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Talking Point: The Future of No-Frills Emulation on the eShop

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Why should it stop with the Ambassador scheme?

Before the Virtual Console, emulators provided the only way that people could relive their favourite gaming experiences of years past. Allowing players to download "rom" files and load them onto their personal computers and other platforms, their only real legal application is to allow those who have already purchased a game in another form to own a second copy. Needless to say, this has become one of the most widely utilised methods of pirating titles. Still, many posed the question of why Nintendo didn't release an emulator itself, giving new generations lawful access to its cherished library of classics. More or less, that's what it's done with the Virtual Console, first on the Wii and now the 3DS.

But this service is much more than a way to dump a load of roms onto a server and slap a price tag onto them. Work is done on titles that don't always translate perfectly from one system to another, including slight graphical glitches, for example. There's also the inclusion of instruction manuals, data on Shop pages and Nintendo's official websites and more, lending to them a more important feeling than a nondescript listing in an inventory of emulated games.

But the Ambassador programme has shown that Nintendo is not beyond embracing pure, no-frills emulation. Instruction manuals are basic, there's no restore point saving beyond the system's automatic retention of your last point in the game, and a few graphical aspects that aren't up to par with normal VC releases. There are also ten of them, instead of the one or two we normally receive every few weeks. While ratings and other factors contribute to games releasing at the slow trickle we've become accustomed to, certainly the more minimal porting process must help these hit the service at a faster rate.

Having now taken the step to include such emulation in the Ambassador programme, even on this somewhat small scale, Nintendo opens up many possibilities for the future. The NES titles on the service are to become available for all once updated with normal Virtual Console features; but what's to stop Nintendo pursuing ‘ambassador’ style releases on a larger scale? The company could continue to put out no-frills roms ahead of their normal releases, instruction manuals and graphical maintenance intact, at a reduced price. It could also let users download them for free, perhaps as a kind of demo to be removed once the full release hits.

There's also the idea of a paid-for service – it's an unlikely option, but for a small fee, many would perhaps prefer a larger catalogue of ready-to-play roms to just a few full releases every month. It's not so different from the Ambassador scheme, which is little more than a method of refunding players the difference between the cost of an at-launch 3DS and a reduced price 3DS, with 20 quick-and-easy no-frills roms; the same policy could be applied in reverse, with gamers opting in to pay for these bulk releases. Nintendo also has a chance to utilise such methods with the upcoming Wii U, a platform with which the company has pledged to reform its online service and really become a contender, as good as or better than the competition. It's possible that Nintendo could implement strategies unlike those pursued in the past, using the Ambassador scheme as a proving ground; only time will tell.

Would you download no-frills roms if Nintendo made them available, either as part of a paid-for service, at a reduced price, or as a free temporary pre-VC demo? Or would you prefer that the company continued with the way things are now, waiting longer and paying more for the quality checks, instruction manuals and online/ eShop game pages that come with every Virtual Console release? Voice your thoughts below!

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Morpheel said:

I like the "no-frills" timed demo idea.

Though it would be awesome if nintendo did let us, the ambassadors, buy the no-frills versions for a lesser price and then let us update it for free.



SteveW said:

I think they should update their Gameboy downloads so you can choose colors.



Linux_Man said:

I just want the entire back library (including non-US titles) for all Nintendo titles to be able for download. Nintendo also really needs to translate (or use community contributed patches) for some of the older, but still sought after games. I mean, after all I'm sure that 95% of the people who played Mother 3 in English would have rather paid the $30 and got it soon after the Japanese release and played it on their physical GBA, however there simply is no other option other than to use a ROM to play the game. Since there are no distribution costs associated to these games, Nintendo can make free $$$ on their back library.



carson said:


it was cute at first, but now it's getting old



Kimiko said:

What @Shiryu said. If the DS was powerful enough to play SNES games, why isn't there a proper SNES VC for DSi or 3DS? Why are we only offered silly old NES games? Come on, Nintendo, I want to (re)play those great RPGs from the golden SNES era, but you're making it awfully hard to avoid piracy there.



