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Posted by Sean Aaron

Running down a dream

The BIT.TRIP series is one of the shining stars of Nintendo's WiiWare service. The simplicity of the game mechanics would work well on the 30-year-old 8-bit consoles to which they pay homage, but it's the intelligence of design and music-rhythm aspect that makes them so addictive. BIT.TRIP RUNNER is the latest entry in the franchise and we think it's the best one yet, offering a musical take on the platforming genre with strong references to Activision's pioneering classic Pitfall.

This is the first game in the series to give players control over a more literal representation of CommanderVideo, the star of the BIT.TRIP series. After an intro showing his crash-landing on an alien world, the game wastes no time throwing players into the action. Like other BIT.TRIP games the mechanics are quite simple: CommanderVideo runs at a constant pace, so the only thing required of players is pressing different buttons to guide him past obstacles in gameplay reminiscent of Vib-Ribbon for the PlayStation. Initially the Commander can only jump up steps, over barriers or traverse gaps between platforms, but his repertoire increases over the course of the three levels to include kicking, sliding, leaping and blocking various obstacles in his way.

Aside from the core gameplay and decidedly brighter visuals, the other major departure from previous series outings is the game's structure. Each of the three levels is divided into twelve stages that can be replayed directly, allowing subsequent sessions to cleanly pick up at the last completed stage. Each stage has its own name and separate high score table and players are given additional replay incentive in the form of trying to collect all the gold bars in the stage, though "following the gold" also proves to be the easier route when there's a choice of paths to take. Collecting all the bars in each Challenge (as the stages are referred to in-game) will result in a Bonus Challenge, providing an opportunity to earn even more points. Once your score is totalled and any bonus challenge completed, play automatically proceeds to the next stage.

The hands-off aspect of play continuance and restart is one of the more clever aspects of the game's design. Unlike other BIT.TRIP games there is no ending for bad performance: rather than downgrading the audio-visual experience as in previous BIT.TRIP games, hitting an obstacle or falling into a pit will simply result in CommanderVideo warping back to the beginning of the current challenge, and after a quick bit of air guitar he's off and running again. Whilst this seems simple enough, the effect on gameplay is substantial: you only have time for a single expletive before you're playing again, and the rest of the game is so well-designed that this change in focus is enough to negate any frustration you might have at replaying a challenge. It's also incredibly easy to lose track of the number of attempts you've made: the addictive gameplay means it's difficult to quit, especially once you've figured out how to pass that next obstacle.

Though there's no Nether penalty state for punishing poor performance, there are bonus items to pick up to enhance the game's audio experience. Each one will upgrade players from Hyper to Mega and beyond. The visuals remain the same, but if you manage to get all of the rose-tinted "plus signs" you'll be treated to a special visual enhancement in the form of a rainbow trail for CommanderVideo which is a direct reference to one of the greatest game studios of the early 8-bit era. This homage is felt even more strongly in the Bonus Challenges, which dispenses with the 3D polygonal background of the normal game in favour of something that would look very much at home on the Atari 2600 and features a rolling logo in the corner of the screen that should tickle veterans of the early days of console gaming.

Although the retro sensibilities are pleasing and the soundtrack is toe-tappingly good, it's only when you've had a lot of time with the game that you start to realise how well-designed it is. Though the "beats" from other BIT.TRIP games are largely absent (they do show up after the first level), the same role has been filled by successfully navigating obstacles. Every time an obstacle is avoided a different musical cue will play depending upon the method of avoidance. The timing of these actions contributes to the over-arching musical narrative and once you become attuned to the rhythm of the background music this will help you anticipate future obstacles.

Whilst breaking each level up into individually replayable segments might at first make this game seem a lot easier than other BIT.TRIP games, this is definitely not the case (as countless replays of stages 1-10 and 1-11 by this reviewer will attest). If you find the BIT.TRIP games to be extremely challenging in general, it's unlikely that RUNNER will change that opinion, but being able to play through levels piecemeal will at least make you feel like you're making progress. The rapid repetition of shorter stages means that you can pick up on obstacle patterns and via memorisation, learn to bypass them. By paying close attention and moving with the beat you'll find that ultimately all challenges can be met and end-level bosses defeated, though it may take many, many replays to achieve your goals.

