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Sat 26th Jul 2008

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DavidRY commented on First Impressions: Little Inferno:

Hey Phillip, great preview, really appreciate how sensitive you are to the problem of ruining the game with too much information - makes the game much more mysterious!

Just wanted to help you clarify though, as I'm sure many other game reviewers will do the same, Little Inferno is not a 2D Boy project. From the website of Tomorrow Corporation:

"Did 2DBOY rename itself to Tomorrow Corporation?
No. Although, confusion is understandable: Kyle Gabler is a co-founder of both 2DBOY and also Tomorrow Corporation. Allan Blomquist, another co-founder of Tomorrow Corporation, helped 2DBOY bring World of Goo to Wii back in 2008. And Kyle Gray, the remaining co-founder of Tomorrow Corporation, is longtime friends with everyone at 2DBOY." Also, Kyle Gray is the creator of Henry Hatsworth, thus explaining the shout out with the puzzling adventure combo! A pretty cool team-up!



DavidRY commented on Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Trailer ...:

So yeah the Mask guy is most likely young Layton's friend right? Plot Twist! Also, the graphics at the end (with the 150 under the 3DS and the 365 under the 3DS XL) makes it look like you get more puzzles playing the game on an XL! Sly little marketing trick there Nintendo!



DavidRY commented on Competition: Win The Chance To Attend The Wii ...:

"My body is ready for Wii U because... I feel just like a purple Pikmin!"
Anyone know where in Los Angeles the event is happening? It's coming up pretty soon and Nintendo is being all hush hush about it.



DavidRY commented on Nintendo Unveils TVii Service for North America:

The real issue is how all of these features will work with each individual's set up. It seems like a lot of the things they were showing, especially the live twitter-like feed and all the sports stuff for TV, would need support from your cable provider as well as possibly a Tivo account too. I assume you'd need to be paying A LOT of money to many different services to take full advantage of this. What I want to hear from nintendo is how many tv providers they have on board for this, otherwise it'll be limited to just using netflix and/or hulu plus the same as you would be doing now anyways.



DavidRY commented on Feature: Nintendo's Motion Revolution:

Feel like there's a lot of hate in the comments :/ The Zelda series is always controversial I suppose. ANYWAYS, I'm surprised there was no mention of BLOOM BLOX! In comparison to Flingsmah being a flop I would counterpoint with what a great game Boom Blox is, and it was at least successful enough to warrant a sequel right? I'm still waiting on an improved and expanded version using MotionPlus. Haven't researched too much but I hope they haven't put the final nail in the coffin of that series.

Also, has there been any game that utilizes two Wiimotes, one in each hand? I know Playstation's Move has done that so what's stopping Nintendo?



DavidRY commented on Wahoo, It's a Mario Party 9 Trailer:

Haha, at first I was freaking out and all "Why is there no Luigi on the cover?" I mean Daisy, Birdo, Waluigi, and even a Yellow toad are more noticeable then he is. Its funny though once you find him.



DavidRY commented on Feature: The Best Games on GameCube and Wii:

Any way to see the full 98 game nomination list!??! Also would be cool, especially as a retrospective, to make a best of list for games that you may have missed the first time around . . .



DavidRY commented on Review: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (3DS):

I was wondering if the portal for the 3DS is compatible with the one for the Wii or are they completely separate? I'm not really planning on getting both versions but hey, you never know . . .



DavidRY commented on New Pokemon DS Game Comes With... A Keyboard?:

Anyone else think its a weird pairing for this to come out for the DS and not like with WiiWare? It seems like Nintendo would rather have Japanese school children buy a new accessory rather than using a usb keyboard they already have.



DavidRY commented on Netflix Channel Now Available From Wii Shop:

Anyone figure out how the subtitles and audio options work/some titles as examples? The sole reason I haven't been watching all the Anime thats on there is the poor english voice acting (so sue me for preferring subtitles - it was what I was raised on!)



DavidRY commented on 2011 Release for 3DS is a Move to Avoid Stock ...:

Did the Wii have a stock shortage? I just remember certain unnamed friends trying to sell their copies online for ridiculous prices and not getting a single bit. Perhaps with the 3DS being pushed back Nintendo is trying to avoid all the profit going to ebay and craigslist sellers instead of them!



DavidRY commented on E3 2010: Nintendo's 3DS line-up:

Nintendo having a great E3 site with tons of info on all their games = awesome. I am so (pleasantly) surprised Nintendo is putting so much effort into their online media for E3. Not leaving the news reporting to just the independent sites.



DavidRY commented on Classic Controller Pro Now On Sale in North Am...:

The Boxes Nintendo are using for their accessories are solid! I was pretty shocked at how flimsy the Monster Hunter Tri Bundle box felt. Maybe that's why Nintendo gets poor scores on environmental reports! Worth it!