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Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat is Apple

Posted by Trevor Chan

Could Nintendo be taking Sony and Microsoft too lightly, or over-reacting to Apple?

It's strange that Nintendo would see Apple and its range of iOS devices as more of a threat than Sony or Microsoft and their stake in the home console and handheld markets. Reggie Fils-Aime, President at Nintendo of America has echoed the concerns of Satoru Iwata and singled out Apple as the real enemy in terms of console sales.

However, Fils-Aime is confident in the software that's on offer with Nintendo systems and although Apple sold over 14 million iPhones in the quarter ending September, he finds games like Angry Birds only offer short bursts of fun, whereas he claims to have spent over 150 hours on his copy of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Strange choice of comparison: could Angry Birds be on his mind because it has been rated by the ESRB recently as possible Nintendo download titles?

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, CEO at Capcom, actually thinks Nintendo could benefit from looking closely at Apple's business model and learning a thing or two. So Reggie, what do you think of them apples, then?


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Mqblank said:

Apple will be looking very closely at the 3DS and if successful you will be seeing a 3Dipod in around 2 years coming in a variety of colours and charging £100 more than everyone else.



MasterGraveheart said:

I think Apple and Nintendo are in two totally different markets that coincidently deviate into one another to moderate success. the iTouch devices deviate into modest games and Nintendo's handhelds have functions that are decent at what they do outside of gaming. I think Nintendo just needs to take care of its own business and they'll be fine.



Denkou said:

... its only the HANDHELD MARKET. apple has no official home gaming console. I mean, i'm more of a handheld gamer myself but still nintendo has the advantage here. fanboys (like me) who wouldnt buy another console even if the nintendo one sucked and the other one was way better.



Hokori said:

I love apple and I love Nintendo, but Id say that the only thing that apple has over Nintendo in the gaming market is Handheld Ware Titles

Apps > DSiWare (excluding Shaunte, Mario VS DK MMA, and X-Scape)



DrCruse said:

I think he has a point. If you can get the most popular smartphone multimedia device that plays downloadable games for the same price as a system that just plays games and is 3D, which would you choose assuming they were both made by the same company? I would probably go with the smartphone.



ReddLionz said:

Nobody insults Angry Birds in front of me and gets away with it...

And he's also gotta realize he's comparine a $1 iPhone game to a $35 retail RPG.

On a somewhat unrelated note, has anyone bought the Angry Birds: Halloween Edition? Looks pretty cool.



timp29 said:

I think he fears their business model rather than the consumer reactions to products. I would be more worried about microsoft's foray into the motion detection world, kinect looks pretty good.

The other side of the coin is that nintendo knows what apple is currently working on. We are seeing 3D phones with technology similar to the 3DS, it is safe to assume apple is currently working on something similar.



Kyloctopus said:

I don't think Nintendo fears but is jelous of Apple and I don't see why not.
Both Apple's and Nintendo's hardware has games, applications at reasonable and unreasonable pricing, cameras internet, multitasking and music, but the DS is seen more for kids and the ipod is seen for all ages. Possibly the fact is Nintendo has a history for video games and nothing else. While Apple made computors, MP3s Tvs and phones. And I can gurantee that the 3DS will still be underated by the adults and teens.



thanos316 said:

i think hes right to an extent. u gotta keep an eye out on apple. apple has a good business model today with the iphone and ipad and with cheap downloadable apps that people are just eating up right now. i just hope nintendo don't get complacent and keep the money in the bank. i hope they put all those millions into R&D and bring out the next big console.



metakirbyknight said:

Reggie should be shaking under his bed like a little kid.

Apple has stumbled on to something huge with iOS, but it's not just Apple. Rovio has sold 6.5 million copies of Angry Birds for $0.99 each. That would mean they made $4504500. There is no way that could happen with Nintendo's products. They would need an expensive license (just $99) for iOS, a publisher (who take huge cuts), and Nintendo would take their share.

While Nintendo needs to be careful of iOS, Android, and webOS (which is amazing), they need to look very carefully at Windows Phone 7. WP7 has XBox Live. They're not all that expensive (for a top-tier smartphone) and developers can easily port their XBox releases to WP7. Microsoft already has several high quality developers lined up.

On a side note, if the DSi or 3DS were a phone, everybody in the tech world would be laughing hysterically at the specs.


