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Tue 24th Nov 2009

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bari-arm commented on Review: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (WiiWare):

"Whilst this seems simple enough, the effect on gameplay is substantial: you only have time for a single expletive before you're playing again, and the rest of the game is so well-designed that this change in focus is enough to negate any frustration you might have at replaying a challenge."
I don't know about that. I swore more in one hour of gameplay than I do in a week of working a support job in a call center. I was even combining curses in ways that didn't make any sense by the time I was done. Hopefully I will get it down, but the mechanic where the beat occurs as the obstacle passes under you/collides with you is difficult for me to get. I am uses to rhythm games where you press the button on beat, not in anticipation of the beat. It felt like I was having to adjust to lag on and HD TV but it's my old Trusty CRT that has served me so well for all my other rhythm gaming needs. (Bust a Groove, Space Channel 5, Guitar Hero) This "jump without rhythm" gameplay made me think of Dune. It is a gorgeous presentation though. As an owner of every game in the franchise, I hope I I can get into it. The start backs after one error infuriated me. When I was finally done with the last level I was stuck on (at about the one hour mark in my play session) I immediately turned the console off, not wanting to get frustrated any further.