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Tue 25th Mar 2008

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owen1 commented on Review: Horizon Riders (WiiWare):

I played the demo of this without the balance board and the controls were frustrating as hell. As jbrodack said if you have to put a crappy control scheme to make your game challenging then something is wrong with the game. Playing the demo was like playing super mario with motion controls for jumping. Its a pretty game but I would not recommend it to anybody unless they have a balance board and some extra coin. totally missed opportunity.



owen1 commented on Review: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (WiiWare):

I certainly would not give this game a 10 because clearly as @likes2sing pointed out there were some awful decisions made in the designs of some of the levels. You can tell that it is a design issue when EVERYBODY who play 1-2 has the same problem with those dam stairs. What makes it worst is that those stairs are the hardest in the whole 1st world. maybe a 9 but definately not a 10. Not even to mention the bonus stages that can only be played once after playing the full stage.



owen1 commented on First Red Steel 2 In-Game Footage:

I sure the time they wasted making that trailer could have been spent working on the game. Of course there is no way that can be in game with the camera moving all over the place like that. Destination Playstation? hmmm...



owen1 commented on Take Five and Double It!:

@Bass X0 It wasn't crude or insulting. Just stating my view as they asked.

There are a lot of 5 star games that I haven't downloaded. Just because its 5 star doesn't mean its good, it means that somebody likes it at a 5 star level. No if your coy enough to download all the 5 star games then thats your loss. This new rating system now only makes it HARDER to FIND THE 5-STAR GAMES because some of them will have 8s and 9s and 10s.

The new review scale is not going to help anything at all, fan-bois will always be fanbois, your faviourite game will now get a 7 instead of a 4 (which it deserves) and bad games will only be harder to spot.

Infact WW has a even harder time because ALL the games suck at some level ( well 90% of them compared to PONG/SMB1). Attributes/tags is the best solution I can come up with.



owen1 commented on Take Five and Double It!:

@Bass X0 pain

@VC-r I see what you guys are trying to do but its all fail just the same. You've only managed to fragment the scoring system making it harder to tell if a game is really good (5) or average (3). With a 10 point scale reviewers are going to be tempted to put games in the 789 bracket but never a 10 because 10 is just a means absolutely nothing but the fact that the game was reviewed by a fanboi.

What you need to do was keep the 5 stars but add attributes to the ratings for example; best schmop, best multiplayer, best puzzle, best graphics, best music. So even if you give a game a 3 overall then you could still tach on a best multiplayer or best music on it and then people will be able to tell WHAT ACTUALLY STANDS OUT IN THE GAME.

7,8,9 ratings are stupid and show no more detail that 7.8 or 8.99999995. Good work on the update. Yall shoulda started a poll.



owen1 commented on USA VC Update: Life Force:

my god, nintendo is riding the nostalgia banwagon all the way to the bank. I'd like to kick the guy that came up with that C64 message in the nuts, Even if it isn't the C64, I'll still kick him in the nuts. What does he think we are children?



owen1 commented on Bruiser & Scratch:

my best guess would be that its a puzzle platformer in which you have to bring 2 charactors to a certain point without dieing to complete the map OR its a turn based strategy RPG set in the period just before world war 2.



owen1 commented on Pit Crew Panic!:

I really have to start wondering how they come up with these games. what kinda thought process is going on. Something like this could help find a cure for aids



owen1 commented on USA VC Update: Metal Slug 2:

not only was it apart of a compilation but a RECENT compilation. probably we'll get something good in the next 2 yrs



owen1 commented on Sudoku Challenge!:

a 100 million puzzles in this is almost the same as saying tetris has a million puzzles. better to say it had a million backgrounds



owen1 commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:

VC has become a dull, disconnected service. I say nintendo has blown its load. Is there anything else left to hope for?

Apparently some of you are happy with the games coming out so I guess I'll simply just have to continue waiting.