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Tue 27th Apr 2010

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SuperTeeter64 commented on Review: Fire Emblem (Wii U eShop / Game Boy Ad...:

LOL. Find it hilarious that there's a Sacred Stones screenshot in this review... Hmmmmmm...

ANYWAY! Yeah! This game is fantastic. I remember when I first got it was right away hooked on it. I remember people asking and complaining Marth and Roy weren't in it!



SuperTeeter64 commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

I don't know why people are saying it's less portable. I've had a DSi XL for years and I've carried that thing around just fine. I love it. I had to get it because one of my friends spilt a drink on my original DSi and I have to say it was worth every penny. The larger screen really looks nice.

I'm looking forward to the 3DS XL. The buttons look SO much better, it's a larger screen, it's a larger system, I don't see the complaints other than perhaps the ugly colors we're getting here in NA. As for the second control stick, I really don't see the whole issue of that... Not everyone uses it, I don't for one, and I been just fine without one. But, this is all just my honest humble opinion. Take it as you will, but just respect it's my opinion.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th June 2012 (North America):

Agreed Oddy. Oh well. Least people are happy. Haha.

Can't wait to try Kingdom Hearts demo. Still shocked that came out. I'm glad Nintendo of America is finally picking up the slack a bit it seems like. We should be getting Wario Land 1 & Legend of Zelda NES real soon it seems like. Excited about both those titles.

Now I sadly gotta get ready for work... Siiiiigh. But I want to play more of my Ocarina of Time 3D 3 Heart Shieldless Run!... Well. Until I get the Mirror Shield...



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st May 2012 (North America):

Great week for sure, but I'm surprised everyone's so happy about Metal Slug... When there's a Metal Slug collection game on Wii that's been around for years... Oh well. XD As long as people are happy. We need more weeks like this for sure.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th May 2012 (North America):

"Where's _____?" "I thought there was supposed to be a demo!"

You know you all, there's a spot on the shop for "Coming soon..." it'll tell you what's coming out next week. Just sayin'. That's a good spot to check for knowing what's coming out next week.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd March 2012 (North Amer...:

Well, sorry guys that Kid Icarus 3D Classics isn't out. But with a reserved copy I got at GameStop I'll be getting it.

Seriously though, I bet it will show up next week then. Crummy week but, like people been saying. We got three VC games last time and all. So I dunno. Not having games isn't the end of the world to me. I've still got many other games to play.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 15th March 2012 (North Amer...:

Yeah, ahead of it's time and killed batteries faster than iPod loses it's battery life. Okay maybe not that fast... Thing is, it had poor battery life. It was good for what it was though.

Wow. All 3 Game Gear games at once? Daaaaang. Pretty awesome! Also, people! I think Kid Icarus isn't here quite yet because we haven't gotten the 3DS game yet! You get a free download of the 3D classic if you pre order it. So just be patient! Probably next week!



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st March 2012 (North America):

Hate to complain, but STILL no Wario Land?... Damn... Oh well. XD Awaiting patiently...!
And really, this update isn't horrible. I'm just not a fan of the original Metroid because it is so unforgivingly difficult. It's still not a bad game though.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olymp...:

I still want to get this game. It looks fun to me. I've seen a review on GameFAQs also give this game 8/10... So really, I'm going to wait on maybe a few more reviews before I decide 100%. Not saying this is a bad review, but... Just cause someone gave it a low score on here, doesn't really make it a bad game all together. It's just this person's opinion. I don't know... Maybe I'm speaking for nothing. :S
Seems a bit harsh and odd that this got such a low score and Winter Olympics got such big praise. I personally find the first ever M&S Olympic Games to be quite bad... This has more promise I think. Well... Yeah... Speaking up just cause...



SuperTeeter64 commented on Japanese Virtual Console List - November 2010:

Yay Mario Party 2. Oh wait, I own that and going to play it Saturday.

Also, people asking where Yoshi Island is? Why it's on GBA too silly people. Just get it that way, that or, how much would someone be willing to spend for my SNES copy? XD Just am curious...



SuperTeeter64 commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - August 2010:

Clock Tower...
Eeeh... Shudder... That game scared the Ribena out of me. XD I dunno why. It's just SNES. But it's still freaky for something on SNES. Really freaky... AND very twisted...
I still snicker at the company that made it...
"Human Entertainment"



SuperTeeter64 commented on Mario Tennis:

@19. Angaran
Uhh... It really comes down to what sport you like better...
Tennis is easier though. I think at least.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Mario Tennis:

This game is great. I personally like it more than the Gamecube/GBA one sometimes. No special abilities and all that fun jazz, just tennis. Yes, true, you could turn those off... but, still... this is the game that made me understand the rules and scoring in tennis and wanting to get into it in the first place! Funny thing is I asked for golf from my mom, but she picked this up instead hoping it'd be just as fun. Personally I like it more so cause its way easier... but golf is fun for something to concentrate on. Though I already own this game... It's very tempting to get...

EDIT: Oh yeah! And it's where indeed Waluigi first appeared! That alone makes this game epic win. And his awesome rainbowy eyes of awesome!... ...Why doesn't he do that anymore??



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th June (Europe):

Woo! Mario Tennis! Congrats Europe! It's an awesome Mario sports game. I already own it on my N64, but if it ever comes here to NA... I'm very tempted to get it still... Though it won't have my GBC Courts and characters...Hmmm... Still! Awesome game. Can't say I'm not a little jealous.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Wild Guns:

Dude... That's just horribly utterly lame of you... The game doesn't need Wii pointing motion!... It's on SNES for a damn reason... But fine...fine... Do what you want. Just letting you know your choice of reasoning is horribly poor...



SuperTeeter64 commented on Wild Guns:

This game is pretty damn awesome.
I fairly enjoyed it. I just tried it. Still figuring out the controls and all. What's fun is you can use different color schemes for the characters as player 1 OR 2.
Personally, I find this kinda better than Sunset Riders.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Hero of Sparta:

No one has said it yet?
Looks interesting. Will have to look more into it though.



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 17th May 2010 (North America):

Didn't see Kirby Super Star coming... But, it's a very nice game and all... Like most are saying... I too have the DS version, which has even more modes and everything on it... But, I do miss the classic SNES sound effects and music... So I MIGHT get it... Always did want to buy the original SNES game... I remember seeing it at a store and really, really wanting it. I also really enjoy the cover for the game over the DS one. Though that doesn't really matter.

Now I would like to say is...
Good things happen to those who wait...
Doesn't it pay off to be patient people?

Yes, I'm aware this doesn't benefit everyone...



SuperTeeter64 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd May 2010 (North America):

Then buy an N64 and the game and there you go. Otherwise, you're gonna have a loooooong wait.

MAN. Is everyone whining about the VC? For God's sake people, get over it. Try something on Wiiware or something else on VC. Honestly. Zombie Panic is actually pretty darn fun! But nooooooo~ You're all too stubborn to try something new and different...