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Tue 17th Mar 2009

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BrickleBrack commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

To add to #30. jp-30
Nintendo has time and money to make the best and most awesome games. It's hard for normal developers to do this because making video games cost SO much!



BrickleBrack commented on Epic Games: Give Us HD Wii and We'll Talk:

@ #6. warioswoods
The Wii is a Game Cube with IR/ Motion controls. Nintendo is famous for selling you the same console but with small upgrades. Is this bad? I don't know. Would I like more power as a developer so you can play better games? Yes. As someone with a large HD TV do I want Nintendo to be in Hi -Def? HELL YEAH!!!

And also keep in mind that Nintendo is doing so well because they are getting Moms and little sisters to play yoga games. I think this is wonderful, but my Mom could care less about Mario. She is not a gamer and she thinks the Wii is a exercise machine.