Maggots said:

i think they should do like a nintendo video channel except with demos... so you wake up one morning and 4 new demos have automatically downloaded... you get to play them for like a week and then nintendo rips them from your hands and gives you new demos via spot pass... if you were digging the demos then when they are taken from you and you feel desires to play the game still you'll know it was a good game and you can buy it!... TADA!!!! that way Nintendo feels like they've got control of the situation... we get demos... and everybody's happy!



armoredghor said:

Hey maybe we'll even get gamecube in our 3DS VC. (but wait you need an extra trigger and joystick...OOH)



Ristar42 said:

Hmm, considering they have never added the only 'frill' that would matter to me on the Wii VC, that is a 60Hz mode, I'm happy that the 'basic' NES releases we have seen on the 3DS VC at least run at the correct speed.

As for quality checks, it seems that Nintendo only did this for their own games, hence the whole last Ninja 3 incident and the issues with VC imports advertised as 60Hz on the EU Wii-shop actually not supporting a 60Hz mode.

Instructions can be found easy enough online, so I'm fine for them to be basic.



Zach said:

@carson Not trying to be cute, "scheme" is an appropriate word, as often used to mean "plan" or "design" as it is the definition you're thinking of.



ueI said:

I'd pay for unchanged ROMs if Nintendo released more of them and at a faster rate. I also second SteveW's idea for having gameboy games in color. Even if it's the lazy single color graphics that gameboy games have on a gameboy color or advance.



BJWanlund said:

I love the no-frills emulation of the Ambassador titles, and would enjoy seeing it continue, even if there's an emulator application for each system (GB and GBC could be one system if Nintendo really fudged it) on the 3DS eShop that I pay a $5 lifetime fee per application for, and I can put any ROM for that system or systems onto my SD card and be able to play some of the games that would never, ever, ever be made available via the eShop (cough DuckTales cough).




FonistofCruxis said:

I would rather they carried on doing things the way they are now but I wouldn't mind emulator style releases if it means we get to play games that wouldn't be properly released on 3DS vc or fan translated roms of Japan-only games.



shinobi88 said:

ATTN: NINTENDO: HERE IS WHAT WE WANT: AS MANY GAMES AS POSSIBLE. I don't care if they have frills or not. I don't care if they cost a dollar more or less (though I do prefer a dollar less). They could release 10 NES games a week and not get through the whole library for a couple years. And give us those licensed games that are most fondly remembered like Duck Tales and Batman. Those you can charge a dollar more for.



cwdlong said:

I think the way they offer VC games now is just fine. I even feel the pricing is about right. The only issue I see with VC over the years is not enough effort to get wanted games out there. It's a shame Donkey Kong 64 will probably never see a release.



kdognumba1 said:

I'm very passive on this, I just want to get the games I missed or the games I loved and want to play again. Doesn't matter if they come quick with with glitches or longer with polish.



Doma said:

Nintendo would obviously remain oblivious to such ideas. They despise the thought of seeing their games "devalued", be they ancient or no. TS.

With GB/GBC/NES, they should be giving them for free at this point, even if it's just as a pack-in bonus for retail games or something. Nintendo greed amazes me sometimes..



MegaAdam said:

I like the slow trickle, personally. That's the only way most companies will see money out of their old ROMs.



Beechbone said:

More games the better! I just want to play some really cool games from past systems that are no longer available or hard to get, and to have a wide choice. I recently bought Chrono Trigger from VC for 900 points. Really no big money for such a brilliant game. The original snes cartridge goes for 50$ to as high as 200$ on Amazon. That's insane.

My point is, I just want Nintendo to release as many games they can, don't care about manual etc.



TromaDogg said:

The current system is fine, but unless Nintendo makes the effort to get ALL (or even most) of the desireable games on there and not just 'selected' titles, then they're never going to stop piracy. Why have the original Starfox or Yoshi's Island never appeared on the Wii VC? And don't tell me it's to do with the Super FX chip, I've seen both of those games running fine on emulators. Even Starfox 2 exists in almost complete and (fan) translated form, Nintendo could make a killing by making it a legal download. Where are all the third party gems like Mr Nutz? They're their own worst enemy at times, and it's their own fault that the pirates will continue.



TKOWL said:

I think that both things should happen. More-consistent game releases, but not just lazy ROM-dumps, either.



shinobi88 said:

The game I want above all is the original Game Boy version of Tetris. And I have this sinking feeling it's NEVER going to come to the 3DS eShop because the Tetris Company owns the rights now and they only release Tetris games where you can use Inifinite Spin. Tetris is routinely voted by major publications as one of the Top 5 Games of All Time. And the iteration of Tetris that most people relate to is the Game Boy version, because it was PACKED- IN with the original Game Boy. How could Nintendo or the Tetris Company rob every single Game Boy owner of all that nostalgia?



