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Wed 31st August, 2011

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doomgc commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

He uses the word "Upgrade". I know the Wii u is close to the Wii experience, but I don't thing it's helping people to figure things out. You could say the Ps3 versus the Ps4 is near the same experience but in any way people are gonna say they upgraded to a Ps4. They will be proud to say they step into the next gen, into a totaly new experience, a new level. I think nintendo should embrace that.

all this thinking for a word. I still love nintendo, their games and everything and I just sold my Ps4 for more time to spent on all the great games coming out. I,d like to receive bonus from nintendo for spreading such good words about them.



doomgc commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

@ajcismo haha ça peut pas servir à autre chose ! Seriously.....I don't get why it's ONLY available in canada...99$ is too pricy for what it gives IMO.



doomgc commented on Watch: First US Wii U Advert Appears:

I love the slogan. nice way to say that the console let me plya the way I want. but stil....looks like the same audience than the wii. another things : where's Fox, link, yoshi (a game about it)Samus, pikmin or ANY new original IP (which is not a mini games' game). the new thing is the game pad. a touch screen.

in the end, I'm sitting on my chair in front of this video wondering : what is new, really.



doomgc commented on Nintendo Is Getting Its Hands Dirty With Bayon...:

Nintendo have a chance to take back what they have before. Us. our kind of player. I never stopped buying Nintendo product but as I wii owner, when I saw that there was less and less game that suit me, I bought a playstation 3. but kept playing both system.

Now. Platinum game is thinking that the WII u can make the game better. and of course nintendo surely spent so much money to make this exclusive. I'm glad of it. in fact, I'm proud to say that I'll buy and try this game because its a wii u exclusive, in the first place. instead of crying and pumping yourself, you should think about how this game will be, with the game pad, with the idea that it will not be made with the "it has to be ported to other console" way of thinking. It will be a great game. If you are frustrated about this, sit and think about how this decision could have been made.