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Sat 17th Apr 2010

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Tethers commented on Runner 2 Good Friends Character Pack DLC Dashe...:

@Hyperstar96: "Effort doesn't always equal quality.":

No, but it shows me that the developers put (significant) work into something and that he could have deserved it to be paid.

@ "They do, however, cost the programmers and artists time and resources that could be used to make something that isn't "purely visual." According to your logic, they shouldn't exist at all."

No, according to my logic, "purely visual" DLC (where you have to pay for) shouldn't exist at all...



Tethers commented on Runner 2 Good Friends Character Pack DLC Dashe...:

@Hyperstar96: I didn't say it is bad, but sad, because if nobody would buy such things, the developers would have to put more effort in something that costs money...

@ "I bet alternate colors in Smash Bros. are bad too, right?"

Oh, I didn't know I have to pay for that alternate colors in SSB...



Tethers commented on Stars War Pinball Bringing the Force to Wii U ...:

Why a standalone release?

Now I will wait for a lower price, because I don't want to support such senseless release-desicions...

@Rafie: Why do I need an import tool? They just should have bring the Star Wars tables as DLC for ZP2, I see no problem in that...



Tethers commented on Nintendo Download: 27th April - Virtual Consol...:

@ThomasBW84: No, I think I remember Nintendo already said that you have to move your Wii-VC library to you Wii U, which is stupid, because then you have the same two games on the same console. It would be better to keep the games on the Wii and get a discount on the Wii U, too. But sadly this isn't the case =(.



Tethers commented on Europe Now Receiving Club Nintendo Stars For A...:

@WiiLovePeace : Yes @ check: Go on "Club Nintendo", then on "My Account" and then on "My stars account balance" (or something like this) in the banner. Now you can see for which games/surveys you got 50 stars.

(I don't know if it was in every country, but with the abbility to now give feedback to you eShop-games, sometimes you got a survey for a game you haven't bought and/or which wasn't the one you clicked on. For example I have now got 2x 50 stars for Trine 2, but no survey for Aero Porter, although I clicked on it.)