As challenging as the main part of each stage can be, it's the Bonus Challenges that are the biggest test; so much so that the Operations Guide indicates Gaijin Games will recognise anyone achieving a perfect result in any stage (all gold bars collected in the main and bonus challenges) upon being given proof of this. Though we doubt players will be receiving patches for their jackets, it's nice to see the homage to Activision's past glory extends beyond the look and feel of the game to the developer's relationship with its fans.


BIT.TRIP RUNNER epitomises the best qualities of the BIT.TRIP series in terms of being a fun game to play as well as honouring the pioneers of console gaming. The simple platforming mechanics are cleverly fused with the catchy and uplifting soundtrack into an addictive experience that's been designed to be hard to put down. It cements Gaijin's reputation as a developer that has repeatedly shown it has a firm grasp on the craft of gaming.

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User Comments (124)



SepticLemon said:

wow, a perfect score huh? I downloaded this on Sunday, and I love the fact that Anamaguchi got a track of their's on the title screen

I will say though, this is the best game out of the four titles, followed by Beat, Void and then Core. I didn't like Core very much. Is there anymore to be expected from the Bit Trip series or is this the end? If it is the end, they should release a retail complation of the 4 games on disc.

Anyways, Well done Gaijin, and we hope to see more stuff like this in the future.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

10/10 Only the second ever for a WiiWare game from this site! Now I NEED a points card!! Nice review, Sean.



Sean_Aaron said:

I believe it's been conceived of as a five or six game series and I certainly hope we'll see a compilation disc of some kind with variant play modes. I think it would be interesting to see if people's feelings about these games would change if they were more structured like old 8-bit games with the levels being endless loops that started out easy and got progressively harder. That way you could see the ending without having "mad skillz," and go for scores.

I personally don't need to "beat" these games to enjoy them, but that seems to be a bone of contention with many because they're quite difficult (including this one). I blame game-makers for giving most games an ending and the ability for players to "buy" their access to those endings back in the 80s and 90s.



Sylverstone said:

Whoa! I somehow expected a 9 but Gaijin surely worked hard on RUNNER so the 10 is well deserved. I'll have to wait until July to get in on the action though, my Wii's in New York with my old man.



Porky said:

Haha I love all the bit.trip games equally but Runner looks freaking awesome.



Philip_J_Reed said:

10/10! Yes! I was already prepared to post here saying, "Good review, but it's a 10/10 for me."


Runner > Void > Beat > accidentally eating a rotten hotdog > Core



Sneaker13 said:

A 10, really? I love the game but it's nowhere near a 10 in my opinion. More like a 7,5/10.



Imerion said:

Really great game this one! Certainly deserves the score. For some reason I enjoyed it much more than the previous games in the series. Makes me wonder what fantastic games will be next from Gaijin.



Warioware said:

A well-deserved 10. And I've got to agree 1-10 and 1-11 are @!**!s! But I still couldn't stop playing.....



naut said:

I had a feeling this might get a 10. Maybe I can spare ten bucks. Looks pretty awesome.



bboy2970 said:

Well it certainly is a great game but a 10? Absolutely not. This game doesn't even compare to the other 10 on this site, World of Goo. Maybe an 8 at the very most....



accc said:

"This game doesn't even compare to the other 10 on this site, World of Goo."

I agree, Runner destroys it!



Dazza said:

Congrats to Alex and the rest of the talented chaps at Gaijin, you've really surpassed yourselves this time. Le triomphe!



Tsuchinoko said:

Haha, only an interval of a year and a half between 10/10 scores. But i think i have to get this game then. There was something about World of Goo, when i was playing i KNEW it was somethng special. It was so immersive and charming and beautiful and weird, everything complimented other parts of the game, and i don't remember there being even one part of the game i thought was lacking.

If Bit.Trip Runner is anything like that, then i owe it to myself to play it. And yes Klapaucius, that artwork is clearly badass. And its only 800 points!



plankton88 said:

Can't say I agree. I love platformers and hurray for Bit Trip, but a perfect 10 is just ridiculous.



SmaMan said:

Sigh.... why do all the good games have to come out when my Wii is broken?



pixelman said:

HOLY. I have some quibbles with the game, namely some annoying color palette issues and some rather poorly designed sections in some of the levels, but overall it's a hell of a lot of fun.

