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Fri 13th May 2011

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Syrup commented on New Pokémon Game to Be Announced in January:

no. simply, no.
Nintendo, just stop.
Unless it's an entirely new game, that has original ideas, don't even bother releasing it.

Meh, what do I know? Those games always sell extremely well, so Nintendo must know what they're doing.



Syrup commented on Review: Cave Story 3D (3DS):

So, what did they add (besides the updated visuals and soundtrack), to make this game worth $40? Since Cave Story (in my opinion) is pretty short.



Syrup commented on Unreleased N64 Game Glover 2 Surfaces Online:

I remember this game. I bought the first one at a local pawn shop. you control a wizards glove, who is trying to bring his master back, after an accident that turned him to stone. His other glove, which is evil, is trying to stop you from collecting these green gems that will turn the wizard back.

I wish that they remade this game on the 3DS, it was very fun, but really frustrating.



Syrup commented on New Stills From SEGA's Emperor Napoleon Rhythm...:

Here is the description from the official website (which has the an awesome song playing in the background).
Translated using Google Translate:
A fusion of rhythm and story,
Rhythm Action adventure new sensation!
Unfolds on stage in Paris
紐解Ke dramatic stories in rhythm!

Clues to his father who disappeared leaving a mysterious emblem
To grab, a variety of art
Born "rhythm" R Thief steals on.

Operating the R answers, the full capabilities of 3DS
Rhythm and with lots of games,
Feature animation and stereoscopic
ADV will be expanded with sound puzzles
Please enjoy a dramatic story!

If this doesn't make it to America I'll just be very disappointed in Nintendo (yeah.)



Syrup commented on Amazon Suspends 3DS Sales:

Since I bought my 3DS on day 1, the top-screen has those scratches. I thought that something was wrong with my system but it seems that it's happened to alot of people



Syrup commented on First Impressions: Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eat...:

I'm actually very excited for this. And I like how the control layout is similar to Metroid Prime Hunters, I wish that Kid Icarus Uprising had this control scheme, instead of the Call of Duty DS controls.



Syrup commented on Review: The Lost Town - The Dust (DSiWare):

I seriously thought that this game was going to get an 8, but since it's too short and the whole game is controlled with the stylus (can be both bad and good, I don't like using the touch screen.). I seriously thought that this game was just another game to avoid, might consider buying it next time I have points.



Syrup commented on These Are Your Club Nintendo Elite Rewards:

I'm glad that I reached Platinum Status this year. The pins look awesome (but of course I'm not going to use them, since I want them to stay in mint condition.).

And for people that say that these pins suck and that they're worth $2 bucks on ebay, there going from $40-$60 bucks right now.