to surprising i do like how at least they show the many ppl who would use the wii u kid,teen,adult

but i could see why they went with the opposite of the uk ad since the uk one went more on detail on what the console was about and did and less gameplay and this one shows more gameplay not "harcore" gameplay but yeah



WaveGhoul said:

Pure garbage. aside from that Ninja throwing Nintendo Land mini game it showed absolutely nothing innovative, even so it did it in such poor fashion. There was nothing that screamed 'this is going to be a game changer' This doesn't make me want a Wii U. it's just a 'trying to be hip' sell out commercial trying to appeal to the casual gamer with horrible crap music to match. Hell, i've got my Wii U preordered along with NSMB.U and Nintendo Land and i don't have one ounce of excitment. I'm more excited to play my Wii, Virtual Console and 3DS at the moment. Bagh, what's wrong with me?

It's probably because i'm a bit behind on both consoles, which i'm sure is the reason why my excitement has dwindled down to a trinket. Plus being 28 might be lending a hand at that. Goes back to playing 'Metroid' on the NES'



WaxxyOne said:

WaveWitch, you're right in all the wrong ways and wrong in all the right ones.

Hardcore gamers like you and I already know about the Wii U. They already have one on preorder if they're lucky, just like us. Nintendo doesn't need to sell a system to them; it's already done. What they need to do is convince those casual gamers that bought a Wii and did nothing with it that doesn't involve swinging invisible tennis rackets that they do in fact want this new system. This was a good video to show a variety of ways you could use the Wii U for casual games, party games, co-op games and asymmetrical versus games without spending too long on any one sample. I love that they even threw in a couple using Nintendo TVii, focusing on it just long enough to make it clear how useful that feature is for people who might not care as much about the games. This is precisely the type of commercial I would be spending my money on right now if I was Nintendo of America.

With games, advertising needs to target the game's audience, so I'd expect to see some more mature commercials aimed at you and I. With console systems, the goal is to reach those people who haven't heard of your system or aren't planning to get one because they don't understand what they can get out of it. This is as good an effort as I would expect to do just that.

My only beef is it didn't go out of its way to make it clear that this is NOT an add-on device for your existing Wii. If I were a casual gamer who'd never heard of the system, I'd see them focusing on the new controller, sitting alongside people using the Wii controllers I'm familiar with, and assume it's just a new input method for the existing system. They should have taken a moment to highlight the console (rather than hiding it behind the controller for the last 2 seconds of the commercial) and mention some of its new capabilities, especially the HD graphics.

Oh well, I guess there are time for more new commercials this holiday season.



WaxxyOne said:

To the people wanting more info on this, yeah I agree they could have made it a little clearer that they're selling a new console, but come on... A list of games? This is a minute-long TV ad, you're not going to get people to read a bunch of text and even if they did do you really think that'd make them want the system? A commercial is not a place to put a tech demo or go out of your way explaining how things work. The idea is to capture interest in the product so that the viewer will look up the details later, or see it in the store and try one out for themselves or ask questions about it.



LztheQuack said:

And what exactly would be the purpose of commercials aimed at "hardcore" gamers? Aren't they already aware of the games? You people miss the point of commercials :3



WreckItRyan said:

I feel that this was more of a means than a means to an end. In other words, a flashy forgettable flaunt just for the sake of having a commercial. Could've been better, could've been worse--I still want one, but if I was on the fence, this commercial certainly wouldn't have had me jumping off with my arms flailing.



Jeremyx7 said:


100% agree with you. This was to get the Masses involved with Wii U, not so much for gamers who know what the Wii U will do already. This add Makes perfect sense for this purpose! I'm sure they'll have an add for the rest of us as they always do every generation.



1wiierdguy said:

I really don't like it. I understand why they're targeting the casual market. I'm not that market though, so it doesn't appeal to me.



RevolverLink said:

The commercial was a little on the cheesy side (as should be expected from the Big N) and wasn't great, but I still found it visually appealing and I thought it adequately showed off a number of the WiiU's more interesting gimmicks.