Yeah, I got it. Worth it, but there are only 45 levels, but Rovio says they're going to update it like the original.



Kid_A said:

It's definitely a threat, but only because of all the friggin' support the Apple App Store has! Not only that, but the App Store is so intuitive and streamlined that it's tough to go back to the DSiWare Shop Channel after experiencing what the iPhone has to offer. The 3DS has a lot to live up to in this regard: Nintendo has to create an online shop that not only rivals the App store in the quantity of products, but in in the quality of the interface and affordability.



Linkuini said:

Funny that he should mention DQIX. I often try using its tag mode feature in densely populated areas and find that nobody else is doing it. You know what they are doing? Playing games on iPhones. Or on BLACKBERRIES! I thought to myself that I would probably be able to "canvass more guests" if DQIX were an iPhone game (may Yuji Horii forbid such a travesty). That's what made me realize that, yes, Apple is indeed a factor in the games industry, especially in the demographic Nintendo's going after.

And as stated above, Reggie's comparison between Angry Birds and Dragon Quest doesn't prove a thing. It's like comparing apples to oranges – or Apple's to Nintendo's, in this case. Ahaha... ha... and I'll leave now.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I say they should be worried. A lot of casual gamers that Nintendo scooped up with the DS are being scooped up by Apple. Although I think there's a fairly simple solution that would be a huge help in the fight against Apple: Make the DSiWare Shop (or 3DS shop when that comes out) more known to the public, and make it more developer friendly. Right now there needs to be a certain number of copies of a game sold in the DSiWare store for the developer to recieve any money, and Nintendo has the final say on price. Combine that with the fact that many DS owners who don't frequent websites such as this one may not even know about the service, and it's very hard for developers to want to develop for DSiWare.

Now look at how the App store works: The developer can make the app any price they want and they get 70% of ALL profit made. Not to mention, Apple makes sure that EVERYONE buying an iPhone/iTouch/iPad knows about the App store. This causes gems like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump to be made, and go on to become very successful.

Just my thoughts.



Slapshot said:

Nintendos biggest enemy is themselves!

The iPhone (A DANG PHONE) has a better internet service then everything Nintendo has ever done internet wise all put together.

Nice Reggie, compare a $1 Game to a $35 Retail Game oh and another thing you should learn from this lesson too Reggie, downloadable games get cheaper over time like retail games do EVERYWHERE but on your dang consoles!



kkslider5552000 said:

Nintendo's biggest threat: Stupid people that think Wii doesn't have good games.

Don't give a flying firetruck about apple so the only thing I'm interested in is that Reggie is apparently an RPG nerd. Awesome.



suburban_sensei said:

Somebody needs to photoshop some swirly hair and a red tie on Reggie in that picture...he'd look just like Donkey Kong.



occipital said:

A worried Nintendo may actually have to listen to its customers now. And ReddLionz nailed the issue: it's a matter of cost vs utilty.



Bassman_Q said:

I think Nintendo should just team up with Apple to beat the living crap out of Sony and Microsoft.

Anyone else think the same?



triforceofcourage said:

i think even though its like comapring apples to (insert something better than apples here), that the prime target of nintendos marketing are the kids who get easily conned into wanting whatevers shiny, and whatever has free stuff (thats crap), than looking into getting substantial entertainment with something that can last awile. Those little kids won't get a ds for christmas because they will ask for an ipod. they won't even care about the 3ds or psp or any other option, because everyone else has some form of itouch/phone. so if everyone else wants/has it why shouldn't they? but they don't need the phone, don't listen to much music, and don't do facebook, or need to use some form of connection to the world wherever they go.




Not to mention the app store is beginning to see a very increased support for large full sized games. Both conses offer gta chinatown wars (one of the highest rated ds games) but is offered more affordably and conviniently on the app store. Not to mention the idevices have surpassed the ds in popularity. If ninty doesnt act, they are going to get hit hard one day.



JebbyDeringer said:

If Nintendo could do online like Apple then they have a fighting chance. Well they still have a fighting chance and there isn't a huge market overlap yet but that could change real soon.



Bankai said:

Anyone who has sat down and played games on the iPad would realise that Apple is a major, major threat to Nintendo.



Nando831 said:

reggie should care about microsoft because he wish he could work for microsoft. microsoft is wayy bigger than nintendo.



