The Podfather making an offer gamers can't refuse?

In the world of console gaming, we've gotten used to the status quo that has Nintendo competing against the likes of Sony and Microsoft, with only the former in possession of any experience and success in the portable market. Now it can no longer be denied that Apple has bagged itself a slice (big or small) of the gaming market with its variety of established devices that support an ever-expanding range of applications and contemporary games, and this has apparently become a concern for Nintendo.

Satoru Iwata, President at Nintendo of Japan, has allegedly singled out Apple with its iPhone and iPad as the "enemy of the future". The Times has reported on whispers and murmurs that senior executives have supposedly divulged, regarding what the big boss thinks of the situation with Sony, and newcomer Apple. Apparently, Sony is seen as 'a battle that's already won', and Apple with its aforementioned products is who Nintendo should be wary of. If that is the case, one can only assume Iwata is talking specifically about the handheld market; unless Apple has any interest in taking a stab at the home console demographic.

True, Apple has a dedicated user-base and the recent addition to its range of portable devices will only entice more consumers to its products. iPhone games making the jump to Nintendo's download service – and vice versa – aren't going to stop anytime soon. Apple has experience in providing innovative features to its portable devices, and products like the iPhone and iPad have superior processing power, as well as multimedia functionality. We can certainly see why Apple could be a company Nintendo might want to keep its eyes on.

If The Times' sources are reliable, then it could explain why the 3DS has come out of nowhere and slapped us all in the face with its size 3D gloves when we weren't expecting it. With what sounds like a significant jump from the various models of the DS/DSi – technology-wise – the 3DS could be the answer that gamers are looking for. The ones that are criticising Nintendo's application of technology, anyways.

Unfounded quotes stirred up by the press? Either way, the gaming industry is at a point where technology is playing an important role in painting the companies' brand image. What sort of image will the 3DS carry itself in? Bring on E3 2010!