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Sat 20th Mar 2010

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NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

I'm more worried about how the game is played, with the SNES controller X and Y use to run or jump can't remember B and A was run or jump. I just hope that if I plug my SNES controller into the wii mote will it still work the same? I hope so. I've tryed to find the SMAS-Wii instruction manual on-line but can't find it, So I've emailed Nintendo but I won't get a reply maybe....



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

Didn't they release a bunch of Zelda games on one disc on the game-cube? I think the problem with SMAS is that because it will be in 50mz it will look bad on modern TV's, SO on my sony lcd tv (it's hd ready) it won't run very well. I am confussed because if I run this game on my snes it looks and plays fine, so when it ends up on Wii it should be OK?



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

Could Nintendo not had just coverted it from a ntsc version? I've seen the Sonic video comparing 50mz and 60 mz oh dear there is a difference, to be honest I'm more bothered about this game coming out. When Donkey kong country returns and SMAS comes out it will feel like going back in time...



NintendoWorld1 commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

What that bloke hasn't thought about is Nintendo is a huge company, OK so I've stated the obvious but what the big N has is Mario, Zelda, Proffessor Layton, Donkey Kong and Metriod. Nintendo could still make Super-nes consoles and sell millions!! Apple have their phones (that don't work) the i-pad and if it's still sells the i-pod. If Nintendo think Apple are their major threat then pheraps they should say to Nokia or some one else 'We serious about mobile phones' and maybe launch a console that you could use to surf the net, text your friends and phone people. Nintendo can and could do anything right now and I was being serious about re-launching SNES consoles.... Also you never know what Nintendo have up their sleeve, dare I say it Super Mario All Stars who after 17-years thought that they would re-release it in a red-box that comes with a CD and booklet? In Japan they call Toyota the bank of Japan, Nintendo must come second surely?



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario All-Stars Warps Straight to the To...:

I've pre-ordered a few copies of the game because I'm worried that it will be a sell-out in the UK, I heard that the reason Mario World isn't on the disc is because Japan didn't get that version in the first place. My SNES will defintely be mothballed when this game finally comes out but I still play on my mega drive as I like Aladdin and Desert Strike, going back to Super Mario All stars I'm very excitied about this and I'm also looking forward in seeing any adverts Nintendo might put on for it.
Here's one back in the day....



NintendoWorld1 commented on Features: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life...:

If Nintendo Life get all those emails thinking they are Nintendo, I wonder how many emails Nintendo actually recieve. I emailed Nintendo once asking if I could buy an AV lead, a sensor bar and an AC adapter! I never got a reply and I was serious....



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition...:

Shame in some ways the CD soundtrack is a bit short of 'Mario music' but I'm still pleased it's coming, the booklet and the game make it so much worth it, I can't wait (that's an understatement). I just hope Nintendo don't do any thing to the controls I really liked the controls of playing it on the SNES so much so that I can't get on with the controls of NES versions. I'm also interested in what kind of reviews it will get, it use to get 98% - 99% back in the day! I still have an old 'Total' magazine (it was a Nintendo magazine) and they scored it 99%.....



NintendoWorld1 commented on Red Wii and DSi XL Coming Stateside on Novembe...:

I'm surprised that Nintendo didn't announce Super Mario all-Stars as a footnote to the 'red' announcement. I can't believe that they havn't included a built in game but come on North Amercia this is great NEWS for you guys! i'd like to know what Nintendo will do about the black Limited Edition Wii's. I would like to buy a red Wii but I'm worried that the big N will announce blue Wii's next year, I'd rather have a blue one. I'm not sure how long Nintendo can keep bringing out new colours...



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario Collection Heading to Europe in De...:

Yes Thank You Nintendo, they have (Nintendo) made my Christmas, Please announce this for Amercia, Canada and Australia. All we need now is for Nintendo to stick bar codes on the Wii-snes Classic controllers and sell them...
Oh and can we get the limited edition red Wii's also.



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Bonk:

@ Don

You guys will get this next week, I bet you. We're still waiting for Axelay!!!



NintendoWorld1 commented on Nintendo Declares Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniv...:

Still announcements made by Nintendo about a future release of Super Mario Collection goes West, the big N are winding us up witth the 'Mario' themed website's. I'm annoyed that the Wii-Snes controllers are only available in the UK and can only be purchased with star points. Nintendo have missed the point they could have stuck bar codes on them and sold them all accross the world. I'm still waiting for a release date for the 3DS and I also reckon if there are is a future announcement to be made about Mario All stars (collection) it should be made then....
Come on Nintendo announce the plans for SMAS and stick bar codes on them controllers. They would sell millions.....



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Means Euro ...:

Actually the famicom controllers work fine, I can't believe how many star points you need for the snes wii controller. I'm upset that I can't go into my local games shop and buy one of these controllers or go into my local hmv for the Mario Galaxy soundtrack......