Raptor78 said:

Something apple should have thought of though is that the DSi can play DRM protected itunes songs so I use the itunes store for my girlfriends ipod touch and I can use the songs from her account, my account, my kids account... well any of her friends that have itunes for that matter. I doubt nintendo will be applying a patch to the DSi update that would help apple become anymore of a threat.
...oh also prefer having my collection of AAC tunes on SD cards rather than having to mess around changing the songs on an ipod... Apple does have a seriously good app store though and I hope Nintendo take a few pointers when setting up the 3DS app store.



Raptor78 said:

...oh and I know that you can get non DRM tracks from the store but an ipod can only have a limited number of different account holders tracks on a system whereas the DSi doesnt care how many accounts worth of tracks you have.



TingLz said:

I believe he's countering Apple's presentation not too long ago when they said they had far more games to offer..but forgot to mention that a majority of their games only last for a couple of hours at best



xAlias said:

Hmmm... I don't have a Touch, but everyone can safely assume that Microsoft is surviving because of their computers (and Halo) and Sony... well, that's a hard one. Apple is probably the biggest threat, however.



Dodger said:

I can believe it. I know a lot of people who were thinking about a DS or an Itouch and chose the Itouch. The Itouch does much more. :/ I am worried about Nintendo selling the 3DS for too much because of that. Iphones/Touches are really popular here in America and if the 3DS is more then an Itouch, parents are going to hesitate before buying one for their kids and teens/adults may go for an Itouch/Phone instead.



motang said:

That's cause Apple is doing the casual gaming on the cheap, time to Big N to become more "hardcore"!



PSICOffee said:

That's funny, because I remember Sony saying the PSP is not solely a gaming device but rather a multimedia device and is thereby in direct competition with Apple and not Nintendo (which many believed at the time was an excuse because Sony's PSP was failing miserably to the DS so they didn't claim it was in direct competition anymore with them). Nintendo has this in the bag anyway, because they'll be the first to offer a portable 3D game system WITH BUTTONS unlike some Apple product with bs installation software and crashes that is a pain in the ass to update that doesn't have buttons and is better off playing music only. Like motion controls, everyone will copy the 3D hand-held fad a year or two from now.

I'd rather have a system devoted for one purpose than a multipurpose anyway, because with one direct purpose it can be utilized to the fullest potential, like a company that only makes drumsticks compared to drumsticks and cymbals of a drum set. The company only focused on drumsticks will obviously produce better drumsticks then the one trying to cover all its bases. Nintendo is good at vidya games, Apple is good at music, so leave it at that. I have both systems so its not like I'm complaining, because I use them for different purposes, just like I have a PSP as well.



Skotski said:

Think about it, people.
How is the 360 or PS3 a threat?

When the Nintendo had the Gamecube, the PS2 and Xbox were a threat (well, mostly the audience being more interested in the options that the PS2 and Xbox gave).
However, with the Wii... how is the 360 and PS3 a threat? The Wii dominates in the casual crowd, and the Kinect and Move have yet to capture them. Most of the purchasers of the Move are actual "hardcore gamers" (mostly the ones upset with the Wii's limitations), and we have yet to see the Kinect's influence other than its large preorder sales (which won't mean much if the game sales overtime don't do great).

What can Microsoft and Sony do with Nintendo's sales now?
Nothing, until Nintendo sees it (and they don't seem threatened by Move or Kinect... they give a "too little too late" attitude towards them).

But who in the world is capturing the casual audience?
The very same audience that was enraptured with Wii Fever?
Apple is. Apple has had a hold on the casual audience for quite some time. Before the gaming community claimed the Wii was for casual idiots, the multimedia "nerds" have been accusing the Apple company for making uncustomizable computers that limit their potentials (also claiming it was for casual idiots).

But Apple was never a threat to the gaming world...
Until now. Games on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are capturing much of the audience that the Wii gained previously. Many of this audience are losing taste for the Wii, and are now being very impressed by the iProducts! It may be simple, glitchy, prone to breaking, constantly needing to be repurchased for new features, and downright expensive -- but their marketing, simplicity, and style are enough to gain the audience. All that's needed are a lot of 3rd parties to support their product in order to fully keep this audience interested.
And trust me, look at all the apps, games, and support given by several groups... they're getting it done.
And now that Apple's touching the casual gamers in a whole new level (heck, even the friggin' Unreal engine is running on them), Nintendo SHOULD feel threatened.