Bass_X0 said:

ToxieDogg, Mr. Nutz did not come to the VC because Infogrames did not submit the game to be released. Nintendo doesn't own it, they have their own games to release. They don't chase other companies to get them to submit more VC games.

Shinobi88, as you said "they only release Tetris games where you can use Infinte Spin". If the original GB version had it, it'd be released. Because it doesn't, it won't.



TingLz said:

@ToxieDogg: The problem with that is that many of the third party titles have licensing issues that Nintendo simply can't just pay off.



Peznaze said:

It is an interesting thought, but Nintendo's "improving" these Ambassador games for future sales.

A no-frills emulator would be nice, though.



TromaDogg said:

@Bass_X0 and @Iz20XX I just think Nintendo could make more effort to secure some of the games that people actually want Certainly, in the case of their own IPs I don't see what the problem is. I don't want to get into the Nintendo/Rare legal minefield but it's quite frankly baffling that the three DKC country games for SNES are on the VC but Donkey Kong 64 isn't...Nintendo should've made sure they had 100% rights to all Donkey Kong games and related characters before letting Rare go. And would it kill them to track down and acquire some of the more popular 3rd party games themselves? (and I'm not talking so much about movie/TV licensed games either) Seemingly it would. Oh well, as a result, people will just carry on downloading them for free because they can't get them any other way, meaning both Nintendo and the original publishers lose out.



komicturtle said:

I'm calling it:

Nintendo will release all their VC games on Wii on 3DS at once at some point (maybe even when the Wii U arrives).

That Club Nintendo account will come in real handy once they link accounts (I mean actually link for crossover downloads between Wii, 3DS and WiiU).

It's bound to happen. And that means awesome SNES games on the go along with all the other choices on VC (I didn't buy many at all, to be honest...)



DarkEdi said:

Only 1 VC GB by week is lame. When wii appeared we had 3 or 4 games by week.



timp29 said:

Copyright and ownership laws really muddy the waters in regards to emulated ROMS. If anything, there should be more of a move towards digital media like the PSV. I'm sure many people on Nintendolife, like me, have effectively bought the same game up to three times now. I bought all the original mario titles on NES, I bought Super Mario All-Stars on SNES and then bought them all again on VC. Really, once you buy the game once, that should be it. You should have access to it for the small cost of system localisation, plus a little bit more for both server costs and as an incentive for the game developer. I suspect current VC games are pretty overpriced in this regard.

Also, games downloaded directly to your system should be more challenging to pirate and be cheaper to produce as you don't have to produce a physical product and manual. Nintendo, as wonderful a company for gaming as they are, seems to be sticking with tradition to their detriment on this point.



grumblegrumble said:

The problem with 'no-frills emulation' is the quality could suffer, and a paid service would mean that we would have to play online games, i'm sure, and wouldn't own them. What Nintendo needs to do is make games playable from the SD card (dsiware) and let us be more in CONTROL of our OWN purchases. They're ours!!! I say, keep things the same, but give us more control over what we OWN.



StarDust4Ever said:

They could easily do demos. For example, Super Mario Brothers Demo could be downloaded for free by anyone. It will have the 1-2 warp zone disabled, and end with castle 1-4 with a short message from Toad to buy the full version. Any guru with sufficient hacking skills and some basic editing tools could likely make the necessary modifications in ten minutes flat.



JebbyDeringer said:

There are many games that will never be re-released and would be lost forever if it weren't for "illegal" emulation. There are so many licensing issues with a large portion of Nintendo's back catalog. Nintendo will find a way to make sure most of the best or popular games are released but there are a lot of lesser known gems that might not be. The other problem is what grumblegrumble said, if we buy these games once that should be enough. A VC game for Wii should work on the Wii U and 3DS. This would be the prime reason to go no-frills. It would be easy for them to code a new front end and leave the games as a basic rom.



Link79 said:

No Frills? What the hell is a Frill?
Never heard that expression before.



Token_Girl said:

I'm sorry, I missed the part where Nintendo released VC games with frills. I'm already paying for no-frills roms.



Henmii said:

"The Future of No-Frills Emulation on the eShop"

Playing a awesome game for the first time should be a frill in itself! No need to ad extra bells and whistles (though it could be fun sometimes).