I'm surprised, though, that the ad didn't focus more on the whole "keep gaming on your GamePad even when someone else would like to commandeer the television" feature. I would think that would really appeal to the "family" demographic they're targeting here; I can certainly think of many times when something like that would've been convenient when I was growing up.



Neram said:

The "How U Will Play Next" segment gives it a baddonkey edge. I like that seems they're making it clear that "this is the new Wii, and we're not f***ing around."



Mandoble said:

For some reason they keep always hidding the console and promoting the controller. Many people will believe that this is just an accesory for the Wii, or even worse, a handheld like the 3DS.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Pretty good; I'm in love with that giant blue 'U' at the very end. Not sure what it is. It could be the color that makes it or the music working with the camera movement or the fact that those people were PLAYIN inside a giant 'U' construct. Very cool. I just wish it wouldn't retain as much of a casual vibe as it does. Turns me off a bit. They should have included a few college guys sitting around playing or whatever. Plus, there wasn't anything really memorable about what was shown gameplay-wise.

Also, I didn't get the sense of "THIS IS OUR NEW CONSOLE, OK?" from the commercial like I was hoping. They should outright just came out and said 'This is the all-new home console: Nintendo Wii U" and then towards the middle have a shot of the console laying down with blue lights about it.

It was pretty alright overall, though. The slogan "Who Are U?" as an homage to the GBA (and connectivity to the GCN) era would have also been accepted, but this is great too.



FonistofCruxis said:

It could have been better, it didn't make it clear enough that its a new console. There will probably be a lot of casual gamers that think its just a new controller for the Wii rather than an entirely new console. Also, the music was awful.
@superianmage1 I don't see how anyone can smile "gayly". Gays don't smile any differently than straight people do. :/



-Crystalline- said:

Didn't expect anything more from a western commercial. Once again, they're aiming this at casual gamers, rather than the people who have always kept the industry alive. Us. In the eye-candy department, things looked slightly better but still very numb. I guess we'll have to leave advert production to the Japanese people, or even art in general. It all collapsed when the dubstep-ish tune began, though. As if it's not enough that corporate media is ruining music already, now they have to bring their mediocre content into the world of gaming? What a shame. What a shame indeed. I'll be waiting for the Japanese commercials, thank you very much.



LittleIrves said:

1. The music isn't techno, it's dubstep — or something like it.
2. Nintendo isn't catering to the 360/PS3 crowd because they're more likely the info-saturated "gamers" that already know what the deal is. This ad is aimed squarely at Mom or Johnny.
3. So yeah, it doesn't strike my fancy. But it feels like an "event" ad, something big is coming.... I think it'll at least get people to ask 'what the heck is that?' if they hadn't heard of it already.
4. IMO, this is better than the UK ad — more image/showing, less text/telling. We 'Mericans can't read all that good.



LittleIrves said:

And I think they do enough to emphasize that this is a new system. "The All New Wii U." Boom. If you haven't figured out this isn't just a new controller for Wii, your 8-year-old or your gaming buddy or the Best Buy employee will tell you soon enough.



hYdeks said:

kinda weird, honestly. I kinda felt like they tried making it a hardcore console commericial, but showed kiddie games and games more for the family, odd



Vehemont said:

Ehh its OK I guess. I put down that I'm not really sure. I would of thought they would of shown some Ninja Gaiden 3 somewhere seeing as Nintendo is publishing it, but I guess they tried to keep it with an Everyone rating.



Edwrd said:

Justine Bieber look-alike between 0:47 and 0:48, for you ladies out there.

Anyway I don't like this ad, I feel they crammed too much into the ad. Maybe its because I already know what it is, maybe someone who doesn't know what it is will get excited? It feels very preteen, teen though, as the majority of people in it are. Its somewhat big budget I suppose, but feels ordinary at the same time. The Wii had much better ones with the 2 Japanese door to door salesmen showing their wares.



StarDust4Ever said:

I saw my first Wii-U advertisement at the movie theaters. Guess what movie I went to see, Wreck it Ralph!



LittleIrves said:

@StarDust I saw that ad before last night's viewing of Wreck-It Ralph, too. Is it just me or was it slightly different than the one linked above? Anyway, the sound levels were mixed much better in the theatre, not as annoying. As for the movie: Excellent!!

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