While I agree with many that Nintendo should focus a bit more on the core crowd, I do see exactly why Nintendo needs the casual crowd to survive in the gaming market to survive (sure 1st party Nintendo games are great, but they hardly get any 3rd party support that are willing to follow their standards nowadays).



Skotski said:

And yes, I know we're talking about the 3DS right now. I was just giving the Wii as an example.



danschemen said:

apple is not really in the same league as nintendo i've played a lot of games for the iTouch and pad, they are not even close to as good as Dsi games. even the big games for the iTouch and pad.



mjc0961 said:

"over-reacting to Apple"

That one. Apple is a joke when it comes to the gaming market. Yep Apple, I'm really going to buy your expensive as hell phone and pay the expensive as hell monthly contract to play some crappy $1 browser games.



Rerun said:

Nintendo is making a lot of money off casual gamers. Now Apple is eating up that side of the market. There are more gamers now but as it stands, Nintendo is at the middle. The hardcore HD gamers choose MS or Sony while the casual gamers are slowly moving towards Apple. I was trying to convince a co-worker who is an iPhone user/caual gamer and other than Nintendo exclusive games, I didn't have any way to convince him to buy a DS.



Alphack3r said:

Dried. Apple. CRAPINTOSH!
May you, all your products, and everyone that has no interest in higher technology be scraped from this mortal coil*!
Well, maybe not the people, but I am sick and tired of Crapintosh making computers that have no use beyond running officially licensed code, and than saying you're low-tech if you don't conform to the inferiority complex.

Question: what operating system does a supercomputer run?
NONE!!! An OS on something that powerful is simply overhead to clog up the works!
I'm not saying MS is great, but I am saying that a computer is supposed to compute, not just display an emblem that depicts Grade-B fruit! It's like trying to buy intellegence - not gunna happen.

Anyway, I don't think a system with COMPLETELY broken controls is gunna make it anywhere, at least not to compete with true gaming systems (like, with physical software releases! lol @ PSPgo).

Also lol is how Crapple has perverted Input Output System into iOS; Have they no reverence for the almighty BIOS?
Actually, the Wii uses IOS too - except it's useful for something, like playing games! lol Apple doesn't know who they're messin' with...

*I /really/ am kidding; I know and love many people who like Apple and even work at the Apple store (well, used to), and I mean nothing personal at all in my comments about Apple - I simply believe that technology should challenge us, and maybe even help the human race improve (instead of making us lazy).



Token_Girl said:

I see the droid becoming a big competitor as well. Most iPhone games are ported to the Android store AND droid phones have buttons.

For those whining about price....ALL smart phones with data plans are expensive. Not necessarily as pricy as AT&T, but you're not going to get a Droid for much cheaper. The iTouch starts at $230, less than what the 3DS costs in Japan with better specs all around (except 3D).

I agree that Apple is the big competitor now. The iTouch and any smartphone BLOWS the DS out of the water for ease of use and non gaming functionality. Pretty much all good 3rd party DS games are now being ported to the app store for cheaper than retail, and nearly all 3rd party DSiWare games started out on the app store and are at least 50% cheaper there. Buttons are pretty crucial for some games, and there's no Android version of the iTouch, so there will probably be a niche for the 3DS with kids and big gamers if it's not too expensive. Most adults/casual gamers will save up their money for a smartphone and enjoy only carrying around one device that does everything. Nintendo's enjoyed pretty close to a monopoly in the handheld gaming world for a long time, but I think that's over.



NintendoFanatic98 said:

You know the world is ending when Super Mario Bros. comes out for iPad and Apple replaces the piece of %$^* web browser currently on the DSi with Safari and releases Pages for DS.



armoredghor said:

Well they're competing with apple because the apple does casual games and the PSP isn't a problem because it "is the bestselling handheld game system for 'serious' gamers". I have to laugh out loud everytime I hear that because they're so full of themselves that they can't even admit that they're losing or that they've STOLEN an idea.



