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Sat 22nd Aug 2009

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RogueTwo commented on Review: Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii):

I was enjoying the game a lot until the runey system kick in. It's sooooo slow to pick runeys and distribute them.

Also, I'm amazed how almost all reviews don't mention the loading times. They aren't that long, but they are everywhere. Enter the house, 6-7second, exit the house, 6-7 second, go to the next zone, 6-7 seconds, enter a house in that zone, 6-7 second AGH!!
You end getting used to, but still is very annoying >_<



RogueTwo commented on Legendo Takes to the Skies with Pearl Harbor T...:

I don't think WMPlus is necessary, after all the demo of Wii airplane at the E3 2006 doesn't control different of the one in Wii Sports Resort.

Also, I suppose this game will use the classic configuration of using the nunchuk tilt to control the airplane : P

I don't like episodic games either, but I do like air combat games so if it's good I will at least buy one.



RogueTwo commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy: Visually Worse Than Ori...:

I'm late to all this, but I really think you should edit this article.

"With that out of the way, it's time to face up to an inconvenient truth - the versions of the games on Trilogy don't look as good as they did originally."

What we have to face is that only ONE of the THREE games is missing some effects, while at the same time it have new ones like the bloom and better textures.

Also, I think that saying "sorry, we are wrong, read the longest comments down here to know the truth" is not exactly a professional fix for this : /