The real problem with the e-shop is the amount of games! I hoped that Nintendo would start out strong, just as they did with the original vc: 30 titles in the first few weeks, then 5 every week. Only 1 game a week really doesn't cut it! Besides, nes games on the e-shop are a bad thing, because you can already get them on Wii vc. Every nes game means one Gb/Gbc game less! You could apply the same to the promised Gamegear games, because I heard they are almost identical to the Master system games found on Wii vc.

At this point in time I would advise anyone who wants to catch up with the Gb and Gbc to just buy such a device and the cartridges you want. Waiting for the titles you want could take ages!

"and a few graphical aspects that aren't up to par with normal VC releases"

Are we talking about nes e-shop games looking worse then nes Wii-shop games? In that case, that's bad!

This is what I want: Gb, Gbc, Gba, Neo geo games (maybe from some other devices too). Available to everyone who has a 3ds. Lots of them. For a fair price (6 Dollar/Euro's for a Gbc game? Ah come on! It should cost less then a nes game on Wii vc!)!



Link79 said:

Without restore points these ambassador games seem incomplete.
It's virtual console for a reason. If I want a so called (no frills) experience I'll just hook up my old systems.
I don't see the point of having downloadable games without the extra bells and whistles provided.



nmozdzier said:

That would be nice, I probably wouldn't buy to many of them, but it would be cool.



Syrup said:

Hopefully Nintendo avoids doing that. It seems very lazy to release an unfinished game and expect people to like it and buy it.



Tare said:

Yeah, more NES games would be cool, but I'd only care for the noteworthy ones. Having old games is nice, but I'd just end up playing the new games of today, far more often.

It seems the VC's library is only a fracton of its' audience's size. I'm sure they will start releasing NES games for the 3DS VC, but not for a while. For now, I'll be content with Zelda et Metroid, and soon I'll be content with Mario 3D Land et Mario Kart 7.



Nintenzo said:

Actually it is illegal to download ROMs whether you have the original game or not (but who knows why though ).



brooks83 said:

Nintendo will continue to do the bare minimum when it comes to the VC. I wouldn't get your hopes up too high.



Wheels2050 said:

I'd like to see them retain the manuals etc. but lower the price. Paying about $9 AUD for original Game Boy games is far too much.

I understand they need to do some level of QA with them, but the instructions manuals and the like are, I'm sure, still sitting in digital form somewhere in Nintendo's archives - it wouldn't take them very long to convert it into an eShop format.

I would have bought more from the Wii VC catalogue if it wasn't so pricey - for $12 AUD per SNES game, I could just about go out and buy the original game and play it on my actual SNES for many games. Having said that, it is useful for the rarer ones that the collector's market has placed a huge value on.

Long story short - personally, I think that Nintendo's pricing on its VC catalogues is far too high which puts me off buying more than one or two hard-to-find games. They need to realise that, especially in the case of simpler GB games, that I can easily find free or $1 games on my smartphone that will give me as deep an experience as the games they want $5 or more for. That's a hard sell.



Wheels2050 said:

@Nintenzo: I'm by no means an expert, but I think this is more of a legal 'grey area' than anything. In some countries the 'fair use' laws (pertaining to a product you have purchased) dictate that you are allowed to make a single backup of software, a CD etc., in the case of the original being damaged or lost.

However, downloading of games means that the backup has not been made by you - someone else has done it - and as a result it doesn't come under the fair use laws in many cases. Of course, the average person doesn't have the equipment or the know-how to dump ROMs from their cartridge games, and backing up optical discs isn't always straightforward either.

Things get murky when you're talking about software that has some form of copy protection (such as PC games with SecuROM and the like) - there exists circumstances where freely copying the game is legal (e.g. after copyright has expired and the product is in the public domain - this takes a while though!) but to do so you still have to circumvent the copy protection - which is illegal.

In the end it becomes a horrible mess of laws with some rulings appearing to contradict those of others, especially in different countries, which leads to things like the emulator sites saying that you can "download a copy if you already own it" or "you can download and play it, but have to delete it in 24 hours".

As I said I don't really know which is true, but I DO know that it's not straightforward to determine what your rights as a consumer are.



Capt_N said:

@Token_Girl: #44 I'm pretty sure the "frills" of VC games, @ least on the Wii, since I don't own a 3DS, are the included virtual "manual"(though I think that most of these "manuals" are really sparse efforts), & the fact that the VCs come in their own (.)wad file, which to my knowledge on the subject, is either a full-blown emulator(w/ rom image built-in), or just a partial emulator(w/ rom built-in). I think "no-frills" would be considered no virtual manual, & no .wad, just a rom image.