Ren said:

Sony and Microsoft are not a threat in terms of profit, since N's business model from the start (this Generation) was to disregard the old gaming wars model that characterized the nintendo/ Sega days where processing power was king. Now technology is so fast and small all around that the innovators of product design and smart interfaces are the ones who will grab the largest number of consumers (CONSUMERS, not hardcore gamers). Somehow Sony and Micro are just barely seeing this now, but Nintendo is smart to look to apple for business advice, but not smart to take it too seriously.
there is still no comparison; Nintendo's machines are and should always be game machines, not communicators or business software tools. the problem is that those kinds of devices are so common that nintendos portable machines should at least offer fast and easy internet browsing for basic things like email, facebook, youtube, etc., but Opera sucks. Apples games, especially with no buttons will never be as fully realized or extensive as nintendo's, but interface itself is just fun and feels good. good enough that even the cheapo stuff on there is cool to mess around with if it's priced right.
Nintendo needs to draw that line and distinguish themselves as an ultimate game machine as in the days of NES, by using apples model of the app store but for games. I remember when I could go to the video store and get one of a few hundred GOOD or at least weird and barely licensed NES games from a video store for 3 bucks. I was never going to buy them at 45$ retail and I'll barely do it now.
They need to open the floodgates for small developers and have an online store that includes hundreds of games for download and many different price points. GAMES that can only be played on a fantastic game machine, starting with some great N made titles for $10 a pop. That would secure them at the top for good as the dominant portable game machine. It's not simple, though; that means online games, tiny 2 dollar games, Virtual console games, and yes even cheap ports of all the popular stuff from the other systems; it's got to have everything plus the original stuff. Plus why not stick on a camera like the Harinezumi 2 and let it double as a motion sensor and mic. thats more than enough.

they needn't be worried, though, I think the 3ds will be fine as long as the online is there. They were ok to hold back but now it's time to fix online with 3DS, no more ignoring it. Clearly whatever HD Wii2 thing they have brewing will be more than enough to cover any home console competition concerns.



GamesX99 said:

Apple the health food or Apple the company thats gonna go down hill once they cant find anything to put "i" before its name



Nintendoftw said:

The thing is that people are stupid enough to actually think that ipod games are better than REAL handheld games. "Oh I have an ipod, no need for a DS". "You Fail".



jack0 said:

apple will have absolutly nothing on nintendos 3ds, ther two different things, 1 is a dedicated platform with siccckk games such as mario, and the other is some try hard mobile gaming platform with little simple games such as angry birds and fruit ninja



Skrubber said:

A lot of fanboyism in here. Of course Apple is a threat. A lot of people don't bother to bring with them a biggame system, including a bunch of game cartridges, in order to game for half on hour on a bus. My iPhone is a small and sleek device with which i can listen to my favorite music and play games on, at the same time. iPhone just happens to be a way more convenient solution for many people. You might enjoy a dedicated gaming system, but a lot of people don't.

Saying that iPhone games only are comparable to flash games is also a load of crap. There are plenty of high quality games on AppStore.

Don't get me wrong though, i own 3 DS systems as well as over 40 games. But simply because iPhone is different and doesn't offer any physical button's doesn't mean it can't be a competent gaming platform.



JimLad said:

In the handheld market they are definately becoming closer competitors.
Apple are moving more and more into the gaming space.
Nintendo, now with the 3DS' ability to play 3D movies and take 3D pictures are looking to take on the portable media player.
Once the 3DS inevitably becomes a massive success,
and Apple inevitably release the 3D iPod,
Then the war...



Hardy83 said:

Nintendo's biggest threat is themselves. They had SO many chances to play Apple at their own game with bite sized apps, releasing better hardware sooner and creating a more multimedia friendly device.

Nope. They are too cheap and supported only AAC in a crappy media player, no video player, no video chat, barely any online functionality what so ever and probably one of the worst digital services I've ever seen that I feel really bad for developers of it, like Wayforward.



LuWiiGi said:

Apple? Nah, they might rake in the casuals, but at the end of the day, a gamer's gonna get a handheld that was actually made for gaming.



Ahiru77 said:

NO NINTENDO!!! Apple is your true love!!! Go marry her !!!

You two could make such beautiful games together. >,<



OldVikingSchool said:

Rivalry is what they need. Sony and Microsoft are mostly competing each others. Nintendo seems to be lost without SEGA behind the doors.