I just noticed Sean reviewed this... he gave a platformer a 10? This is insanity!



Z_Bone said:

After Nintendo Power gave it a "Hmmm?" I wasn't sure if I'd get it. I let it all ride on NintendoLife's review, thinking I'd get it if it got a 9 and think about it if it got an 8. Boy was I surprised to see it got a 10. I'm now going to download my first ever Bit.trip game.



pixelman said:

I don't get a headache... my eyes just turn inside out.

only on world 2, though.



LittleIrves said:

Why the lack of love for CORE? (Although that "eating a rotten hot dog" quip by Brutus was funny...) It was hard as rocks, but still a cool evolution of the series. Personally BEAT is my fav, and I skipped VOID so I could stop the bleeding.... but Runner might make me take a Bit.Trip again.



Sabrewing said:

It sounds like this game is closer to Konami's quirky Sonema Tanner than to other Bit.Trip titles. Intriguing.



-TR said:

I've got this feeling a deal was done. ONM gave it a freakishly high score, espechially compared to the others, and now NL. NGamer say it's not as good as the other Bit.Trip games, let alone WOG. How much money was involved?



JayArr said:

That banner art is just plain sexy.

I'll pick this up soon. Sounds like something I'll love up, down, and sideways.



bari-arm said:

"Whilst this seems simple enough, the effect on gameplay is substantial: you only have time for a single expletive before you're playing again, and the rest of the game is so well-designed that this change in focus is enough to negate any frustration you might have at replaying a challenge."
I don't know about that. I swore more in one hour of gameplay than I do in a week of working a support job in a call center. I was even combining curses in ways that didn't make any sense by the time I was done. Hopefully I will get it down, but the mechanic where the beat occurs as the obstacle passes under you/collides with you is difficult for me to get. I am uses to rhythm games where you press the button on beat, not in anticipation of the beat. It felt like I was having to adjust to lag on and HD TV but it's my old Trusty CRT that has served me so well for all my other rhythm gaming needs. (Bust a Groove, Space Channel 5, Guitar Hero) This "jump without rhythm" gameplay made me think of Dune. It is a gorgeous presentation though. As an owner of every game in the franchise, I hope I I can get into it. The start backs after one error infuriated me. When I was finally done with the last level I was stuck on (at about the one hour mark in my play session) I immediately turned the console off, not wanting to get frustrated any further.



Aronos said:

I would have given it a 9/10, only because it's sometimes hard to tell what's in the background and what you can interact with. However, after a few tries you get it, but sometimes it throws you off.
Also, the first boss is cheap lol.



Fleeman said:

It's been a long time since there was a 10 review for a wiiware game I honestly didn't think we would ever see one again.



Majora said:


They are very different. You can't compare. But for me, World of Goo is way better.

EDIT: I must say that Runner is a fantastic game. Very hard, but fantastic. Bit.Trip Runner can get a score of 8.5, 9, 9.6... But WoG only deserves a 10. IMO.



Philip_J_Reed said:

If a deal was done, Gaijin must have bribed off an awful lot of forum members and commenters here for sharing the opinion.

My hotdog joke was an exaggeration, I promise. I like Core quite a lot...but nowhere near as much as the other releases. I also found it shockingly easy, with the exception of the bosses, but I seem to be in the minority on that.

I'd recommend the entire Bit.Trip series to anyone...but Core is the one I'd recomment least, personally.



Kaeobais said:

Definitely deserving of a 10. Awesome game.

And to the guy saying there was a deal, I REALLY hope you were joking.



Crunc said:

I'm hesitant to pick this up. It sounds like another in a line of games that seem to be trying to "one up" Canabalt, but perhaps miss the point: the simplicity of it, matched with great music and retro visuals makes for a just one more time addictiveness. I'm not sure that adding complexity will improve things.



Corbs said:

It's the best WiiWare game I've played so far. A well-deserved 10 in my book.



pixelman said:

I've almost finished world 2, and one of the levels had one of the awesomest designs I've ever seen. <3 this game.



zezhyrule said:

I can't wait 'till the time I'm able to get it...

I decided to spend my Wii Points that I had saved for it on PW: TT.



Shiroyu said:

Actually, two Anamanaguchi songs. Blackout City is used for the main menu and Mermaid is used for the credits.

IIRC, Nintendo Power was given a WIP version, but they thought it was the final version.