I personally agree w/ SuperLink #35: I'd like the old manuals to be included. Of course, in a virtual state, I mean. Better yet, I think that when we d/l VCs, we should be given an option when we d/l, if we also want to d/l the manual too. Whether we do (d/l the manual @ VC d/l time), or not, we should always be allowed to d/l the manual, once we purchase the game package(a.k.a wad file), or just the rom, however Nintendo sets up their system.

Just dumping roms on their service, & charging for them brings up another issue, already talked about in this article, & comment thread: glitches. From what little knowledge I have on the subject, there are high, & low-end emulators. If I'm correct, & I'll admit I may not be 100%, or @ all, high-end emulators allow more flexibility to correct glitches by not 100% emulating hardware to it's specifics, but merely by using alternative coding methods to achieve similar results as the real hardware. Low-end emulation on the other hand, attempts to be as authentic/specific to the original hardware designs. My guess is that for anti-piracy reasons, way more so than for flawless emulation akin to using the actual hardware(if that is a reason @ all from Nintendo's perspective), Nintendo probably uses both, but like I said, probably more for anti-piracy inconsistency.

I personally prefer flawless, or if not 100% achievable, near flawless emulation, that is extremely close to what it would be playing on the actual hardware.

@ToxieDogg: #32 I think that DK64 is not on the VC for the JetPak mini-game, & that DK64 also includes the arcade Donkey Kong in some form. I think Nintendo is somewhat lazy here, however, they would have to change a slight bit of the gameplay, since I understand that playing the DK arcade in-game was necessary for a token, or something. Obvious though, the programmers could just already give the player that token. Yes, it might include a whole overhaul of the entire DK64 game code, but Nintendo would make that money back from DK64 being on the shop, I'm sure.



wanderlustwarrior said:

My first, and only, concern on emulation is GBA support. If only there was a way to copy save files from the games I have.

So. Get me GBA support so I can play Gunstar Superheroes, Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, Sonic Battle, Sonic Advance 1 & 3, etc. (I already have all but the first two, but my GBA doesn't work anymore), and I will likely get a 3DS.

I have other concerns before the device is appealing to me (a second stick would be nice, but more importantly no region locking, and an online strategy that actually knows what it's doing), but GBA support is the only one on topic.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I don't have a problem with early adopters getting exclusive stuff from Nintendo, but I don't think they can keep this up forever.
I think sales of the system, which is what Nintendo has been so worried about, would increase if they made NES and GBA games available to everyone.
When I first heard about the 3DS VC, one of the first things that popped into mind was NES and GBA games, then I find out that because I didn't buy it when it was first released, I cannot get those?
That seems like a slap in the face a little bit, and had I known Nintendo was going to pull something like that, because they are so worried that they didn't sell a billion units right out of the gate, I would have bought one early on too.
Besides the fact, as we all know, someone will find a way to run an emulator on the 3DS anyways.
I still plan on getting a 3DS, especially now that the price is lower, but I would love to be able to play those classic games, mostly the ones that I never got to play the first time around.



Wheels2050 said:

@Capt_N: That's an interesting point you raise about accuracy of emulation. Simply put, 100% accurate emulation is incredibly computationally intensive and basically not achievable in software in a console. There's a really interesting read by the developer of bsnes here:

Byuu on bsnes

I'd suggest anyone with an interest in the topic read that.

The upshot is that to accurately emulate a SNES, he needs a PC with a 3GHz CPU - a fairly beefy requirement, and something Nintendo consoles aren't anywhere near. Other emulators (such as ZSNES) are really patchy jobs with game-specific modifications to get things running properly. To the average user this may not be apparent, but it's a really messy way of doing things.

In some games 100% accurate emulation is required for them to even be playable, while in others it may result in minor differences from the original that are pretty hard to spot.

However not all hope is lost - Byuu mentions a 100% perfect software emulation of the original Pong game, right down to the transistor level. That's a phenomenal achievement in my eyes, and the same may be possible for some other retro systems in the future.



NassaDane said:

"Before the Virtual Console, emulators provided the only way that people could relive their favorite gaming experiences of years past."

Don't know if anyone has said this already but that isn't the only way of playing games from the past. They could also just play them on the actual console they were made for. That is pretty much the only way I would play them since digital games don't mean anything to me.



