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Sat 15th Aug 2009

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Linux_Man commented on Review: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (3DS Vi...:

While honestly this is my least favorite of the GBA Fire Emblems (Fire Emblem was much better, and I liked Sword of Seals too, even if I had to play it in Japanese and import it from Japan) this is the best one to have via the ambassador program due to its less structured nature. It also has some of the most fun glitches in it allowing you to teach anyone dark magic (and allows you to use Myrrh once her Dragonstone runs out) and finally get an Archsage (Sage that knows all 4 types of magic)



Linux_Man commented on Talking Point: The Most Memorable Third Party ...:

The GBA had a fine selection of third-party RPGs, namely Final Fantasy I and II Dawn of Souls, easily added several hours to the life of the games, plus 2 Final Fantasy games in a single cart + additions was a great value. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ate away hours of my time. Shining Force Resurrection of the Dark Dragon was another great game, though not really a fan of some of the additions. The Breath of Fire ports were also pretty good. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was a pretty fun game, though I think I would have preferred it to be separate from the KH series.

The Sonic Advance games were really the last decent Sonic games to be made (though I'm hoping for Generations to change that) and all were pretty fun. And the Castlevania games were good also.

To be honest (and this might just be nostalgia talking) the GBA era was a nearly perfect era of portable games, there were just so many good ones. From nearly perfect RPGs like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, and Advance Wars, to remakes of all the classic Mario games, to some really off-beat and original content like Wario Ware and Mario and Luigi's Superstar Saga, the GBA had something for everyone.



Linux_Man commented on Feature: Nintendo - Gaming in Black and White:

The reason why retro gaming is catching on is because rather than the current generation which only has a handful of gems, we can look back at years upon years of games and pick out the great examples, for every Super Mario World there was at least 15 half-baked platformers. The nice thing about retro titles is most of them didn't use the "latest and greatest" and compete on graphics but tried to be the most fun. If I pick up a used PS1/N64/DreamCast racing game, chances are it's going to feel really outdated, the cars will look ancient, the handling won't feel right, and the graphics generally will look like crap. On the other hand, I can pick up Super Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64 and have just as much fun playing that as I did back in the day. That is the difference between the Nintendo way of doing things and the Sony way of doing things. Yes, the PS3 has an "awe factor" but are the games really that much fun?



Linux_Man commented on Round Table: The Ambassador NES Games:

I thought the games were a nice variety, to be honest when I first heard that Nintendo was going to give us free NES games I figured they'd be games like Donkey Kong Math, Volleyball and Urban Champion, rather than games like Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros. There are a few games I would have switched up, I would have rather seen StarTropics and Kirby's Adventure rather than Zelda II and NES golf.



Linux_Man commented on Talking Point: The Future of No-Frills Emulati...:

I just want the entire back library (including non-US titles) for all Nintendo titles to be able for download. Nintendo also really needs to translate (or use community contributed patches) for some of the older, but still sought after games. I mean, after all I'm sure that 95% of the people who played Mother 3 in English would have rather paid the $30 and got it soon after the Japanese release and played it on their physical GBA, however there simply is no other option other than to use a ROM to play the game. Since there are no distribution costs associated to these games, Nintendo can make free $$$ on their back library.



Linux_Man commented on Talking Point: The Five Remaining GBA Ambassad...:

I'm hoping for Fire Emblem.

Yoshi's Island will be quite welcome, but some of the games are odd choices. Most of the NES games made sense, but why Wario Ware and Super Mario Kart, I mean, both were great games but they are in nearly all ways eclipsed by their successors on the DS. Metroid Fusion at least should add some depth and I never actually got around to playing Mario Vs Donkey Kong so that will be interesting.

But, seriously some RPGs would be nice, ideally:

1. Fire Emblem
2. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
3. Fire Emblem: Sealed Sword (yes, it was only released in Japan but we can hope!)
4. Mother 1+2/Mother 3
5. Advance Wars



Linux_Man commented on Let This Tales of the Abyss Trailer Set the Scene:

Nice to see a Tales game finally coming to the US on a Nintendo console. Tales of Symphonia was easily the best GameCube game out there, combining an excellent battle system, excellent music, great cell-shaded graphics and a decent storyline.

Finally the 3DS might be getting some more games, though hopefully Namco won't pull another Tales of Graces and decide to not release it in the west.

Seriously though, if you guys haven't played Tales of Symphonia, get it. Best game on the GameCube.



Linux_Man commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

If Nintendo wants us to focus on new consoles, then I'll focus on new consoles, namely buying more games for my 360. I really hate to say it, but it seems like Microsoft treats their customers better than Nintendo. I'm tired of a company which makes good games but doesn't release them in either a region free format so I can import them without modifying my console, or localize them so I can buy them here in the US. There are, what? Like 10 true RPGs released for the Wii that are original and not PS2 ports. And out of them only a smaller amount of them are worth purchasing.

I've supported Nintendo for a long time and generally have avoided purchasing games/systems from their competitors but when all Nintendo wants to sell me here in the US are silly tech-demos, games intended for 5 year olds and remakes, I'm going to buy good games wherever I find them, which clearly isn't on the Wii anymore.

I'm not even sure if I'll buy a Wii-U, and I'm disappointed I bought a 3D since Nintendo hasn't been releasing any games for either the Wii or the 3DS.



Linux_Man commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

I'm tired of Nintendo's political games. I'm tired of Nintendo ignoring their fans, their fans that supported them through everything, from their wildly successful NES/SNES days, to supporting them in their N64 and GC days. But yet they won't release some of the most wanted games that Japan already has. Mother 3 was disappointing, but at least the GBA had plenty of other excellent RPGs, and it would have cost Nintendo to translate it into English. There is no such excuse with Xenogears considering it is going to be released in Europe (and thus in English) and so all Nintendo needs to do is change a simple region code and ship them over to the Americas. Why is Nintendo throwing away free money? It is obviously wanted, otherwise it wouldn't have made the top of Amazon's charts. I don't understand why Nintendo of America is throwing away free money.



Linux_Man commented on RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die:

Not going to support a game that has player unfriendly mechanics. The ability to start a new game is a basic feature of all games with saves. I really don't understand why it seems like every game company hates their fans. Nintendo has all but alienated their "hardcore" fan base in the West by not releasing a bunch of games that Japan already has, Capcom has now made this senseless decision. Sony has been removing features from their PS3 since day 1. Etc.