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Mon 2nd Aug 2010

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bryguy1919 commented on Mass Effect 3:

BUYER BEWARE: Extensive knowledge of all characters, locations, events, and plot details come extremely recommended for those buying the WiiU version while skipping the first two games. Thankfully theres always YouTube walkthroughs!



bryguy1919 commented on Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition:

Played the hell out of this game on of my favorite games of all time! If the upgrades prove substantial, I'll definitely pick this up again... assuming I own the WiiU of course.



bryguy1919 commented on Review: Super Metroid (Virtual Console / Super...:

Just bought this game recently on VC and is definitely one hell of an awesome game. The game is 16 years old and costs 8 dollars when it is good enough to cost full price even today. This game is a must own title for all seasoned gamers. I'm leaving to go play it right now.



bryguy1919 commented on Metroid: Other M:

This is going to be the wii's best game of the year along with Super Mario Galaxy 2. So far this is seeming like an under-rated game with lots of people needlessly complaining and twisting information about the game to make it seem worse than it really is. The same thing happened with the Prime series in 2002 and those 3 games are some of the best the Gamecube/Wii have to offer. This new take on the series will continue the Metroid greatness of both the Prime games and the older, more traditional Metroid games. August 31st can't come soon enough.