Wheels2050 said:

@NassaDane: Absolutely correct, but there is a line to draw between "only way" and "only practical way". Given that production has ceased, the consoles and games are only becoming rarer. This can lead to prohibitively expensive costs to buy from the used game market, assuming one can even find the game that they are after.

Now I'm with you - I prefer to play games on the original hardware, and still occasionally buy SNES games. However this isn't a realistic option for many, and as a result emulation is attractive.



NassaDane said:

@Wheels2050: I completely see what you are saying however I would like to pop in a little counter argument to that by saying Emulators and Emulation is not always a practical option for everyone either. Some may not have a computer or just not a very good computer. Possibly painfully slow internet or just lack of any Computer skills. Both Emulations and Real Games have their draw backs and benefits. It just felt wrong to leave out the real games because of the problems with them when Emulating is not full proof either.



MrArcade said:

The way they are doing it now is ok but FOR GODS SAKE GIVE THEM TO US QUICKER. It would be better if they released about three each week rather than one or two a fortnight full stop



Ristar42 said:

Regards retro collectng - I actually find buying Megadrive games can often be cheaper than VC downloads, and I can buy games that would not get a legal re-release on modern consoles.

I would say space can be an issue, but I'd also rather play games on the original hardware if possible. I wouldnt swap my retro collection for a bunch of downloads.



JimLad said:

The difference with PC roms is you can download any game you want, whereas the official download service only grants you access to a fraction of third party releases (and not even all the first party titles).

That's why I never bothered with the virtual console. Then again I do still own all my old consoles, which is just easier.



Samholy said:

both. both!!!
i love the work they did with the virtual console, but some titles may not require that level of attention. some titles, i wanna play them as close to the original possible, including graphical glitches.

but i surely dont wanna pay a lot for oldies. the ambassador games are sweet, but they remain titles i play randomly, for short periods of time, for nostalgia's sake. if theyre too pricey, you better get yourself the original and have fun with it at home.

also, the main interest for me with emulation is the accessibility to titles that will never see the light again. like third parties that dont exist anymore, oddities that third party will never put on virtual console.
Titles i absolutely loved.
japanese releases.
SNES games ! why no snes games on 3ds yet ? this is the perfect game console for snes now.



blackknight77 said:

"I personally prefer flawless, or if not 100% achievable, near flawless emulation, that is extremely close to what it would be playing on the actual hardware."

I agree with this statement from another post. It took the words right from me. I guess at this point I would like to see Nintendo do anything with the VC service.



Pj1 said:

I am hoping that Wii-Vc games will be transferable with the Wii-U, as I don't fancy dowloading my favourite titles again on that new console. I'm happy with the service but I am not happy that we havn't seen a VC title for three months.



ThumperUK said:

Why oh Why hasn't Axelay been released on VC in Europe? its been out in the US and Japan for over a year! Even better would be to launch it (and other SNES games) on 3DS-VC.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Wow, this is great thinking here, Zach !
Personally I think the Ambassador scheme just is the easiest and quickest way to make us spread the word about the new system (s) of the 3DS’s VC while feeling quite compensated at the same time. So I never got the idea that they could ever do this No-Frills Emulation again after the GBA games.
If they’d be used to offer individual games that otherwise wouldn’t come to the shops I’d really like that. Make it an option for third parties too. And include an overview of all game controls. ( I hear ya, 17. mariofanatic128 )

Every further word in this comment is on the understanding that the prices will still be in line with the ones of recent VC games.
What I like to see from any VC release is to have the games as close to their original form as possible. Keep the saving to how it’s done on the Wii and there's no further adaption not needed at all. And while online multiplayer would make sense for some games I can live without it because it feels closer to the original that way. (props to 56. Capt_N and 67. Heavy_Barrel)

A digital manual looking like the original version would be amazing. (props to Capt_N (56.) again and to SuperLink as well (35.)).
Demos with a fraction of the full game's content would be great and would most likely equal more sales.
What I absolutely don’t want to see is a game breaking bug. That’s the risk I see without any quality checks at all.

@komicturtle92 (33.): What if someone already bought a game on the Wii and the 3DS. Do you think they’ll give you back your credit then ?

@Wolfenstein83 (58.): The NES games will be updated and downloadable for every eShop owner in the future. And I can picture Nintendo announcing downloadable GBA games for all eShoppers at next year’s E3.