Valoisian said:

For those who have played it, is getting a perfect score in a stage gettable? I mean, gettable for those other than people rocking Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?



ScottMorgan said:

Personally, Core is my favorite game in the series. Maybe because its the only one I've beaten...

But regardless, the series as a whole is great. And if you wanna get the banner art, go to www.bittripgame.com and click on the Runner section.



odd69 said:

I think Cave story was worth the ten (but only got a 9) but not this LOL but hey, if it lands a perfect score i just may give it a try!!!!!!I love platformers alot so....



iAmThetot said:

I personally object to this score. I would give it an 8 or a 9 based solely on the fact that only one other Wiiware game has ever gotten a 10 and there have been other 10-worthy games since then that did not get it.



Screw-Jay said:

10/10 Yes, yes and yes!
I bought soon as possible and do not regret it.
Awesome game! One of the best!



HipsterDashie said:

I second 52 and 56. I didn't find the WoG demo to be particularly interesting.

This on the other hand is gaming gold. Now if only we had a portable DSiWare version...



LordJumpMad said:

It Rare for an Wiiware Game to get a Score like that.

I don't want to miss out, on a game like this.



SuddenGames said:

***10**** Definitely getting it tonight.
I did played it at GDC and had a bunch of people behind me in line waiting for me to fail and give up. after embarrassing myself repeatedly for about a minute the crowed was getting slightly angry so I had to quit.
Glad its out.



DavidRY said:

So if I'm planning on getting this game does that pretty much negate any reason to play Tomena Sanner? They're pretty much the same right?



UKwoods said:

So are these Wiiware games 50 or 60hz in Europe? I have not downloaded a single game yet because of this.



blockhead said:


but for real this game doesnt even come close to the excellence that is the GOO



Philip_J_Reed said:

They're different enough to warrant owning both. Tomena Sanner is more about the myriad silly moves you can pull off with one button, various ways of getting past obstacles, and a downright fun revelling in nonsense.

Runner is much less forgiving, doesn't offer as much room for alternate solutions (though there are a few), and is a more "serious" experience, if you understand what I mean by that. Tomena Sanner can be played from front to back for just the price of simple enjoyment. Runner can be played from front to back for the price of tearing all of your hair out and shouting profanities.

I prefer Runner but, as I said, they are different enough experiences that I can imagine other preferring TS.



theblackdragon said:

@Stuffed: to add to what CB had to say, another part of the draw Tomena Sanner has is the online leaderboards, where you can challenge yourself and others (looking at you, JayArr ) by doing your best to get to the top. a few of us here at NL have had a lot of fun attempting to best one another's top scores >:3 They're similar games, but definitely different enough to warrant the purchase of both if you like one of them. I'd go so far to say that if you hated one of them, though, chances are you'll hate the other as well.

@Soulsilver IV: i like the way you think! if Gaijin started developing for DSiWare i would totes be all over that in a heartbeat. :3



suburban_sensei said:

Wow...a 10/10! I was excited for this game, but for some reason didn't buy it on day one. This review is compelling me to turn off my computer, buy some Nintendo points and d/l this bad boy...and play until my girlfriend gets home from work (which gives me quite a few hours to spend on my affair with Commander Video.) After watching videos on Youtube, this game looks insanely addictive for completists trying to get all the gold in every level.



cheetahman91 said:

I would give it a 9 because it can get frustrating at certain parts cough*1-11*cough thanks to the restarting after getting hit once deal. Other than that it's fantastic and one of the best games on Wiiware.



WolfRamHeart said:

This is a great game but I think it is more of an 8 or 9 than a 10. Cave Story is my favorite WiiWare game and I feel that it is more deserving of a score of 10. Runner may not be perfect but is still a really awesome game and a must for anyone who owns a Wii.



CanisWolfred said:

It does look good, although having to restart the stage every time you get hit by anything seems incredibly irritating.



Ristar42 said:

Though it's fun (and frustrating), I think 10 is a bit much - the excellent Sin and Punishment only got a 9 and I liked it way better than this game.



naut said:

Just downloaded it. Definitely impressed so far. The fellows over at Gajin are brilliant.



Adam said:

I don't think they'd do a compilation disc as their site says they focus on downloads for environmental reasons (kudos for that, guys) and would only do a physical release with "a very good reason to do so." I like them as downloads. Seems appropriate somehow.