Capt_N said:

N needs to do things that will benefit them in the long run. Things such as:
1. Make it easier for 3rd party devs. Make it more profitable for them to have their stuff on N's platforms, for instance. Give them some freedoms they may not have now.
2. Know their strengths, & play them exceptionally well. Know their weaknesses, & make exceptionally well-though out attempts to correct said weaknesses.
3. Advertise decently for all their services, & features. This includes also making it extremely easier for 3rd parties to advertise.
4. Know that attempting to compete w/ other co.s means they must offer acceptable alternatives to their competitors, & that poor prioritizing of how much competing should be done can, & probably would sufficiently hinder other key areas of their business, such as marketing, in-touch w/ consumer concerns, & profit.

These are just ideas, of course.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Apple is no real threat, because the systems aren't really in direct competition. Nintendo's handhelds are primarily for games and feature much deeper games (including button controls) than Apple's handhelds could ever dream of running. Apple's handhelds are primarily phones / multimedia devices with functionality that Nintendo would never try including in their handhelds.

It's like comparing Apple to (Nintend)oranges.



ianmage1 said:

The nintendo 3DS should have a bunch of downloadable apps that are similar to itouch/iphone apps. The 3DS would definately win over Apple's itouch and ipone with apps AND amazing games.



Nintendo-is-my-love said:

but nintendo makes gaming consoles not phones and computers i like apple just because they make macs which r the only computers not run by microsoft and i hate microsoft because im a truely loyal nintendo fan



MysticX said:

Well, it's the apples/oranges debate here (Get it? ), but DSiWare at least is just completely blown away by app store offerings (Though honestly DSiWare is blown away by near anything at this point, a few games inbetween the tripe aside), and by the looks of it, more and more DS-cartridge games are iphone ports as well...

The casual market that Nintendo seem so fond of is lost to Apple, since buying a phone AND a portable console can be beaten by buying a more expensive phone but forgetting about the console (As long as your interest is casual games, but hardcore gamers buy more hardware anyway), not to mention price-point, who cares if an iphone-game doesn't last as long as a DS-game, here in europe the iphone-game costs a few euros! (0.79 for smaller games, $5 for big license ones) DS-games are 40 to 45 euros each, which will you take a gamble on first?



gatygun said:

Nintendo > casuals overal
PSP > core gaming
There simple was nothing els.
casual gaming grow big time, and nintendo profitted from it.

Apple jumps in on the casual market. = treat for nintendo.
there casual portable gaming market is getting split or divided.

Psp doesn't got a problem at this moment, there core market isn't in danger. Nintendo got huge problems.

Nintendo makes 3DS, and shows there solution.
Strong graphical handheld + 3D + good 3th party support =
trying to attract core players, in order to fill the losing casual gap.
e3 show, everybody hyped about the 3DS.

Nintendo = for now safe again.

well the situation shifted from nintendo in big trouble towards playstation now in big trouble on the handheld division.

playstation announces soonish a psp2 with top graphical level hardware, which outdoes anything on the apple iphone and 3DS.
But now the core department gets split towards nintendo, playstation needs to dig a new territorium on this time.
which is casuals ofcourse. So they gona add some stuff like motion sensor etc etc + touchscreen, but a bit different ofcourse by throwing it on the back (touchscreen).

So for atm, today. reggie shouts out before the psp2 gets announced.
apple is our only problem atm. In order to reduce the imcoming split on casuals again towards the psp2.

in the meanwhile sony and microsoft add motion control towards there consoles to open a fight on the casual market with nintendo.
And nintendo will soon announce a wii 2, which will try to attract core players.

In other words:
2004-2010 nintendo = gaming for casuals overal
200x-2010 playstation + microsoft = gaming for core players overal

iphone = casuals ( iphone )
Either on handhelds and consoles:
nintendo = casuals + core ( wii2 + 3DS)
playstation = casuals + core ( psp2 + playstation 3 move/kinect )
microsoft = casuals + core ( xbox360 + move/kinect )

either way nintendo real enemy's are everyone in the gaming industrial at 2011


why did you think the investers laterly got pissed at nintendo? that nintendo didn't launched there handheld this year?
Because atm its the best time to release the 3DS with max profits on it, nintendo doesn't got any competition from psp2, and iphone atm which makes it a really good selling product. So the 3DS will sell tons and make the 3DS investment a profitable product + a good launch etc.