Banana_Jane said:

They didn't even keep their 2 virtual console games a week promise, I don't trust them with a new thing.



vherub said:

The frill I want is when I purchase digital content on a nintendo platform, it is available on the other nintendo platforms I own. Tie content to my account instead of to my system.



JusticeColde said:

I honestly would just take the fastest thing, But only if some QA was done first... I could take the demo.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Honestly, I prefer the games with these so-called "frills." I have my Ambassador downloads, but I'm not playing them, because I'm waiting for the full release so I can update and have restore points again. I also really appreciate the fact that the 3DS VC manuals have, for the most part, been of higher quality than those from the Wii VC, including more story from the original game booklet and whatnot. That, to me, is worth the money.

And let's be realistic here...making those manuals and keeping restore points in does NOT take all that long...those really aren't the reason we get so few games released per week. I figure the NES games don't have restore points simply because they rushed the emulator for the 3DS and didn't have it running yet. No such problem exists for systems with finished emulators, as restore point functionality should work for any game from that system.

Basically, I feel like this article suggests we give Nintendo license to be even lazier than they already are, and that is NOT something I'm willing to do.



Henmii said:

First: You get the ambassador games for free, so you can't complain.
Second: At a later date you can replace those games with the "complete" versions, and with that I mean manuals and temporary saves (If I am not misstaken). Though I don't know why they didn't give people the complete versions in the first place!
Third: Who cares about those manuals? If they where the original manuals, that would be nice. But nowadays Nintendo manuals are boring. And the Wii vc manuals are boring as well.



Winter said:

yes!!!! yes I would buy!! Of course, games, that's all I want, old games!! give me ten old instead of one new!!!!



SwerdMurd said:

worst thing about this no-frills so far is for stuff like metroid. That game's such a pain to password-continue, so I tend to either play through the entire thing in one sitting or avoid it.

Also, we have all these games with "2 player" option...that isn't usable on 3DS. That's kinda frustrating....granted, a lot of work would've needed to be done to make online play work...but that work would've been really nice. Even an option to have player 1 and 2 controls mapped to the same buttons so trade-off 2-player games (Super Mario Bros. for example) could be played on one unit would've been nice.

No frills, in this case, just comes of as lazy...



Stuffgamer1 said:

@uel: Yes, they do. They can be accessed from the home menu. When you've highlighted the game you want to read the manual for, a "manual' button appears on the touch screen.

@Henmii: I agree that the Wii's manuals were boring. The 3DS VC, however, has been making good efforts to have more interesting manuals complete with story, character lists, what-have-you. It a well appreciated touch, at least by some of us.



ueI said:

Hm, that would have been handy to know earlier. Thanks for pointing it out. I guess a hidden manual is better than none at all.



Henmii said:

"The 3DS VC, however, has been making good efforts to have more interesting manuals complete with story, character lists, what-have-you"

I didn't know that! Hopefully I am satisfied with this too when I buy a 3DS!



Betagam7 said:

Sorry to be picky but the first paragraph of this article has two rather big mistakes in it.

"Before the Virtual Console, emulators provided the only way that people could relive their favourite gaming experiences of years past"

The only way? THat seems like a rather naive statement. What about picking up games and consoles second hand and playing them on the original systems like people still do to this day? I think what you meant to write was "emulators provided the only way for people to illegally harvest hundreds of games for free"

Secondly your statement that:"their only real legal application is to allow those who have already purchased a game in another form to own a second copy." is propogating a myth. A widely propogated myth, albeit, but a myth all the same. There is no "legal application" for using pirated roms. pirated roms are illegal. Period. Even to those who own the original cart.



Retrogamer88 said:

Betagam7 has a point by the way, and what about us people who dont have the ambassador because we didnt by a 3DS at launch? how are we supposed to play NES games on a 3DS if i felt like buying on tommorow? thanks nintendo for more deeply ailenating your fans some more, and as far as emulators go i guess people are always going to use them if you like it or not because awsome games eather dont come to the US or dont make it onto the VC so its really the game compaines fault that we have to use emulators, i personaly prefer to play the games on there original console because its more comfortable, i will only use emulators if i have no other choice, and i hope on the wii U they make the VC more gamer friendly and give us the gamers a choice or let us vote or somthing for games we want to play or have imported, and not have to play games were told to play like crappy shovel ware



Megajack said:

Add SNES games on! it has enough controls. And it would be frikin awsome to play super metroid, Mario world, and those other games that marked gaming history in a car or airplane!

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