Couldn't agree with the review more. In a way, the game felt something like a "farewell" or finale game the whole time, like the culmination of the series. The fact that there are two games left leaves me breathless in anticipation -- though I'm grateful that I'll have a few months to remember how to blink again.



Z_Bone said:

@ Shiroyu:
Well, Nintendo Power's complaints were things that were left in the game. Granted, it was like a two sentence review, but they found it frustrating that you have to go back to the beginning of a level every time you make a mistake.

My only critique, and it mainly applies to world 3, is that the backgroud and foreground occasionally become indistinguishable. One of the early levels on world 3 had one spot where I repeatedly couldn't distinguish what was what.



EdEN said:

Well, the Bit.Trip. series has been great so far and to see this one go so high means they have a lot of work to do to finish this trilogy and meet the fans expectations.



Angaran said:

This reminds me of Oven Out-Break on the Ipod touch
Is this better (i didn't like Oven Out-Break)??
please answer



CoffeeWithGames said:

How long does this game take to complete?
I've now read a 10/10 review score, and a 1/10 review score for the game...interesting.



Paperclip said:

@Cofeewithgames, I found a 10/10, 5/5, and an 8/10. The guy who gave this game one star is remarkable. He's just brilliant because he sucks at this game. I don't care if he didn't like it, but the amount of work, detail, and effort put into the game is amazing, and he gave it a one star because it's too hard for him. Bit. Trip Runner seriously is brilliant.

And I find it funny how for every new Bit.Trip game (since Void), people say "I liked and own Beat, so I guess I'll download this". When they're missing out on the rest of the series. Beat is my least favorite in the series (for me it's Runner>Core>Void>Beat), although I know that's really up to personal opinion, since they're all great. But I just don't see why someone would skip a Bit. Trip game for a different one, since they're all similar, yet unique and awesome in their own way.



RogueTwo said:

Nice to see that they shortened the levels.
The only thing I don't like is the new price, but it's seems a more complex game that the other 3.



fixjuxa said:

This game is amazingly fun but it's certainly not perfect. The game's design is tailor made for online leaderboard competition and yet...nothing. 9/10? Sure. 10/10? Absolutely not.

Also, what's with British people and the word "whilst?" It sounds so damn ridiculous and stitled.



winter123 said:

10 was unexpected. I thought it woudl be one of those "nice idea, poor execution" 7/10 games. But I will have to check it out. I will check it out whilst having tea and crumpets.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

Excellent review Sean! Congrats!
The game is very addictive, but World of Goo still holds the crown of best WiiWare game, IMO of course.



LuiGio said:

This was my first game of the series and so far I'm enjoying it but it's definitely frustrating to have to start from the beginning when messing up, checkpoints would have been a nice addition.



Sean_Aaron said:

@vcmacleod: Cheers, that's a nice one, isn't it?

1-11, is certainly hard, but I can say with confidence that getting all the gold is certainly achieveable. I think if we had checkpoints, it just wouldn't be a Bit.Trip game any more - being extremely challenging is part of the point; the fact that the stages are so short essentially makes them checkpoints.

I'm a bit more philosophical about the difficulty of the Bit.Trip games because of the homage to early 8-bit games, many of which were quite unforgiving yet fun to play. I knew giving this game a 10 would generate some controversy, but I'm actually surprised (and pleased) at how little there is. As others have said, it really does seem to encapsulate the entire Bit.Trip series.

I'm sure the guys at Gaijin though pleased at the high score will have pressure to deliver as lovely an experience in the subsequent games.

I also want to second TheBlackDragon: a straight port of these games to DSiWare would be very welcome indeed!



KDR_11k said:

I think it's a nice game but not 10-worthy, it's too simple and somehow tires me very quickly, making it hard to remember the necessary steps for each obstacle (e.g. I might try jumping over the purple ball after too much fatigue which just takes a few minutes of playing and can happen within one run of 1-11). My eyes lose focus when I see the game which isn't terribly pleasant either (possibly because the strong parallaxing suggests a depth that the lens cannot find, I lack stereoscopic depth perception so this might cause the same effect for me that 3D movies have on others). The best music is the menu and credits music, the ingame music doesn't even remotely stack up to that.