Why do i say iphone?, there yet isn't a iphone with a 3D screen. Next year you can bet on it. Lots of casuals buy the 3DS because of 3D which is attractive and fun on games. Not to forget the casuals know the DS etc.

I can go on for a few more lines but, it gets to long so i will stop it



Gamesake said:

Portable gaming has long been Nintendo's baby; and iPhones truly are the real competition, because everyone will carry a phone but they'll leave the PSP/Gameboy behind -you can only carry so much.



gatygun said:

@74 that didn't prevent people from buying a psp/nds this generation?
so there is more up to it, like software etc.
Even while gaming on a apple iphone is getting supported more and more, the interresting games are still missing.

Lets not forget there are people that ( like me ) just want to play games on a dedicated game machine like a handheld in the house. So i'm not bound to 1 location in my house + television usage etc.

There are alot of factors that come into it. As long as nintendo isn't gona release there titles on other consoles or phones, it gets bought simple.

@75 well HD or 720/480 crap? with hd i mean 1080p. Because thats what HD is. If so, then how the hell are you going to see all those pixels on a tiny screen? that's like massive overkill. Half of the pixels that it needs to render you wont even see at all.

Then what alien hardware you wanna make it power up?.

That is either gonna be a over the top cloaked max mobile gpu and cpu. which yet again result in massive overheating + massive battery usage.
Because if it uses the battery of the size of a 3DS, then you will end up with what 10 minute play time ?

In order to reach this, you will need another psp duc taped as battery size against the psp2

Do i smell a playstation ipad incoming? with 2x 3ds sizes battery's in it



Pod said:

Nintendo are in a tight spot with the 3DS.

It's going to be much more expensive than an iPod Touch. And MUCH MUCH UGLIER.

The slew of games line of for it is not particularly promising either. Sure, they're big names and might be good, but guess what; if you don't know anything about games, you don't care what franchise something is part of. You just want to chop fruit to bits with rainbows shooting from your fingertips.

Nintendo is being exactely as jurassic about the 3DS as the competition they've just spent four years steamrolling were with their consoles.



scooter2659 said:

He thinks that 150 hours is a lot, yeah, well I've spent over 1000 hours playing Pokémon Emerald Version. That's... Almost 3 months.



NintendoWorld1 said:

What that bloke hasn't thought about is Nintendo is a huge company, OK so I've stated the obvious but what the big N has is Mario, Zelda, Proffessor Layton, Donkey Kong and Metriod. Nintendo could still make Super-nes consoles and sell millions!! Apple have their phones (that don't work) the i-pad and if it's still sells the i-pod. If Nintendo think Apple are their major threat then pheraps they should say to Nokia or some one else 'We serious about mobile phones' and maybe launch a console that you could use to surf the net, text your friends and phone people. Nintendo can and could do anything right now and I was being serious about re-launching SNES consoles.... Also you never know what Nintendo have up their sleeve, dare I say it Super Mario All Stars who after 17-years thought that they would re-release it in a red-box that comes with a CD and booklet? In Japan they call Toyota the bank of Japan, Nintendo must come second surely?



benjibibbles said:

The only threat Sony and Microsoft pose is turning otherwise fine gamers into raving, ignorant graphics-whores without the tiniest iota of knowledge on what gaming is about. Apple is an even bigger casual market than the current 7th gen systems and if the past has taught us anything, it's that 1 devoted, hardcore gamer is equal to 10 casual gamers. Nintendo has no problems at the moment.



imapterodactyl said:

The iPod is a better gaming device than the DS. I easily get way more use out of my 3rd gen Touch than I do my DS. It's got no buttons, sure, but that's led to a LOT of games with some pretty cool and creative controls. The screen's higher resolution (MUCH higher on the new Retina display devices). Graphically, there are many iOS games that surpass the vast majority of PSP games. Way more opportunities for online play... and DS has it's touch screen sure, but iPod has multitouch, making for some interesting finger gymnastics. I still enjoy my DS, but it mostly sits in the corner of the room. And the poor PSP's buried in dust in my desk drawer, dying. The iPod's the only system with a constant influx of excellent games... mostly quick burst action and puzzle games, but an incredible number of high end full size AA titles too. I don't think it'll compete with the 3DS, by any means. But if I could only own 1 portable device right now, it wouldn't be a DS.

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