You may remember we reported on the possibility that the fastest-selling game on the Apple Store was likely to make its appearance on the DSi Shop earlier this month. Well now it seems Angry Birds could be flying over to the Wii Shop Channel too as an ERSB rating suggests.

If you're not familiar with Chillingo's humorous puzzle game, here's a short description taken from the ERSB rating page:

This is a puzzle game in which players use a slingshot to fling "cartoony" birds at pigs hiding in wooden, metal, and glass structures. Players' objective is to knock the pigs out using as few birds as possible. Crashing sound effects can be heard when structures are hit; pigs disappear into puffs of smoke.

The developer is currently in the process of bringing over Sneezies and Rolando to Nintendo's download services, both also originally released on the Apple Store.