Omega said:

I don't know. I tried the Beat-Demo but it doesn't appealed to me. I think you must smoke some 8-bit-weed to get the real enjoyment out of these games.




Urrrggghhh, stop talking about dirty habits you two above me!

Highly enjoyable game, but not a 10. I prefer about two or three other wiiware games to this game. Still a "wiiware classic" and a 9/10.



Machu said:

Wonderfully written review Sean, as ever. But scoring it a 10 is extremely generous. Me no likey.



Tethers said:

After completing the game today I would give it rather an 8 than a 9 or 10. The third world is a little drab and also sometimes just annoying to play, even 'Bit.Trip Core' & 'Beat' were not so unforgivable.
And why can't you play the bonus stages separately after beating them, like the normal ones?

All in all a 10 is too high for me.



SuperTeeter64 said:

Why are some people groaning and moaning over the review being 10?
It's called opinion people. I know you have one too. Just still... Chill.



VilicoBRA said:

Deserved! Great review, Sean! There are lots of people just waiting for the reviews to came out to start this groaning and moaning about the score. If this make you happy, please don't stop. Let's be happy!



BrazCanaMan said:

Finally! Another 10/10 game, and well deserved I might add. It's got simple controls and it's fun and addicting to play. So far this is my favorite Bit.Trip game. Great review Sean!



Virus said:

Playing through Worlds 1 and 2, I could definitely see why many were giving this game a 10. Unfortunately, World 3 then hit me and has since drained me somewhat. Some of the levels are absolutely brilliant, and like the rest of the game, the world features some of the best music in the entire series, but there are just some levels that are so devilishly difficult that it becomes frustrating and not enjoyable. I know there are those that would argue that this is true difficulty, but after dying countless times on 3-11, I can't agree with it. Some jumps sometimes boil down to if you were lucky enough to press the button at the right time. It appears this way to me at least.

Still, I enjoyed the game. The music was my favorite in the series. The first two worlds were perfect. The presentation is incredible. Basically, I agree with everything in the review but his stance on the difficulty.

Beat > Runner > Core > Void



luke17 said:

it's official...nintendo life has a hard on for Gaijin Games....wtf guys?



JoeDiddley said:

I have just got past 1-10. 1-11 is next, from what you guys are saying I'm getting a bit scared!



WaveBoy said:

World 1 and 2 are a 10/10...World 3 on the other hand not so much, it was draining, not as compelling, it was insanely frusturating and unenjoyable at times. I wish World 3 never exsisted! And it was an eye soar to look at.



DrCruse said:

Personally I found this to be the WORST in the series (except maybe Void). It's just so extremely repetitive, and all of the music is bland and repetitive.



likes2sing said:

Well I've had this game for several weeks now & I can't get past 1-2 because of those stairs at the end. I've tried all kinds of taps to get over it & nothing works.

I got the game because it received a 10/10 rating so I don't see why I'm having such a problem with it. I guess its a risky think to rate something so high, but what are you gonna do?

The question is how challenging do you prefer your games to be? If you answered "maddeningly challenging to the point that I want to smash my controller and hunt down the families of the developers," then Bit.Trip Runner is the game for you. If you want something that is more fun than just challenging then you might want to look elsewhere. Obviously this point was sorely neglected in the review and the score.



owen1 said:

I certainly would not give this game a 10 because clearly as @likes2sing pointed out there were some awful decisions made in the designs of some of the levels. You can tell that it is a design issue when EVERYBODY who play 1-2 has the same problem with those dam stairs. What makes it worst is that those stairs are the hardest in the whole 1st world. maybe a 9 but definately not a 10. Not even to mention the bonus stages that can only be played once after playing the full stage.



rhythmheavenfan said:

This is my favorite game in the series and is insanely addictive. But I do agree that the game is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!!!



WaveBoy said:

Again based on World 1 and 2 I'd easily give this game a 10/10 But after experiencing the 3rd and wishing I never did I'd have to overall give this game an 8/10. Fate is up next for me, but I'm also thinking about trying out the other 3 as well.



Boyoshi said:

I Downloaded This A While Ago And Still Playing it.
I was still a little disappointed that they didn't have at least 2 player running matches though. Considering the brilliance of the game, if it had a multiplayer it probably would have come out as the best sounding and most addictive game of my collection :0

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