But no I get these items on ebay lining other people's pockets, I suppose Nintendo don't care because as long as they get money they're not bothered that ends up on ebay...
Please Nintendo stick some barcodes on the items from Club Nintendo and sell them in shops all accross the World.



NintendoWorld1 commented on Mario Collection Special Pack Coming to Japan:

They (Nintendo) can't forget Mario the Lost levels surely? This collection is getting quite a buzz on the internet! I just hope Nintendo don't just release this for Japan. Nintendo sells games and systems in other countries so I'm hoping they won't leave us all out (UK, Europe, North America and Australia, etc) if they do I will never forgive Nintendo for it. That's a tad harsh but it's true, I'm a loyal Nintendo fan and so are the good people on this very site. I've ordered all ready pre-odered this on Play-Asia and they are normally quite good but I'm worried they will sell out and I'll miss out. Sadly I won't buy a Japanese Wii for this as I am hoping we will get it, So I'm spending £20.00 ($30.00) for a CD soundtrack. I might order another one and keep it sealed....

I'm really excited at the prospect of this game coming out and have many reasons why but my post would never end!



NintendoWorld1 commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

I remember when I was at school I wanted to get a NES and my friends would say don't get one wait for the snes to come out, it was my birthday coming up so I went to a games shop and asked if I could put a deposit down on a snes but the guy in the shop said he didn't know when it was coming out. So I bought a mega drive and then about 6 months later the snes came out. I had played on a NES at a friends house we had played duck hurt and Mario bros the two use to be on the same cartridge. Then in 1993 I traded my mega drive in for the snes it came with the Super Mario all Stars pack I was hooked from the word go! a while later a SNES magazine released a guide book and even to this day I still have it. Well thanks to e bay I have about 4 copies of it now and I also bought a 'Players guide' from America. Good memories, I remember my local woolworths shop were selling off NES's for £50.00 I still wanted one but I only had enough money to buy another SNES game and that was Mario World. Now the VC for me still has that excitment I had when I was 13, I'm 30 now!!



NintendoWorld1 commented on Nintendo Rolls Out Logo For Mario's 25th Anniv...:

<<Help>> I'm making another comment...

Also Nintendo Life will keep us posted about how Nintendo will celebrate Mario's Birthday, they know the Big N knows...........

hang on how is Mario 25? I rememeber playing a Mario game on an Atari 800! he use to be an ememy of Donkey Kong, honestly.



NintendoWorld1 commented on Nintendo Rolls Out Logo For Mario's 25th Anniv...:

I bought one of those L.E Game boy edition and then wanted to get another one but by the time 'I could afford it' they were gone..... I've only ever tryed my mirco game boy to see how small Super Mario World would look on a smaller screen, even today it's one of my favourite Nintendo items. The other is a ice-blue DS but sadly we got that colour in the UK but it wasn't called ice-blue... anyway I'm so excited about what Nintendo have in store to celebrate Mario's Birthday, I'm hoping it will be Mario All stars for the VC or what I've been dreaming about an entire Mario collection on one disc!! Please Nintendo don't forget Europe (UK) North America and Australia in this. Please, I'd beg but since when has that got anyone any where? <also my comments would never end either>



NintendoWorld1 commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Lands with Bonus DVD:

Is it a bad thing that we're in Europe are getting a dvd with the game? I have mixed feelings to be honest. I bet North America will get a better deal, I just wish I could go to the Nintendo world store in New York for when the game is released over there, might be loads of limitied edition goodies!!!



NintendoWorld1 commented on Black Wii Could Hit North America in May:

The black Wii's must have sold well in Europe and Japan for Nintendo of America to sell them in North America. I'm glad for you guys we got them and it's only fair, I got a black one becuse they were 'Limited editions' over here. Only thing I did wrong was to buy Sports Resort before buying it, The Wii has been out for over 3 years now so I do wonder how many black Wii's the big N will sell and they should have released it sooner but at the end of the day it's not my concern Nintendo makes enough money out of me...

Also will they do what they did with the DSi? and launch the Wii2 in a few months time, what I'm getting at is the DSi and then they launched the DSi XL...



NintendoWorld1 commented on Average UK Price of a Wii Only £155:

Sainsbury's were selling them for £135.00 over Easter, sadly Wii sales will go down. Everyone who wants a Wii has one, Nintendo could play it really clever and start bundling Wii's with New Super Mario bros or Galaxy. I'd buy another one if they do that.

Also for me until Nintendo announce a VC service for DS I won't be buying a DS XL...



NintendoWorld1 commented on Miyamoto Hints At Wii 2, Wii HD:

When's E3?

Isn't it in June.... hope so, Can't wait till Nintendo announce new games and maybe a new Wii....

I like them to announce
A VC Service for DSi
A brand new Wii (maybe)
Super Mario- All Stars (VC)
Mario Kart 2 (Wii)
New Super Mario bros 2 (Wii)