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Wed 24th Mar 2010

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Ahiru77 commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

The game would have been falsely accusted of degrading heroines....had they not put in the scene where Samus is all of a sudden "too scared" to fight an average Ridley, having her MALE teammate rescue her. He even says "Don't you know how to treat a lady!"...gosh darnit...Samus went from Master Chief to Princess Peach in a matter of seconds and it's just sad.



Ahiru77 commented on Yes, People Really Did Buy Donkey Kong Country...:

1. ONM: People buy Donkey Kong Returns with bananas. (Must be some joke...)
2. Nintendolife: Yes, people really did buy DKR with bananas!! (Wait....what ?!)
These sites are such a good follow up to eachother. xD